Computer Stories Ch. 03

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Jerry’s sister finds out what she’s been missing

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven’t read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is the special component inside Jerry’s computer.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

Soon after powering up his new acquisition, a strange twist of fate activated an interesting ‘feature’ on his ‘antique’ computer . . . .

The continuing saga —

With some other projects Jerry was working on there hadn’t been much time to sit down at his computer to write any new stories. Even when he did have time to sit down, story ideas just seemed to elude him. With ideas eluding him, he sat back to see what was on the TV.

Part way through a so-so program, he got a call from his sister. Jill didn’t call often but when she did, it was usually about something that wasn’t going well.

Jerry’s sister Jill, was 2 years older than him. At 5’9″, she was a spitting image of her mother. In high school she had filled out nicely, with slender legs, a slender waist, and an ample endowment of cleavage. At the end of high school, she could have gone directly into modeling but she different ideas for where she wanted her life to go.

When it was time for a higher education, Jill opted for a State university in another state. Unlike a lot of other kids, she was more focused on ‘hitting the books’ instead of being around party animals and finding a husband.

Her primary focus was on studying but she wasn’t going to rule out a casual relationship. Trouble was most of the guys she went out with took her great looks as a signal to go a lot further than she wanted to. Tonight was the culmination of one of those ‘bad’ dates. She needed someone to vent her frustrations on and Jerry was the only available person she felt close enough to talk to about it.

Like her mother, the only way anyone was going to even cop a feel from her was to put a ring on her finger after a walk down the isle. Like her mother, her view of sex was primarily for procreation than for pleasure.

Jerry was actually a good listener and knew what Jill needed was just someone to sit and listen. He knew there wasn’t much he could say for advice, just sit and listen. For over an hour Jerry listened to his sister’s rants about the only thing a guy’s mind was sex. Jerry was a little more open minded about the subject but he knew there was no convincing her to his point of view.

After she hung up, Jerry just couldn’t shake the feeling that there wasn’t anything he could do to help. The only thing he could think of to help ease his mind was to sit down at his computer and write a fictionally different version of his sister’s outlook toward sex. It was more to help him cope with his sister’s dilemma than anything that would change the way things were.

And so he began . . . .

* * * * *

“She was a very attractive, straight-laced college sophomore. She had a delectably slender body with a great ‘rack’. Her physical assets were enough to easily help get her anything she wanted but she had no interest in using her body that way. In fact, she was all study and no party. The only interest she had in a physical relationship was not until she had a ring on her finger. This is what her mother had drummed into her head from an early age.

Jill, still lived in the dorm. It had a structured living environment, that left her more time to study. Her roommate had tried to get her to lighten-up when it came to men, but Jill was adamant about her morals and especially her virginity.

Occasionally, her roommate Cathy, would set her up on a blind date. Usually, Jill was able to deflect these blind dates with excuses that she had something to do that night. Tonight, there was no way she could back out of the weekend date that Cathy had set her up with. Jill owed Cathy a big favor and Cathy knew there was no way Jill could get out of it this time. This was Friday and the date was set up for Saturday night. Part of the blind date agreement with Cathy was that Jill would wear what Cathy would pick out for her.

It was now late Saturday afternoon and Cathy had laid out a sexy dress, bra, panties, and thigh highs. Jill did not own anything like was laid out for her to wear. It was a odd coincidence that Jill wore the same size of clothes as Cathy.”

* * * * *

As Jerry’s fingers tapped out the story on his computer, the ‘extra’ component inside his computer glowed a warm red. In his sister’s dorm room, Jill was looking at the ataköy masöz escort clothes laid out for her by Cathy. She turned to Cathy and told her that the only reason she was going on the date, while wearing those clothes, was to satisfy the favor she owed to Cathy.

As Jill began to put on the clothes laid out for her, there was a strange feeling that was coming over her. What had been totally taboo to wear, was now not so bad after all. Cathy just sat back and grinned at the transformation that slowly taking placed in front of her.

Jill was beginning to like the satiny feel the dress had on her skin. The thin, shear bra allowed her stiffing nipples to brush against the satin material of the dress. This was a feeling she was not accustomed to but it actually felt pleasurable. Jill couldn’t understand these feelings she was experiencing, it just wasn’t like her to intentionally look sexy so as to attract members of the opposite sex.

* * * * *

Jerry’s words flowed onto the screen . . .

“Dressed very sexy looking, but still not quite comfortable with it, Jill fidgeted in the dorm lounge. She was still thinking of backing out and heading back to her dorm room to tell her roommate she wasn’t going through with it.

When she stood up, she was immediately face-to-face with a very nice, well-groomed guy that was only a couple inches taller than her. Jill was about to dodge around him when she spotted Cathy mouthing “He’s your date”. As Rick, her date, introduced himself, Jill was think this might not be so bad after all.

Having been briefed by Cathy earlier, Rick already knew a number of things about Jill’s likes and dislikes. Since pasta was one of Jill’s weaknesses, Rick picked the modestly priced spaghetti restaurant a few blocks away.

As they began enjoying their meal with some moderately priced wine, Jill learned that Rick was a junior at the university. He was majoring in Art History and Sculpture. He had already been apprenticing with a renowned local sculptor. This seemed to put Jill more at ease since early Mediterranean art had always fascinated her. Rick was far enough along in his apprenticeship that the sculptor had given Rick a key to the studio, in case he was required to work late or on weekends.

Jill had passed by the studio a couple of times in the last year, when she had taken a walk, but it was never open at those times. She really wanted to see what was on display there. On Jill’s third pleading, Rick relented to agreeing to take Jill on a private tour of the studio after their dinner.

The studio was just around the corner, and two blocks up. In the short walk there, Jill could hardly contain her excitement at being able to see and experience things she had only dreamed about.

The studio display window was nothing compared to what Jill beheld as she walked into the main gallery. There were sculptures that encompassed cultures from the entire Mediterranean region, from early Egyptian to Greek and Roman. As Jill wandered the galleries, Rick confided that he was most impressed with the works from the Greek and Florentine periods. Jill was soaking it all in as Rick talked about how the exquisite detail of the human body was captured by Michelangelo. A life size copy of his David stood on a short pedestal, flooded with a single spotlight from above. Jill’s interest was genuinely piqued.

When Rick announced that he had been working on a special project in the workshop, Jill followed him like a little puppy, around the corner and up the stairs.

In one corner was a small bed, apparently for those times when projects worked late into the night. There was a workbench against one wall, with an assortment of mechanical parts on it. A drafting table like desk had sketches of various parts of the human form. In the center of the room were 2 nude male statues. At first sight, Jill began to blush. The only exposure she’d had to the male human anatomy was in her high school health class. She did not have any ‘first hand’ knowledge of the subject.

Taking Jill by the hand, Rick led her over to the first statue, explaining that the only true way to experience the sculpture of a human body was to use your hands. As Rick guided her hands over the face, arms, legs, and torso, Jill began to appreciate how beautifully the sculptor was able to capture the details of the muscles, tendons, and veins. This was something she never fully appreciated until it was explained by Rick.”

* * * * *

On the wall in front of Jerry, there were all sorts of pictures of Italy, Greece, Israel, and Egypt. Jill had given them to him when she left to go to college. Jerry had dreamed of taking a vacation to Rome but it was just a ‘pipe dream’ since the cost was more than Jerry could afford.

As Jerry continued to type, Jill was strolling through a sculpture studio with a guy she had only met a few hours ago. Now she was standing in front of a statue of a nude male, her ataköy otele gelen escort fingers deftly exploring the carved features.

* * * * *

“Jill, you now understand the difference between looking and touching but I want you to be the first person to experience a new concept in sculpture. Not only does it have the look of a human body, but it also has all the warmth and tactile feel of human skin.”

Rick could see the look of confusion on Jill’s face and invited her to let her fingers brush across the features of the second statue. To her amazement, Rick was right. There was a striking resemblance to a live person. The statue even had a warmth to it like a live person.

Rick explained that his mentor had come up with a new process for sculpting that seemed to breath life into the sculpture. To prove to Jill the difference between a regular statue and the new process, Rick asked Jill to run her fingers over both the regular statue and the duplicate next to it that was made from the new process.

Seeing her response to the statue with the new process did not seem to be what he expected, Rick decided that the best way to get the most objective response from her was to blindfold her so she would only use her sense of touch to make the evaluation.

Having her sight completely obscured, Rick moved her over to in front of the regular sculpture. While standing behind the regular sculpture, Rick took hold of her hands and placed them around the waist of the statue. He told her to take her time and use her sense of touch to explore all parts of the statue.

While Jill explored the statue’s torso and upper thighs, Rick slide over to the ‘enhanced’ sculpture. Quietly sliding it to one side, he took off his own clothes and waited for Jill to finish her examination of the first statue.

Taking her hands again, he said he was going to guide her hands to the second statue and wanted her to take her time to feel the difference between the first statue and the second. Standing in the spot where the second statue originally stood, Rick placed her hands on his waist, stood very still, and waited for her hands to start roaming over his body.

* * * * *

Jerry was totally absorbed in his writing and was completely unaware of what was happening hundreds of miles away.

His sister was standing in the workshop of a sculpture studio, using her sense of touch to explore and assess how real a new process for producing sculptures. Her fingers traced over the upper torso. The feel and texture was so life-like. Amazingly, there was also a life-like warmth to it as well.

Her fingers were moving down the upper thighs of the statue admiring the toned muscle bulges she felt. Then her fingers moved to the front until her fingers felt a warm tube with a hooded crown. Below it, her fingers felt two soft pliable globes. While the fingers of one hand gently explored the softness of the hanging globes, the other hand gently wrapped its fingers around the soft tube. As her fingers traced up and down the war tube, she sensed that it was changing shape and going from very soft to very firm.

She was so in focused on what her fingers were doing that she did not conscientiously noticed her breasts were gently being massaged. Her body was responding by her nipples hardening and her pussy beginning to moisten.

Her lips pursed into an ‘O’ and were soon met with Rick’s lips. Rick’s tongue started to probe between Jill’s lips. Rick’s hands gently cupped Jill’s ass. His hands slowly raised the hem of her dress, higher and higher, until her lacy panties were completely exposed. Jill was warming up fast as Rick’s hands slipped in between the material of her panties and her soft skin, feeling the soft flesh of her ass cheeks. It wasn’t long before his hands were gently tugging her panties down over her ass then pooling at her ankles.

Jill was now in a euphoric state. With her eyes covered, her biggest sensory input was from what her fingers were feeling and the warm touch of Rick’s hands. She was barely aware that Rick was slowly guiding her body over to the bed in the corner. As he laid back on the bed, he pulled her in with him, in a sitting position almost directly over his hard cock sticking up from his crotch.

As Jill gently stroked his cock, Rick guided his cockhead to the entrance of her pussy lips.

* * * * *

Jerry’s fingers were flying across the keyboard. He was tapping out a wild sexual fantasy he wished his sister could be sexually open enough to take great pleasure in. He knew this would be impossible. Jerry knew there was no way she would let herself enjoy such pleasure with any guy without saying “I do”. Even after the wedding, he knew her sex life was bound to be pretty dull, with very little variety.

“As Rick’s hard cock made contact with Jill’s pussy lips, a little gasp exited her lips. The gasps continued as Jill ever so slowly sunk down on Rick’s cock ataköy rus escort until it met resistance. Rick’s cock was filling her so full and it felt so good. As Jill tried to move her body to shift her weight a little, she momentary lost her balance and sat fully onto Rick’s cock, impaling her fully. This was accompanied by a twinge of pain as her maidenhead was torn away and Rick’s cock head bumped firmly against her cervix.

Jill started to lift up but her cunt clamped hard on his cock and it was a slow process of extracting his cock from her pussy. It was almost all the way out when she let it sink back fully into her pussy. Why was her body enjoying it so much when all her life she had been taught it was so repulsive. With that she began to pump her body up and down on Rick’s body.

With Jill busy bobbing up and down on his cock, Rick turned to pulling the front of her dress down so he could start working on Jill’s hardening nipples. Rick’s extra stimulation to her body caused her to approach a climax much faster than someone who was used to having sex on a regular basis. With Rick being more experienced sexually, he was able to maintain his erection without shooting right away. Jill on the other hand, was rapidly approaching an explosive climax.

When she did reach climax, her cunt tried to clamp onto Rick’s cock as it spasmed. A few minutes later she rolled off Rick and laid on her back with her head hanging over the bed.

Rick was still raring to go and he had an idea. He had always longed to have a beautiful pair of lips wrapped around his cock and he figured he would take advantage of it before the opportunity slipped away.

Climbing out of the bed, he positioned himself so that he was standing at the end of the bed where Jill’s head was hanging over the bed. Lining his cock up with her mouth, he slowly slipped it past her parted lips.

Soon Jill came out of her post climax reverie to find her mouth filled with Rick’s cock, coated with her pussy juices. Normally, this would have been extremely revolting to her but for some reason it just seemed so natural to be sucking on Rick’s cock and providing him with so much pleasure.

Soon, Rick was into a good rhythm, fucking her face with slow methodical strokes. Jill’s luscious lips were providing great stimulation to his hard cock. Occasionally, he would get carried away and shove it deep into her throat. This triggered Jill’s gag reflex, vibrating the head of his cock, and was swiftly bringing him to a monumental climax.

As much as he would love to have Jill gulp down his hot cum, Rick had other ideas for where it should go.

Pulling his cock out of her reluctant lips, Rick climbed up on the bed, flipped Jill over onto her stomach, raised her hips up, and slammed his cock deep into her steamy pussy. Her pussy was still lubricated from her first climax and it didn’t take Rick long to find a good rhythm of pulling almost all the way out, then driving his hard cock all the way to her cervix.

By this time, both Jill and Rick were perspiring heavily. Beads of sweat ran in little rivulets, down his forehead, dropping onto Jill’s upturned butt, then running across her puckered hole on its way to mingle with Jill’s pussy juices.

Rick was plowing into Jill at a frantic pace. Grunts, groans, and moans from both Rick and Jill filled the room. Jill was fast approaching another fantastic orgasm. Her breathing was becoming horse. She found her voice was urging Rick on.

Feeling his balls tighten and the beginnings of cum racing up his shaft, Rick lunged forward, driving the head of his cock into and through Jill’s cervix. His hands held her tight to his body as shot after shot of hot cum filled her womb. Jill’s instinctive reaction was to tighten her muscles and lock on hard to Rick’s cock to hold him into her while he deposited his fertile sperm inside her womb.

Finally, after the last drop of cum was securely inside Jill, Rick collapsed on top of her, his cock still twitching inside her.

As Rick nibbled on her ear and told her how fantastic she was, Jill’s brain was reeling in euphoria and wondering why she had let herself be talked into such a restricted view of sex.”

* * * * *

It was getting late and Jerry quickly wrapped the fantasy story about his sister, saving it in an obscure folder, and shut off his computer. Jerry was tired and ready for sleep. At least he could sleep a little easier, knowing that the next time his sister called to complain about the current ill mannered boyfriend, he could sit and let her ramble on while his thoughts relived the fantasy of his sister enjoying exquisite passion instead of dreading it.

It was 2 weeks later when Jerry heard from her again. As soon as jerry heard his sister’s voice, he tensed up, expecting to hear another rendition of how life was so crappy and how all men were such Neanderthals. Instead, there was a kindness in her voice. Apparently, she had been going out with this one guy for the past 2 weeks. They had a lot of things in common and he had a way of making her feel really wonderful. Over the course of the half hour conversation, she never really did tell Jerry her new boyfriend’s name or what specifically it was that made her so happy. It didn’t matter. Jerry was just glad his sister was happier than she’d ever been.

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