Compulsive Sexual Behavior

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Greg had been looking for a place to spend his summers away from the humdrum of the city. After the real estate agent had shown him any number of prospective homes, he finally decided on a cabin located on the Shore of Timber Lake. Directly across from the cabin was a small cluster of homes which formed a community called Resort Point. Although Greg only intended to use the cabin during the summer, the neighboring community was more of a “year round” settlement.

He had intended to finish several books he had been commissioned to do for his publisher and this would be the ideal setting to do that. It was rather isolated except for his neighbors across the lake and it was quiet.

Actually the voices of the people living in “Resort Point” could be heard across the five or six hundred yards of water that separated him from his neighbors.

Even as he was moving in, he became aware of the interest his presence was generating. Once inside the cabin, and out of sight, he looked out thru his kitchen window and spotted three young women on a dock. They were passing binoculars back and forth as they peered at his newly acquired home.

He smiled and thought to himself, “I have either long range peeping toms or just curious neighbors to contend with now.”

The woman who had arranged the purchase had sort of hinted that there was something not quite right with his selection, but failed to go further. He had an inspector come over and verify that everything was as it should be, so there should be no surprises about his new purchase, but still he had this uncomfortable feeling something was wrong.

Not one day had passed before he had his first visitor. She arrived in a skiff and tied up at his dock. Climbing out, she displayed long tan legs and a supple little ass tightly confined in a pair of white short shorts.

Her light blue pullover was possibly one or two sizes too small which made her firm breasts perfectly outlined beneath the soft fabric.

She spent an inordinate amount of time bending over while she secured her small boat, almost as if deliberately taking provocative poses for his admiring glances.

Greg had to admit that the young woman was stunning and when she turned to walk up the path she swayed her hips much more than necessary. She almost seemed to be doing some sort of strip tease but without actually taking anything off.

Stepping onto the porch, she softly knocked. Greg opened the door and without being invited, she walked in.

“Hi neighbor, I’m Silky. I live across the cove and thought it might be neighborly to stop in and introduce myself. I wanted to be first to meet our new neighbor.”

Greg stared at her and as she smiled back, her eyes moved from his face down to his feet then back up, pausing at his crotch. For a brief moment he got the feeling that he was being undressed.

“Oh yes,” she went on, “You are so much the one, dahlin. You are just what we need up here. Are you taken? I mean are you spoken for? Wife, girlfriend anything like that?”

Greg looked down and shuffled his feet. She was making him feel very uncomfortable. To say she was forward would be an understatement. She was much more forward than any women he had ever encountered before, and yet he was attracted to her.

Her smile was coy but there was some sort of fire in the depths of her deep blue eyes that seemed to be calling him. He finally found his voice and answered. “No, no one at the moment. I really bought this place to get away and do some fishing and just relax.”

She smiled, and then sort of pouted her lips in thought before going on. “It’s sort of desolated up here. Ya know, a man’s gonna need a good woman for company and things. You know what things I mean I’m sure. I’m good at those things, so if you need anything, I’ll be here for you. And I’ve got a hell of a good body and all, so we can take care of each other any time you want.”

Reaching down she grasped the hem of her blouse, and pulled it up, holding it under her chin. “Look, nice firm titties and a hard flat tummy… and I’m tight.”

Her breasts probably would fill a 28C bra, if she were wearing one, and her nipples were like small thimbles centered in pink areoles about the size of silver dollars.

“Like them? I really get off on having them pinched and sucked, and I can go on for hours with the right person. Wanna be the right person, Greg?”

He had this stupid grin frozen on his face. His gaze moved from her breasts up to her eyes and locked. Completely stunned by her offer he paused before clearing his throat and mumbling.

“I guess. I mean I’d have to think about it,… er Miss Silky. I mean sure you’re a beautiful young woman and all, but this is sort of something I… er, we should think over a bit.”

She smiled at his apparent embarrassment and went on. “My aren’t you the shy one. Haven’t you ever had a girl interested in you who didn’t want anything except your cock? My, oh my, I bet you’re big too. Can I check it out?”

Without ataköy escort an answer she squatted down and began to unfasten his belt and undid his fly. Pulling his jeans down so they hung just above his hips she slid her hands inside.

Cupping his balls in one hand, her other hand slowly slid along the length of his cock.

“Beautiful! Simply beautiful sweetie. My god your getting big and you’re circumcised too, I like that. More sensation for a girl that way. Mmmm your damn big baby.”

Tilting her head slightly she asked, “Want Silky to suck you a little? Mmmmmmmf, you are good darlin… mmmm, and you taste good too.”

Suddenly releasing him, she looked up into his face and whispered. “I love to swallow, baby. It really turns me on when that happens. I bet you’d like that too.”

Greg finally regained control and reaching down, took her arms and lifted her up so she stood in front of him.

“Your going a little too fast for me Silky. Isn’t it the guy who’s supposed to be the aggressive one?”

“Not in Resort Point baby. It’s first come first serve around here. If a girl doesn’t look out her herself, she won’t get any, and baby, your prime grade stock. I bet that by the end of the week you’re going to have five or six women panting at your door but you’re going to remember Silky, baby. And to make sure you do, I want to give you just a little sample of what good ass is.”

Turning her back on Greg, she suddenly released her shorts and pushed them down around her ankles. Her arms crossed, grasped her blouse and whipped it up over her head.

Her auburn hair tumble across her bare shoulders. Still facing away she turned her head and looking back over her shoulder she whispered, “Come on baby, Silky wants to give you a sample, and I need it bad.”

Then she bent over the back of his couch and wiggled her tight little ass invitingly.

The offer had come so quickly and without warning, that instinct took over, and with his jeans opened and half way off, he moved towards her and put his hands on her hips.

Supporting herself with one hand, she reached down between her thighs and grasped his shaft. Lifting it slightly she began to draw its head back and forth deep in the cleft between her puffy lips, coating her cunt with her own wetness.

“Gimmee it, sweetie. Silky wants it deep and hard. Make me cum Dahlin. Shove it in deep.”

Greg thought, “My god this is impossible. Twenty minutes ago she was a stranger, and now she’s almost begging to be screwed.”

He simply pushed his hips back as she lifted his cock slightly, and its head found her slippery opening. Grasping her hips more firmly, he pulled her back onto his shaft. The warm velvety sheath slid back, swallowing his cock almost completely.

She let out a gasp. “Woooh baby! Let me do this. You’re too fucking big. Just take it slower. I need to get used to it. I’ll tell you when.”

As he held still she began to slowly push back and rock forward. Again and again she rocked back and forth until she felt his heavy balls gently begin to slap against her ass. He was in. Really deep in, and she gasped back over her shoulder.

“Oh baby, I’ve got you now. Just pull me back on it and spank me hard. Pump it in me Dahlin, I want it deep and hard. Oh yeah, like that. Fuck my cunt and make me cum all over your cock.”

Greg began to sway his hips back and forth. Drawing almost completely out before plunging his cock back in and she began to moan. Minutes passed and she began to huff and puff.

“Yeah, like that! Harder. Hurt me. Gimmee it faster baby. It’s cumming now. Yeah, ooh, ohhh yesss, I’m close. Spank my ass. Harder, make it sting. Oh god Now! Pull my hair. Make me cum. Oh shit, I am! I’m cumminnnnnnn now.”

She was clenching her pussy so tightly that he had to drive hard to force his cock in and out but she continued to push back on him, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own.

Apparently not satisfied yet, she kept gasping for more, but now she began to moan as his balls and cock became coated with her thick creamy cum and began sticking to her ass.

“Again…, I’m cumming again! Oh GOD don’t stop! Don’t you dare cum yet! I need it! Help me baby… Oh my god, go faster and push it in deep, YEAH, Like that! Cummin now baby. Oh god it’s good!”

Slowly she caught her breath and when Greg was about to pull out she moaned. “Now baby, cum for Silky. Keep fucking me and when your ready, pull out and gimmee it.”

When he thought he couldn’t hold back any longer he quickly drew out. He expected to just cum on her ass but she spun around and dropped to the floor in front of him and opened her mouth wide. “Shoot baby. Come for me! Oh god fuck my mouth. I want you to feed me.”

Greg stood there, slowly stroking his cock, trying not to lose the moment, but she became impatient and pushed his hand away. Wrapping her hand around his throbbing cock she began to jerk him into her mouth, letting her tongue lap just ataköy eve gelen escort at the underside of its head until she finally heard him cry out.

“Now! Gonna shoot now. OH Shit here it comes. I’m cumming, Silky, I am now!”

Her hand slid down to the base of his slippery cock. She opened her mouth and drove forward, taking his whole shaft deep down her throat. Her lips formed a tight kiss as she clasped his cock tightly and her head bobbed back and forth.

He paused and stood motionless as she fucked his dick with her mouth. Each contraction spew thick gushes of his seed into her waiting mouth and she could feel the pulsing jets squirt against her tongue.

She was milking him and trying holding it as long as she could before swallowing. Finally she let his dick slip from her mouth before reaching out and pulled herself up.

“Good! You are really good sweetie. Wanna fuck Silky tomorrow baby? Just call and I’ll be back for more. Just remember I’m the best and we still haven’t done a lot of things I think you’ll enjoy.”

She put her clothes back on as Greg just stood there amazed by what had just happened.

“Here, she went on, I’ll write my phone number down. Don’t lose it and just remember what good ass I am, OK?”

He nodded and walked her to the door. Looking out the window he watched as she launched her boat and left. The spectators on the dock at the far side of the bay waited for her to arrive, and gathered around her. That was the beginning.

At ten the next morning, a knock on his front door brought another surprise. A woman in her early forties stood in the open doorway with a covered dish held in her hands. A quick introduction and she stepped in.

Before the door closed, he watched as a young woman in a car drive off. She had apparently been dropped off and her ride had left.

Lynn smiled up at him and began. “I thought that it might be neighborly to bring something over for our new arrivals lunch. Its something I make on special occasions and you are definitely a special occasion. Where shall I set it down? It’s still hot.”

Greg nodded to the kitchen table and she hurried over and laid it down. Now turning she smiled and asked, “Where are the dishes. I’ll set us a couple of places and we can enjoy it. My daughter, Lisa, dropped me off and won’t be back for a while. She’s a senior in college and has a term paper to work on.”

Greg got a bottle of red wine and sat across from her as she dished out the lasagna. He was famished and as he ate, she sort of picked at her food while watching him.

Hardly a word was exchanged except for the compliments he frequently gave her but she continued to stare intently at him. Becoming self conscious of the long periods of silence, she began.

“You made quite an impression on Silky yesterday afternoon. All she could do was gush over you. Actually we were all rather anxious to meet you, but Silky has a tendency to be a bit forward, so she had to be first.”

Greg leaned back and smiled. “Yes she is forward. And she is a very remarkable woman in a lot of ways.”

“I know,” she went on, “she told us what she did. Or should I say, what you both did. She went into rather great detail about your, er… attributes if I may be so bold as to call it that.”

Greg flushed with embarrassment as she reached across the table and put her warm hand atop his.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed. We all knew what she was up to but what we were surprised about was what you did to her. I mean we never heard her brag too much about her escapades, so when she opened up about you, we knew you must be something special.”

Greg took another sip of his wine and looked into her eyes. “And?” he questioned.

“And now I’m here,” she simply answered. A flush coming over her cheeks as she went on. “My daughter suggested that we meet and sort of get to know each other. Food was the only excuse we could come up with so….” Her voice trailed off.

“I do suppose food is a good way to break the ice and I’m very glad your daughter suggested it,” he went on.

Her hand still covered his and she squeezed it before she leaned over the small table and lowering her voice, continuing.

“Well, she suggested that possibly more intimate things might take place. I mean in addition to having a nice lunch together.”

She went on, “I’ve been divorced for over a year now and she thought that after the Silky episode, you might consider an older woman. Not that forty two is really old but… Hell it’s been a long time Greg. And using a vibrator every night is getting a bit boring.”

She continued: “Sure Lisa helps, but I can’t ask my daughter to help me all the time, although she wants to. It’s just that there’s no substitute for a mans warm arms around you and we were wondering if you might just would, er…we were wondering if maybe we… you and I, might get together. No real commitments or anything, just sort of, well you know.”

Greg ataköy grup yapan escort leaned back. And with quizzical look on his face, he formed a question.

“Do all the women around here need attention? I mean Silky came charging in here and almost demanded sex. Now you come over, at your daughter’s suggestion, and hint that you might want to go to bed with me. Am I reading you right?”

Her hand tightened its grip on his wrist and she whispered. “Please? Oh god Greg, it’s been so long and it’s not as if I want a real affair or anything. Just an afternoon or evening is all.” She paused for a moment before going on.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been sitting here getting wet just thinking about things. Things like what it would feel like if you kissed me, or just put your arms around me and nuzzled your lips in the hollow of my neck. Or what it would be like to take you in my mouth and feel you respond. It’s been so long Greg. Could we? I’d be good for you Greg. I know I would.”

He stood up and nodded before answering. “Sure, I guess so Lynn. Come here and let me hold you. I’d like to do that.”

She stood so quickly that she pushed the table away, then dashed to him and threw her arms around his neck.

“Yesss, Oh yes, do that! Hold me close.”

Sliding his hands around her waist and drawing her near, he was amazed at how lithe she was. He drew his hand up her back and ran his fingers in her hair as she tilted her face to him and pressed her lips to his. Her tongue darted between his parted lips, dueling with his tongue, and she moaned.

The kiss lasted long moments when she let go of his neck and slid her hands between them. She almost tore her blouse off, bearing her breasts before opening his shirt and wiggled her firm nipples back and forth across his chest. She seemed like a woman possessed. She wanted to melt into him.

Greg lowered his hands to her waist as she straddled his thigh and ground her pussy hard against him.

“Oh god, Greg, I want you right now. I’m so hot baby. Now, here, right here on the table.”

Greg had different ideas. “Come on, in the bed room. We don’t want to rush this and I don’t want another repeat of the Silky thing.”

Clinging to him, she followed as he led her to his bedroom. Almost before he could turn, she had begun to fling her blouse aside and unfasten her bra. Hooking her thumbs under the waist of her shorts she wiggled them over her hips, and stepped out of them.

When she drew her panties down he was amazed. She had the body of a teenager and her pussy was bare and only the soft pink mounds of her labia exposed the thin cleft of her womanhood.

He was slower just beginning to pull his shirt tails out of his jeans as she sauntered over and began helping him. She tugged at his belt and fumbled at the zipper.

Soon he was released and kicked the jeans away as she slid to her knees. Greg wore no shorts and she gingerly took his shaft in her palm and held it as if admiring it. He began to respond.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “Oh yesssss, sweet baby. I want this everyway. I want to taste your cock; I want to feel it deep inside me, everyway, everywhere, just give it to me.”

By now he was firm. Not quite rigid, but well on the way. When she placed his cock in her mouth and began to run her tongue over its sensitive head, he grew harder, and when she released it to lap at his balls, it sprang straight up. He was as rigid as steel.

She was almost beside herself. She quickly tilted her head to capture it again and ran her warm hands up the back of his thighs, ending with her palms cupping the hard cheeks of his ass. She held him firmly as her face bobbed back and forth. And her mouth filled with saliva.

Not wanting to finish this way, Greg lifted her up and he lay on the bed. He had her straddle his face and place her hands against the wall above the head. She understood what he wanted and she lowered herself until she felt his tongue begin to probe between her puffy lips.

Greg began by taking long sweeping laps with his tongue. Within moments she was gyrating and moaning.

When he swept his tongue up over her clit it had already become swollen and had begun to protrude from its hiding place. Suddenly he captured it with his pursed lips and drew it into his mouth.

She squealed and began thrusting down almost smothering him. She was close and began to sob. “Yeah, it’s cumming. Oh yesssss it feels so good, yeah baby it’s close now. Oh, OOOOOOh god it feels so good. Yeah, make me cum. I…I’m… Cum…Cummminnngggggg.”

Suddenly Greg was aware of a new sensation. He had been so engrossed in lapping at Lynn’s pussy that he hadn’t been aware of anything else. Suddenly his cock was enveloped in a warmth that shouldn’t be. Someone was sucking his cock and he couldn’t see who it was.

Lynn, was now well on her way into her first intense orgasm in years and she wasn’t about to let it end. She almost screamed aloud. “I’m cumming. Oh my god, oh god, I’M CUMMING GOOD. OH MY GOSH, I’M FUCKING CUMMING FOR YOU!”

She wasn’t the only one surprised. Greg was being sucked and his balls were being held in warm hands that he didn’t recognize. By now Lynn was oozing syrupy opalescent fluid and it was being smeared over his mouth and face. That’s when he heard a voice.

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