Chris Pt. 02

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I literally cannot recall how many times Chris and I “Messed around.” I know Craig and I only did this maybe ten times, and my friend Billy and I only did stuff twice but I’m sure when it came to Chris we must have messed around hundreds of times.

Of course I don’t remember them all but I do remember the best times.

There was another time when Chris and I were out fishing when him and I started messing around. This time we were definitely risking catching an indecent exposure charge or something like that.

We had decided to try our luck at another one of our favorite fishing spots. This one was at another lake only about a mile from the one in the last story. This lake was actually a manmade reservoir that was used to feed water to the super market and strip mall nearby. The lake was unusually packed that day and we were reconsidering not even sticking around.

Chris and I found an empty spot along the bank of the lake and we set up our fishing gear. We each has two lines in izmir escort bayan the water, one on top and one on the bottom, and we sat and waited for something to bite. Not long after Chris must have gotten the itch because he laid back and pulled his cock out and started stroking. I kind of just smiled and shook my head at him as if to say: “Geez, man.”

Chris and I had probably messed around about six or seven times up to this point but I had no plans to do anything with him on this day but I ended up going down on him anyway. The crazy thing about this time was that there was only a small but thick shrub diving us and some other people only about ten feet to our right. I sucked him for a few minutes before him and I opted for a bit more privacy. Not far from where we were in a wooded area was a small concrete shack about the size of a garden shed which was once used as a pump house to drain water from the lake.

The place probably hadn’t been used since the 1920’s and was a bit run escort izmir down but when we were in our early years of High School my friend and I had commandeered it as our hang out.

Chris and I packed up our fishing gear and made the short walk to the pump house. Once we got there we could see that nature had already started to reclaim it since the last time we were there. There was no doors or windows anymore on the building so the floor was covered with leaves and twigs and every other form of nature one could think of. Surprisingly the only thing that didn’t seem touched by nature was the old lazy boy reclining chair that Chris and I had hauled there about three years before. Chris sat down in the chair and pulled his cock out again.

I knelled and started sucking him once more. He sat there watching as I took his cock into my mouth and held the back of my head. After sucking him for a little while Chris said he wanted to try and fuck me. I was a little reluctant to do so but I gave in. izmir escort Up to this point our encounters had been nothing but once sided blow jobs or half assed ones on Chris’s part but I didn’t care if we tried other stuff. Chris stood up and I bent over the chair. Chris eased in behind me gripped his cock as he stepped forward and once the head of his cock touched me I was a little less willing to do that.

“Don’t stick it in.” I told him.

“Just put it on the crack or something.” I said to him.

Chris slid his cock between my cheeks and held them closed as he began pumping. Right way I could tell that this just wasn’t for me but I let him do it for a few minutes.

“Let me try it now.” I told Chris.

I didn’t like receiving but I thought maybe I’d like giving.

Chris stopped ‘fucking’ me and he too bent over the chair. I gripped his ass cheeks and tried sliding my cock into him but I didn’t like it much that way either. We wiped our cocks off and took turns giving each other blow jobs and again it was a half assed blow job that I got from Chris. When it was time for us to cum we actually shot our loads into an empty Pepsi bottle for some reason.

I don’t know why we did that but we did…

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