But We Didn’t

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Mass Gyrb

A giant thanks to my second pair of eyes from Across the Pond, Irfon.

*** All characters are portrayed above the age of eighteen. ***


Aaron opened one eye when he heard the chair slide across the tiled floor and slam into a potted plant. He saw the curvy shape of a girl hovering over him as he lay on the day bed.

“Shit.” Her whisper was filled with exasperation. “Is every place taken?”

“There’s room.” Aaron offered.

“Who is that?”

“Aaron. Paige’s brother.”

“Oh. You don’t mind?” There was relief in her voice. He immediately recognized her voice. Miss Prom Queen from a few years back when he was a freshman. He was pretty sure her legs had gotten most of the votes. Though, the top half of her was just as enthralling.

“Hey, Branna. I even have a blanket. Slide under.”

He heard her shoes land on the floor of the atrium, then a zip of her jeans. With the outside lights shining through the glass, he was able to see a rather cute and round ass shaking in front of his eyes as she shimmied out of her pants. Aaron couldn’t stop the chuckle from being heard.

“What?” She stared at him from her side as she lowered her head to the small pillow.

“I liked the view of your ass wiggling in front of me. Well worth coming to this crappy party.”

“Keep you eyes off my ass, buddy.” Her voice didn’t sound too upset. There was a relaxed softness to it. Maybe she was still feeling the effects of whatever shots she’d been downing earlier. “It was a crappy party, wasn’t it?

“Oh, no. It was awesome. Hot thuggy guys groping the girls, giggly obnoxious fake blondes pretending to be sexy, and all the flat keg beer a juvenile delinquent could handle.”

“Funny. You just described every party I’ve ever been to.”

“You could always grow up and pretend to be sophisticated. I don’t know. Stretch a little character wise.”

“Hey.” Her hand shot out to smack him in the chest under the blanket. “You’re at the same party I’m at.”

“Yea, but I’m a thuggy guy trying to get a little tail. You can’t blame me. My pecker led me here. Besides, I live upstairs.”

“Hey, you do. Why are you down here?”

“I rented out my room for the night. I might have to burn the mattress to get rid of the stains, but it was worth the fifty bucks.”

“What happened tonight? No luck with the boys?”

“Boys?” His dark eyes opened and looked at her in confusion.

“You’re into boys, aren’t you?”

“Ah, no. I like boobies and cute Prom Queen asses.”

Her head came up to look at him intently. “But Paige always said you were gay. You aren’t? You sure?”

Aaron groaned and shook his head. “I really love my sister. There’s nothing like having a spiteful bitch for a sibling. No, I’m not gay. I’ve been in way too many locker rooms to be gay. There’s absolutely nothing sexy about a hairy ass crack. I petitioned to be allowed to shower with the girls this year, but I was turned down.”

He felt the small day bed shake under him and then her laugh found his ears. It had a soft lyrical quality to it. “Funny. I can’t believe you’re not gay. Everyone thinks you are.”

“Everyone? That explains my success rate with the girls. I’m gonna have to think of a really cool gift to pay her back.”

“That is so horrible. I’d kill her if I were you.”

“Nah, I’m patient. I’ll wait till she gets knocked up and has to drop out of college. Mom and Dad will love wasting their money on that. Maybe I should drop a positive pregnancy stick in the bathroom and watch the fireworks. You still dating Mr. Bicep?”

“His name is Damien. Yes, I’m still dating him. Why do you call him that?”

“Look at him. It looks like all he’s ever done is curls. I imagine it’s the only developed muscle he has. Probably from all the masturbating he’s done over the years. I’m surprised he even has time for you. That’s probably what he’s doing right now.”

“Oh, shut up. He doesn’t do that. He’s on the road with the team. They come back into town in a few hours.”

“He’s jerking off the football team, now? Wow, he must be really good. No wonder his right bicep is twice the size of his left?”

Branna punched him again, but laughed louder. “When did you get funny? You were always the quiet dorky little brother that followed Paige around.”

“That was years ago. Some of us do grow up. You really should try it. I’m still quiet, though.”

“Not at the moment, you aren’t.”

“Sure I am. I’m okay one on one. But in a crowd, I’m the quiet one trying to find the exit. Now, shut up so I can get back to sleep.”

“Fine.” She rolled over and tried to pull more of the blanket over her, but found resistance. “Hey, gimme.”

“Hey, bite me. It’s a tiny blanket. I think midgets live here. If you want to stay warm, you’re gonna have to cuddle.”

Branna scooted back until she was pressed against his chest. She tenses a bit when his hand found her rounded hip. “You’re really not gay?”


“Are you going to behave?”

“Just antalya escort for tonight and only because you’re you.”

“I thought you were gay when I got undressed. I wouldn’t have if I’d known.”

“Thanks. That’s a confidence booster. What exactly are you wearing?” His hand found nothing but warm soft skin as he moved up her side.

“My bikini. It’s uncomfortable as hell with these buckles.”

“Want my shirt?”

She quickly grabbed the shirt he offered and threw it on. Her hands dug underneath it and came back out with the top. Aaron watched the exercise in fascination. He’d seen his sister do it a thousand times and still couldn’t figure out the magic trick. She settled back down and was soon snuggling closer to his warm body. His hand rested on her hip for a second and then moved around to her abdomen.

“What did you mean? Because it was me.”

“I don’t know. Just something I said.”

“It was odd.” She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him inquisitively. “Do you have a crush on me?”

“No. I lusted after your body like everyone else, but no, no crush. We were never around each other enough for me to think of you like that.”

“Like what?”

“Caring about you. You were kind of in the movie actress category.”

“Movie actress?”

“I’ve noticed a few of your boyfriends over the years. I have to assume your fake orgasms are Oscar quality.”

She rolled quickly to punch at him, but Aaron anticipated her reaction. He was snickering loudly when she found herself wrapped up in a bear hug with her arms trapped between them. His lips were pressed against her cheek, blasting her with warm air.

“How? How did I walk into that one?” She groaned. “You are such a little ass.”

“Hey, my ass is proportional to the rest of me. It’s not up to your level of perfection, but your ass would just look creepy on me.”

He relaxed his hold a bit so she could push back a little. She was smiling and shaking her head at him. “Wow. Paige’s little brother is a comedian. Who knew?”

“Roll back over. You stay like this for too much longer and I’ll start getting ideas.”

Her tongue came out to wet her lips as she stared at him with an odd expression on her face. Letting a deep breath out, she rolled over and nestled against his chest. When his hand went to her hip, she reached down and pulled it up her body. With it in her hands, she pressed it lightly to her chest and kept it there.

“To answer your question honestly, I meant you’ve never been the easy type. Not that I’ve ever heard about, anyway. I’d never disrespect you by trying anything when you were drunk.”

“I’m not that drunk. And if I was sober?”

“Oh, you’d already be naked and faking your third orgasm.”

“That’s fair.” She giggled and squeezed his hand. “I think I might actually like you. Thanks.”

“No problem. But remember, me not trying anything is for tonight only. You crawl into my bed again and I’ll expect a bit of fun. Now shut up and go to sleep.”

Aaron’s eyes opened to the sun reflecting off the surface of the pool through the window. He was on his back with a mass of light brown hair spread out across his face and chest. Branna’s warm breath was tickling him as she used him as a pillow. Her leg had slid between his and rested comfortable against a very erect penis. He was confident it was mostly morning wood. Reaching down, he pulled it away from her slightly and left his hand on it.

“Thanks. I was wondering when you’d adjust that thing. It’s been poking me all night.” Branna said with humor filling her voice.

“All night? I didn’t know I could last that long. Did you cum?”

“Shut up.” Her head came off his chest to smile at him. “You know, you’re kind of cool. You’re barely dorky at all anymore.”

“Thanks. And you have the nicest ass and the worst breath ever.”

For the next few minutes he fought with a tornado as Branna tried to beat him to death. She was successful at first, but soon Aaron got control of her and flipped her to her back. The blanket tangled between them as her legs wrapped around him. He was tickling her side as she shrieked and tried to wiggle loose. His erection was no longer pretending to be morning wood as their bodies slid against each other.

When realization hit them that they were basically dry humping, they both froze. Her shirt had ridden up to expose the under side of her tits. They were perfectly shaped and plump in Aaron’s opinion. With one hand resting just to the outside of her breast, the other was tucked under her body as he tried to carry all his weight on his forearm. Branna was glaring up at him, but trying to suppress more laughter.

“What the hell?”

Both their heads turned at the sound of his sister’s voice. In the doorway to the atrium stood four wide-eyed and shocked girls. Two of them were holding up their phone to capture the event before them. Aaron looked down his body and realized from their view, it looked like they were having sex. He had the blanket kemer escort wrapped around his waist with nothing but skin showing. Her bare legs were still gripping his sides and his hand had to look like it was on her breast.

He couldn’t resist. “Do you mind? She was about to orgasm.”

Branna’s hand smacked his arm. “I was not. You were way closer than I was.”

“Please, You were about to claw the living crap out of my back.” He slapped her thigh hard enough to bring a startled yelp from her. “Now put you hips into it or unwrapped you legs. I can’t stay like this forever. My pecker needs oxygen.”

It took another few minutes to fight off the she-devil underneath him. By the time he did, he was actually bleeding from several places. To escape, he had to roll off the day bed and land in a heap on the floor. His underwear had been pulled down in the struggle, leaving his cock fully exposed to everyone. His sister gasped and the others giggled as their eyes and phones caught everything. Adjusting, he grabbed his pants and walked by the group at the door.

He was under the spray of the shower when a loud thumping started on the door and then it was opened wide. His sister flew in with Branna close behind her.

“What?” He asked as he peeked over the glass door at them.

“Tell her we weren’t having sex.” Branna ordered as she stood with her arms folded in front of her.

“We weren’t having sex.” Aaron looked from one to the other and then dipped his head back under the spray.

“I mean it. Tell her.” The glass door opened. Branna stood with one hand on the door and the other on her hip. She was staring at him. Her anger was obvious. It dulled a bit when her eyes dropped to examine his body. A body he didn’t hide from her as he stood facing her. “You’re still hard.”

“Sorry. Mr. Bicep isn’t here to give me a hand. Would you mind helping me out?”

“Seriously.” His sister’s voice interrupted Branna’s response. “You expect me to believe the two of you didn’t have sex. We saw you. He’d be embarrassed as hell right now if you two hadn’t.”

“I thought I was gay. Why would I care if she saw me naked if I were gay? Thanks, by the way. I appreciate you being such a lovely bitch all the time.”

“Kiss my ass. How dare you have sex with one of my friends.”

“I didn’t dare. All we did was sleep together. Now, unless you’re gonna scrub my balls, get out.”

Aaron went back to his shower. He heard the door slam shut, but the glass door was still open. Looking around, he saw Branna still staring at him.


“You have to convince them we didn’t do anything. I’m dating Damien. He’s gonna be pissed. He might even come after you.”

“Great. I’m gonna get my ass kicked for not getting some ass. Just my luck.” Aaron motioned to the counter behind him. “There’s some new toothbrushes in the top drawer. Knock yourself out.”

“Asshole.” She said only half meaning it when she saw his sly smile appear.

When he exited the shower, she was sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles. Her hands covered herself quickly as he wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Excuse me.” She snapped and glared up at him.

“Sorry.” He turned away from her. “Wait. You watched me take a shower. Why am I sorry? And why are you still in here?”

“Shut up. I needed to pee and I want to take a shower.”

“Ah. I got you worked up, didn’t I? You need to rub one out. I can’t blame you for that. I am the whole piece of cake.”

“I don’t even know what that means. And you’re the one needing to rub one out. Why are you still hard?”

“And the Prom Queen’s I.Q. struggles to keep up. Shocking.” He teased. “I’m not hard at the moment. It does that. Not a big deal.”

“Damien always whines about needing to take the pressure off. How come you aren’t?”

“Because there’s no pressure. You’re just dumb enough to fall for his shit. My pecker is hard a good third of the day. It goes up and it goes down. There’s no aching or blue balls unless I get really close and don’t finish. Sorry to break this to you, but you weren’t getting me anywhere near close.”

The hard smack to his back caught him by surprise. “Watch it.”

“What was that for?” He turned to see her glaring up at him.

“The Prom Queen remark. I’ve got a three eight at the moment.”

Aaron’s eyes went to the jeans on the floor and then to her long shapely legs. She caught his smile, but didn’t anticipate his head dropping to kiss her. His hand found the back of her head to deny her escape. She gasped in surprise as she tried to push him away. When his other hand slid down to find the small of her back, she tensed and then relaxed. Her eyes were wide when he opened his and broke the kiss.

“Why’d you do that?” She asked. Her hands weren’t pushing anymore. She was just staring up at him.

“If I’m gonna get my ass kicked, I might as well deserve it. Would you mind kissing me back this time?”

He saw the start of a smile when konyaaltı escort his words registered a split second before he covered her mouth with his. This time she didn’t fight or struggle at all. His hand relaxed at the back of her neck as his thumb teased under her ear. He could feel her nails digging into his shoulders. Reaching down, he picked her up and spun to place her on the counter. Her tongue reached out to find his as his crossed her lips. Confident she was actually into the kiss, his hand moved down her back and then both of them went under her shirt to find soft warm skin.

Aaron felt her legs hook around his and pull herself closer to him as her hands gripped his dark hair. She was the aggressor now. Her tongue moving with his. When she realized her shirt was almost off, she broke the kiss. Her hands stopped him as she tried to control her breathing.

“You’re hard again.”

He looked down his body to see she was right. Their movements had caused his towel to drop. He saw her smile and he shrugged. “You’ve got a talented tongue. But you really need to listen to people when they speak.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your morning breath is killing me, woman. Who’s ass did you lick last night?”

He was prepared for her this time. She didn’t land a blow before she found her arms pinned behind her back and his lips on her neck. He heard her sigh and wiggle a bit when his tongue ran down to the start of her shoulder and over her collarbone.

“You need to stop doing that.”

“I think you like it.”

“That’s the problem. I’m really liking it. I have a boyfriend and you’re supposed to be gay.”

“I’m feeling bi today.”

“Seriously.” She pulled away from him. “Please stop.”

Aaron let go of her but only moved back enough to look at her. He saw her large blue eyes staring at him. His hand came up and brushed a strand of hair from her face and tucked it neatly behind her ear. She patiently waited as he traced her eyebrow with his fingertip. A small smile curling her lips.

“I take it you don’t want company in the shower.”

“No thanks.”

“All right. Can you at least scream out my name when you cum?”

“Sure. It’s the least I can do for you. Now, get out of here.” A blush accompanied the smile as she watched him retrieve his towel and sneak a peek at her legs before shutting the door.

Aaron had just sat down on the couch to flip through channels when his sister found him. He turned his head from hovering over his cereal bowl when she flopped down next to him and ran a finger over his shirtless back.

“Holy shit. She did scratch you up. Why the hell would she have sex with you?”

“Maybe she likes decent guys. You could learn from her. But then again, bitches don’t attract decent guys. Why the hell did you tell everyone I’m gay?”

“Cause you are. Always have been.” She said with a smug smile.

“Why?” He looked at her as he took another bite.

She shrugged “It’s what sister’s do. You’re an ass. You were always narcing on me. So I got even.”

“No. I always refused to take the blame for you. If you would have been smart enough to not leave evidence of all the stupid shit you did, I wouldn’t have had to. Your boyfriends would break shit and you’d try to blame me.”

“You could have covered for me.”

“When you find a guy that treats you decent, I will. And Branna and I didn’t have sex. She cuddled up next to me to sleep and that’s it.”

“I know what sex looks like. And you were naked.”

“Obviously you don’t. I had underwear on and so did she. Now, why don’t you clean shit up for a change. I’m going for a run.”

Aaron took off at an easy pace. He was tired and still a bit sore from the unusual bed. The late autumn morning in Arizona was cooler than it should have been. He ran his normal route through the Phoenix suburb. It took thirty minutes to warm up enough to stretch out his long legs and find his normal pace. Two hours later, he was jogging back down his block and up his driveway. He opened the door and heard a loud male voice and some quieter female denials.

He made his way through the house and towards the kitchen. Mr. Bicep was there with two large friends. Branna was crying and shaking her head, while his sister was standing between them with her hands up. Two other female friends of Paige’s were standing against the wall recording the scene on their phones.

“I hope you’re not about to hit my sister.” Aaron said as he opened the double doors that lead out to the backyard. His eyes were locked on Damien. He clenched and unclenched his fists at the sight of an aggressive guy so close to his sister. Trying to control the anger starting to build. “She might be a bitch, but don’t even think about it.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Damien turned, as did the large black guy and the even larger one.

“Whoa.” Aaron looked up at the large pillar of muscles and studied his face for a bit. “You’re West, aren’t you? The linebacker that smoked Oregon’s quarterback two weeks ago. Did he ever wake up?”

“Yea.” Deacon West smiled. Pride in the hit showing through. “Eventually.”

“That was an awesome hit. How’d you play yesterday? I didn’t catch the game.”

“Who gives a fuck?” Damien said. “Hey, wait. You’re him, aren’t you?”

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