Capt. Dick’s Hawaiian Trip

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Double Penetration

Hi, I’m Captain Dick Keel and I am a licensed captain that makes a living either transporting sailboats and powerboats from one port to another or teaching people how to sail, sometimes both.

I don’t really have an office, but I have a modest website and monitor my email whenever I get the chance. I must be ok at this as I get quite a few referrals from previous clients when they need a boat moved or need help with a challenging trip. I had just helped a couple navigate their sailboat to Hawaii from Tahiti, a trip of about 2,600 nautical miles taking about 15 days at an average of 7 knots.

These trips are quite grueling as we sail 24 hours a day, and don’t really get a lot of sleep. Fortunately I liked the couple, particularly the wife who was very outgoing, was an excellent cook and was very casual about attire, meaning that if it was warm outside she was inclined to wear nothing at all, except sunscreen. And since we were traveling from the Southern Hemisphere, to the Northern, right across the Equator it was quite warm most of the time. She was a illegal bahis joy to admire and we had a few private moments, but nothing really serious happened between us. Unless of course you count that last night on the way into Oahu.

I had the watch from midnight til 4, the sky was clear and the weather warm. A slender crescent of moon lit the ocean and all was right with the world. I sat in the cockpit monitoring the autopilot and tracking our progress when she came up the companionway unexpectedly. She had been sleeping, her hair was rumpled, she was barefoot and wearing an old t-shirt that nicely showed her modest breasts and her exceptional nipples. She came over, sat next to me and gave me a long look, as though she was trying to decide something. I turned to face her and gently placed my hand on her neck, she reached up and pulled my head toward her. We had the most amazing kiss I’d experienced in a really long time. Her long red hair fell on my face as I leaned sideways into the bench and pulled her toward me. She pulled off the t-shirt revealing those illegal bahis siteleri perfect breasts along with her bare pussy and laid herself on top of me. We kissed some more, I bit her neck, and kissed those incredible nipples taking them into my mouth and sliding my teeth over them.

She shuddered and said “Oh Yes, I knew you would be good” while she pulled my pants down revealing my hard member, ready for action. She kissed her way down my body and brought her lips around my cock, giving it a thorough going over. She then surprised me by bringing my balls into her mouth and swirling them around. I had never had that happen before and really wanted that moment to last. But she seemed to have decided on what she really wanted, and sat up, placing her sweet pussy over my cock and slid right down the pole. She placed her hands on my chest and started rocking, eyes closed and in a world of her own. I really didn’t do anything other than lay there and enjoy the sight of the beautiful woman fucking herself crazy on my dick. After a few minutes I canlı bahis siteleri felt my own pressure building and new I didn’t have much time left before letting go. Fortunately she was almost there herself and was just coming into a sexual crescendo as I came too.

We both were in a zone of passion for awhile as we hit the incredible high and slowly came down to the reality that we were laying on a bench in the cockpit of the boat, her husband sleeping only a few feet away. She whispered “thank you” in my ear as she stood up, leaving my wet but happy dick in her wake. As she went back down below she slipped the t-shirt on, smiled at me and returned to her husband’s bed.

The next day we docked at the Hawaii Kai marina, cleared customs and I packed my gear. They were going to stay in Hawaii awhile and felt they could handle the trip to LA without further assistance. I collected my fee, left them with business cards, and gave her a friendly hug before leaving.

I made my way down to a little Internet Pub near the marina so I could check on my next trip, it seems the tri delta sorority at the University of Hawaii needed a qualified skipper to train 12 of it’s girls and a couple of chaperons on how to sail a 65′ schooner from Hawaii to San Francisco and back. Just me, 14 females, and 3 weeks of sailing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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