Coming Home Early

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He could hear the shower running as soon as he entered the bedroom. Quietly, he opened the door to the private bathroom and peeked inside. He could see her within the shower, through the glass door. A grin curving his lips, he quickly and quietly disrobed and snuck into the bathroom. Sliding the shower door, he stepped into the shower with her.

She turned, a soft giggle on her lips. “I thought you were working late tonight?” she said as she reached for the washcloth. Soaping it up, she began to run the cloth over his body, slowly washing him.

“I decided to head home early. I missed you.” He moaned softly as her hand dipped to wash his abdomen and then lower still. Grabbing the soap from her, he lathered his hands and then began to repay the favor, washing her breasts, slowly. Pulling and rolling her nipples with his fingers, eliciting little prrrs of pleasure from her as he did.

She stepped closer, sliding the washcloth around to wash his back, pressing her soapy breasts against his water slickened chest. She could feel his erection pressing against her belly. His hands slid around her back, gripping her ass cheeks and pressing her closer still. The washcloth fell from her hands forgotten, as she began to press soft, sweet kisses along his neck. Her hands roaming over his back, as the hot water streamed down over both of their bodies.

Groaning lightly, he shifted their positions, placing her back against the wall of the shower. Growling softly against her ear, he then dipped his head and suckled her nipples. He knew how much that excited her, nibbling and biting now and then at the hardened nubs. Her hands slid into his wet hair, fingers curling. He dropped to his knees then, his tongue snaking between her slick thighs, finding the hidden treasure he sought.

A cry of pleasure escaped her as his tongue stroked her moist lips. And then pressing between, finding her clit and swirling over it. She moaned and held his head where it was, enjoying his attentions. Thrusting his tongue into her, he stroked her as deeply as he could, loving the sounds of pleasure she made.

Suddenly she yanked at his hair, pulling him back up to his feet once more. Her passion glazed eyes staring into his. “Please baby, I need you now.” He certainly didn’t have to be told twice. Grasping her ass once more, he held her where he wanted her and slid ataşehir escort his hard cock between her thighs. Between the water pouring over them and her own pleasure, it was an easy glide home. Their moans mingled as he began slow, deep thrusts into her hot sheath. Her nails digging into his shoulders, bracing herself against the wall for support as her knees went weak.

Groaning, he thrust faster… harder into her as their pleasure built. He could feel her body tensing, his balls tightening. He growled into her ear “Cum for me baby” wanting her to find her pleasure at the same time he did. She cried out in pleasure as her back arched, the clenching of her pussy around his throbbing cock causing him to cry out as well, as they both climaxed together.

After they finished showering, and then dried off afterwards, they walked hand in hand to the bedroom. A secret light danced in her eyes as she told him to lie down, on his stomach, on the bed. Curious, he did as she asked, closing his eyes when she told him to. He could hear, but not see what she was doing.

Next he knew, he felt her crawling onto the bed with him, and then straddling his hips. He could feel the heat of her cunt on his upper thighs and moaned softly. And then he felt the drops of warmed oil falling to his back. He groaned loudly as he realized what was up. Her hands began to slowly rub the oil into his flesh. Reaching up to rub his shoulders, her breasts rubbed back and forth over his chest, causing another muffled groan of pleasure. Working the oil into his back… his neck… his arms and shoulders. And then she slid herself down on his legs, dropping a bit more oil onto the small of his back. She then began working his lower back, his ass, his thighs… rubbing the oil in slowly.

“Other side baby” she prrred, then lifted herself as he rolled over onto his back. This was his favorite part of getting a massage from her. Sliding back up his body, she straddled his upper thighs, her smoothly shaven sex so close to his hardening cock. She dropped some warmed oil onto his chest, and then began to rub it in. The look in her eyes was almost as erotic as her touch. Rubbing his shoulders, his chest, his stomach as she worked the oil into his bare flesh. And then she slid down to work his lower body as well. Rubbing the oil all over, on his thighs… all avcılar anal yapan escort around the place he most craved her touch. Teasingly, she saved that for last. Just when he was sure he would burst, she curled her fingers around his hard flesh and began to stroke up and down… rubbing in the warm oil. His fists gripped the bedcovering beneath him. Her other hand rubbing the oil into his balls, she worked his cock over well. At the first drop of precum, she stopped however.

Growling, he gripped her hips suddenly and rolled them over, he now straddling her hips. “Teases should be pleasers Darling,” he said, grinning darkly. And then he moved up her body till he was straddling her chest. She prrrred deep within her throat. Her tongue dragging over her lips, as she looked at his hard flesh so close. Lifting her head slightly, she drew her tongue over the head of his jutting cock. Thrilling at the shiver of pleasure she caused in him, she drew him into her mouth. Her hands gripping his ass, nails digging in lightly.

She suckled him like a Popsicle, her tongue swirling around his hard flesh in her hot mouth. His soft moans of pleasure encouraging her. She could taste the flavored oil she’d just rubbed into his flesh. She felt him leaning back slightly, changing the angle at which his erection fit her mouth. And then suddenly his fingers found her clit. She moaned, sending vibrations through his throbbing flesh in her mouth.

He pinched… tugged… circled her clit with his finger and thumb as she hungrily tried to swallow his cock again and again. Feeling them both coming close again, he withdrew his fingers from her pussy as he slid his cock from her mouth. Grinning at her whimper of displeasure, he leaned down and kissed her deeply, whispering against her lips “the fun has just started baby.” Letting his body slide down to stretch over hers, he nibbled his way from her ear to her collarbone, sinking his teeth in lightly at the side of her neck. At her moan, his teeth sank a bit deeper… and then deeper still. She writhed beneath him, her nails scoring his back. “Mmm yes baby… bite me,” she growled against his ear. She shifted beneath him, trying to draw his throbbing erection into her eager heat.

Releasing her throat, her lowered his head and sank his teeth hard into her breast. She cried avcılar bdsm escort out in pleasure as her back arched. Her hands roaming over as much of him as she could. Lifting her legs, she wrapped them around his waist. As she did, he growled and slid his cock into her cunt. One deep, hard thrust. Filling her completely. They both moaned in pleasure. “God baby, you feel so good” he breathed against her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

“Love me baby… Fuck me” she nearly screamed as she moved her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. Sliding her legs up higher on his back, drawing him even deeper within her. He thrust deeply… fastly… filling her again and again. Suddenly she shattered, clenching his cock tightly with her cunt muscles as she came hard and fast. But he wasn’t done with her yet. When her shudders ended, he withdrew his still rock hard flesh from her and rolled her to her stomach. Knowing what he wanted, and totally agreeing, she quickly drew herself to hands and knees, lifting her ass high in the air. Rising to his knees, he landed a few hard spanks to her ass, causing loud moans of pleasure in her. And then he slammed his cock home once more into her aching pussy. Gripping her hips roughly with his hands, pulling her back onto him each time he thrust deeply into her.

“Ohhh fuck yes baby… yesssss” she growled against the bedspread. She loved when he took her this way. Stroking his hard flesh into her again and again… hard…fast… rough… they way they both liked it. Reaching his hands underneath her, gripping her breasts and squeezing.. teasing. And then sliding one finger down to manipulate her clit once more. Causing another intense orgasm in her.

When she came down from this one, he rolled her to her back once more. Sliding her ankles over his shoulders, a look of pure animal lust on his face as he took her in just such a manner. She was as open to him as she could be, and he filled her completely… over and over. Stretching her cunt with his hard, throbbing cock. Nearly bending her in half, he leaned down and kissed her hard… demanding.

“Now baby… NOW!!!!” He growled at her as he began to cum, his cock bursting within her, even as she began to shudder once more. Screams of pleasure tearing from them both as her inner muscles milked his cock with its spasms. He thrust through her orgasm… finding her clit again and drawing another climax from her before he was satisfied.

Slowly, he eased her legs down, careful of her aching muscles. Rubbing them until the pain eased, he then rolled them to their sides, drawing her back against him. His arms wrapped tightly around her, holding him as close as he could, they drifted into a deep, satiated sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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