Carrie and the Portrait Pt. 02

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Tom was unable to do the enlargements of 16×20 of Carrie as he didn’t have the 8×10 enlarger to do them. Tom did make a couple of 8×10 contact prints to ogle and masturbate over but he had to wait for the enlargements to come back. As he went about his day I thought of Carrie and her beautiful breasts and nipples several times. The snow-capped alabaster-white melons with their cranberry tipped nipples which turned red when engorged and erect were something many men couldn’t keep their mouth off of.

The day passed and the next day came around and was fairly quiet, one small portrait was the business for the day. The phone rang and the prints were done, right on time. He practically ran over to pick them up, return to the studio, and tell Carrie the prints were ready for her. The lab did a beautiful job of printing them as well as sepia toning them and a perfectly flat drying job. I was very pleased with the work they had done.

Tom phoned her and left a message at her office that they were ready for her pick-up. I said I would be here for another hour and at 9 AM tomorrow. I spent part of the next hour filing, documenting, and organizing negatives. At 4:45 PM I heard a knock on the door which I answered to find Carrie in her bank business suit. She had the same problem with her bust wanting to burst open her blouse, with the blazer keeping it all together. No make-up except for the lip gloss, which looked recently re-done.

“Nice to see you, Carrie,” he said.

“You came so quickly,” Tom said.

“Let me see my nude body,” Carrie asked.

Tom unwrapped the prints and set them down on his work table, saying nothing, letting the prints speak for themselves. The sepia toning added sparkle and permanence to the well exposed and well-printed masterpieces. Carrie was in awe.

“I’ve never seen such great pictures of me,” she said.

“They look real,” she said. “The way you captured my buttocks, curves, back, face, and legs are incredible. My breasts are works of art and my pussy is ever so naughty. I love them.”

Carrie put her arms around me and gave me a long deep kiss, not friendly but with passion, memories of two days ago for both of us. Her breasts mashed into me and I held her ass, gripping it hard kneading my fingers into her soft flesh. I wanted to undress right there but resisted my sexual desires.

“I’m so happy you like them,” Tom said.

“Take them to a good framer and your good to go,” he said.

“Your bill is paid.”

“My husband is out of town,” she said with sex in her eyes.

“Your bostancı sarışın escort bill is paid,” Tom said.

“No it’s not,” said Carrie.

“I want you to fuck me over and over, and then my bill will be paid,” she said with authority.

“My place or yours?” he asked.

“Let’s do it here,” Carrie said, with urgency.

“Fuck me on the lounge,” she said.

“It will be a pleasure,” said Tom. “All mine.”

Carrie got up and slowly removed her clothes and laid her nude body face-up on the lounge. Her pussy was ready and her breasts stuck straight up, the nipples erect and ready for attention. Tom was taking his clothes off too and his cock was already hard and very stiff. He moved over to the lounge and grabbed her cantaloupes, kneading the alabaster flesh and filling his eager hands. They felt so good, warm, firm, and silky.

Tom mounted her and suckled her breasts, stirring her clit and wetting her pussy for what was to come. Tom was rubbing his cock in her pussy making it wetter and his cock harder. He was still pleasuring himself with her porn like breasts. He was licking, groping, and hefting the melons in his hands.

“Bite my nipples,” Carrie cried, “Bite them hard.”

Tom pulled on the nipples with his teeth, making her moan in delight as the nipples grew hard like pebbles. He pushed them together and put his tongue in her cleavage, licking with the rough tongue barely able to get the tongue between her breasts. He paused and looked at her trophy cantaloupes wondering why her husband paid so little attention to them. Perhaps he had something going on the side.

Tom slid his cock into her with little effort; while she was tight her pussy juices were flowing freely. He began the dual process of working his breast play magic and sliding his cock in and out of her pussy making Carrie yelp with pleasure. She was bucking her hips like she was going to orgasm.

Carrie lifted her legs allowing Tom to shove his cock in a little further. Carrie was very wet as Tom’s cock slid back and forth while his hands were filled with breast flesh and his mouth with nipples. Tom was aching to come but wasn’t ready to come and neither was Carrie. Neither wanted it to end, they were perfectly content with fucking like this all night.

Carrie’s breast and pussy were on fire with the attention they were getting, the nipples especially which were like little cherries now so swollen from the nipple biting. Her breast flesh ached with pleasure from the groping bostancı yabancı escort hands of Tom and her cunt was also swollen, both the pussy lips and the clit which was getting plenty of attention from his cock.

What seemed to be hours were only thirty minutes but Carrie and Tom were acting like young teenagers fucking like it was there the first time. Tom was still playing with her big melons kneading the breasts like bread dough and biting the nipples making the swollen nipples even more so. They ached with pleasure along with her breasts which had gotten more attention since she was married and Carrie loved it.

“Fuck my breasts for a minute,” Carrie purred, “I want to feel your manhood in my cleavage. I liked it when you titty fucked me before.”

The cock came out of the pussy and slid easily into her tight cleavage. Tom held on tight to her big breasts, swollen nipples between two fingers, pinching them together like clamps, and a swollen cock sliding in beautiful flesh. Carrie had her hands in her wet pussy playing with her clit, prolonging the climax even more.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” screamed Carrie, “My breasts are on fire. They want more and more.”

“I won’t stop fucking them. I can’t,” cried Tom, “It feels so fucking good.”

Carrie played with her clit while Tom got his pleasure from her mountains of flesh. Back and forth watching the head appear at the top covered in pussy juice and precum, lots of both. She screamed in ecstasy and had a strong orgasm from her clit and breast play. She knew now that she would never go back to her husband. It was from Tom for now. Fuck, fuck and fuck more.

Tom had reached his coming point. He thrust a couple more times and he unloaded a huge load on her breasts and nipples putting white spots on them. God, she had beautiful breasts. The best he’d ever seen. He looked at his handiwork and smiled at the good job he had done. She looked down and smiled.

“You cum coated me real good Tom,” said Carrie. “I like your painting. I can’t wait to have you do it again to me.”

Carrie rubbed the cum into her breasts coating them till they were shiny. Tom rubbed his cock on her nipples giving them a coating of her pussy juice.


Carrie and Tom got dressed and being downtown had a quiet Italian dinner at a place close to the studio. They enjoyed some red wine along with a pasta dish and spumoni ice cream. The meatball (huge), pasta, and bread were all good. They walked hand in hand back to the studio.

“Are göztepe escort bayan you ready for another round,” Carrie asked.

Tom reached out, grabbed a breast, giving her the answer she was hoping for. Tom leaned down and bit her ear lobe starting an explosive chain reaction. She kissed him using her tongue in his mouth and they held each other close. They slowly undressed each other leaving a pile of clothes at their feet. Naked, they embraced again slowly feeling each other with exploring hands, re-learning each other all over again.

Tom felt her lush breasts popping the nipples out, squeezing his hands on her ass, feeling her back, and her slim waist. Her pussy felt warm and already wet with anticipation of what was going to come. She pushed her pussy against his cock feeling the hardness as well as exposing it to her wetness, which was growing more and more.

Laying down on the lounge Tom let Carrie climb on top and lay down on top of him she took her heavy breasts and let them rest on his face for more suckling and kissing, which is exactly what he did. His hands were on her luxurious ass and his mouth on her veined beauties. He sucked on them like a baby going back and forth making each nipple harder and more swollen making Carrie groan with pleasure and pushing her cunt hard against his erect cock. Her backside had finger marks from Tom’s hands he was holding onto her so tightly.

Carrie reached down and put Tom’s cock into her pussy, sighed with enjoyment and slowly slid it into her pussy. Once it was in Carrie raised herself and began to ride his cock in earnest slowly moving up and down. She felt really good as did Tom. They both felt like they could go on for hours but also knew how sensitive their bodies were. Neither wanted it to end.

Carrie carefully, without losing any penetration, turned herself around facing his feet for a different feel in her pussy. Tom let her do whatever she wanted to get the best feel for her pussy. Her hands were bracing her on the bed as she moved up and down on the rigid cock.

With his hands wrapped around her waist and flat stomach for support, Tom thrust harder and harder and tried to get it deeper inside her pussy which he seemed to be able to do. Her breasts were bouncing up and down being freed from Tom’s mouth and face. Both were getting close to climax.

“I’m cumming to Tom,” Carrie screamed.

“I’m cumming Carrie,” Tom cried.

Both of them were in bliss as they came together. Tom released his load at the same time as Carrie came. It was a wonderful experience that didn’t happen too often to the best of sexually active couples.

They both collapsed in exhaustion, very satisfied with what just happened. As they dressed there was nothing but smiles on their faces.

“Call you tomorrow?” said Tom.

She nodded and they both left the studio for another day.

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