Condo Pool Boy

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If it wasn’t for the money saved, I don’t think anyone would ever agree to have a roommate. Mine right now was welcoming her boyfriend back from a business trip by having insanely noisy sex up in our shared condo. She hadn’t asked me to vacate, I just took it upon myself to hit the rooftop pool, for fear I would lose my shit hearing her scream for Jesus. Ania, I told myself, you need to find your own place.

Nonetheless, I looked forward to a swim and soak in the hot tub. It was 10pm on a Tuesday night, which meant most of my neighbours would be heading to bed or unwinding with Netflix, so I anticipated having the patio all to myself. Stepping outside into a slight breeze, I was glad to see I was not wrong – totally empty. I walked over to the pool, kicking off my flip flop, and dipped in a toe, it was perfect. I stripped off my long t-shirt, confident in my 23 year old body; my breasts were teacup sized but perky, and I had avoided the college weight gain curse by sticking with running and jogging. I was naturally petite as a 5 footer, but never let size intimidate me – well, for the most part.

I had chosen a blue two piece bikini for the evening, more sporty than sexy mind you, I wasn’t looking to impress anybody or to tan, so my choice was a bit on the tame side. Diving into the water, I swam a couple laps, and floated on my back staring at the stars in the sky, before slipping over into the hot tub. I had just gone into my bag to grab a wine cooler when I heard the door to the patio open and shut. I rolled my eyes and waited to see who would be joining me.


I watched as a figure moved along the edge of the rooftop, peering out at the skyline. I had a sudden warmth within as I started to recognize who it was. His name was Bruno.

When I first moved into the building with my roommate, I had noticed this cute little guy around the neighbourhood. He was maybe a couple inches taller than I was, but was muscular and thick, like a little fire plug. He had olive skin and dark scraggly hair – the most beautiful teeth I had ever seen, and often wore a bit of scruff along his chin. He looked fun, and when I found myself sharing an elevator with him one day, discovered he was a solid flirt. We never hung out or had a longer conversation than an elevator ride, but I was a tad smitten with him, and it probably showed.

Over time though, I would see him in the elevator with another girl. She seemed to stick around for awhile, and I felt myself envious, seeing him with his arm around her waist, his hand on her ass. I often pictured them fucking madly when I masturbated. It was a bit sad sure, but I got off on the idea of watching them fuck. Months of seeing them together though had allowed me to witness the long term disintegration of their relationship, until a month ago I caught her moving boxes out with some tattooed muscle head. The last couple times I saw Bruno, he seemed distracted – a bit lost. I had complimented him on his Montreal Expos hat last week, when I saw him, and that seemed to brighten his mood.

He walked back towards the pool, and nodded over to me with a smile, I smiled back and took a large gulp of my wine cooler. The next thing he did played like slow motion in my brain ataköy türbanlı escort – he grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it up over his head. I mentally bit my lip as I watched. His dark treasure trail came into view as his firm belly revealed itself. Two dark nipples jut out from his developed pectorals. A smattering of hair was drawn across his chest, matching the fur under his arms. He shook his head out of the fabric and tossed it onto a nearby chair. He dove into the water. Was he going to talk to me tonight? Just then, his head popped out from the water at the end of the pool nearest to me, he wiped the water from his face and smiled goofily at me before using his hands to pull himself out of the water. His shorts fell on his hips and I momentarily got lost following the lines that went below the waistband.

“Hey, Ania – is it okay for me to—” He trailed off while gesturing towards the hot tub.

“Dude, by all means,’ Ha. My god, I was calling him dude. It was like I was trying to be his little sister or something.

“Cool,” He slid into the water, face exhibiting the shock of the water. “Shit, that’s fucking HOT!” He yelped, and sunk further under the bubbles. “So, whats up with you? Where’s Julie tonight?” His head bobbed above the water.

“Her boyfriend got back from New York, so —”

“Ahhh, okay. So you’re escaping then?”

I tipped my bottle at him in a mock cheers. “Yeah, to say the least. How have you been?”

“Eh, I’m here,” His face relaxed, and seemed to show a touch of sadness. “Mac is playing Doom or something, upstairs, so I was like, I’m going for a walk,” Mac was his roommate then, I had seen him once or twice around the building after Bruno’s breakup, so this news made sense.

We sat talking in the hot tub for another ten minutes, and it just felt like two old friends catching up. I learned about his family, but avoided any and all discussion about girlfriends or relationships. He talked about working in the trades, but to be honest, I was just watching him and thinking about what he’d look like fucking. I had played out these visions with him and his girlfriend many times before, but now was focussing solely on him. The timer on the hot tub went off and the jets fell quiet.

“Guess that’s a sign, eh?” I looked at him somewhat startled. “You know, get out, take a dip on the cool side for a bit.” He sat up on the edge of the tub and I tried not to be obvious about staring at his body. Walking up the steps, and out of the water Bruno didn’t really try to hide his gaze. We both stepped to the edge of the pool, and debated our reentry.

“If you don’t jump in, I’ll push ya!” He put his hand out and touched the side of my back, sending a jolt of electricity through me. I jumped in, creating a big splash – he followed suit. Coming up for air, and pushing my hair away from my face, I looked around for him, only to get surprised when he swam up behind me and splashed the back of my head. I laughed and splashed back, then just like you see in the movies, our bodies closed in on one another and we kissed.

It was a furiously passionate moment, our arms encircled one another as our lips met, and we squeezed ataköy ucuz escort together as a sense of relief and arousal sunk in. When we slowed, our eyes opened and mouths parted. We both grinned sheepishly at each other, before I wrapped my legs around his waist and sunk my tongue into his mouth. I pushed off of him, maintaining eye contact, then slipped out of the pool, and grabbed my security fob. I glanced back at him – “Coming?” He responded with a toothy grin and raced out of the pool in pursuit. I waved my fob over a door panel, and pushed inside the women’s change room.

Now, the condo we lived in had an amenities floor, thats where the pool and hot tub, party room and gym were. Off to the side were a set of ill-used change rooms, complete with toilet facilities, sinks, lockers, sauna and showers. I think the only time I had seen them in use was when there was a party in the party room and folks needed to use the bathrooms. It was questionable as to why anyone would need the showers after working out or going to the pool, seeing as you were an elevator ride away from your own. At this moment though, they were our salvation. With both our roommates taking up the shared space, the private shower in the women’s change room was all ours.

I drug Bruno through the change room door, and over to the last shower stall. We slipped behind the glass door and returned to our making out. I fumbled around the front of his shorts, pulling at the drawstring before guiding my hand under the waistband and grabbing hold of his cock. For all my thoughts and fantasies, the short guy had a thick piece, and I internally shuddered, thinking of how it would feel inside of me. I slid to my knees along his body, and yanked his shorts down, freeing his cock. It slapped upwards as a sign of appreciation. I grinned like a mad woman up at his gasping face before wrapping my lips around his dick.

It was indeed more than a mouthful, and I swirled my tongue around the head and glans, before first attempting to push it further down my throat. I would have to pace myself I thought, pulling it out from my mouth, before doing more lip work across his shaft. I looked up at his face as I kissed and sucked his hairy balls. His eyes were shut, almost in a pained anguish. I methodically jerked him off with my spit as I continued working his sack. Bruno sagged against the tiled wall as I inserted his penis back into my mouth, this time sawing it past my lips, feeling him twitch and writhe at my ministrations. Increasing my pace, Bruno suddenly put his hands on top of my head, and gently tried to push me away. I had brought him to the edge, and he didn’t want this to end just yet. I stood up slowly, and turned to fiddle with the shower knobs. A stream of warm water spat out as I moved backwards, my ass cleaving itself along Bruno’s rigid member. He moaned, so I rubbed against him once more. I felt his fat fingers, slip under the crotch of my swim suit, jabbing at my pussy lips before plunging inside me.

“Yeah, play with my pussy – uuugh, just – fuck. yeah!”

Water poured down my face and back as I bent further for Bruno, he deliberately held a slow pace with his fingers, moving in and out of my pussy, ataköy üniversiteli escort and curving his fingertips the deeper he got. I was crying as I bit my bottom lip, and pushed back against his fingers for maximum effect. My face was pressed against the tile as the shower continued to rain down on us. Bruno dropped to his knees and first tried to push the crotch of my suit to the side as his tongue probed my cunt from behind. I felt his nose hit my pucker from time to time, and I never felt more like a raw, exposed nerve before. My knees quivered as I tried to hold myself up.

Moving behind me again, Bruno now stood, and was clumsily trying to line up his cock to my vagina. I patiently waited, and pulled my suit bottoms off. Finally, I reached down between my legs, and grabbed his cock, guiding him inside before pushing backwards to fully envelope his wide cock. There was a pop, and I was full. To the point where I momentarily saw stars. There was a pain that caused me to reach behind and hold his hips still. I needed to work this in on my own terms. Bending down further, I began to move along his cock at a slow pace. I began to rub my clit, and feel the pain in terms of pleasure. I thought about Bruno, and the danger of fucking in this shower, and I felt myself starting to self-lubricate. The more I rubbed myself, the easier it was to take Bruno’s cock. Our movements became more fluid, and soon Bruno was grabbing me around the waist and bouncing me off of his lap. I tried hard to stifle my moans, for fear of anyone hearing, but the obvious slapping of flesh would have betrayed us in a heart beat.

In time I began to love to feeling of being stretched as I was, and I felt myself on the edge of orgasm. I whispered at Bruno to go faster as I furiously fingered myself, and I began to cry at the myriad of sensations that built and released. I felt I was gushing, my body flushed from the crotch on out, and I slowly drained myself of all energy. Sensing this, Bruno hauled his cock out of my gaping hole, and began to jerk off. Collecting myself on the floor of the shower, I turned and looked up at him, fisting his cock and lost in a euphoric haze. I could tell he was close, so I leaned forward, placing my mouth over his cock head, and replacing his hand with my own. One long slurp of his shaft and he was shooting his hot cum down my throat. I worked to swallow as much as I could, but had to yank his piece out of my mouth as it spat out its last efforts onto my chin. I continued to calmly jerk him using a mixture of my spit and his cum. He looked down at me, heavily lidded with that toothy grin. I smiled back and laughed.

Panting, we stood together under the water, and washed each other. Instead of methodically going about our business, there was something different about behaviours now. Rinsing the soap off my body, Bruno held himself close behind me, his dick nestled between my butt cheeks, his arms wrapping firmly around my tiny waist. I could feel his chin scruff on my neck as he kissed and nibbled at my ear lobe.

I felt an intimacy I had long imagined. But this time, it was with me

We dressed, and straightened ourselves out. I stuck my head out of the change room to see if anyone was around. We retreated back to the pool deck, where our belongings remain untouched. We checked our phones, and sunk back into the hot tub across from one another, staring with silent, knowing smiles.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I demurred.

Bruno swam to me, and touched my leg.

“I can’t believe it took us that long to get here.”

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