Calling Sarah

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Sarah found herself once again becoming fidgety and uncomfortable with the turn of the conversation. She enjoyed her weekly woman’s support group, but when the topic turned to sex chat (as it inevitably did) she usually felt like she did not belong. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy sex as much as any normal woman does” she thought, but the group seemed to consistently degenerate into topics that she considered ridiculous, and not worthy of her intelligent consideration.

“Idiots” she thought, as Miriam Bennett regaled the group with tales of her latest cyber love fests. Miriam it seems, found cyber sex, and more recently phone sex to be her new decadent hobby. The other women laughed merrily, at the outrageous Miriam’s exploits. Miriam described in vivid detail (much to Sarah’s displeasure) her phone orgy of the previous night. She laughed coarsely as she told of her Lover’s orders involving a rather large cucumber, some rope, and Miriam’s repeating vulgar words upon command.

“Enough”! Sarah exclaimed angrily. The laughter and light conversation ceased abruptly, as the other women looked at Sarah in surprise. ” My dear Sarah” drawled Miriam, “whatever has crawled up your ass today?” Sarah swallowed hard trying to maintain her much needed composure. “Oh I get it” snickered Miriam “Miss high and mighty Sarah does not approve of phone sex.” Sarah, feeling the color rise in her face, got up slowly from her chair with as much dignity as she could muster. Slowly she allowed her gaze to move over each woman’s face in the room finally resting on Miriam. “It is my opinion Miriam and company, that anyone who feels the need to indulge in these types of perverse practices, should seriously consider some type of professional counseling, it is dysfunctional to the extreme.” With that she picked up her hand bag and haughtily strode from the room. The door closed sharply behind her, leaving Miriam Bennett with a rather wicked smile on her face. “Ladies,” Miriam chuckled, “I think it is time someone taught antalya escort Miss Tight Ass just how enlightening a good phone fuck can be.”

* * * * *

“Another lonely evening” sighed Sarah as she washed the dishes from her solitary dinner.

She raised her hand to tuck a stray tendril of auburn hair behind her ear. Soapy water rivulets ran slowly down her arm onto her expensive silk blouse. “Oh look what I have done” she exclaimed rubbing the water spot gently with her fingers. Sarah leaned into the sink for a moment as the steamy heat from the dishwater, combined with straying fingers on her breast caused searing heat to move slowly from her breasts to her warm wet pussy. Sarah startled herself. “Pussy,” she mused, “I don’t use words like that.” Even as she felt the familiar guilt, she rather liked the new sensations moving through her body that just one erotic word seemed to evoke.

“Perhaps Miriam is smarter than I give her credit.” Sarah allowed her fingers to move down her blouse slowly unbuttoning, stroking her full tits as the material of her blouse gave way. ‘Tits” she whispered allowed. She liked the way her nipples hardened as the forbidden word left her lips.

“It’s not like I haven’t had sex before” she reminded herself. She had been married to Jeff for years, and she had enjoyed their sexual encounters. They were nice, but never earth shattering. Jeff like herself, came from a wealthy protestant family, where sex, and certainly words like pussy and Tits were never said in good company, much less even behind closed doors.

“Yes, she thought, what would it be like to have someone just fuck me? Really fuck me.”

Just as her hand trailed down to inch up under her skirt, the phone rang shrilly, startling her from her naughty reverie.

Sarah hesitated for a moment, pondering letting the answering machine pick up the call.

Shaking her head, she reached for the receiver. “Hello” Sarah breathed into the phone, her voice betraying kepez escort the slightly aroused state she had brought herself to. Nothing but silence on the other end. “Hello,” feeling a bit anxious now, Sarah attempted to quiet her quickened breath. “Sarah, I know what you are doing” A low throaty male voice whispered to her from the phone. Sarah startled in fear and reached immediately to hang the phone up. She stopped herself, just as she almost slammed the phone into the cradle. “What is happening to me?” Not realizing she whispered the words allowed. Like in a trance Sarah brought the phone back to her mouth . “Sarah, I know you want to be fucked, and I want you to tell me exactly how you want it.” Again that mesmerizing voice, seductively stroking her resistance. “Who are you?” Sarah’s bottom lip trembled with something like fear, but not fear…. anticipation. “Sarah, I want you to take off your clothes, remove your blouse, skirt, bra and panties. When you are done I want you to go into the bedroom, keeping the phone against your ear, and lie down on your bed, legs spread as wide as you can, pussy exposed. When you have done this you will tell me.

Do you understand me Sarah?”

“Yes” was Sarah’s whispered reply.

Sarah moved into the bedroom, dropping clothing as she went. Part of her was dumfounded at this uncharacteristic yearning. She felt as though her body had taken control of her being. “I am ready, she breathed. “Sarah” her caller’s voice caressing her ear… “This is your fucking, I want to hear you say the words you know you need to say. You know how you want to be fucked Sarah, and you will describe it to me in full detail. Do you understand Sarah? Now begin, tell me how you need to be fucked.”

Her caller’s words filled her mind and body with intense longing. For a moment Sarah froze, feeling her body shaking with need, feeling the wetness from her pussy dampen the sheet underneath her, but unable to make the words leave her lips. manavgat escort

“Sarah” a bit roughly now, “Tell me how you need to be fucked”

“Hard” Sarah cried out “Hard, I want your hard throbbing cock, buried deeply in my wet pussy”

“Good Sarah, very good, now fuck yourself with your three right hand fingers, imagining that my cock is filling you” Sarah moved her hand eagerly into her soaked cunt. Hard and fast she fucked herself, her body convulsing, contorted in need.

“I need to hear you Sarah” her caller demanded. ” Now, lick those fingers Sarah, lick them where I can hear you doing it, and tell me how you taste.” Sarah hesitated for only a second, before bringing her fingers, dripping with her juices to her lips. Sarah licked and suckled her fingers hungrily, allowing her caller full access to her sounds. “Mmmmm, she breathed, “my cunt tastes so very good, musky and delicious”

“Good Sarah, what do you want to do now?” Sarah didn’t hesitate this time. “I want my nipples to hurt” she cried this loudly as she reached down and took her nipples between her fingers. “Pinch them now Sarah, and imagine my teeth ripping your tender flesh” Another scream emerged. “Please, please I need to cum, I need it so badly.”

“How do you want it Sarah?”

“On my knees” she cried out “I want you to fuck me from behind, my ass and pussy open and exposed”

“Sarah, well then get on your knees, and you may now cum” Sarah eagerly crawled onto her knees, raising her ass high, pussy dripping and exposed feeling the rawness of this erotic position she had never dared ask for before.

Sarah laid the phone down in front of her, her lips just inches from the receiver.

“I want to hear you Sarah.” Sarah reached underneath herself, inserting her fingers once again in her dripping cunt. Hard and fast she fucked herself, moaning with primal need. Into the phone she moaned, “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me” louder and louder, until with a final scream she buried her hand deep inside her pussy as she tightened in the most powerful cum of her life.

Slowly, still shaking she brought the phone back to her lips… “Who are you?” She whispered again. Click… Silence at the other end of the phone line.

“I hope he calls me again”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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