Brandy Wine

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Brandy’s generous bosoms rose and fell rapidly. She stared at the small screen of her e-reader. This latest in the series of erotic novels by one of her favourite authors held her rapt attention. It was much more risqué than the timid ‘fade to black after the first kiss’ romances that she had been reading since the age of twelve.

The relatively cheap erotic romances that Brandy purchased a couple of times each week was her only luxury. She considered them more of a necessity though. With her husband Randy working overtime at his job as an emergency medical technician and her teenage sons busy with friends and sports; she had little to occupy her time other than her part-time job at the local Wally-World as she had nicknamed the retail giant.

The job and overtime had become a necessity. Like most middle class couples, Randy and Brandy had spent years accumulating credit card debt. Vacations, dinners out, the latest electronics that they really did not need, whatever they had wanted with little regard to how and when they would pay it all off. Then the bubble had burst on the greed driven economy and like many others they would have lost their home, but for the help of their parents. Now they were back on the road to financial stability; busting their asses to pay off their debts with little time or money for anything else.

Unfortunately, the austere life that they were leading had its costs as well. Their sixteen year marriage had become little more than co-habiting with a stranger. Randy worked twelve hour night shifts from seven to seven, four and sometimes five nights each week. By the time he got home in the morning, Brandy was busy getting herself and the boys ready for school and work. When they got home in the afternoon, there was time for little more than a rushed family dinner before Randy’s next shift. Their whole life had become a brief brush of lips as one of them ran off to face the responsibilities of middle class America.

Brandy had found her refuge in the romance stories that had once filled her teenage mind with images of knights in shining armour. Except now those knights said and did the naughtiest things. And the heroines enjoyed them all.

This latest book was a real shocker. The hero was an alien and the heroine was a Rubenesque blonde with an attitude. But that was only the beginning. This large and well-endowed man had a penchant for his mate’s round bottom; not just slapping it, but the utterly taboo anal sex.

Brandy’s shock was that rather than fight him, the heroine revelled in it all. She was completely enthralled each time her alien lover turned her over, placing a stack of pillows beneath her stomach so that her pale, soft bottom was raised high into the air. Her lover would caress and nibble along her back and shoulders until she was begging and pleading with him to take her. Sometimes he would delay their joining with a few well-placed slaps until pink welts rose against her creamy skin. Other times he would accede to her wishes slamming over and over again into her soaking pussy until she cried out in her orgasm. But her lover always ended with a vigorous pounding of her tight ass, coming deep inside her bowels with a roar.

Most shocking of all, Brandy found herself turned on by those steamy sex scenes. Anal sex was not something that she had ever found stimulating. In fact, it had once been a sore spot in the sexual relationship with her husband. When they were younger, Randy had begged, pleaded and cajoled her to at least try it. Having taken her virginity, it was another first that he longed to share with her. But her strict Southern Baptist upbringing had rebelled at such a naughty act, even between an otherwise happily married couple. Eventually, Randy had given up.

But now Brandy had to admit that something desperate was needed. Their weekly sex session restricted to Randy’s day off and limited to brief time between the boys’ various practice times had become routine in more ways than one. Randy kissed her neck, slapped her ass and suggested they get a ‘quickie’ while the boys were out. They got naked, kissed a couple of minutes, Randy giving her large tits a couple of squeezes and a lick or two. Brandy was equally uninspired giving his half hard cock one, two or at most three deep sucks until it was fully hard. Then Randy would climbed between her soft thighs and pump away vigorously for five or ten minutes until he came. Brandy’s body had always been responsive so she almost always came two or three times as well, but the whole thing was still distinctly unfulfilling.

Instead Brandy found her greatest sexual fulfilment alone; masturbating each night before she fell asleep. The soft glow of the bedside lamp lit her e-reader as she lost herself in the sexual adventures in her stories. Taking pleasure in forbidden acts of others, while her own sex life withered and died on the vine like the last of summer’s blackberries left on the vines because they were too difficult to reach without the casino şirketleri stinging pain of thorns.

Turning back to her e-reader with a sigh of resignation, she re-read the previous passage. Her free hand slipped beneath her night shirt and into her cotton panties. Her fingers sought the slick heat hidden under the soft curls covering her pussy. Her clitoris was throbbing as the words on the screen drove her higher and higher. By the time that the hero slammed his large hard cock into his mate’s back-door, she could take no more. Brandy bit her lower lip to keep from waking her sons with a cry as she came.

As she came slowly down from her self-induced sexual high, Brandy sighed with resignation once more that her life had come to this, nothing more than stale bread growing staler with each passing day. At least with stale bread she could resurrect it into something delightful, homemade stuffing, croutons or perhaps even a bread pudding. But what was there to be done when the freshness left a marriage?

Brandy glanced once more at the screen. Words of passion and loved filled her eyes and mind as she finished the passage. If only…

Pushing a button, the words faded from the screen just as passion had faded from her life. Brandy turned off the light and slunk beneath the quilt. Sleep was slow coming as she pondered her predicament. When it did finally come, her dreams were filled with muscular heroes and lewd act of lust.

She was deep in another dream. Her round butt high in the air as a hard cock breeched her virgin ass. She cried out with pain as she was stretched and filled in a way she had never imagined, but the pain was only momentary and not that different from losing her virginity. The cock held perfectly still, filling her ass completely. Slowly her body began to adjust to the feeling, except that something was missing. She began to slowly move and grind her hips, taking more and more of the intruder into her untried body. Still it was not enough. Brandy cried out, ‘Fuck me.’

The cock began to move slowly back and forth within her tight backdoor. Brandy’s fingers found her pussy, alternating between circling her throbbing clitoris and stuffed deep into her soppy wet cunt. She could feel an orgasm building, a big one. Still something was missing. ‘More,’ she pleaded. The cock moved faster and deeper then as Brandy pushed her fingers deep inside her muff, exploding in the best orgasm of her life.

‘Brandy,’ a familiar voice called. In her dream, she answered. Turning to look over her shoulder, Brandy caught her first sight of the mystery lover. Randy’s smiling face greeted her. He wore a decidedly proprietary and victorious look as if saying ‘I told you so.’

“Brandy,” the voice called again, this time followed by a gently shaking.

She opened her eyes to stare into the familiar face of the man who had filled her dreams.

“I would tell you that you’re running late, but from the sound of it. That dream must have been worth it. Damn woman, why you do this when you have to take the boys to school and go to work?” He punctuated his frustration with a stinging slap on her ass. “You want to tell me about it?”

His eyes stared at the red glow of the clock next to her e-reader on the night stand. “Damn it, later.” He swore as he pulled the quilt back. “You better get going and I need some sleep. I picked up another shift tonight.”

Brandy started to protest that this would be six nights in row, but realizing how late she was running thought better of it.


Brandy found it hard to concentrate for the rest of the day. Not that it required a great deal of thought to run items across the scanner at work. Still it was disconcerting. By the time her shift was over and she climbed behind the wheel of their older model SUV, her mind was in utter turmoil.

Was she missing something? Was it possible to bring life back to her marriage? The old spark to their mundane sex life? Could she re-ignite the flame that had once burnt between them?

The look in Randy’s eyes this morning said it was more than possible. Brandy could not remember the last time that he had looked at her like that, as if he could eat her alive, quite literally.

By the time that she had parked the car in the line outside the school, a plan was forming in her mind. Their anniversary was just a few days away. In keeping with their new resolve regarding family finances, she and Randy had agreed that they would forego expensive gifts, instead giving one another something that did not cost anything. She had planned to make a special dinner with all his favorites, but perhaps there was something else she could offer as well.

Dialling her mother’s, Brandy put her plan into action.


Randy leaned the recliner back and stared blindly at the television. Most of the other firemen had gone to bed for the night. His job was mostly sitting around and waiting for a call. A call that many nights casino firmalari never came, but then again that was a good thing. It meant no automobile accidents on the Interstate, no heart attacks in the ageing population and no bar fights gotten out of hand.

Another late night Western played on the big screen, but his mind was elsewhere. He would give anything to know what his wife had been dreaming about when he walked into their bedroom that morning. He had teased her quietly a couple of times this afternoon as she made dinner for him and their sons. She had blushed a deep and alluring pink, stirring the stew a bit faster, but she had not given him a hint.

He bet that it had something to do with those stories that she read on his Christmas present. He knew it was an extravagance that they had agreed to forego this year, but had wanted to get his wife something special because the truth was that she was his world. He loved her as much now as he had when he first laid eyes on her eighteen years ago.

Brandy had been a seventeen year old senior. She was applying to nursing school in the fall. So her mother, who worked as a dispatcher, had arranged for her to do a few ride-ons with the fire department.

The moment that the tall, zaftig brunette with those large doe eyes had stepped into the station Randy knew he would never see his heart again. A big teddy bear of a man himself, standing over six foot four inches tall and weighing far more than he should, Randy had never had much interest in women that were fashionably thin. He much preferred a woman with curves and Brandy had them in all the right places.

After years of being cast in the role of ‘just a friend,’ Randy had come to rely upon his humor as a defense mechanism with women. This time was no different. When the station captain introduced her, Randy had winked and exclaimed, “Brandy and Randy, you know what that means? You are stuck with me for the rest of our lives.”

And they had been. Shortly after her last ride-on, they began to date. Then just after her graduation, they had discovered that she was pregnant with their son Travis. Nursing school had been put on hold and it still was. Each time that Brandy had started to talk about going back it seemed she was pregnant again. Then three years ago when Trent, their youngest, had started school, their finances had necessitated her taking a part-time job rather than pursuing her dream. But through it all, Brandy remained dedicated to her family, always smiling and humming sweetly.

The cost of an e-reader was nothing compared to what his wife gave him and their boys each day. Oh, he knew that she was spending more than her weekly allowance on e-books too. But the joy that she found in those stories made it all worthwhile. Especially considering what he saw and heard this morning. How long had it been since he had his wife hot, bothered and moaning beneath him?

The anniversary was coming up and he honestly did not know what to get her. They had agreed not to buy anything, but when the hell did he have time to make her anything. Maybe he should see if his friend Larry still had that fishing cabin. It might not be the Hilton, but even one night away with his wife would be a blessed relief.


Brandy bit her lower lip as she looked in the mirror. The red baby doll nightie that she had found on the reduced rack barely covered her. In fact, her left tit kept popping right out of the tiny little triangle that was supposed to pass as a top. Maybe this was all a bad idea, she thought. But when she had seen the thing for only three dollars, she just had to have it. It had only taken a needle and thread to fix the broken strap. Of course, with the weight of her boobs there was no guarantee it would stay fixed.

But it was Saturday and Randy did not have to work tonight. He had said he would drop the boys off at friends and practice. He needed to run some mysterious errand. Brandy had winked and said, “Just don’t be too long, sweetie.” She stared at her cell phone, maybe she should call him. Maybe he had not understood what she meant. That she has something special planned.

Her fingers hovered over the speed dial button when she heard the garage door open. She tossed the phone on the night stand and tried to arrange herself on their bed in as sexy a position as she could. But damn it, her boobs just kept flopping out. She was trying to stuff one back inside the lacy triangle when he stopped in the doorway.

“Holy fuck,” he growled.

Brandy smiled, normally she would tell him to watch his dirty mouth, but this day she was more encouraged by his lack of decorum. “You like?” she asked as she dropped her eyes to the quilt that his mother had made for their wedding present.

She felt the bed shift and his big hands softly squeeze her left breast that had once again popped free. She looked up into the eyes of the only man she had ever loved as her nipples responded to his familiar touch. güvenilir casino

His broad smile split his face as he leaned in for a long kiss that left her breathless, “I love.”

Her own smile matched his, “It was on sale. I just had to fix it a bit.”

He nodded, “You have been such a trooper about this budget shit.”

She blushed guiltily, “Not completely. I sometimes go over my book budget.”

His deep laughter echoed off their bedroom walls, “Yeah, well, if what I saw the other morning was any indication, spend away.”

She bit her lower lip. This was the entrance she had been hoping for, but did she have the courage to carry through with her plan. Looking at the man who was the father of her children, who worked so many long hard hours to provide for them, who had been her best friend and lover for almost two decades, she knew the answer. She had to find it.

“You know our anniversary is Monday,” she began tentatively.

He nodded, “Yeah, I know. I wanted to talk to you about that. I know that we promised we would not buy anything. So this morning I went to check with my friend Larry. See if his cabin in the mountains might be available.”

She chuckled, “That’s funny because I asked Mama if the boys could spend the night with them.”

The rough pad of his thumb brushed against her bare nipple as she sighed softly, “So does that mean we have a date, Brandy Wine?” he asked, using the nickname he had given her years before.

She nodded shyly. How could this man still make her feel like a fumbling school girl after all these years? But he did. Just as he always sent the butterflies in her stomach into flight with just a look or a touch. She drew in a deep breath and forced herself to continue, “But that’s not your real present.”

He winked at her and shook his head, “Then what might be my real present?” He leaned over and buried his face between her ample bosom, licking them tenderly.

She pulled away and her heart soared at the low growl of frustration her husband emitted. She reached over to the night stand and grabbed her e-reader. She pushed the power button and its screen came to life on the passage she had chosen earlier. “Read this,” she asked timidly with her eyes down.

He wrapped his arms about her, “I can think of better things to be doing than reading.”

She looked up, “Please, read it. I don’t think I could actually say it.”

He frowned and lifted the reader over his face as he tucked her under his arm, her ample chest pressed against his side and his other hand resting on her bottom. But within a couple of minutes his eyes had grown wide, his breathing more shallow and his heart beat rapidly beneath her fingers. She looked down to discover that his cock tented the front of his jeans.

“Fuck me,” he groaned as he finished the chapter. “You women been keeping that shit a secret. Damn, that is hotter than most of the porn I read on the Internet,” he chuckled.

She giggled and reached for the reader, “Well, what did you think?”

He rolled her beneath him and rubbed his stiff cock against her mound. Even with his jeans and the flimsy triangle of red lace that covered her wet pussy, she could tell that her husband was harder than he had been in a long time, “That’s what I think about it.” He leaned forward and began to nibble at her ear as he dry humped her. One hand kneaded her breast while the other slipped beneath the fragile barrier to her warm welcome.

She arched up into his caress, seeking her own release as she whispered, “Would you like to,” but she could not find the strength to finish the question.

His hand on her cunt stilled. His lips released her ear as he drew back to stare down into her eyes. “Like what, Brandy Wine?”

She bit her lower lip and looked down to watch her chest heaving up and down rapidly. “Want to do that? With me?” she whispered.

His fingers gently lifted her chin, “You mean fuck that sweet ass? Bury my cock inside your back door and fill it with my come?”

Brandy’s heart stopped for a moment at his bold words and the intense desire in her husband’s face. She could not speak so she simply nodded her head.

“Fuck, sweetheart. That’s been my favorite fantasy to beat off to for years. Hell, yeah, I want.” He searched her face, “But are you sure?”

She sighed, “I don’t know. I mean I always thought it was so dirty. Nasty. And that it would hurt. But the way it is in that story. Do you think it could really be like that?”

He nodded, “I promise we’ll go real slow. We’ll stop if you don’t like it, my word. But baby just the idea that you’re willing to try makes me love you all the more.”

She nodded, “So then Monday night?” she asked tentatively.

His smile broadened, “Hell, yeah, Monday night.” He pressed his hard-on against her once more, “But woman, this thing needs some attention now.”


Brandy watched as her husband started a fire in the fireplace. The day was still fairly warm, but he said that with the win off of the lake and the cooler mountain air, it would get chilly fast after dark. She was nervous. More nervous than she had been since. Well, since she had given him her virginity. Her other virginity, she supposed.

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