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It’s a cool Saturday in February and you have an important district game that afternoon. That morning you awaken to the smell of breakfast cooking, you look at the clock and realize that you were able to sleep in until 8. Lying in bed you roll onto your back and stretch, enjoying the only moment of peace you think you will get that day. As you turn and sit up you notice a note on the night stand. The outside has a kiss of lipstick on it. You grin as you pick it up. When you open it, you smell the sweet smell of my perfume.

The note reads:

You are the most amazing man I know and today is your moment to shine. I know that no matter what happens today, that you will be viewed as a man of integrity with a sweet ass and a smokin’ smile! Love you.

With a big smile on your face, you stand up, get your robe and go down stairs. When you get down stairs you see the table set with fresh flowers, a tall stack of pancakes, and bacon and sausage. You pause to watch me finish the final touches.

I hear something and when I turn I see you enter the kitchen. I walk over to you and wrap my arms around you. Then I grab your hand, kiss it, and guide you to your plate. We all sit down and enjoy the breakfast.

After breakfast, you go for a run and then head off to practice. Before you leave I give you a hug and kiss for luck and pop you on your bottom as you walk out the door.

When you get into your car, you find another note from me. This one says, I love you and will miss you today and good luck. You fold it up and put it in your pocket.

Practice goes well and you feel a positive energy coming from your team that you hope will carry into the game.

As bakırköy escort your team enters the gym for warm-ups you watch the other team to see how they are looking. Your hands effortlessly move into your suit pockets and you feel a baggie. When you pull it out, it contains 2 Advil, a piece of gum, and another note. This time the note said you will have a suprise waiting for you after the game.

During the game your team dominated, they were strong and motivated and you seemed to be on cloud nine. After the game, I met you in the locker room, pulled you close to me and kissed you more passionately than you have ever been kissed in public. Your team got silent. When our eyes met, I smiled and told you I’ll see you at home.

You hang around, watch the guy’s game and then go for some beers with some of the other coaches.

When you arrive home, you expect me to be asleep but as you turn the car off, you see me open the front door and move onto the porch. You are happy that I stayed awake for you so you could do some celebrating with me.

I hand you a margarita and we sit on the steps drinking as you tell me about the game and the rest of your night. I lay my head on your shoulder and your arm wraps around me, pulling me into your warm body.

With your left hand you reach over and run your hand down my cheek and thank me for helping make today a great day. I turn to look at you and gaze into your heavenly blue eyes and without saying a word I move to your lap and kiss you. My hands rub your shoulders while our lips seem to taste each other for the first time.

You slide your hands under my shirt and feel that I’m başakşehir escort not wearing a bra, so you lift it up and feel me. My nipples are hard from the cold night air and when I feel your warm lips kiss them I loose my breath. I run my hands up your forearms and lock fingers. You resist my tug to stop but I wanted to continue inside.

With our hands laced together I lead you into the house. As the door opens you see yellow pedals leading a path up the stairs with candles lit on every other step. You spin me around and with a tight embrace you kiss me. Once up stairs I sit you down on the bed and slowly begin to remove your clothes. With my teeth I slide your tie off and then one button at a time of your shirt. Lifting your under shirt off, you hear me say, oh my, the sight of your chest always makes me want you. You lean back on the bed as I kiss you. Moving from one nipple to the other and then down to your navel, making a circle around it until I finally get to the top of your pants. Noticeably hard, I rub my lips against you, feeling you twitch under your pants. Quickly, I release you and take you into my mouth. Your eyes close as my lips surround you.

Taking you in, my hands slide up your stomach and rub you. You look down and see me licking your shaft and letting my hand stroke you, gliding easily up and down you. I tease you by nibbling on your tip, your precum tastes amazing and it makes me crave more of you. You run your fingers through my hair and stand me up.

You look at me and tell me it’s your turn to undress me. I smile. You lift my shirt over my head and slide my jeans down, leaving only my thong. Your hands glide bayrampaşa escort down my body, making me feel incredibly sexy. I notice you looking at me, and then you tell me you love me and pull me into you.

With your hands messaging my ass you kiss my chest. I love feeling your lips all over me. Then you slide your hand into the front of my thong and feel my soft pussy.

My legs spread as you rub me, when I feel your fingers enter me I moan and my heart beat speeds up. I reach down and grab your hard cock and stroke it to get it ready for me. I push my thongs down and sit on you. Your hard cock feels amazing as it enters me. My pussy is dripping wet wanting you. Your strong hands are rubbing my ass as I ride you. With each movement you begin to moan louder as I my juices flow around you.

You continue sucking my tits as we roll over onto the bed. Now with you on top, I wrap my legs around you, and push you deeper into me. You grab my tits and squeeze them tight and your hips begin to move faster. I reach down and rub myself as I get close to climax. Finally as I feel you start to explode into me I release myself. My moaning gets louder and you groan with pleasure as you send your cum deep into me. My pulsing pussy tightens around you and my wetness makes you climax with more intensity than ever. With our eyes open we kiss and our bodies tighten even more. I love watching you climax and hearing your sounds.

Finally as our bodies relax you slide to the side of me. With one finger you trace my hardened nipples and kiss my head. I turn to face you, rest my leg on top of yours and move to kiss you. I rub my lips on yours and you feel my tongue gently licking you until I finally kiss you. I pull you up against me, pressing my breasts against your chest as we kiss. Our hot bodies are completely pressed against each other and we can feel each other’s hearts still beating quickly. As our kiss ends, I look at you and rest my head onto your chest enjoying my moment alone with the love of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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