David’s Mystery Woman

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It’s Thanksgiving night. David gets a message from his office that he needs to go to an urgent business meeting the next day. They are sorry that he has to leave his family, but it’s crucial, and they will set him up in a nice hotel room for his troubles.

David reluctantly agrees, not really wanting to miss the time with his kids, and he catches a flight to Minneapolis first thing the next morning. When he arrives at the hotel to check in, the front desk clerk hands him a large brown envelope. There are no markings on it. He has no idea what it is. The clerk just winks and says, “It was left for you by a lady.” What kind of business meeting is this, David wonders.

David walks over to a private corner to open the envelope. In it is a card key, a blindfold, and a note. All the note says is, “Go to room 223, take a shower, relax. Then put on the blindfold and wait.” The note is not signed, but David is hoping for it to be from someone in particular. Not wanting to disobey the instructions, he heads right up to the room. David takes a long, hot shower. All his muscles ache from the flight. When he gets out of the shower, he can’t decide whether to get dressed or not. David finally decides that he ought to get dressed, since he innovia escort has no idea what is going to happen. Who knows? A whole bunch of people could be waiting to surprise him. But David puts on the blindfold, just like the instructions say…

He sits on the bed. He waits for several minutes, and suddenly he hears a door open. David starts to ask who is there, when a soft hand covers his mouth. He feels silky material touch his skin, sort of like the feel of lingerie. Hot breath is on his neck….a light kiss. Hands are at his chest, unbuttoning his shirt. David isn’t sure of who it is, but he lets go and enjoys the moment. As each button is undone, another kiss is placed on David’s chest. His shirt is finally undone, and it is peeled off of him. He tries to speak once more, and is met with a silencing kiss….soft and tender, penetrating and passionate. His cock starts to get hard, the mystery of the whole experience is really turning him on.

Hands are on his shoulders, laying him back on the bed. This mystery woman puts two fingers in his mouth. They are wet and smell wonderful….David recognizes that smell – its pussy….now his cock is so hard it is straining to be released from his istanbul escort pants. David wants to take off the blindfold to see who it is, but he doesn’t want to ruin the moment. He waits a moment and feels the shifting…..she is now at his waist, unzipping his pants and releasing his hard cock. His pants are now on the floor at his feet and warm breath is on his cock. A wet tongue starts sliding up and down his cock, around and around the tip, when suddenly lips envelop the head of his cock, and the sucking begins. David reaches down and pulls her head closer to him….grabbing at her hair and moaning as he fucks her mouth. He hears her moaning too, and with each moan her mouth vibrates on his cock, turning him on that much more.

Suddenly, she is gone. David wants to see who she is, where she went, when he hears a clinking across the room. What is she up to? He is lying back on the bed, naked, and she then slides into the bed next to him. Cuddling up close to him, she is playing with his nipples, pulling gently on them, and rubbing his cock. He feels her lips on his nipples, and then a very cold sensation. She has a piece of ice in her mouth, sucking on his nipples. She eases up David’s body and kadıköy escort places the piece of ice on his lips. He reaches for the ice hungrily, and her tongue too.

As she eases up David’s body, he feels her nakedness. Her breasts and nipples rub against his hard cock. David is so hard and ready. He just wants to fuck. He feels a hand grab his cock and the weight shifts again. Slowly, she guides his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. David wants so bad to see who this woman is. He reaches up and grabs her swaying breasts. They feel so wonderful, her nipples are so hard. She lets his cock slip in and out of her pussy as she rides him. The sensation is so incredible, David doesn’t know how long he can make it last until he just has to cum. There is a low hum coming from her throat, as his cock slides in and out of her. She is so wet….his cock is such a perfect fit. He lifts his hips with each thrust, as she grinds her hips to him, fucking so hard and so deep.

David knows he is about to cum, but he wants to cum together. He hopes to get some kind of sign that she is ready too. Without seeing her face, he can’t be sure, until he hears her voice for the first time. She says, “Fuck me David. I need you to fuck me!” At that point, he finally knows who it is, and he cums so hard….like he’s never felt before. What a release! Oh god, how incredible.

She removes the blindfold, finally, even though David knows who it is. She collapses with contentment beside him, overcome with pleasure from the way he made her cum.

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