Coming Home

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I unlock the door, and walk inside, placing the bag of groceries next to the door. I see you, laying on the couch in that modest nightie, a book in front of your eyes. You turn and greet me, your eyes like two lodestars, your bosom heaving. I close the door behind me, and, as you sit up, kiss you deeply on the lips. You giggle at my haste, as my lips push against yours, my tongue dancing against them. You drop the book, and squeeze my ass, as I kiss your cheek, and nuzzle against your face.

I kiss your chin, your nose, your lips, I let our tongues play together. I undo the top buttons on your nightie, and I hear you give a low, knowing laugh as your lovely breasts unfurl. I move my hands to your breasts, and stroke my tongue against yours, as I clasp your pink nubbed nipples. You moan slightly as my fingers pinch down, rolling the bulbs tightly between them. I grin and lick your tongue, and nuzzle against your nose, and pull hard on your nipples. You close yours eyes, and move to kiss my neck, lightly, muffling your mild moans against my neck.

I kiss your shoulder, and cup the base of your beautiful orbs, as I feel you move yours hands to my fly, and hear the telltale zip. I nibble just above your collarbone, as my khakis fall to my ankles. As my palms stroke and tickle the base of your breasts, I feel you pull my boxers down my thighs, until they fall to my ankles. Your hands move to cup my balls, gently. I lower my hips, and rest the head of my cock against your inner thigh, my fingers stroking your areoles, your fingers caressing and teasing the base of my cock.

Your head lifts off my neck, and you kiss me on the lips, as my cock traces a slow line up your thigh. You fingers grow more furious in their movement, and I move to grab your wrists. I pull your hands off of me, and move them to replacing mine on your nipples. You look into my eyes quizzically, as I slide your nightie up, and clasp my hands on your hips, holding them still as the tip of my head slides into the lovely groove between your thigh and pelvis.

Your eyes narrow, knowingly, as I drag my head into your dark fur. I begin to circle around your vulva, teasingly just outside your labia. Down and up, and down again, I circle your slit, holding it at the base of your slit. My eyes locked with yours, my hands braced against your hips, I stroke the head of my cock slowly up, sliding in between your labia, stroking against your fringes, stopping to circle your hole one, twice, thrice. I rest the tip of my cock against your hole, and I hear you moan into my mouth, as your hands grow more furious in their massage of your nipples.

“Please,” you say, pressing your hips up against the pressure of my hands, vainly. I kiss your lips, then drag up cock up, stroking it along your slit, until it touches against your clit. Feeling the bulb inflate, I push my pelvis in, lying the bottom of my shaft along the length of your slit, massaging slightly, so that the underside of my head gently strokes your clit. Your moans turn into low cries, and your hands pinch down hard, your pelvis twitching and thrashing against my cock..

I release my hand from your right thigh, and wrap it around the base of my cock. I stroke upward, soaking my forefinger in your wetness. Dropping slowly to my knees, I slide my index finger into my mouth, tasting you, as my face moves down between your thighs. I slide my fingers out of my mouth, and hover it inches from your pelvis. Your hands are cupping your breasts, ataköy masöz escort holding them steady, and I head you plead again for me to start in.

I stick out my tongue, and place it at the base of your slit. I press in, flattening my tongue against its bottom. I slowly drag my head up, the buds on my tongue stroking on your labia, and between them. My breath warmly suffuses your vulva, tickling your moist hair, as I lick across your hole. I pause, and circle it with my tongue, tasting your wetness, as my tongue continues up, seeking the hard nub of your pleasure.

My tongue pushes up on the bottom of your clit, circling it gently. One of my hands moves to stroke the bottom of your slit, and I see you hug your breasts close, as you curl yourself towards me, grinding against my tongue, lightly. I lick your clit, then circle it with my tongue, wrapping it in the muscle’s warm embrace. Two fingers drag up your slit. I kiss the tip of your clit, as my fingers duck slowly inside. I hear you gasp, as your back heaves, squirming against my fingers as they sink into you, down to the knuckle.

My lips wrap around your clit, gently, wetly embracing the bud. I curl my fingers up inside you, running them along your inner walls, stroking the pink, slick walls, pushing deep inside you, stroking the ridged bump of your spot. I suck inward, dragging your clit into my mouth, stroking it against the small serrations of my teeth. Your hands release your breasts, and press against the couch, pushing yourself upward into me. Your spheres bounce gently, and roll to the sides, nipples pert with arousal. I thrust my hands in and out of you, a gently suction sound following each thrust, with each popping penetration. My hand cups and curves cuddling close to your vulva, as my mouth devours your clit. I suck it inward, pulling it, and much of your labia, into my mouth, the fringed lips roughly stroked by the buds on my tongue, your clit sliding along the central groove.

I hear you gasp, and your hands slide to your ass, and push yourself forward, your callipygian cheeks pinched in the struggle to get my finger pads deeper. They twirl, and stroke against the back end of your tight cavern, rubbing the deepest part of your core. You release your ass, and grip my hair, your moans turning into gasping wails, and I take the cue, sucking furiously on your clit. I know you’re starting to cum, and I slide a third finger into you, the triad dancing inside you, pushing outward even as your pussy starts to contract.

I feel your wetness dripping down my forearm, my three fingers thrashing inside you. I see your breasts bounce, as you start to shake, and I flick my tongue rapidly from side to side, my teeth holding your clit deep within my mouth, caressing the orgasmic bud, while the damp wetness of my throat envelops it.

Your legs fly around my head, and, with a cry, and an abrupt flow of wetness, you start to shake, peaking. You pin my hand to the base of my neck, your legs clamped like a vice around me, cumming against me, your labia inflated, from their peak inside my mouth, to the dripping nadir pressed against my wrist. Your cry slows to low, slow wails, your legs slowly losing their grip, sliding down my still-clothed back, as you slump down, spread eagled, a warm smile on your face.

I stand up, and start unbuttoning my shirt, my pants and boxers still at my ankles. I’m halfway down, when you learn forward, and gently ataköy otele gelen escort kiss the head of my cock. I wryly grin, and you stare up into my eyes. You slide your mouth around my head, and slide the nightie off your shoulders. You pull it further, and, as you pass your hips, gently grind into the fabric, leaving a long wet spot. You kick off the gown, as I finish unbuttoning my shirt. I reach out my arms, and you undo my cufflinks, while I step out of my pants and underwear. You hold my sleeves, and I shimmy out of the shirt.

The garment floats to the ground, and you toss my cufflinks on top of it. You slide your mouth further down my shaft, and further, moving your hands to cup and stroke the base, lovingly. My fingers slide up your slides, along your flanks, upward, spiraling on your breasts, inward, towards the nipples. You plunge deeper onto me, and I feel the tip of my cock stroke the roof of your mouth. My fingers cross the threshold to your areoles, index and middle of each hand coming to rest under the bud, supporting the sensitive perturbation.

I begin to bend down. You try to curl with me, but can’t keep up. I slowly slide out of your mouth. You whimper lightly, and nip after it, managing a last soft lick of my head, leaving a single strand of mixed saliva and precum between the two. I touch the tip of my head between your breasts, briefly transferring the strand, before it shatters. I circle each of your nipples once, then start to drag my cock down your chest. I cross your sternum, and then your belly, briefly coming to rest in the notch of your belly button. I kiss your lips, tasting just a hint of myself on your tongue. My cock slides further down, and, as it enters your bush, I rest my knees on your thighs, spreading them, locking them.

My cock strokes against your swollen clit, and you suck in breath, drawing my tongue further into your mouth. They play, stroking against each other, as my length slides to rest at your hole, your entrance, already sopping wet. I nuzzle my nose against yours, my lips caressing yours, my tongue stroking yours, my fingers squeezing down on your ripe nipples, red and hard as pomegranate seeds. Your hands move to my ass again, this time pulling in, trying to push me inside you. You whimper lightly, and, when you cannot pull me in, move a hand to your clit. You start to roll it between your hands, and whisper into my mouth “If you don’t make me come, I can do it myself.”

You pull outward and upward on your clit, tugging on it, rolling it between your fingers. I kiss your right eyelid, then your left, and you close them as I do. As both shut, I abruptly pinch down on both nipples, and slide my head inside you. You fling your eyes open, your hips quivering, staring as my shaft slowly starts disappearing into you. You gently bite my lip, and start tugging more energetically on your clit, your other hand reaching around to cup my balls. My hands gently slap your breasts, and massage just below the areole. “Deeper… please,” you breathe, barely audible.

As if in spite, I slow down… I’m barely halfway inside you. You start madly pumping your clit, stroking its underside, pinching it, pulling it. I can feel your pulse throbbing in your left breast, and I grin. Your hips are madly bucking as best they can, still pinned by my knees. All that produces, however, is bouncing the rim of my head along the insides of your pussy. You give a quiet moan, ataköy rus escort and I feel you contracting your inner muscles, struggling to derive greater pleasure from the slowly-growing portion I give you. You bury your head in my shoulder, and bite down on my collarbone. I continue my glacial slide into you, until I feel two tears strike my shoulder.

As if in mercy, I thrust down deeply, planting my feet on the floor, and slamming you into the couch. Your hands flatten against your pelvis, pinned beneath my hips struggling to continue rolling your clit, as my hair roughly surrounds it, and grinds into yours. The head of my cock pressed hard against the back of your cavern, your inner walls stretch around my shaft, your twittering wetness pulled taut around me. I kiss your ear, and start thrusting into you, pounding roughly against the back of your stretched, sore depths, hearing you mean into the base of my neck as your clit bulges under your own touch, and your nipples under mine.

You legs, liberated in initial thrust, wrap around my waist, pulling yourself onto me, harder and harder with each pulsing thrust. You gasp with every crashing blow, your breasts shake with every thrust, your right hand grips my balls, a low rumble from deep within you, punctuated by every gasp, all telling me how close you’re getting. I feel your slickness dribbling down my leg, and, as I feel your hands grip your clit, I know it’s time. I plunge deep inside you, and your head flies back, a shriek escaping your lips for a moment before you silence it.

I feel your pussy clench around me with your orgasm, and pleasure shoots though me like a knife. I push into you, as hard as I can, my cock, from base to tip within you. Your hand tickles and pulls my sack, and, through your moaning cries, “Cum with me,” slide from your lips. I pull on your nipples, pinching hard, and, as your eyes close, release, squirting inside you, your moist wetness mingling with my own. I spray within you, and you smile with triumph, bucking into me as I do the same with you, you stroking my balls as I stroke your nipples.

Your breathing slows, as does mine, as we come back down. Your legs release me once more, and I stand up, my cock, still mostly hard, dripping with our mingled lubricants, each drop falling with a moist swish on your bush. You gaze up at me, a satisfied grin on your face. Your hand reaches out to stroke my cock, lightly, and you lean forward. Your mouth wraps around my head, and slowly sinks forward. Your tongue licks around my shaft, sipping up your own wetness, and some of my cum, and I see you left hand start to stroke your pussy.

I cup your ears, and, bending forward, grab your purse from off the end table. Reaching in, I pull out the narrow, long vibrator. Your eyes narrow knowingly, and you take it from me. You slide your bottom over on the couch, so I can see you touching yourself—you know I love to watch, almost as much as I love your skilled tongue. I hear the telltale buzz, and watch your eyes glaze over as the tip of the metallic phallus slides between you beautiful, bloomed lips.

“Five bucks says you cum first, again,” I tell you, a huge grin on my lips. You slide your mouth gently off my cock, slurping all the wetness off of it. You look up at me, and blow a kiss, and slide the silvery length inside you. Your eyes slitting, you swallow it wholly within you, and close your legs, grinning, locking it inside you. Teasing your clit with one hand, and moving the other to my cock, you grin and respond.

“How about five fucks? Winner picks where and how?” you snicker. I grin from ear to ear, and your mouth sinks down on me. As your lips kiss circle the base, and your tongue reaches out to stroke my balls, grin at the concept of a bet that, in the end, can’t be lost, my most beautiful lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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