Cul-De-Sac New Position II

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If you haven’t done so already – go back and read part. You’ll need to know that stuff to appreciate this chapter.

* * * * *

Yesterday, I had one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life. I had gone up to my neighbor Dianne’s house to repair a shelf in her laundry room. She had treated me to a really great fuck. She bent herself over the back of a large living room chair and I had taken her from the rear while she looked out the window “keeping guard.” This was truly a unique experience with a woman who can make you hard just by living in the same county with you.

My friend, Dianne, is a “job-widow”, with her husband, Dan, going away on business about four or five times a year for two to three weeks at a time. Her husband had been away for three weeks on business and was not expected home for another two weeks. He was three thousand miles away in California.

Yesterday’s sex was wonderful but decidedly one sided with me being the benefactor, I had promised to return today and ‘fix’ her but things were looking somewhat bleak since my wife was home. I was sure that if I had told her that I was going up to see Dianne, Mary would have wanted to tag along to visit with Dianne. I was also sure that Dianne could see that Mary was at home from her special chair in the living room. That chair had a commanding view of the Cul-de-sac but the house and trees prevented anyone from seeing into Dianne’s house from the outside. That chair had also been the scene of our tryst and now it will always hold a special place in my heart. I am sure that Dianne had figured out that I was sort of house bound. I put on my plotting and scheming hat but so far, no good ideas.

The morning seemed to drag on until, around ten-thirty, the mailman came and went. Mary walked out to the box and brought in about a half-inch thick pile of mail. There were flyers, letters, advertisements and a check. She quickly sifted through the mail and separated the junk from the stuff we needed to look at. She was about to open the check when she looked at the envelope closely and asked “why are we getting a check from Duquesne Heavy Machinery Company?”

I started to reply that I surely didn’t know when Mary suddenly said, “oh look, this check is for Dan up the street. It looks like Mr. Cheerful (her name for the mailman) goofed it up again. It was true. The old bastard mistook the eight on the envelope (Dianne’s house) and delivered it here to us at number three. “Well, we’ll just have to correct this situation,” I said rather sternly. Mary held out the envelope to me and said, “why don’t you run it up to him?” Can you believe it? I tried all morning to think of some excuse to go up to see Dianne and Mary just hands one to me, just like that!

I feigned a little disinterest in doing this chore. Mary said, “Oh go ahead, it will give you an excuse to jabber with Dan for a while. I am going downtown to the hairdresser anyway. This will give you something to do unless you want to come with me while I get a rinse and set.” I calmly told her that I had no interest in sitting in a woman’s’ barber shop and being a delivery boy for the United States Postal Service would be my best choice. I couldn’t believe the luck – she was going out and she would be out for a while and she was sending me right where I wanted to go. I put the envelope in my shirt pocket and said that I would deliver it after I went to the bathroom. This delay was to give her time to get out of the house and off the block before I started up towards number eight.

I went into the can and sat down for a while. I listened to her putter around in the kitchen for a few minutes then I heard the telltale jingle of her car keys. The garage door opened and I heard the car start. A few moments later the garage door closed again, I flushed and came flying out of the can bakırköy escort and up to the front door just in time to see her turn right as she exited our street. Wahoo!

I tried to calm down and collect myself before leaving for Dianne’s house. It wasn’t working, my heart was racing and I had that excited feeling in my stomach even stronger than it had been yesterday. I took a few deep breaths, verified that I had the check in my pocket and leisurely strolled out the front door walking slowly but deliberately toward he end of the Cul-de-sac. The thought “be still my heart” came to mind but the more obvious problem was the half erect boner that was making the front of my pants into a small tent. I tried to put this out of my mind but I decided to quicken my pace to minimize the chance that any of the neighbors would notice the woody that I was following up the street.

I tried to see into the picture window as I approached her house but I was unable to make anything out until I was right up on the front steps. Only then did I see Dianne sitting there in the chair, as promised. I rang the bell and Dianne answered the door almost immediately. Today she was wearing a short (very short) khaki skirt and a faded blue button-down-the-front short sleeve shirt. The shirt was a little loose so I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra or not. I suspected not but I was willing to do the research and find out for myself. Before going into the house I pulled the check out of my pocket and made a big production of showing it to her with the appropriate hand gestures that would put the blame on that idiot mailman. This was for any of the neighbors who may be watching from their own personal vantage points.

Dianne invited me in, so in I went. She started walking toward the kitchen and today I couldn’t help but stare at her long slender legs. They were perfect and reached exactly from the floor right up to her gorgeous ass. She asked if I was interested in a coffee and I stuttered something in the affirmative. We went into the kitchen and I sat at the table while Dianne poured two coffees from the pot on the counter. As she put the mug down on the table in front of me she said, “how long will your wife be gone?” I said, “I don’t really know, she went to get a rinse and set at the hairdresser. Not counting time for yakking with the girls, this could take some time but you would probably know how long better than I would.” She agreed and said, “couple of hours, easy.” That was like music to my ears, I let out a sigh of relief, which she noted with one uplifted eyebrow.

We drank our coffees for about a minute. Dianne stood up and asked if I was “ready to do the fixing work” that I had promised yesterday. Both me and my ‘one eyed trouser snake’ came to complete attention. I stood up and said, “Ready when you are.” She said, “I’m almost always ready, let’s go into the living room.” I followed those legs in a sort of a trance. The skirt swayed back and forth as she walked and I found my eyes swinging back and forth in sync with the skirt. Damn, this is one exciting woman.

Dianne walked into the living room and went straight over to “The Chair”. She sat down and motioned for me to come over to where she was sitting. “I think you said that you were going to kneel here in front of the chair,” she said. I dropped immediately to my knees and tried to look her in the eyes, all the while wanting desperately to look at her legs. The skirt had risen as she sat down and now covered to only just below her crotch. Once I was in place, Dianne sat up in her chair a little and took a long look out the picture window. I could see her eyes panning back and forth across the street stopping at each front door. She was apparently satisfied that all was in order and then she slid off her slippers and raised her bakırköy eve gelen escort legs while bending her knees. She tucked both of her heels into the spaces between the cushion and the sides of the chair. She wasn’t wearing any underwear! What a sight!

She reached between her legs and grabbed my head. She guided my face down to her beautiful pussy and I knelt there enjoying the sights and scents. I soon figured out what really needed fixing and proceeded to give her pussy a tongue bath. I found her clit with my tongue and started in with a rhythmic massage. Every so often I would alternate and draw her clit in between my lips and suck on it gently. After a few minutes she began to purr like a kitten. I figured that she was really getting into it by the sounds and the slow easy rocking of her hips. I decided to take a quick peek at her face to see if I could judge how close she was to orgasm. She had her eyes wide open and was looking out the window! She was moaning, moving and keeping ‘guard’ at the same time. This is one special woman.

By now she was starting to grind her pussy against my face. It felt good. It also felt good to be giving pleasure to such a beautiful woman and to have her concentrating on me (and whatever was outside the window). I continued with the oral sex and all of a sudden she took a really deep breath, got a little shiver and grasped my head with her legs and her arms. She had an orgasm that seemed to go on forever. When it subsided, she was wet, I was wet, and I suspect the chair and maybe the floor was wet.

Her breathing returned to normal after about a minute. Slowly she released the grip on my head and I was able to take a full breath again. I continued to nibble and lick her clit and started pushing my tongue into her vagina. She lifted my head pulling my face away from that wonderful pussy. She said, “I can’t come again right away. I’ll need a few minutes to calm down before I can get going again.” I acknowledged this with a sheepish smile and asked her how I had done. She said “great – much better than my husband but not quite as good as the mailman”. We both laughed at this joke. (I hope it was a joke!)

I sat back on my heels enjoying the view. I couldn’t stay in that position very long and soon I had to get up and walk around a bit until the blood went back into my legs. My legs started to feel better but I was going to have to do something about this trouser tent soon or else I would be starching these Levis myself. Dianne continued to look out the window and sat up when a car turned into the street. The car rolled down as far as the second house (almost across from my house), parked and an elderly woman got out and walked up to the front door of that house. She rang the bell but nobody answered the door. Eventually she figured that either nobody was home or they were inside doing something nasty while they watched her out through their own windows. The woman wrote something on a small slip of paper that she stuck in the door handle. She then got back into her car and drove down the Cul-de-sac making the turn right in front of us here at number eight. I think that Dianne knew this woman because she seemed to smile a little when she was able to see her face. The woman drove away and I soon became interested in Dianne’s pussy again.

I got down in front of her and started nuzzling down between her legs again. Dianne seemed to relax a little. This time she lifted up her legs a little higher and draped them over the arms of the chair. This gave me a little better access to all the important parts and I started in again on her clit and surrounding fun areas. I realized that my hands were free and not really doing anything important so I slid them, palms up, under her butt. What a butt, soft, firm and so well bakırköy grup yapan escort shaped. I continued on as before and started to get the same general reaction from Dianne. She started purring again and I could feel a slow rocking of her pelvis. She hadn’t really started grinding against my face again yet so I let myself explore around a little and began tonguing her vagina. She really liked this and started encouraging me by pulling on my hair. It didn’t hurt too much and I could tell that she was really getting into it. I started massaging the cheeks of her ass with my hands and rubbing my nose against her clit while my tongue continued to probe her opening. Just like before, and without warning, she suddenly took a deep breath and began vigorously grinding her womanhood against my face. She began to tremble and then the legs went around my head again and I knew that I was in for another ride on the Dianne cum train.

By this time I was starting to get a case of blue balls. I think that she sensed this and when I stood up again she motioned me over next to the chair. Without ever taking her eyes off the window, she reached out and undid my belt and trousers letting them fall down to my ankles. She slid my underwear down and got a firm grip on my engorged cock. She stroked it very softly for a few moments with her hands and then leaned over and kissed it on the head. I was hoping that she would take the whole thing into her mouth but I think that she was reluctant to give up her field of view out the window. She told me that she was now one up on me so she owed me one just to get even. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with this logic but I was curious to see how she was going to accomplish this.

She suddenly stood up and told me to quickly sit in the chair. I did this and she got in front of me and sat back down on my cock. It only took a little maneuvering to get it into her cunt and in this position she could continue to look out the window. I just sat there and she began to slowly move up and down on my cock. I could feel her clenching the muscles in her crotch that resulted in a great massage on my now throbbing joint. It only took about two-dozen strokes for me to reach a climax. My orgasm was so strong I half expected to see her shoot off the end of my cock like a kids toy balloon. I think that I pumped another half gallon into her again today. This is some woman.

We sat there in the chair for a few minutes. Eventually she got up and quickly retrieved a towel from the bathroom. She brought it back into the living room and wiped and dried her fun parts there so that she could continue to look out the window. She took the towel and wiped me down also. I stood and pulled by pants back up and tucked in my shirt. Dianne lifted up the chair cushion and retrieved a pair of panties that had been hidden there. She had apparently taken them off when she saw me walking towards her house and put them there for safekeeping. She stepped into her underwear and straightened up her skirt and shirt. She said, “Go wash your face – you’re starting to look like a glazed doughnut.”

We straightened up and I started making ready to walk on back home. “Don’t take this the wrong way”, she said, “but I don’t think I’ll be needing anything fixed for a while. My husband is due home this weekend and I need to be sufficiently horney when he gets here.” I agreed and told her that it would probably be wise to ‘cool-it’ for a while. She told me that she would be in touch and that if I paid a little more attention to what’s happening on the street that I’d know about a lot more available action than just her. I was shocked but excited at the thought that there might be some additional pussy available within walking distance. “Thanks” I said, and she let me out the front door with one of her big smiles.

When I got home all I could do was lay down on the den couch and fall deeply asleep. Mary came home eventually and scolded me for napping my day away. Her hair looked good and I told her so. “good enough for a little action later?” she asked. “Maybe, just maybe” I replied. After these last two days with Dianne I will be lucky to get it up again in a week.

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