All to Myself

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Today’s been a long day. We’ve been out seeing friends of yours that you’ve not seen for a while. I’ve spent the entire day watching you, wanting you. That sexy bum of yours has been wandering about all day, wiggling about with that sexy but ladylike walk of yours, and I’ve spent all day just wanting to hold onto it while I fuck you. I’ve managed to steal some kisses, managed some caresses, but that’s not what I’ve been wanting.

But now we’re home and now you’re mine. No sharing with anyone else now. All mine.

You’re stood in front of a mirror, inspecting the look of some new earrings that you were given as a present. I come up behind you, you catch my eye and start to turn round. But I don’t let you. I take firm hold of your hips and stop you. Oh no, I want to see what I’m doing. I want you to see what I’m doing. I nuzzle your neck, smelling you, your perfume, your hair. My blood’s already pumping with idea of what I want, but I want slower. Time enough for giving into desire.

I start to gently kiss your neck, up to just below your ear, down to your shoulder, around the base of your neck, your hair, anywhere I can. One of my hands is stroking anywhere my lips have been, the other is keeping you pressed against me, just where I want you… for now. When you’re eyes aren’t closed in pleasure, you’re watching kartal escort what I’m doing. Your hands are holding my head as I kiss you, are reaching around to grasp my bottom, are wandering too.

Now I press your head around so I can kiss you, slowly at first but then harder and harder with the desire that’s raging through me. You’re still trying to turn around, but I’m not going to let you, not yet. I grab a chair and now we’re sitting, both of us still facing the mirror. I slowly remove your top and bra. I want your skin against my skin, so I do away with my top too. Now I can feel you better, soft, smooth and warm. I go back to your shoulders and neck with my lips and teeth, you squirm with pleasure as my hands stroke your chest and breasts. Your wriggling is rubbing against me, so very hard for you but I’m not going to give into the desire to tear your trousers off. Not yet, anyway. But in the mirror you can see the effect you’re having, so you’re rub against me more.

Now my self control is failing. I make you stand up and undo your trousers. I take them off of you slowly, trailing kisses all the way down. I go to make you sit in my lap again, but this time you’ve your own idea. Around you turn, push me back onto the chair and throw yourself onto my lap.

Now it’s your lips kurtköy escort everywhere, kissing & teasing. Now it’s your hands everywhere, grasping, nails digging in. All I can do is hold on and gasp.

You pause for a moment, but it’s all I need. Now I have your hands behind your back and I’m kissing, licking and biting your front: your neck, your shoulders, your breasts. Then I’ve finally got my hands on your bottom and I’m lifting you up to kiss your tummy, darting my tongue ever further into your sexy shorts. Now I’m working my way back up again, returning to your breasts so I can gently lick your nipples in circles, until I take them into my mouth to suck & nibble.

But your hands have been busy while my mouth was. My trousers are undone and you tempt me with kisses (and, of course, your nails) into standing. Now I’m trouser-less and boxer-less, standing naked and very turned on. Your turn now, away with your shorts, however sexy they may be. But I’m not standing back up. No I’m going to turn my attention to between your legs.

Slowly I bite and lick my way up from your knees. My hands caress your legs, thighs and bottom, working their way up your back to gentle squeeze your nipples. Eventually my tongue reaches it’s final destination, and I slowly lick around, along, inside. pendik escort You’re having problems standing so you stagger back to the table in front of the mirror and rest against it as I continue giving you my full attention. Your hands are running through my hair, are grasping the edge of the table, are running over your own body as I continue to lick. But now I start sucking, and now you’re really having problems standing.

But I stop and now I’m licking very, very slowly. Up and down, biting my way down your thighs again and licking back up again. Again I’m sucking, surrounding your clitoris with my lips which I suck and lick. You’re sounding like you’re getting close, so again I slow down, I lick gently, all the time looking up at you so I can see, not just hear, the effect I’m having on you.

I kiss my way up your body, and gently lift you onto the table. You rest against the mirror, the cold glass a contrast to how warm you’re feeling. I spread your legs and enter you while I stare into your eyes, my hands grasping your hips, yours grasping mine. You use your legs to pull me close, both of gasping with pleasure. You lock your legs behind me, and now I’m yours. I’m in your power, nothing I can do as you pull me closer and push me away. We start slowly, caressing each others bodies. Then I use a hand to give you more pleasure, stimulating you more and more. We’re moving faster and faster now, getting closer and closer, louder and louder until we clench each other in climax.

You go limp in exhaustion so I pull you up to give you a big hug in the mutual afterglow, all mine even more now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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