Amsterdam Afternoon

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She had just left the Rijksmuseum and at first thought her 53 yr. old eyes were playing tricks on her. It wouldn’t be surprising after having spent the morning looking at the Dutch Masters, but right then she was sure she was looking at a masterpiece of her own. He caught he eye – he’d felt someone staring – and waved her over.

“What are you doing here in Amsterdam, of all places?” he asked, mentally congratulating himself on such a suave opening. “We’re on a short spring tour of the Netherlands” she replied. “We? Does that mean your husband’s here too?”

“Yes, but he took one of those Holland bulb tours and won’t be back for awhile, so I thought I’d use the opportunity to see the museum and have a nice lunch in one of those Indonesian restaurants I’ve heard about.”

“So you have some time?” he asked. “I could deal with a relaxing lunch. I’ve been here on business the past 3 days, but my flight home isn’t until 9 tonight, so I have the afternoon free.”

She thought back to their first “lunch,” a quick cup of coffee in a bookshop and a frenzied make-out session in his car all those years ago; this after having chatted online and over the phone and agonizing over whether to meet. She’d known they would, but he was hesitant, knowing there wouldn’t be any going back to the way it had been if this didn’t work out right. He was just getting over a relationship that was and wasn’t and that had cost him dearly, and he was reluctant, but so so needy.

“Hello, are you still there?” he asked. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I got lost there for a moment” she replied. “Let’s go find a nice restaurant and then decide how to spend the afternoon.” They walked a few blocks playing catch-up; it’d been months since they’d seen each other. By the time they got to the restaurant, each had a fair idea of how to spend the rest of the afternoon, but neither brought it up right then.

The waiter served them with typical Dutch efficiency and lunch was over in an hour. “You must know Amsterdam pretty well” she said. “I know you’ve been here on business several times. I’m in your hands – show me your favorite hangouts. But I have to tell you, right now I’d kill for a cup of Starbucks coffee.” The reaction was predictable and unavoidable. He thought back to that first cup of coffee, how he’d had a hard-on for her the whole time he was trying to hold a proper “first” conversation, and how they’d gone back to his car and fallen on each other. They were so alike bakırköy escort like that; so responsive to the needs of their bodies without getting too involved in all the what-ifs. “Is this your first time in Amsterdam?” he asked her. “No, I’ve been here twice before and done most of the tourist things. I’m counting on you for something more offbeat.”

He wasn’t going to get another chance. “Have you seen the redlight district?”

“I’ve heard about it, but no, I’ve never been there” she replied. “I think it’s a great concept though. You know I don’t have a lot of hangups about sex, but these days it pays to be careful. The Dutch seem to have solved the problem. Everybody gets a medical exam and a clean bill of health, then they can do what they want.” He was pleased by her attitude; her openness was such a big part of her appeal. “Not to change the mood, but how are things with your wife?” she asked. “The usual – tolerable, not great. In all honesty, it’s part of why I come to the district. It fulfills a certain need that the ordinary blowjob doesn’t.”

She understood perfectly. She’d been married all her adult life to a good, decent man, and they had a respectable sex life, but oh, she needed the adventure. The man beside her right now was her soulmate that way – they both need the adventure of fantasy imagined a fantasy fulfilled. Only half knowing it, they’d been walking toward the redlight district, but they didn’t realize until they saw the doorways and windows that they’d arrived. They walked and looked and talked nonchalantly, as if they saw this every day. He stopped by a window with two particularly attractive women and asked if she’d like to go in. “Yes, of course, why not?” she managed to choke out. He looked at her, amused. “You sure? You know what this is about, right? You don’t have to.” He was right, she didn’t have to, and yet she did. She knew the fantasy they’d masturbated to on the phone, knew how turned on he was by the idea of two women together, and knew how it excited her too. “Absolutely, let’s go in. As long as I can stop anytime I want. And you know what I like. I want to watch you with her and I want your mouth on me while your cock fucks her, but I’m not sure I can eat her pussy.”

She amazed him. They fell into this so easily, as they always had. He’d only fucked her 3 or 4 times before, but it had always been like this. No playing at romance, no sweet başakşehir escort nothings, just straightforward acknowledgement of the lust that drove them both. Even during their phone masturbation sessions, she was never shy or coy and that gave him some of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had. Even now, he was half-ashamed to talk to the woman in the window; his erection was so obvious. But they must be used to that sort of thing; still, was what he was about to request very out-of-the ordinary?

The negotiations took no time and soon she found herself in a scene she’d only imagined. And it was almost laughable, she didn’t have any idea what to do. She didn’t need to. Lily, she’d told them her name, knew. She came toward him, toward where he was sitting on the couch. Slowly, under his touch, Lily lost the few garments she’d been wearing, until she was kneeling in front of him, naked, his balls in her hand. Had he told her what to do, or did she somehow know how he loved having his balls licked, how he groaned when she took them in her mouth? God, she was so wet already, and her hand found its way under her skirt, to her pussy. Lily looked at her but she shook her head no and fingered herself while Lily ate her lover’s cock. Two fingers still inside her, she removed her skirt and panties and walked over to the couch – and she sat her cunt on his face. He reached up and grabbed her tits and she pulled off her blouse and bra – and she was naked. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was being eaten out by his fantastic tongue while he grabbed and pinched her nipples and had his cock sucked by this stranger. His hips were grinding now and she ground her snatch more frantically into his face. She wouldn’t be long and she knew he wouldn’t be either. He bucked and bucked as he face-fucked Lily and his tongue worked at her cunt until she was ready, then he bit her clit and he made her scream and cover his face with her cum as he filled Lily’s mouth with his own.

When they were done, they looked at each other and laughed through their amazement at what they had just done. Lily walked to the window and lit a cigarette. Neither one of them smoked, but they weren’t about to deny her. She lay there, her hand over his wet cock, just covering it, not causing the exquisite agony she knew caressing it right after orgasm caused. His hand went to her still hard nipples and began to play. “Lily brought beşiktaş escort some toys” he said. “Interested? Besides, we owe her – she still hasn’t come.” She knew she was interested, that this would be the stuff of countless masturbation sessions for them both for years to come. “Oh yes, please.”

Lily was already at her bag and pulled out a dildo. She nodded her agreement and Lily moved to the bed, and positioned herself on her hands and knees. She took the dildo and began to lube it but Lily shook her head no, it wasn’t necessary. She knelt on the bed behind Lily and spread the folds of her pussy. She didn’t get much chance to look at other pussies, although she loved to look at her own when she used her dildo on herself in front of her bedroom mirror. Lily reached up to guide her hand and the dildo slipped in. She gave it a few slow deep strokes and glanced to her right, where he stood copying her thrusts with his fist wrapped around his again-erect dick. She thrust the dildo harder into Lily and he copied her again, then moved around to the back of the bed. “Bend down a bit” he said in that husky voice he got when he was excited beyond belief.

“Bend over, I need your cunt – now.” She bent and he was in her. He grabbed her hips and she struggled to control herself as she fucked Lily harder and harder with the dildo. Then she felt Lily’s hand reach up and grab the dildo and pull it out, then push her mouth down onto her wet needy laboring cunt. She groaned and ate the first pussy of her life while he plowed into her, frenzied by what he was seeing. His passion was too much for her, she licked and mouth-fucked Lily until she felt the both of them – Lily in her mouth and him in her cunt – explode at once. “Oh god, oh jesus fucking christ” he screamed and with one last thrust buried himself to the hilt in her slut cunt and filled her. Then, oh god, he pulled out and Lily replaced his organ with her mouth, her tongue just like his cock, eating his juice out of her dripping snatch. Somehow, she didn’t know where it came from, she would often think about this when she masturbated to this scene months later, she spasmed again and almost drowned Lily with the mixture of her cunt juice and his hot sperm.

They slept, the three of them wrapped in each other, for what seemed like a day but was really about an hour. When they awoke, Lily had left. They showered, still too exhausted and fulfilled for anything else, then went out for a drink. He brought her back to her hotel but she had the cab drop her a block away, then he continued back to his to pick up his bags. Her husband wasn’t back yet, so she had time for a glass of wine and a long soak. Back in NY the following week, the phone rang. “So I heard you were in Amsterdam” his voice said. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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