A Night in the Desert

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It was just approaching dusk when Luke pulled into the tiny roadside gas station. He’d been driving for hours through the desert, hoping, as the tank neared empty, that he would happen upon a small outpost among the dust and sand. As he slowed the jeep and pulled up next to one of the pumps, he peered inside the small convenience store to see if anyone was still inside. Through the dirty old windows, he thought he could make out a small light coming from another room in the back of the store.

Getting out of the jeep, he could see that the station was cash-only as the pumps looked like they had been installed sometime during the Nixon administration. Luke walked toward the store and found, much to his surprise, that the double pane door was unlocked. As he entered, a small bell positioned over the door chimed and he heard someone moving in the back room. Luke walked toward the counter and looked back toward the open door that led into the other room.

“Just a second. I’ll be right out.” He heard a female voice call out.

Luke suddenly felt relieved, realizing that he wouldn’t end up sleeping in his car in the desert tonight. As it turns out, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

As he stood waiting, he saw the door swing open, and she walked out toward the counter. She moved quickly, her nubile body bouncing in time with her stride. Luke took notice of her long legs, wrapped up in tight, dark blue denim which cut off just above her hips. Moving up her shapely figure, he stopped on the exposed area of beautifully tanned skin above her jeans and just below the tight, white cotton tank top that he noticed barely held in her firm ample breasts.

“Hi. Can I help you?” she asked as she approached him.

“Yeah, I’m, um, just about out of gas and wanted to fill up.” Luke could barely get the words out as he continued his attempt to look her in the eyes.

“Well, I’d love to help you out, but the storage tanks were emptied three days ago and I’m still waiting for a fill.”

“Seriously?” Luke responded in disbelief.

“Sorry. We’re not exactly first on the delivery schedule out here.”

Disappointed, Luke thanked her and slowly turned to leave. Realizing, though, that he wouldn’t get far on what remained in his gas tank and wondering how in the hell the only thing on this stretch of highway was a gas station with a beautiful woman and no gas, he thought he’d try his luck.

“I hate to ask this, but I’m not going cihangir escort to make it to a town on what’s left in my tank. Is there any way it would be possible to park here for the night and sleep in my car?”

“Well, you seem nice enough and trust me, you’re not the first person to get stuck out here,” she said with a bit of a smile. “You don’t have to sleep in your car though. There’s an extra cot in the back room I can bring out for you. I’m Katie by the way.”

Luke thanked Katie for her generosity and she invited him to join her for dinner. As he saw more of the small store, he realized the light he had seen wasn’t coming from just a small room but from an apartment built into the back of the store. As the night wore on, the two finished their dinner and talked over a few beers about everything from relationships to politics to what, if anything else, existed between Palm Springs and LA. Slowly, the beer bottles piled up and their inhibitions slowly broke down. Right around midnight, the conversation had fully swung from generic small talk to stories about past relationships and everything that went with them.

“So what happened, did the proverbial fire just die out?” Katie inquired, interrupting Luke’s story about his last girlfriend.

“No, no. The sex was phenomenal. It wasn’t that at all.”

“Oh really?” she said. “If the sex was that good, what could have gone wrong?”

“Well, there’s more to a relationship than sex,” he said, sounding more like a parent having an awkward talk with their child. “Wait, did I just say that? I think I’m done drinking for the night.”

This last comment elicited a giggle and a coy smile from Katie and something about the way he looked back at her made it clear that the mood had changed.

“That’s too bad, just when we were getting to the good part,” she said, putting down her beer and walking toward Luke where he sat on the cot.

He stared as she came closer. Looking deeply into her blue eyes as she brushed her honey blonde hair away from her face. Then moving down, taking in the shape of her body once again. Noticing the smooth, bronzed skin of her neck and tracing it down toward the cleavage that gave him just a peek at her large firm tits. He could feel his cock starting to stiffen, straining against the unforgiving fabric of his jeans.

As she reached him, Katie reached down for his hand, taking one finger and slowly sliding it into and esenyurt escort then out of her mouth. Holding his hand, she traced a line down her body with his finger. Down her neck, over those luscious mounds, across the smooth skin of her tight belly and down to the button on her jeans. Placing his hand there, she let go, leaving the next move up to him.

Luke immediately took charge, reaching up with both hands to undo the buttons, revealing a tiny pink lace thong. He looked up at her and then reached around to her hips, trying to pull her jeans off. But she took a step back, and, slipping her own fingers around the waist of her jeans, pulling them down. As her jeans came off, she turned slowly, revealing a perfect round ass. Luke watched the fabric of the thong disappear as he took in the view of her beautiful ass and long, shapely legs. He could feel his cock now testing the limits of his jeans and he reached down with one hand and squeezed the shaft through the denim, letting out a low groan of pleasure.

Katie took a step toward Luke and positioned her already moist pussy just inches from his face, hidden behind a small patch of fabric. Instinctively, Luke reached for her panties, pulling them down over her thighs and letting them drop to the floor. Katie stepped out of the thong with one foot and placed it on Luke’s leg. She moved her toes up just enough to tease the tip of his cock. Her legs now spread open, he could see her glistening pussy, completely shaven and fully exposed to him. Luke leaned forward, reaching his tongue out and flicking her already engorged clit.

“Mmm, oh god that feels good,” she moaned as she tilted her hips back, allowing him access to her slick pussy. Luke moved his tongue further back, searching her lips and sliding it just inside her wet hole. As he continued to lick and probe her cunt, she pulled off her tiny tank top, revealing her large, firm tits. She pinched her nipples, making them rock hard and sending a shiver straight through her down to where Luke continued his intense licking.

Grabbing the back of his head, she pulled him in tighter, forcing his tongue to press harder on her clit. He flicked his tongue over it with short hard strokes and he could hear her breathing becoming shallow.

“Luke, I’m going to cum. Oh god, keep licking, oh fuck….” she shouted and then trailed off. Her body tensed as she felt Luke reach up and slip a finger into her wet slit as he etiler escort tongued her clit. She began to tremble as her first orgasm washed over her. Katie held his head tight against her body, his mouth covering her clit as he continued to move his fingers in and out of her pussy. She slowly let him go as her orgasm subsided. Looking down, she could see that he had opened his jeans and taken his cock out and had been stroking it with one hand while he fingered her with the other.

Without hesitation, she knelt before him and took his hard cock in her hand. Wrapping her hand around his thick shaft she slowly began to stroke him while taking the head into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around his cock head, Luke let out a moan and leaned back on the cot. She quickly moved her mouth down the shaft, taking more and more of his cock. Cupping his balls in her hand, she moved her mouth all the way down to the base and pulled back until just the tip remained inside. Katie repeated this over and over, driving Luke toward his own orgasm. He could feel the cum building as she caressed his balls and deep throated his throbbing cock.

Knowing that it could all end too soon, Luke gently pulled her head back and reached up to pull her on top of him. As he lay back, Katie straddled him, moving her wet slit over the tip of his cock and causing precum to ooze out. She slowly lowered herself onto his thick cock, taking it all into her sopping wet pussy. Unable to hold back, Luke began thrusting in and out of her, feeling her warm wet cunt surrounding his cock. He reached up, taking her firm tits in his hand, and squeezing her nipples.

“Fuck me Luke, fuck me with your big cock. You feel so good inside me,” she said between shallow breaths.

Luke tried to speak, but could only moan in ecstacy as he pushed his cock deeper inside her. He could feel that he was close to cumming and tried to slow down but Katie kept riding him, bucking her hips, rhythmically impaling herself on him. Luke kept pumping, burying his cock inside her and bringing her toward another orgasm.

“Luke, I want you to cum inside me baby. Keep fucking me. I want to feel your cum in me,” she demanded, bouncing up and down and beginning to cum.

Katie screamed out as she came, this time more intense than the first. Her tight pussy squeezed his cock as she came, causing his cock to begin spasming. His cock felt hard as a rock as he pushed into her one last time and held her there as he shot stream after stream of hot cum inside her. Luke pulled her down toward him and held her tightly. As his orgasm ended, he could feel his cum dripping back down the shaft of his cock, mixing with her juices.

Exhausted, they looked into each other’s eyes, knowing that some nights only come along once in a lifetime.

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