Afternoon Delight

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“What’s that coming in?” I asked half-awake.

“Ended up DOA you want to go out?” The nurse said with an edge of tired in her voice.

“No, bring the person in.” I answered.

I had a choice to meet the ambulance on the drive to pronounce or inside. Lot less paperwork on the drive. I couldn’t do that; this was a living human. After that was taken care of I walked back to my call room. I fell upon the cot, which they had the nerve to call a bed. How did I ever do this? Taking some extra hours on for a friend was teaching me the agony of ER medicine again.

The phone jangled my nerves awake before my mind woke up. I reached out to stop the annoyance in hopes to not wake up. Too late I was awake and listening carefully. A four-car pile up was careening in, I leapt to my feet hit the floor running.

Orchestrated chaos was a thing of beauty. Commands shouted, it was a fine oiled machine when the ER was on. The last patient to be taken to surgery found me at the end of this shift. I was facing two days off. First would be slept away the second would acclimate me back to life. I needed to be with Mel. So I called him he didn’t answer I fell asleep exhausted. He would be here in the wee hours of the morning.

I always enjoyed Mel he knew my needs, desires, and passions. No commitments were needed, none were ever implied. I was a woman with him his masculinity was my lust. We would spend the day making love long before going to the bedroom.

I felt the bed sink down in the early morning hours. I felt his arm slipping around me before I felt his lips claim my exposed nipple. Once his lips playfully pulled on my nipple the moan met his approval.

“MMmmm you do know where I live?” I laughed throatily.

“I not only know where you live my darling Alex. I know your passions they are on the same level as mine.” Mel said with his sexy accent.

I rolled over a little so as to allow him better access to what he and I enjoyed. I was warm from sleeping he was wide-awake. Snuggling into him I fit perfectly in the circle of his body and arms.

“You sleepy head what a beautiful day we have together. You’re wasting this day with you sleeping my Alex. I think you and I should get to the market then a beautiful country picnic. How’s that sound?” Mel whispered in my ear.

All I could do was roll further into his body he laughed deeper hugging me closer.

“Okay I’m up I will shower then we can go. You sure though I mean look I have a little something here you might enjoy playing with.” I teased as I pulled the covers back.

His eyes widened as he leaned into my lips kissing me with promise. I knew that kiss it just struck the pilot light on my passions. I jumped out of bed showered dressed in a beautiful summer white dress. Sandals along with tying my hair up, I was ready. For what promised to be sensually a build up day.

The market was exciting the scents the sounds. The people it was so alive we enjoyed the shopping. Cheese’s, wine, some exotic fruits, thrown into our wicker basket. We jumped into the car drove towards the country side we knew where we could be isolated.

“I’ve been thinking of this picnic for a week Alex. It’s something you and I need to be with one another.” Mel whispered touching my face.

All morning he had touched my arm, hands, and face. His touching was always welcomed I enjoyed being touched by him. When we tried some different fruits the juices’ running I licked my lips. Looking him in the eyes, I sensually şişli escort licked, while riveted to his face. I did my teasing bending over a little too far. Showing him my desires we were building the fire steadily.

Now in the car I allowed my skirt to hike up above my knee. Creeping higher Mel was enjoying the tease. I took my hand laid it on his thigh. He relaxed his thigh so it fell open towards me. I took my little finger and brushed his zipper. He jumped moaning from the sensation. I felt his cock respond I smiled as I took my hand back.

“Oh so you enjoy playing?” Mel laughed.

“Who me, play? Noooo…. You know I wouldn’t tease without the please.” I teased back.

His face cracked into a beautiful smile I loved that face. He was handsome he also was such a sexy thang. I laughed at my thinking of him as a sexy thang at our ages. He was though. His hand lying on my thin skirt brought me to attention. I felt like a hot poker was burning through to my flesh. I moved he moved. We were playing the cat and mouse game.

Only the stopping of the car brought me back to the surroundings. We had found the field it was so isolated, with a pond, tall blowing grass. Taking our blanket we walked under the weeping willow tree. Laying out the spread, we placed everything out. Mel poured us some wine, handing me my glass he smiled at me he had me melted.

“Oh this is so perfect let’s live right here.” I breathlessly said.

“Nope, I think we should keep this for our passions.” Mel replied.

“You are playing so hard to get today, Mel. You know that makes me insane with passions. First in my bed, secondly not getting into the shower. Well, I am going to have you my friend. Do you know how much I want to fuck you?” I was teasing him as I was placing my glass down.

“Come to me.” Mel whispered.

I leaned into him our lips touched we knew it was time. It was time to start building a faster, higher plane to fall from. I straddled his lap being certain to sit on his upper thighs. His hands cupped my ass; he tried to scoot me up. I wasn’t moving; I was tonguing his throat. Wrapping my hands around his head I was grinding myself on his legs.

“MMmmm now you’re talking.” He said when I gave him back his mouth.

I was enjoying the circular motions. Looking at him with deep stares he kept cupping my ass. I was beginning to become hypnotized with this sensual throbbing. I felt his fingers nimbly undo my buttons dropping my dress to my waist. I had a lightweight corset on his fingers happily made short time of that.

Throwing it over onto the blanket he hungrily started his sucking. Sucking, pulling using his lips. He pulled, tweaked, and brought me to many small climaxes. I was feeling sensational; his shorts were becoming quite wet. I felt the hard ridge of his cock straining to be freed.

Pushing me back onto my back he managed to undress us both. I was wrapping my long legs around his upper body. He was content with kissing my face my neck. I was enjoying the closeness we were in no hurry. We didn’t need to rush at least not yet.

“Mel I want to suck your cock.” I whispered sexily.

His shoulders were flexed his back stretched for me to see. I wasn’t making him see that I needed to feel his cock. I needed to suck it make him feel spacey, too. I tried with my thighs to turn him over; he laughed with my nipple still in his mouth. I loved the carefree, relaxed feeling we shared.

“Okay, taksim escort please pretend I can make you turn over. Please?” I begged.

“Yes mam. How’s this?” He said laughing turning over.

Cock was rock hard I was between his legs quickly. Placing my hands on either side I walked up his body. Once even with his mouth I leaned down for a passionate kiss. He responded with one back. Kiss for kiss, touches, and licks, blowing I found his erogenous zones. Making him shiver, I felt in control knowing he was though.

As I got to his hipbones I was licking him careful to not touch his cock. He was patient all though his hips were making thrusts. I patted them to make him stop which caused him to increase. I knew him so well. His hands were starting to move down towards my hair. I felt the weight of his hand resting on my head. He was becoming aroused.

I loved the weight of his hand I knew he needed me, more. I moved down where his cock was just thisclose to my lips. I made eye contact we enjoyed this. Without hands I put my lips around his cock. Same moment darted my tongue inside his opening. His body tensed his hand hugged my head closer. I was in heaven. Sucking his cock was pleasurable for us both. I worked its length, width. Along the underside I had sucked his cock hearing his encouragement’s. His body was responding in deep moans. I wanted to hear him so I made sure to lick him sensually.

“Ahhhh I’m so close Alex. Come here get on me.” Mel hoarse voice strained from trying not to cum.

I felt the swelling increase in his cock, I hurriedly moved up his body. Allowing his Cock to drop out he let out a deep moan. My pussy was spread just above his cock. His hips instinctively shoved upwards, his hands shoved me down.

“Mmmmmmmm……. Mellllll.. Ohhhh fuckkkkkkk Yesssss…” I shouted out.

His shoving upward was met by my pressing down. We had the perfect rocking Going to bring us both maximum enjoyments.

“Oh yes, Alex this is it. Oh you are so fucking hot inside. I can feel you squeezing me. I’m aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” Mel’s voice faded.

I leaned down kissed his lips feeling his spurts bathing me deeply. I was rocking on him throwing my arms over my head. His cock was semi hard he allowed me to enjoy myself. I wiggled my pussy all over that cock. His hands kept busy with my nipples sending little electrical shocks deep in me.

We enjoyed the after play we had worked on the leisure play. Feeling his cock rubbing inside of me. Slipping out sliding all around my lips. The head flicking my clit caused me shivers. He loved the heaviness of my tits weighing in his hands. The pinching of my nipples caused me to cry out at times.

I took my hands placed them between my thighs feeling his cock. It was solid again grinning I picked up a little speed. Riding him like a bronco I was delirious in the moment. His hands lay upon my hips making me centered. After each full circle he would use his fingers and stroke my clit.

“Mmmmmm nice baby.” I moaned.

Closing my eyes I fell into the eroticism. Mel, the outdoors, sensually being stimulated we were in no hurry. We had the time, desires, and the need for one another.

We didn’t note the first rain drops the clap of thunder brought us into focus. We were in for a thunderstorm; here we were both nude. Grabbing everything we ran towards the car. Mel couldn’t find the keys. The lightening brought into focus our predicament. topkapı escort Looking around we saw the old barn. Making a straight run for it we made it as the lightening lit the sky.

Fresh hay was strewn around we fell upon a heap laughing. In seconds we jumped up the sticking in our nakedness hurt.

“Well that was just dumb. That just damn hurt. Are you okay Alex?” Mel asked pulling a few lingering pieces out of his thigh.

“Mel are we safe here?” I asked timidly.

He pulled me close to him we had forgotten we were naked again. We felt comfortable like that. He kissed my lips softly, held me until I quit shaking. I left my head upon his chest.

“Yes Alex we are safe. The barn looks relatively new. Let’s just relax. How about some lunch?” Mel said casually.

Spreading out the blanket I looked over at him. He was so sexually superior to any other man I knew. He wasn’t rushed. He knew the secret that the journey was the real deal.

“Oh look its truly beautiful the lightening. Here, some more cheese?” I asked excited.

The lightening was nature’s most stunning work of art. Crackling across the darkened sky the long fingers of silver seemed to have a life of their own. The rain dropped the temperature by at least twenty degree’s causing my nipples to hardened. I wasn’t aware of how cold it was getting until I felt the warmth of the wine spreading through me. I felt Mel coming up behind me his touch came at the clap of thunder. I jumped he pulled me to him kissing my neck. He made his chest available for me to lean upon.

Lightening was giving us her best show. I was losing focus on the storm. Mel had taken my legs spreading one on each thigh. He opened his legs a little I was exposed as the storm now. His hands came around finding my clit, I reached down found his balls. I was massaging them leaning back to kiss his mouth. We had gotten so aroused by the storm.

“Oh fuck baby it’s I mean oh fuck……..I’mmmmm cummminnnngggggggg….” I shouted into space.

I sprayed us both as lightening unfolded across the inky sky.

“Oh that’s it come on Alex. I know you have to cum again. Give it to me.” He commanded.

I wasn’t able to hold back the waves they started in my spine. Captured my brain numbed my tongue. No thoughts would come. His fingers were slipping around my clit causing me to shake.

“Nnnnooooooo moreeeeee…Pleasseeeeee moreeeeeeee….nowwwwww…” I whispered biting my lip.

I felt him shuffle us before I knew it he was behind me. He had my ass in the air sliding around my pussy. Feeling his powerfully built cock moving around behind me I began pushing back. Mel needed some piston pumping. I felt his hands clasp my hips, center me he plunged in fully.

“Oh fucckkkkkk….” I spat into the hay.

Mel’s hips were slamming into my flesh. Slapping sounds being buried by the sounds of the storm. Screaming echoing from the stalls. He pounded harder, I felt his changing need. He was going to cum with a full showering of white-hot cum. Mel’s fingers dug into my hips the barn filled with screams from passions fulfilled.

The heat from his cum brought mine ripping out of me. We were joined in the dance of sheer animal delights. Moving in unison, making each other feel the power of desires.

Finally we fell upon the ground entwined. Mel managed to grab the blanket wrapped us inside. We laid there in the opening of the barn watching the storm. Exhausted completely, totally consumed, we found ourselves tucked safely away. Our bodies felt bruised by so many tender touches. That delicious feel of being touched by one another. Our minds were on another plane above our bodies. We didn’t need to speak.

It turned out to be the worst electrical storm of that year. We remembered it as being our own afternoon delight.

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