All-Purpose All-American Girl

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I looked up from my laptop as pressure on the plate beneath the “Welcome” mat set the doorbell off. “FemBots vs. Charlie’s Angels” would have to wait, the owner was cool about my writing but not when there were customers. The after-work rush wouldn’t start until around six, the clock on the wall showed 3:30, but this time I didn’t mind being interrupted.

The suburban community I worked and lived in was active, I had seen this girl before, in the store, or browsing the rest of the strip mall with her friends, though I might’ve been wrong.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart. I thought as I watched her dump a movie into the return slide and begin browsing through the drama racks. She was the model of the new, all-purpose American girl; a homogenous blend of Brittany Spears, Christina Agulera, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim, Wonder-Woman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina, Teenage Witch. All saw themselves as girls who had paid their dues and could wear burlap sacks to the big dance if they wanted to, but still be queens of all they surveyed.

Parent supplied credit cards kept them in the newest fashions and the latest gizmos. This girl came equipped with pager and cell-phone, and chewed on her lip while she read the back of the box for a Meg Ryan movie.

Meg Ryan, what is it that they love so much about Meg Ryan? I thought and added the question to my mental list of life’s mysteries. She started humming something that sounded like Pop, which was amplified by the empty store. She looked up to see if I was watching, then smiled when she saw that I was.

“Sorry. Just got a little song in my head, you know…” She shrugged, as if I would understand. She closed her eyes and started wiggling to the beat she heard. “You drive me crazy…”

I smirked.

“Don’t let it stop you,” I said and turned back to my script. “Everybody’s got to have theme music for their life, right?”

“Right, exactly,” She said a nodded her head. She had large eyes and a baby-doll’s face that had been dusted with glitter. “That’s so cool you would know that.”

“If you like Meg Ryan, try something by Katherine Hepburn. I think my favorite was Roman Holiday.” I said. She looked at the box in her hand and giggled. Youth had been kind to her; she knew how to play “look at me” very well. She seemed friendly, forward, and certainly not shy.

“Good eyes.” She said and placed the box back on the rack.

“The better to see you with,” I said and concentrated on my laptop screen. “But just in case I miss something, we still got an eye on you.”

I pointed out the black CCTV camera domes hanging from the ceiling, only two of the seven had cameras in them, but she didn’t need to know that.

“I love Katherine Hepburn,” She said and put a hand over her heart. “What did you like most about it?”

This one I was ready for. “I think I liked the moral of it, that working-class girls with big hearts can and will meet the affluent man of their dreams. Consider when it was made, there weren’t many opportunities for women then.”

“Yeah, I like that about Roman Holiday, too.” She said as she walked up to the counter. I could detect of CK when she was close enough for me to smell it; she put her hand out. “I’m Autumn, pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Clark,” I said. From the floor up, she was; pink toenails, silver toe ring and ankle-bracelet, three-inch open-toed platforms. “I’ve seen you around, I guess I never got your name until now.”

“So what makes you want to work in a video store?” She said as if saying the man she would sleep with does something else.

“You know what’s really great about working in a video store?”

“What?” She said.

“You can tell a lot by what people watch,” I said and Autumn’s face twisted with predictable confusion. “It’s a window into their souls through their emotions. What they pick out gives you some idea what they’re thinking.”

“I don’t understand.” She said. I got a shot of young cleavage as she bent over to slide a package of red licorice off of the pegboard display beneath the register.

“The person that comes in and buys an armful of comedies probably seem themselves as very energetic people, it takes a lot of energy to laugh.”

“You’re so weird.” She said and suddenly seemed to lose interest. Without another word she went back to her browsing.

I shook my head and checked her out from behind. Gone were the school-girl uniforms her youth, instead she wore a tight pair of neon green Bubblegum-label pants, a belly-button ring, and a midriff shirt to make sure everyone could see it. Her bust size was maybe a 34C. There was a tanning salon four doors down toward the Kwik & Go. Many girls her age were members of the heath club that was on the very end. Before I had to give up smoking, I’d see them laughing and giggling together as they carried their gymbags across the parking lot, or maybe not. As it served the purpose of the herd, all-purpose American girls looked greatly alike, maybe it just was her and her friends.

I yakacık escort lost interest as she did and lowered my eyes to my script. Revealing who Charlie is while bringing him in to save the day against the FemBots was proving to be quite a knot to unravel. I had to smile though, thank the powers that I didn’t have to do this by hand.

“Hey Clark. How’s the script coming?” Greg, the boss said as he pushed through the door, scanned the floor for customers and came around the counter to the back. He punched the “No Sale” key and the register drawer popped open. He took all of the $50’s, $20’s, and half of the $10’s. The puke, now if somebody laid down a $100, I’d be short of change for the rest of the night.

“It’s coming along, Greg, thanks.” I said and slid my laptop down the counter away from him. His wife Julie came in behind him. She was a post-Goth punk rock girl who had let her hair grow out, and as a specimen of womanhood had come well-equipped, there was a tattoo between the firm, upright melons dangling from her chest. If I had to guess, I would’ve said they were 36C. She pushed open the door with one hand and carried their only child, Seth, with the other.

Lucky kid. I thought and felt a minor gush of Saliva as I got a flash of myself suckling on one of her dark, Silver-dollar-sized nipples.

“Hi Clark, how’s the book coming?” Julie said and smiled when she caught me eyeing her bust.

“It’s a script, but it’s developing, thanks,” I said and busied myself making faces at Seth, the little cherub giggled. I have to admit he was a cute kid. Julie seemed to revel in the attention I paid him. “Maybe another month until I can get it finished.”

“Then what, you’re moving to Hollywood?”

“Or New York. I think it would do well in the theater.” I said and sighed as Greg folded up the bills and wrapped a rubber band around them, before stuffing the wad into his pocket.

“Grab me a Coke, baby, I think we’re ready for the track.” Greg said and Julie sighed. It seemed like she was his mate but not his partner. She rarely spoke, he never asked her for her opinions in my presence, and used only his name for her, never her name. She was his silent, compliant, baby-machine.

“Umm-hmm.” Julie said and took a Diet Coke out of the stand-up cooler against the wall with the beverage he wanted.

Oblivious to the looks she was giving me, Greg opened the soda she offered him and let off toward the door.

“You’re smart,” Julie said. “I know you’re gonna be somebody.”

“Come on, honey, you’re making us late,” Greg said. “If I miss the first race, it’s gonna be your ass.”

Julie watched me until she was at the door. After one child, her ass still looked great. Maybe she knew I was watching back and gave her hips an extra wiggle as she went out, following her husband to their, that is his, cherry-red Firebird.

“You’re writing a movie script?”

I wrenched my head around as a voice in my ear surprised me. Autumn was leaning against the counter with a cassette in her hand. She had apparently made a selection. I sighed.

“It’s more of a play, actually,” I said and closed the lid of my laptop as she tried to see the screen. “Though it could be a movie someday.”

“I want to see, maybe I’ll be able to say that I knew you.” Autumn said and pried gently at the hand holding the laptop. She smiled and bit her bottom lip, looking straight at me.

She had an outstanding balance but that didn’t surprise me, it seemed like everybody in town. A swipe of her father’s Visa took care of all her fees and back-charges.

“Come on, I want to see.” She said, stomping her foot and crying plaintively as she replaced the card in her purse. Despite her adult clothes and manners, some part of her would always be little girl.

“Ok, fine,” I said and opened the laptop, spinning it on the counter so that she could see the screen. “Feast your eyes.”

“The screen’s blank,” Autumn said and turned it back to face me. “What’s wrong, can’t you think of anything to write about?”

“A momentary lapse.” I said, though truthfully it had become something more than just momentary. I was stuck, life was nothing but an unending series of 8 hour shifts that kept the bills, nothing else. I wasn’t eating right; sleep had become an escape but never a rest. Without a muse, the poor white trash I was became more pronounced, I was producing nothing, and with no production I couldn’t even claim to be an artist… artists produce art… regularly.

The smell of CK was beginning to overwhelm the loner’s funk that I’d been so carefully cultivating, through a careful regimen of not bathing and covering it with scented oil, also useful for covering the smell of booze on the days I came to work drunk.

Just when I managed to work up a good funk. I thought and sighed. Autumn grinned when I focused on her.

“Look, you just spray a cloud into the air and walk beneath it, you don’t bathe in it.” I said in a low voice and slid her tape under the yakası escort barcode scanner. I didn’t think she heard me.

“Bathe in what?” Autumn said and tore open the package of licorice she had taken and took out a twist. Her eyes betrayed an utter lack of concern with whatever it might’ve been, but still there was an unpleasant caring in them.

“Never-mind,” I said. “So you finally find something you wanted, huh? I think that’s record time for you.”

“I think so,” Autumn said and put the licorice twist to her lips. She teased the very tip of it with her tongue and then began sliding it in and out. Within moments it began to glisten with her spit. She took out the candy and used it to point as the door with the “Adults Only” sign on the front. “What’s in there?”

“The same that’s out here… movies,” I said and slid behind my laptop, a symbolic shield between me and the unblinking gaze of her auburn eyes. “They’re just different kinds.”

“Is that your pornography room?” Autumn said, as if she’d just uncovered a fabulous secret. “It is, isn’t it? I’ll be dirty old men go in there and jerk off to what’s on the back of the boxes.”

It was true; she had me there, although Bruce the day clerk was more than happy to take care of cum-scrubbing detail. He was certified flaming and it was good that our contact was limited to counting out at the change of shift, I didn’t care who or what he chose to fuck, but I was tired of his constant innuendo.

“You got it,” I said and put the movie in a bag. “More porno’s than you could ever watch.”

“Why would I want to watch?” Autumn said and bit down on the twist. “I’d much rather do it, wouldn’t you?”

“Sure, if it’s safe,” I said. “I just hate misunderstandings.”

“Do you get smoke breaks?” Autumn said in a hopeful tone that I didn’t understand. I put on a yuck-face and shook my head.

“Sure, I just don’t smoke,” I said. “Besides, there’s nobody here to cover me. Looks like I’m stuck working the counter.”

“Oh, come on,” Autumn said. “I want to do you a favor, put a sign on the door or something for cripe’s sake.”

A looked at the clock, then at the door, then around the empty store. I ran a length of blank receipt tape and tore it off. In big black magic marker, I wrote “Back in 5 min.” and taped the receipt up on the door. The post locks on the right hand side of the door were engaged in only seconds, the other half in just a few more. Before anyone drove up and I changed my mind, I took Autumn by the arm and led her toward the back.

“Come on, you’re on the clock.”

“I knew you’d see it my way,” Autumn said as I pushed her through the door labeled “Employee’s Only.” It was the manager’s office. Greg was the owner/manager, but he had left me in charge, I guess it was my office. She set her bag on the desk and dropped her purse to the floor. “You seem really tense, that’s bad, I think everyone needs to just hang loose.”

“And you’re gonna do something about that?” I said. She licked her lips as she nodded. “I’m waiting, and I’m not feeling any less tense.”

Autumn sucked on a finger, then put the finger to my lips, leaving a wet trail as she sank to her knees. She brushed her hair out of her face and looked up at me, for the first time I noticed how long her eyelashes were.

“If I do anything wrong, just let me know okay?” She said and reached for the buttons on my fly. She cooed lightly as her fingertips brushed the bulge straining my Levi’s. “Have you ever tasted come, Clark?”

“Nope,” I said as she warmed her hands and reached inside the gap she’d created. I gasped as her hand made contact. “No desire to. I can smell you leaking from up here though.”

There was something warm, slightly bitter, but definitely feminine overpowering the CK, it had to be her.

“I’m so turned on right now,” Autumn said, admitting that it was true. She took out my love-shaft with one hand and licked the other palm, and then she traded, stroking me fully erect with a practiced grip. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I love cock. I just… love… cock.”

“I’m starting to chafe.” I said and the hand-job stopped.

“Congratulations, Clark, you’ve of the prettiest dicks I’ve seen so far,” Autumn said and used the hand wrapped around my best 6 inches to squeeze my ball-sack, I groaned at the sensation. She gave me a wicked look. “I’m excited to see how you taste.”

She swung her hair out of her face and put her lips on my penis tip, but stopped when we both heard someone pounding on the front door after several seconds it stopped, then a car engine started and went away.

“Let them wait,” I said and she smiled, the smell of her filled the small office. Sex hormones rushed into my system, triggered by her scent. “We’re on Clark’s time now.”

She unbuckled my belt and undid the button holding my trousers on. Once they had fallen to my ankles, she pulled my boxers down to my knees and started again with renewed enthusiasm.

Autumn had excellent ataköy escort technique, she was a most excellent cocksucker, and I’d go so far as to say that she worshiped it. If she were going for a temple merit badge, I was gonna be happy to endorse her.

She turned her head sideways and slowly kissed up and down the length of my shaft, from the purple head quivering at one end to the field of curly brown hairs at the other. She did one side, then the other, alternating between tongue and lips, or sometimes using them together with applied suction. Autumn stopped and seemed to weigh my balls with one hand.

“You haven’t had any favors in a while, have you?” She said in an almost pitying tone.

“Maybe,” I said. “How can you tell?”

“You’re absolutely full of come, it’s making your balls heavy. I can feel it, and it makes me want to suck you dry.” She said and her grin told me that she was prepared to do just that. A drew in a sharp breath as she rolled a testicle gently between two fingers.

Inside of me something roared, and I smiled as I imagined grabbing her by the hair, then forcing my cock down her throat until she choked, but I quelled the thought and enjoyed what she had resumed delivering.

I groaned as she took my purple head between her lips. She worked her tongue around every inch that she slowly took in, soon my cock was saturated with saliva. At the end of a stroke she paused and her lips, drawn down over her teeth to protect me, got even tighter, enough to push up a roll of flesh as she took my member deep into her throat. It was a pleasure so intense, it made my Kidneys hurt.

“That’s it… suck my dick,” I said and closed my eyes, tangling my fingers in her carefully coifed hair. “I got a sack-full of creamy goodness just you.”

Suddenly the pleasure stopped. I opened my eyes and dropped them to her; she was looking at me with an annoyed but patient look.

“Don’t mess up my hair, Clark,” She said. “I’ve got places to be once I’m done with you, duh.”

“Sorry, my mistake.” I said and she resumed her practice as if keeping a mental cadence… down up, up down. She ran her tongue around down my cock, then pursed her lips and planted a kiss on the helmet, letting it linger.

“Oh yeah, that’s nice,” I said and groaned as she locked eyes with me, then she applied suction to the kiss and took in just the very tip, she seemed to know my most sensitive parts as well as I did. “Noone’s ever done that before, that’s intense.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she clamped her lips down again and began working my shaft. I yowled with pleasure as Autumn took me all the way in… once… twice… a felt a familiar tremor as my body prepared to unload.

“I’m close, I want to come on your tits,” I said and she shook her head in the negative. She stopped and licked her lips, giving me a chance to suppress the surge I felt rising. “Yeah, how about that.”

“I’d have to get undressed for that, Clark,” She said and used her fingernails to trace tingling lines on my most prized appendage. “Why don’t you come in my mouth instead, that way I can swallow every last drop of what you got to give me.”

She bit down gently on my turgid shaft, teasing it gently as she played at shaking it side-to-side. “Grr. Feed me, I need to lick up all of your daddy’s milk, Clark.”

“No teeth!” I yelled, then she winked at me and applied more mouth-work. Except for that one playful gaff, it was clear that someone had showed her what’s what when it came to oral stress relief. She was mixing short strokes with long strokes and within minutes I could feel a volcano erupting. There was no stopping it now.

“I’m gonna explode.” I said and groaned. Autumn clamped down with me fully inside of her mouth. The feel of it slipping down her throat was what set me off, I growled as Autumn closed her eyes. Even with her mouth pressed against my pubic hair, I could see she was smiling, so I did the same and closed my eyes, too.

Like a pacifier in a raver-girlie’s mouth, I thought and then a white supernova of pleasure burst in my head. She was gently squeezing my ball-sack as I felt an electric, stupifying bliss spreading outward from my scrotum. It was the longest, hardest ejaculation I could remember, with my eyes closed, I felt like I was flying.

“Mmm,” Autumn contentedly hummed, three times I heard her swallow wetly, but still she held my spent shaft in her mouth. The buzzing sent me into quivers. “Mmm-mmm.”

When she took the pressure off and let me go, I opened my eyes. She was taking a pull from her diet cola, using it to wash me down. Once the bottle was recapped and stowed, she took her compact out and used the mirror to reapply her lipstick. Once done, she snapped it shut and replaced both items in her purse, then she turned to me wearing a heroine smile. “There… feel better, Clark?”

“Yeah, I do in fact, thanks.” I said and sat back on the desk. It felt like a masseuse had just given me forty minutes of focused, deep muscle attention. I suppose in a way, it was true, though a part of me ached. “Except for one part… I came so hard it made my testicles hurt.”

“You are one lucky boy, Clark,” She said and smacked her lips. “Because not only do you have a pretty cock, your come tasted just like caviar when it exploded into my mouth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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