Carpet Fitting

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This storey is a bit different from my normal style. I can only claim half the credit. It was written with a very sexy blond girl who lives the other end of the country from me in a series of emails. I try to write for a female reader but Laura wanted things harder & dirtier so I apologies if the language is not to your taste. I also apologies for any spelling or grammar errors. I think I’m a bit Dyslexic but am too old to have been diagnosed as a kid.

I hope you enjoy it & sorry about the ending but please conceder the footnote!


I’m getting a new carpet fitted it’s a lovely sunny day so I’m wearing a tight yellow vest top no bra , and very tight Lycra shorts pink color and no panties, because I’ve been doing a little workout on my garden! I hear a knock at my door, when I open the door I see you standing there in a tight tee shirt and denim shorts which show off your slightly tanned muscular legs. You look me up and down and introduce your self.

I smile and show you in I feel your eyes burning into me staring at my juicy bum as I walk into the lounge.

You can sense that there is sexual chemistry between us straight away as I ask if you would like a cold drink as it’s so warm. You reply, “Oh I wouldn’t mind but plenty of ice pleases!”

You follow me into the kitchen and stand at the doorway as I get a large glass and I walk over to my freezer open the door and slowly bend right down to get the ice. My shorts are tight snug against my bum and pussy you can see the outline of my lips through the material as I’m not wearing any panties. I get a shock as I feel your hands slide gently over my bum cheeks tracing a line down to my pussy. I look up and ask what are you doing? You grin and tell me.

“Oh I couldn’t resist your figure is so amazing!”

I stay bent down I luck my lips open my thighs wider so your hand can gain access to my damp pussy you stroke me gently feeling my pussy get wetter with every touch, I groan softly as your fingers find my throbbing clit rubbing it faster through my Lycra shorts!!


My fingers probe your pussy, pushing the damp material of your shorts deeper into the cleft of your virgina. My other hand slides across your bum, up your back and grasps the back of your blond hair, pulling you back hard against my thighs. You moan as you feel the hardness restrained in the demin of my shorts, pushing against your butt crack. Pulling you upright I force you against the cold contents of the fridge. Your skin erupts into goose bumps but the effect on your nipples is so erotic. They both are jutting through the yellow lycra of your top begging to be squeezed.

My right hand is on the front of your shorts, your toned midriff exposed, my left hand sweeps over your stomach & up inside the thin fabric of your vest. My fingers feel your pert breast and rock hard nipples which I twist mercilessly…now is not a time for finesse…this will be hard, fast passion!

With a rough pull your vest top vanishes over your head. If it’s in one piece or not I don’t care. You arch your back, pushing your shoulders into my chest, thrusting your perfect tits out for more torture.

My hand on your crotch is not still. Rising up till the palm is flat on your belly, finger tips tucking into your shorts waist band. Then plunging down into the warm wet area inside. You are so soft & smooth, freshly waxed in the last day or so…..not a trace of a hair!

Simultaneously I pinch your nipple; half bite/kiss your exposed neck below your ear & slide my middle finger through your slick moisture across your clit!

You knees give way slightly at the pleasure you are feeling, but my strong arm around you keeps you upright.

As you recover your breath, I feel your hand settle on the front of my thigh, your long manicured nails digging into the solid muscle. I ease back a couple of inches and your small hand grasps at the 7″ of throbbing meat at my groin. You can feel the heat of it through my shorts but need closer contact. Your delicate fingers fumble with my button, then lower the zip………………….


Hmmm I gently pull down your zip on your shorts and slide my hand inside. I groan as I wrap my fingers around your throbbing thick shaft, feeling you get bigger as I stroke you to hardness. You kiss the back of my neck harder as you rub my swollen clit harder I gasp, “

Oh Honey your touch is so electrifying I’m Cumming already!”

As you run your fingers down to my pink tight hole and feel my sweet juices erupt over your fingers. You pull your hand from my shorts turn me around I look at you lick my lips slowly as I say, mmm let me taste my juices. I open my mouth slide out my long Tongue as you run your cum soaked fingers over my lips and tongue I suck them greedily swallowing my cum juices. You gently grab my throat telling me you’re a dirty little bostancı elit escort bayan slut aren’t you? I say, hmm oh yes baby as I squat to my knees and my hand slides out your fully grown juicy hot cock.. I look you in the eye and tell you, oh my my, mmm I adore a man who shaves his hard balls!


I know you want to take me deep into your throat but I will not last if you do. I want you to be a quivering wreck before my cock gets near your mouth or cunt! I step away and smile at the disappointment on your beautiful face. It’s so wrong to be bad with you but I can tell you want this to be hard and rough!

I grab a hand full of your blond hair & pull you to your feet. Your eyes are wild with passion as I pull you to the kitchen table. You gasp as your butt hits the edge of the wood & I push you onto your back. Your gorgeous breasts are so pert they don’t fall to the sides but stay up begging for attention.

But instead I pull your legs wide apart and dive between your spread thighs. Our shorts are so moist at the crotch & I can smell your musky odour as I take a deep breath running my nose across the camel toe formed by your shorts. I stick out my tongue, lapping at the damp material. Oh God you make me soooooo hard!

I suck deeply drawing your honey juice trough the material. Your hands are clawing at the back of my head….pulling me hard against you….

I need you more now and grip your shorts and rip them down your legs! Your glistening pussy is finally exposed. The lips sparkle with droplets of your intimate fluid. With an irresistible force my face lowers between your thighs. My tongue extends fully and gives a sweeping lick from your arse hole, across your pussy and around your clit. Your nails dig deep into my shoulder…..

I loop an arm under your thigh & raise your leg higher & wider. Your pink puckers star hole is brought into view and again my tongue goes to work…..


I feel your hot Tongue licking round my tight bum hole mmm I’m moaning as u slip 2 fingers in my wet pussy. You tell me to kneel up on my wooden kitchen table because you want to eat my bum hole real dirty!! I giggle then lick my glossy lips as I slowly kneel up on the table I arch my juicy bum up high open my thighs wide so both my tight holes are on show, inviting you to do as you please!!:) you grip my thighs hard pull my cheeks wide open I feel your nose pressed hard against my bum smelling my aroma as you Tongue fuck my pink hole fast.. I scream out, ooooh Hunny I’m cumming now as my stomach tightens you open your mouth wide and my creamy pussy juices drip into your mouth as you rub my swollen clit hard!! Mmmm I tell you now to eat out my warm bum hole make it nice and wet for your hot thick cock!!!


The curves of your arse are delicious! I lean in close & squeeze my teeth & cheeks to fill my mouth with saliva. Taking aim I launch a big gob of spit directly onto your butt hole & watch the frothy liquid mix with the slick juices covering your exposed crotch. I run my tongue around your hole a few times dipping down to your sopping wet cunt every few seconds….I want to devour you! You are breathing hard still, just coming down slightly from your recent climax.

My tongue once again buries deep into your arse hole as deep as it will go…pushing hard into your tight sphincter ring. At the same time I force three fingers into your tight wet pussy, making a loud sloppy sound as moisture pours from you once more

I stand up suddenly and put a hand between your shoulders….pushing your face hard into the table, your tits squashing flat….

“Don’t move an inch!” I rasp into your ear and walk across the kitchen to my tool box.

Seconds later I return, pulling the T-shirt over my head, a fine sheen of sweat covering my chest.

Your bum is still at the perfect height, your thigh muscles taught with anticipation.

You gasp as I plant a loud slap in your right buttock then caress it with my warm hand…..

” You are going to like this bit” I say stroking your hair but holding you firmly in place.

Something cold & hard runs down your bum crack, & rests right against your hole. It starts to twist back & forth & the pressure increases. You whimper but push back, loving the feel as the oval section of the object forces it way into your anus. With a jolt your sphincter grabs the object & pulls it in swallowing most of the handle of a large screwdriver! It feels so full!!!

I run both my hands up your inner thighs pulling your legs wider apart…


Ooooh god mmmm you fuck my tight arse hole with the handle of screwdriver!!!!! I feel your wet knob pushing slowly into my dripping pussy I’m groaning as both my holes are filled… The feeling is so erotic as you fuck me harder my ousdy grips your shaft bostancı çıtır escort as I release my juices again coating your hard shaved balls!!

You slowly pull the handle out of my arse hole I lick my lips as I look over my shoulder and see you spit over my hole then your throbbing big cock replaces the handle deep in my warm hole.. I grip the edge of the table tightly as you force your shaft harder deeper inside me, I gasp, oh yes oh yes fuck me harder you dirty bastard as you pull my hair hard my head jerks back I lick my lips as I feel your knob twitch and then it happens…. Hmmm my sexy arse hole is flooded with your hot creamy White cum you’re moaning as you keep Cumming in my arse.

You slowly pull out my hole is wide open from your thick cock I reach over and slip my middle finger deep in my bum coating it with your sticky cum then you watch me as I look at you and suck my cum soaked finger dry!!


A smear of cum remains on your bottom lip as you smile seductively back at me. Your arse hole is pulsing as though trying to fill itself again. I’m tempted to re insert the screwdriver but have a better plan for now.

I flip you over & stretch you on your back across the table. Your legs still wide & hanging off one side, & your head just hanging off the other.

I walk around the table, taking in your stunning figure, spread thighs, flat stomach, pert breasts…You bite your bottom lip as you rub your hand across your smooth waxed pussy, still wanting more.

Despite having just filled your arse with my hot cum, my cock is still rock hard. I move round to your head, which you tilt back off the table, your eyes fill with passion. On the edge of the table I see a cloth bag & take out two of its contents…..You gasp loudly , moan & arch your back as I secure a clothes peg to each nipple. The pain is so burning hot on the sensitive teats…..but you love the feel!

I tease you a bit, flicking each peg & wiping my ridged 7″ penis across your face. Finally I settle the head of my cock against your lips and slide inside. Your mouth is so warm & wet & I can feel your tongue licking the bulbous end and ridges on the shaft. I sink further into you, rocking back and forth, and increasing tempo. You gag but I carry on pushing forward till I am right in your throat, you are drooling all around my dick & my shaved ball sack is slapping against your nose & face with each thrust. Fucking your face is just so hot.

I can feel my nuts tighten again for the second time in ten minutes, my nuts start to tingle, & my penis gets even harder and seems to grow another 1/2″. At the last second I pull out and spray your pretty face with rope after rope of white hot salty cum. Most covers your lips & chin, but some reaches your down your neck, chest & boobs. The hand which is not in your cunt, scoops up as much from your face as possible & slides it onto your tongue, & smears the rest across your sexy torso making it sticky & shiny. You stick out your tongue to show me it’s covered in my juice, then take it into your mouth & swallow hard!


I say, hmm you taste so good, as I swallow every drop of your hot juice…

You ask if I’ve ever had more than 1 man fucking me at the same time.

I smile lick my cum coated lips and say, oh no but I’ve always wanted to!!:)

You run your firm hands over my sticky body and tell me to be ready tonight, about 7.30 for a visit..

You leave me lying on the table as you pick your work bag, looking back at me you say, god you’re sooo hot can’t wait till later.. I blow you a kiss as you shut the front door behind you!!

I run myself a hot soapy bath and soak my aching body rinsing out both my used holes.. I dream of what you have in mind tonight!!:)

It’s 7.00 and my body is trembling with excitement as I put on my kinkiest lingerie for you..

Black leather thigh boots, glossy flesh colored pantyhose, PVC black French maids outfit, no bra or panties , plenty deep red lippie and black eye liner my long hair tied up real tartly!!:)

I spray my perfume all over my body..

(Pussy & arse) 🙂 waiting for you to arrive.. Then I hear a knock at the door , I take a deep breath as I open the door I’m thinking , I hope he likes my outfit?.. I see you standing there I smile at you, you grin back and introduce your 2 friends!!!:) mmm

You all see my outfit which is snug tight against my body and you say????


I was expecting something sexy but you exceed my expectations!

“Hi Babe!, I’m glad to see you are ready…..these are a couple of friends of mine, Dave & Phil,…Guys meet Laura…She will be our play thing & cum slut for the evening!”

The guys stare wide eyed…mouths gaping open….I had told them I wanted a hand tonight…they assumed it would be fitting carpet…! After bostancı elit escort the initial shock they both look at each other & broad smiles cover their faces.

“Oh WoW Fuck Me!” exclaims Dave ..the younger of the two.

” Oh I intend too Honey” you reply with a wink & walk back into the house & into the lounge. A sexy wiggle of your butt cheeks as you go. We follow…my mates not believing their luck but I know they will both be up for it!

“Drink anyone?” you ask bending over to pick up a beer bottle from the coffee table, you legs straight & arse raised, peeking out from under the frilly skirt of you outfit.

Cool…we each take a bottle & down a large gulp. You sit down in an arm chair & spread your legs wide, a knee hooked over one arm of the chair. The shiny material of your slutty dress shows off your sexy body to perfection. You run your hand up your leg & across your panty hose covered pussy. I usually prefer stockings but the damp nylon hugs your snatch is very erotic.

“So guys who is going to get me started????” you ask.

Dave & Phil look at each other & then at me.

“Go for it guys! I had her this afternoon….you have catching up to do!”

They both move over to you, Phil leaning down to kiss your lips hard, his hand grasps your tit.

Dave the other side hesitates for a second before holding the other & puts a hand on your thigh…

Phil pulls down the zip in his jeans………….


Hmmm I watch as he pulls out his semi hard juicy cock I lick my glossy lips as he moves closer to my mouth… I open my mouth wide slide out my long Tongue as I hear you say, go on Phil fuck her mouth she very good at deep throating!! Young Dave is stroking my nylon clad thighs his hand moves round to my damp gusset he moans as he feels my pussy through my pantyhose

You say, c’mon Dave get your young thick cock in her mouth also!! I’m gagging as Phil gets rougher face fucking me his hands groping my boobs harder as I glance over at Dave’s hot cock.. My eyes widen as I see how big he is.. You all laugh as I ask how big are you?:) You smile say,

Well he’s only 20yrs and … Then Dave interrupts you saying, I’m 10″ I move my head to other side take Phil’s shaft in my hand and tell Dave…….

“I need that monster in my pussy right now!”

Dave kneels between your thighs grabs the thin nylon & rips your pantyhose apart. They split exposing your crotch, come away from your waist & come away, leaving ragged ends at the top of your boots. Dave pulls your knees forward till your dripping pussy is at the edge of your chair.

Being young Dave has little fineness & just lines up his shaft with your hole & rams forward!

You half scream as the lining of your virgina is stretched wide by the onslaught. Your eyes wide!

Phil slaps your face with his dick reminding you he is there & you quickly take it back into your mouth.

Dave is plunging into you hard…no style but his shear size makes up for that. Your cunt muscles grip him hard as they accommodate his wide girth. You watch me across the room, my jeans are gone & my shirt is fully unbuttoned exposing my strong chest & hard stomach. I smile at you as I slowly stroke my cock to hardness.

You are close to an orgasm but Dave is too quick & cums hard inside you. As his dick pulls out a flood of cum follows, drenching your thighs.

Time to get things a bit more interesting….I move across & lie on my back on the coffee table, my ridged penis upright & at full extent.

“Ok Laura….time to have all three holes filled at once… up for that????”

Your eyes are alive with lust as you stand up & unzip your outfit, letting it fall to the floor leaving you in just those sexy thigh boots. You kneel on the table with one leg on each side of me facing me feet. I want to bite your sexy arse but can’t reach right now. Pulling your bum cheeks wide apart you lower down till my helmet is pushing against your bum hole. Inch by inch I slide into your hot tight back passage, till you are fully impaired on me. You sphincter is starting to ripple, milking my cock.

I pull you backwards till you are on your back against my chest & reach round to play with your breasts & nipples.

“MMMMM, feels good you say but I want a cock in my pussy too!”

Phil steps up, his penis about the same size as mine is still hard from your sucking. He gets into position & slides easily into your pussy lubricated by your juices & the remains of Dave’s cum.

I can feel Phil’s dick moving inside you through the thin membrane separating your pussy & arse. I’m not at all gay but it feels good as together we begin to slowly rock, alternating between us to fill you up.

My hands feel the sheen of perspiration on your body as that roam across your hot flesh.

You turn to face Dave & lick your lips gazing at his knob, already half hard again.

“Feed me that thing NOW!”



If you are a horny naughty lady who would like to continue this, or start another dual written erotic story them please get in touch!

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