A Surprise Home Welcoming

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He walked into the dimly lit room, a smile slowly inching onto his face. Even as his eyes adjusted to the light, he knew where the petals were leading him to. He could find his way here even in the dark. He had just come home from work and had followed the trail of red rose petals from the front door, up the stairs, and to the one room he would always be willing to be led to; their bedroom.

He made his way to the bed, a bit surprised to find only a folded piece of paper with a kiss mark on the corner. The mark was left by the lips he had been thinking about all day and had been longing for since he pulled into their driveway that night. He picked up the note and held it to his nose. It smelled just like her, a light flowery aroma with a hint of vanilla. He loved the way she smelled. He unfolded the paper and read the words “Turn around” in her writing.

He did as he was told and, as he turned back to where he had just come from, he caught a glimpse of a figure in the doorway. It was her. She stood there leaning against the door frame in, what he assumed to be, nothing but her black silk robe. Her hands were lightly gripping the tie that held the fabric to her bare skin and her hair fell loosely around her face, her skin glowing in the light.

She slowly began to walk towards him, loosening the knot between her delicate fingers. As the tie separated, her robe slowly fell open to reveal the smooth skin just between her tender breasts. He could already see her nipples beginning to break through the soft fabric, responding to her heightened arousal and his own reciprocating as a slight bulge began to form through his pants. As the tie came apart completely, so did the robe, revealing first her tight stomach and then the small, neatly istanbul escort trimmed patch that hid what he was waiting for most; her sweet pussy. Just as she came to stop in front of him, she let the robe fall to the floor revealing herself entirely. She looked up at him with a teasing smile as he took her in with his eyes. She was absolutely beautiful.

He placed both his hands on either side of her head and bent his own head down to kiss her lips as she stood slightly on tip-toe to reach his. As they kissed passionately, his hands slowly wandered past the contours of her body. He kept one hand on her lower back, slightly squeezing the roundness of her ass, as the other wandered down to her chest. He caressed one breast in his hand and then the other, giving the nipple a slight enough pinch to make her moan before he moved on to her belly. Her skin was as smooth as the silk of her robe; his fingers flowed across it easily. He reached to cup the soft mound where her thighs met, as his other hand pulled her closer to him.

She broke her lips from his to pull off his shirt and reveal his own bare chest. She kissed his neck as she began to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants. While breathing into his ear, she gave the soft skin of the lobe a nibble before she returned her attention to his pants as they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and then lifted her up, her legs wrapping instinctively around him. He laid her down on the soft bedding and kissed her neck before kneeling in front of her legs which hungover the side of the bed. As he spread her legs apart, she began to shift, knowing what pleasures were in store for her. He nuzzled his face between warm thighs, breathing in her familiar kadıköy escort scent. He could already see how wet her pussy was and lightly licked the moist lips to take in her taste. He was immediately overcome with her sweetness and began to lap up her juices eagerly, sliding back and forth across the outer labia until her pussy opened to him wanting more. He slid his tongue inside of her, thrusting as far in as he could. She began to moan as the sensation toke over her. He began to nibble on her clit as it emerged from its hood and she could almost take no more. Hearing her own pulse in her ears mixed with her moans she could no longer control herself and came for what would be only the first of many that night. He continued to lash her with his tongue, sucking up every drop her pussy let out.

As her orgasm subsided, she ran her fingers through his hair begging him to come to her. He stood in her view and she could see his own member waiting to be let out of the last bit of clothing he had on. She sat up to pull down his boxers and was greeted by his fully erect cock. She licked the tip playfully, which sent him to moan in response. She slowly took him into her mouth, sucking with her tongue. Her hand wrapped around the base and began to stroke his shaft as her lips worked their magic on the head. When he could barely take anymore, he turned her around on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. He teased her by rubbing the head of his dick against her plump lips, entering just far enough that his head was completely surrounded by them. She moaned in anticipation. After taking himself out of her completely, he shocked her as he thrust himself into her in one fluid motion. He waited kağıthane escort for her pussy to adjust to his the sudden movement and then began to thrust in and out. He put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her up so that she rested against him. He grabbed onto her breast to help her begin to raise up and down onto him. She moaned as another wave of pleasure took over her and he stopped the movement, kissing her neck as she basked in her second orgasm. He sucked lightly before pulling himself out of her, his cock bathed in her wetness.

She laid down on her back as he positioned himself over her. Entering her again, this time even more slowly then the first, her lips almost throbbed as they “pulled” him into her. He bent her knees and entered her slowly then completely out again. She moaned as she could feel the head squeeze in and out of her tender lips. He began to thrust faster and faster, their breathing rising with his tempo and she began to raise her hips to move against him, his cock reaching the vast deepness of her pussy. He then raised her legs over his shoulders and she fully engulfed his vastness. Another orgasm built up in her as he began to pump her with a new earnest, the walls of her pussy beginning to milk him. Her pussy contracted completely as they met their peak and he exploded within her, filling her with his hot load. He thrust once more before they laid silently catching their breath. He kissed her once more, then pulled out, his cum beginning to leak from inside her. He lapped up their mixed juices before laying down as she got up to clean him off, licking off every bit of them from his still slightly hard cock. She kissed his thigh as she began to move back up his body. She kissed his chest and sucked on both his nipples before giving him a long kiss on his lips. He pushed her hair back behind her ears as he laid a kiss on her forehead, then she laid beside him, resting her head against him. She lightly caressed his chest as he wrapped his arm around her, caressing her smooth back and they fell asleep pleased from the night’s event.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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