Acting Out Reality

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I was doing a music video. I’m not an actress, by any means, but my friend Jason had practically begged me to be in it, so I relented and said yes. Jason was my best friend in high school, and we had remained close in the years since graduation. For years he had been trying to break into the music world, and things were finally going up for him. His debut CD was coming out and I was going to be in the video for one of the singles. I have always been his biggest fan, so I have to admit that I was excited about his music career taking off.

I had known Jason since I was 14, and we had been everything to each other through high school. Best friends, shoulders to cry on, confidants, sounding boards for ideas. We got along extremely well, and many of our friends thought that some say we’d give up on dating other people and get together. But, for one reason or another, things never worked out that way. Right out of high school Jason got married to his first wife, and I moved away and had my son. We stayed in contact off and on, our friendship always picking up right where it’d left off, as though we’d never been apart. As the years passed, we started noticing a physical attraction between us, though we never talked about it. We’d only ever taken it as far as kissing, but never made it past that. We drifted apart for a few years, but had managed to get back in touch and keep my friendship close. By the time that the video was coming around, Jason was married to his second wife, I was married to my second husband, and everything in the world was in the way of us ever pursuing a relationship. I’d gone back to where we’d grown up for the video shoot, and Jason met me at the airport. Like always, we picked up right where we’d left off, and everything in life seemed to stop in time.

I had always hated the memories from the area where Jason and I had grown up. But being in the places where Jason and I had been felt good. We’d gotten to the set, and I sat with Jason, talking and joking until it was time for me to get ready. For a music video, this was quite a production, I thought. After I was dressed and coiffed, I hung out with Jason and the director, talking about the premise of the video, and what my role was in the story. The song was about two friends who come to the point in their relationship where they could take it beyond friendship, or they could walk away and leave things as they were. I was playing the part of the woman in the friendship, and I gave Jason a knowing look when the story was fully explained, because of the obvious parallels to our own friendship. I joked Jason that he should play the guy in the video, and while he chuckled at the idea, he didn’t offer any information as to who was playing my counterpart.

I had heard the song for the video, many, many times. Jason always sent me the singles before anyone else heard them, and this one was one of my favorites. I had it memorized, and often hummed it under my breath. I had a reasonably good idea what was going to take place in the shoot, and the director seemed confident that I could pull my role off pretty believably. We were shooting in a popular bar that was in the area we’d grown up in, and I was supposed to be waiting for the friend to show up in the bar. To my amusement, Jason actually stepped in and took the role of the guy in the song. He told me that if this ended up being the only video that he ever did, he wanted to be in it with me. Something in the atmosphere of the shoot seemed to change at that point, and we were suddenly the focus of everyone’s attention. We sat at the bar, chatting away as the camera moved around us, playing our parts of the friends catching up. I picked up my set of keys at the appropriate point in the song, following along. Jason’s hand came down on top of mine, with the song, and I saw more than acting in his eyes when he looked at me. Suddenly, I was lost in the song, the music that Jason had written. There was a magic in the air, and I was caught up in it with Jason. Every word pendik escort of the song seemed to permeate the air around us, and everything suddenly seemed to hinge on what was going on between us. Suddenly we were no longer characters in a video story, the characters had become us. Taking my hand, Jason led me onto the dance floor, and we started to slow dance, like we had in high school at the dances we’d been at. He pulled me close to him, locking his eyes to mine. We were staring at each other when Jason leaned down and kissed me. Gentle at first, the kiss turned hard and hungry in an instant. His tongue explored my mouth, tasting me at will. From my mouth he went to my ear lobes, nipping and kissing at them till I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle right there on the dance floor. I clung to him to remain vertical. His mouth returned to mine, and his kisses were making me lightheaded. “CUT!” I heard the director say, but neither one of us pulled away from each other. We stood there kissing for what seemed like another 10 minutes, until we heard someone clearing their throat behind us. We pulled away, and the director seemed pleased with the way the video was taking shape up to that point. The next scenes were being filmed elsewhere, so we had to leave the bar. Never letting go of my hand, Jason and I left and loaded up for the ride to the next scene.

By this point, everything from the past had come flooding back. All the feelings that I’d been suppressing for so long we back in full force. I felt almost like I was back in high school again, riding around with Jason in his car, with not a care in the world. I sat in the car as were rode along, the sexual tension between me and my high school best friend thick between us. His kisses had awakened long lost desires, and now those desires were demanding to be met. I had no clue what Jason was thinking or feeling or wanting, but every cell in my body was screaming to throw him on the nearest hard surface and ride him like a wild woman.

Still holding my hand, his fingers had started stroking my palm, my fingers, up to my wrist, all in lazy circles that sent tingles up my arm. I let go of his hand, resting mine on the inside of his right thigh as he drove. I couldn’t help stroking his thigh, from his knee to his crotch. The higher up his thigh my hand went, the faster he drove, and Jason was a speed-demon as it was. We were flying down interstate 75 into the city, when Jason suddenly said, “I want you”. Actually it was more of a scream, with the windows down and the T-tops out, but I digress. Jason, ever the one for simplicity, told me everything I had been wondering in three words. He hadn’t been playing for the camera. He wasn’t trying to mess with my head. He wanted me. And it hit me like a ton of bricks that I wanted him too. For a lifetime, in reality, but more immediately I wanted his body under mine screaming my name like it was the last thing holding him to this Earth. And soon. Jason glanced my way, meeting my eyes, and then hit the throttle again, trying to get us through the shoot faster.

The next scenes in the video were taking place in this swanky hotel suite downtown. The scene had us cuddling on a couch, contemplating staying friends or taking things past friendship. So there we were, me laying halfway on him on the couch, him running his fingers through my hair. The lyrics to the song indicated that I didn’t know if I should stay there and let things flow, or leave, and so I picked up my head and looked at him with a questioning expression. The scene showed Jason talking to me, telling me that I could stay with him and make new memories, and me looking surprised about it. In reality, he was saying the same things as the lyrics, and the camera actually caught me puzzling over whether or not I wanted to make love to him with the cameras there. I started disentangling myself from his arms, and got up off of the couch. Jason sat up, grabbing at my hand. I pulled silivri escort him over to the wall in the room, and shoved him against it. I caught his face in my hands and kissed him deeply and rough. I didn’t want gentle, I didn’t want slow, I wanted his touch, now. I’d been waiting and wanting him for far too long to wait any longer, and romance was going to have to wait until later.

Jason’s arms went around me, pulling me to him and our mouths did battle with tongues. Years of longing and lust were coming out, and there was no stopping what had started. Jason’s hands went deep into my waist-length hair, keeping me up against him, and I heard the crew of the shoot whoop and cheer at us. I started kissing his ear lobes, and heard him growl in response. I stuck my tongue in his ear, and he started panting in mine. I pulled away from him; long enough to yank his shirt over his head and toss it away before devouring his mouth in another kiss. Leaving his mouth, I dragged my tongue down his throat, laving circles onto his skin. I leaned down and nipped at his nipples, making them hard in response. He pulled my hair then, pulling my head back and upwards towards him, and sank his tongue into my mouth again. My top came off before I’d realized that he had been undoing the buttons, and his mouth was sliding across my collar bone and down the valley between my breasts. I found one of my legs pulled up around his waist, held there by his arm, while the other leg was barely on my tip-toe. I pulled myself from him, shoving him flat against the wall again with my hands on his shoulders. Going back to his nipples, I tongued circles around them until they were hard peaks, and Jason was moaning in response. My hands went to the fly of his jeans, undoing the belt, and popping the top button undone. I hit my knees in front of him, my throat resting next to the fly of his jeans, looking up at him. I didn’t know if the cameras were still there or not, and at that point in time, I didn’t really care. I grinned at Jason, waiting to see what his reaction was going to be to me now.

“We can always edit out the sex”, I heard the director say. I chuckled, realizing they were watching me make out with Jason. Jason didn’t appear to care anyone else was there. Using my teeth, I took his zipper down, laying open his jeans at the waist. I licked and teased across the top of his boxers, dipping under them now and then to torment him more. Jason’s head rolled backward to the wall, eyes closed in pleasure. I pulled his jeans and his boxers down and off of him, tossing them aside, and his cock sprang to me, eager for attention. Before I could get to it, though, Jason pulled me to my feet and headed to the bed that was behind the couch. Hitting his knees in front of me, he teased my nipples through my bra, making them stand like I’d made his stand up. He nibbled and sucked them until I was whimpering and moaning for more. Reaching behind me, my bra sprang open and was tossed away. I wasn’t interested in Jason’s timeframe, I wanted him as soon as possible, and was determined to get what I wanted.

I pulled Jason to his feet and then shoved him onto his back on the bed. I followed him, straddling him on my knees. I claimed his mouth once more, and then slid kisses down his chest and belly, to the base of his cock. Hard and yearning, the veins full on his cock, he looked delicious. I licked and teased all around the base of his cock, never touching it. I wanted him begging for me before I took him, before I made him orgasm. Hands dug into my hair, trying to urge me to take his cock into my mouth, but I pulled away, avoiding what he wanted, and going at my own pace. Slipping my breasts around his cock, I teased him with my nipples. Dipping lower, I slipped one ball into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it until I thought Jason’s back would break from arching against me. His hands grabbed at me, searching for a place to hold on. I grabbed both wrists and pinned şirinevler escort them to his sides, keeping him from holding onto me and allowing me control of his touching me. Minutes of playing with one of his balls had his cock leaking with pre cum, and I gave the same attention to the other ball.

“Oh God, please…….please…..more!” I heard Jason moaning. I gave him more, teasing him till he was wriggling under my mouth. Loving the taste of pre cum, I drew my tongue over the tip of his cock, cleaning off the pre cum that was there. Jason bucked against me, grabbing me by the arms and hauling me up level with his face. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Suck my cock, or fuck me, one or the other, please, before I die of your teasing!” Grinning wildly, I bent my head back to his cock, taking his full 8 inches deep into my throat in one stroke. Jason’s hands went back to my hair, and I forced them back to his sides again so I could suck his cock at will. I went slow, deliberately teasing him, making him thrust up against my mouth. Long slow licks up his cock, bending his cock back and licking short strokes down the underside, and nipping at the base. More pre cum was oozing out of the tip, and I cleaned it up with a quick sucking motion, making Jason gasp. Taking him deep in my throat I bobbed up and down on his cock, a steady rhythm that I knew was going to make him cum soon. “More……more…….god YES!” Jason cried, and I knew he was getting close to cumming, so I slowed down almost to a complete stop. Jason started whimpering, and then started calling my name, begging for me to finish him off. I watched him writhing under me, desperate for his orgasm, until he wrenched a hand free and grabbed his cock.

No way no how was I going to let him finish what I’d started. Oh HELL no. He would cum when I was ready for him to cum, and not by his own hand. I grabbed his hand, pulling it off his cock, and started sucking his fingers. He started twitching, and I moved over him, angling his cock at the opening to my pussy. This was something I’d only daydreamed about and now I was about to do it. My head swam with lust and the power that I had to make Jason cum. I slid down on him, one inch at a time, taking his cock into my tight pussy. I went as deep as I could, and sat up on him. Jason’s hands went to my hips, clenching down on them tight, sending zaps through my hips. He raised his head; looking down at his cock buried in me, then dropped his head back to the pillow. I leaned down to his ear and whispered, “Hold on tight, it’s going to be a hard ride!” Swiveling my hips like I was using a hula hoop, I rode my best friend. His cock inside me felt incredible. I could feel every inch of him inside me, stretching my pussy to fit him. He was a good fit in me, and I loved the sensation of him sliding in and out of me. His fingers dug into my hips, holding me onto him as I rode. I felt the juices of my pussy sliding down over his cock and out onto his lap. His cock was rubbing my g spot, deep inside me, and I was moaning for more. I rode harder, trying to make that sensation more intense, and was rewarded with Jason’s hips bucking against me. I grabbed onto his knees behind me and kept going. Deep within me I felt his cock start throbbing, and knew that his cock was about to shoot cum up into me. My pussy was soaking wet, squeezing around the hard shaft inside it. Jason’s thumb rubbed my clit and stroked me to orgasm as his cum started poring into my pussy. I bucked on his hips, unable to control my movements, lost in orgasm. We were both screaming, and I thought I heard cheering, but I couldn’t say for sure now. I’d totally forgotten about the film crew about the time we’d started kissing.

I fell forward onto Jason’s chest, breathing like I’d just run a marathon. Jason wrapped his arms around me and held me against him, his breathing just as ragged as mine. We lay like that for a while, recovering, enjoying the feel of each other against us. I knew that nothing could ever be the way it had been before between us. I didn’t know what to say to Jason at that point. I looked up at him, and found him staring back at me, eyes full of love. Suddenly I felt awkward, like a teenager again. Jason brushed a kiss across my forehead, and the nerves passed. “I want you too.” was all I could say, and knew he understood my meaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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