Cyber Lover

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Spirit Lover experiences your minds fantasy, a calling from far within you where he dwells. He enters the room softly and watches as you peer intently at the computer screen. You have been reading and responding to ads posted on an adult personals site and have been increasingly frustrated. You need the real thing, not some quick attempt to get aroused and satisfied with a stranger in 20 minutes or less. You turn to a web site with erotic stories, remove your panties, and find a story that interests you. As you begin to read the story of a woman meeting a man on a train you feel the beginnings of arousal.

You move your free hand under your tee shirt and begin to rub your nipples with the palm of your hand very gently. Your nipples harden instantly and it feels so good as you move to one breast and then the other. You feel the moistness between your legs beginning to form and you move your hand to your pubic area and find the stem of your clitoris, already swollen with excitement. Picking up some mucus from the entrance to your vagina you begin to move two finders in slow gentle circles as the man and woman in the story leave the dining car to move to his private stateroom.

They are relative strangers and she beylikdüzü escort is somewhat hesitant, but also very much wants to make love. It has been a long time for her, as it has been for you, and she must not let this opportunity pass. Besides he is very good looking, fit and trim and smells excruciatingly good. Spirit Lover moves behind you and as the man in the story moves behind the woman and kisses the back of her neck, you feel a soft wisp of a kiss on yours. You shudder with the contact and move your head to the side as the wind kiss moves behind your ear. You gasp as Sprit Lover pulls your ear lobe into has mouth and sucks it gently. You feel his hands move around you in an embrace as the man in the story reaches around the woman and begins to unbutton her blouse.

You feel his hands lift the edge of your tee shirt and touch the sides of your chest as they move up gently and cover your breasts, squeezing them tenderly as his breath whispers against your neck. You surrender to the touch and fall back into his arms as your nipples push against his palms. Spirit Lover lifts you and slides beneath you on your chair. His long hard penis spreads your pubis and sticks out in front beylikdüzü eve gelen escort of you as his hands continue to massage your breasts. You reach down and grasp the steel hard shaft and begin to stroke it gently. It fills your hand as you push the base of the cock against your swollen clitoris. The woman in the story is pulling the cock from her lovers pants as he sits on the edge of the bed in front of her. She takes it into her mouth and begins to suck the head, rolling her tongue over the tip and into the tiny hole at the end. She tastes the slick lubricating cum as you push Spirit Lovers cock against your pussy with more haste. The fire between your legs grows and as the woman in the story rises up and pulls her panties off. You know you cannot wait any longer. You need a cock deep inside you. As the fictional woman straddles her lover and begins to lover herself on to his cock, you rise up and place Spirit Lovers hard cock at the entrance to your vagina and feel the bulbous head part your resistance. With a sigh you lower yourself in syncopation with the story and feel the huge cock slide deep into you, filling you completely.

Spirit lover moves his beylikdüzü masöz escort hand to your pubic area and as you raise to withdrawal his cock, he moves a finger gently over your clitoris and begins a slow massage. The feeling is incredible as you begin rising and falling on his cock and he plays with your sensitive bud. You squeeze his cock with your muscles as you move upward and then fall downward as he thrusts his hips to meet your stroke. Long minutes pass as both of you silently succumb to the slow rhythm, wanting it to last forever. As the woman and man in the story begin to fuck frantically you pick up your pace and feel the edge of orgasm approaching. Spirit Lover is kissing your neck in his whimpers of pleasure as you near the edge. Spreading your legs wider you push downward to enjoy every inch of his manhood deeply inside you. The lovers in the story reach climax as you feel yourself come to the edge. Squeezing your vaginal muscles you suck Spirit Level to your level of excitement. Both hover on the edge and as you feel him tense the instant before release. You tumble into ecstasy as your vagina contracts, forcing his hot cum deep inside you.

You collapse against his sweaty chest as he folds his arms around you, holding you tenderly as you feel the tension of want ease from your body. Knowing that the release is but temporary. Knowing that in a few hours you will feel the strange craving visit you again, silently filling your thoughts. But for now, you are content that this erotic ritual has brought you once again to experience your Spirit Lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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