Burning Bridges

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Cigarette smoke seared Stacey’s lungs. Her heart ached, her body burned, and she knew what she was about to do was wrong.

Screw it. It’s over. She toggled from photo to video and hoped the cell wouldn’t cut off mid-way.

“Got it?”

“Yeah.” Turning around, she bumped into Matt’s protruding cock. “Jesus.”

The thing was a monster. Her legs wobbled. Mouth salivating, she licked her lips and clenched her fingers. For the first time in her life, she wanted to drop to her knees and just worship a penis. To bathe it with her tongue, inhale its scent, feel the soft pubic hair tickle her face and testicles brush her skin.

“Stacey? I’m up here.” He pointed at his face, solid abs flexing with a chuckle.

Get your head straight, Stacey.

Running her hand through her long red hair, she tried to focus. “Let’s just fuck and get it over with.”

“Your call.” He took the phone and gestured to the bed.

She looked into his deep brown eyes. The corners crinkled as the side of his mouth curled up. A beautiful male specimen who never held his tongue, he wasn’t the datable type. He smoked, drank, and had a different girl every week. Her husband hated him.

He’s perfect.

Matt traced inside the edges of her bra. “You’re too hot for him. He’s never been able to date hot women. Too intimidated. Or maybe he just has a small dick.”

Her mouth dropped open, taking a quick inhale. She pressed her lips together just before snapping to her husband’s defense.

“You’re interesting, Ms Sunday School.” Matt unclasped her bra, sliding a finger forward under the seam until teasing the underside of her breast. “So righteous. An adoring wife. Yet here you are.”

Memories of Rayenne swallowing Steven’s adulterous dick flooded her. Her own best friend.

She shook her head and looked at the bed.

Matt tossed the cell on the mattress before hooking the straps of her bra, tugging it down her arms, and letting it fall to the carpet. “Stacey, Stacey, Stacey. You came to my house, stripped, and now you’re thinking about someone else, aren’t you?”



“Then don’t be rude. antalya escort Put your fingers around my cock, sweetheart. Feel how hard you made it.”

Her panties were flooded. She hadn’t been this turned on since the first year she dated Steven. Taking a deep breath of tar stained air, her hand wrapped half the width of his hot dick. “You should quit smoking.”

“That’s the girl I know. Always lecturing. Are you ready, Ms Sunday School? Is that little virtuous pussy ready to get pounded?”

Stacey’s cheeks went hot.

He slipped his fingers under her lacy white panties and brushed the flesh of her labia. She trembled.

“Yeah, you’re ready.” He pulled his hand back and sucked his finger. “So sweet. Go lie down, Stacey.”

Blinking, she turned around. Made her way to the bed, feeling her ass jiggle with each step.

“Uh, uh. Panties off.”

She rolled her eyes but did as she was told, then tossed them at him before she spread out on the bed.

“My, my, Ms. Sunday School. Keep it up and I might have to spank you.”

Raising the underwear to his nose, Matt’s chest rose, throwing shadows between his ribs and muscle. Sighing, he dropped the scrap of cloth to the side and grinned. Stalked toward the bed, dick bobbing.

“Foreplay or you just want to get to it?”

“Just get to it.” Stacey tried to keep her voice even.

“So boring.” He grabbed the phone from the side of the bed and spread her legs, knee walking between them. “Fuck, baby. What a pretty pussy. Sure you don’t want me to bury my head between your legs and make you scream?”

“Sure you don’t want me to take the video, since you can’t even focus on using your dick?”

His eyebrows shot up, his gaze immediately on hers. “Oh, I can focus. Trust me. When I’m done with you, you’ll be the sluttiest divorcee in Sunday school.”

“Don’t forget the video then.” Reaching between her legs, she latched onto his cock and directed it to her twat.

He swiped at the phone and aimed down. Pushing his hips forward, he penetrated her.

Stacy gasped, letting him go to squeeze her aching breasts.

“You like serik escort that?”

She shut her eyes. God, does he ever just shut up?

“Fuck, your pussy is so tight and juicy. I’d have fucked it loose by now, reamed you out until you’d never even think of another cock.” Matt slammed inside her to the balls, shoving a cry from her throat as his thrusts came faster. “Come on, baby, tell your husband what you like.”

Her eyes snapped to his face, but he was looking at her snatch. Fucking genius.

“Tell Steven what you like, Bible girl.”

“Your cock.”

“That’s it. Better than my brother’s, isn’t it?”

“Much.” Stacey licked her lips, her mouth going dry with ragged breaths. “But it’d be even better in my ass.”

Freezing mid-thrust, Matt’s gaze leapt to hers. “Say again, Sunday School?”

She squeezed the tip of his cock with her cunt. Biting her lower lip, she pointed at the phone and motioned to her face. He complied.

“Want to know a secret? Steven won’t do anal. Too dirty for him, I suppose.” Heart pounding, heat poisoned her skin as her own sweat rinsed away her good wife facade. “Is it too dirty for you, Matt? Are you too nice a guy to shove that big cock into my little virgin asshole and fuck me like the whore I am?”

“Holy… fuck.”

Stacey crooked her legs and pushed off his dick. Turning around to her hands and knees, she looked over her shoulder. Wiggled her ass. “Please?”

Dropping the cell, Matt climbed to the side of the bed. His dick glistened as it dangled between him and the nightstand, and he pulled out a bottle of lube. He knee-walked behind her again, lubricating his finger and prodding her rectum.

Straightening, she wagged her finger at him and motioned to the phone.

His mouth dropped open. “Stace, I gotta lube you up first.”

“Then do it so he can see.”

“You filthy Sunday school slut.” He squeezed more lube onto his hand and greased up his cock, dropping the bottle to the side of the bed. Then picked up the phone.

Bending over again, she pressed her cheek onto the satin sheets.

“Look side escort at this sight, Steve. Never thought I’d get to fuck my prim sister-in-law’s ass with you watching.” His slick head bumped her hole, pressure exploding inside her as he eased in. “Stay still or I’ll drop the phone, Stacey.”

Moaning, she fisted the sheets and closed her eyes, tightening every muscle in her body as his huge cock engaged her rectum.

He glided further into her, stretching her ass to the max until his testicles finally tapped her pussy. Her legs trembled and she reached between them to rub her sopping clit as his thrusts sped up.

“You missed out, Steve. Your wife’s ass is so goddamn hot and tight it’s like it’s begging to suck my balls dry. Oh, fuck.” His fingers slid up her ass cheek to sink into her hip. “I’m gonna cum in your little asshole, Ms Sunday School. I’m gonna fuck you so hard your ass aches for my cock the rest of your life.”

“Do it.”

He withdrew to the lip of his head before crashing back inside her. Screaming, she clutched the bed as he reared back and slammed into her ass again. Her cries jolted each time his balls collided with her sodden pussy.

“You like that, you nasty bitch?”

“Cum, Matt.” Breaths shoved out of her with every plunge of his cock. “I want to feel you explode. I want him to see you fuck me like a real man and know your sperm is still leaking from my ass when I leave him.”


“Harder, harder.” It was all she could get out before he hammered her deeper into orgasm.

His groan finally overpowered her screams and he thrust hard inside her, balls laying into her pussy as his cock throbbed with geysering cum. She arched backward, squeezing out every ounce of feeling until his cock stilled and he kissed her shoulder.

It’s done.

“Damn, baby.”

“Yeah.” She rolled away, shakily pulling on her leggings.

“Hey. You don’t have to leave.”

Stacey yanked his T-shirt on and plucked her phone from his hand. Scrolling, she found Steven’s name. Hit send. She looked up at Matt and smiled. “This was fun.”

“There can be a next time.” His hands linked behind his head.

“Yeah. There could be.” Pulling her purse over her shoulder, she studied his lazy grin, his hard body. “You know, this was supposed to be sort of a last hurrah… but you have an exquisite cock. Next time bring a chick. I always loved pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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