Adventures with Leslie Ch. 13

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Double Penetration

Chapter 13 – Surprise

I woke the next morning feeling like a new man. I breezed through the normal routine and embraced the day. I got to work early and felt extremely productive. My day was winding down and I was enjoying a positive feeling when the phone rang. I did not recognize the number, so I wondered whether or not to actually pick it.

“Hello,” I answered cautiously.

“It’s Mindy,” she announced.

“Hey there,” I responded. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she confirmed. “I am having trouble with Brad, but whatever. Anyway, I really called to tell you that it’s Leslie’s birthday. She is going to be working late tonight, so I thought you could just remember to call her and wish her a happy birthday.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I appreciate you letting me know that. I certainly will remember to call her.”

“Great,” Mindy exclaimed. “She really lights up when we talk about you. I think it’s more than this game you all are playing.”

“I’m sure it’s not anything more than that at all,” I lied. “But I will be sure and let her know that I know it’s her birthday.”

“Ok, thanks,” Mindy responded. “Bye.”

As she ended the call I was astonished. I was so used to being hung up on that I had no idea how to react to this. I began thinking about Leslie and all that had happened last night. She was in charge of this game and she sent Brooke and Vivian to fix me. She had shown me pieces of her soul and given me amazing orgasms. I wanted to surprise her with something nice.

When my workday was done I headed to the florist and got her a dozen orange roses. I also went to the bakery and got her a cake for one. I was proud of myself. I ataşehir escort called the office and got the voicemail system. I hung up and dialed back on Emma’s direct line.

“Emma Cartwright,” she answered in her most professional voice.

“Emma, it’s me,” I informed her.

“Hey, you,” she responded. “Feeling better today?”

“Much, thank,” I admitted. “Is anyone else left in the office?”

“No, just Leslie and I,” she acknowledged. “Why?”

“I want to surprise Leslie for her birthday,” I explained.

“How did you know,” she inquired. “She never tells anyone.”

“I have ways of getting information,” I played. “You ladies are not the only ones creative in this game.”

“Well done, stud,” she applauded. “I am leaving in the next 10 minutes, so Leslie will be here alone. The code to get in the office suite is 3445.”

“Thanks,” I said and I hung up the phone.

I don’t know what came over me, but I felt like I was running the game. I had a gigantic ego and felt invincible. No wonder these women like this game so much, this was such a rush.

I drove from the shopping plaza where I was directly to their office. I let myself in using the code Emma had given me. I had the flowers in one hand and the bakery box in the other as I sauntered towards Leslie’s office. I stood silently in the doorway as she had her head buried in a document she was making notes on. I watched in delight. She was a naturally sexy woman and her black hair bounced as she wrote. It was almost charming.

“Happy birthday,” I stated, expecting to startle her.

She was not startled. In fact, she did avcılar escort not even stop writing. I was somewhat disappointed.

“Like I wasn’t going to find out you were stopping by,” she laughed without picking her head up from her page. “You found out it was my birthday, which is not an easy thing to do, so I am impressed. But you were not going to get two victories in one day, my boy.”

“Fair enough,” I chuckled. “Where should I put these?”

She looked up and her smile went to a look of shear surprise. I guess she was not expecting me to show up with flowers.

“Set them on the chair and I will take them with me when I go,” she stumbled through her words. “Thank you.”

“You are more than welcome,” I responded as I put the cake box and the flowers on the chair as instructed.

“Why orange,” she inquired.

“Orange roses represent desire,” I divulged. “Similar to how I feel for you.”

“That is sweet, but I don’t have time tonight,” she explained.

“Time for what,” I solicited.

“Anything other than work,” she fired back.

“All work and no play makes Leslie a dull girl,” I toyed with her.

“I am far from dull,” she growled. “Plus, I don’t have time to do everything I want with you so why start.”

“Get up,” I ordered.

“What,” she asked, confused but stern.

“I said, get up,” I repeated.

She stood and I lead her out from behind her desk. I kissed her softly on the lips, then softly on the cheek. I kissed her softly down her neck and lifted her by her hips onto her desk. I slid her skirt up and slid her panties down her legs and over her shoes. avrupa yakası escort I tossed them on top of the flowers on the chair.

“It’s your birthday and here is my present to you,” I informed her.

I laid her gently on her desk and kissed her exposed bald pussy. I licked her clit and spread her lips with my fingers. I nibbled her clit lightly as she groaned. I licked up and down her lips and inserted my tongue inside her slit several times. I licked in circles around her opening and tasted her juices. She squirmed a little and I continued my circular motions.

I returned my attention to her clit, lapping at it. I pressed my tongue down on it and teased it. I returned to licking her lips and tongue fucking her. She squirmed more and sighed heavily. I lapped at her sexy hole and flicked her clit with my tongue. I held her lips open with my fingers and rammed my tongue inside her repeatedly before pressing my mouth over her entire mound. I pinched her clit between my teeth lightly and flicked with my tongue.

She moaned and twitched as I did so. I continued licking her wildly, ramming her vagina with my tongue. I wanted to fuck her but it was her birthday, so I ran my tongue back up her lips. I again pushed my tongue on top of her clit and pressed it against her body firmly. She writhed on her desk and increased my activity until I knew she had peaked.

Leslie grabbed the side of her desk with her hand and arched her back. I lapped and flicked her clit until she exploded. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my tongue deep inside her.

“OH FUCK,” she screamed as her box flooded with liquid.

I lapped at it until I was sure her orgasm was complete. She lay there, breathing heavily. I scooped her off the desk and stood her next to me. I lowered her skirt and sat her in the other chair in front of her desk. She looked at me in a haze.

I kissed her on the cheek. “Happy birthday,” I whispered.

I left her office and headed home. After all, she did need to get back to work.

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