Working late_(3)

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This story contains violent content if you find such things distressing please do not read on.

Stacey Sherwood hated working late, she hated end of month figures, and most of all she hated her fucking PC for having erased all her figures for the day. Now she was sat at her desk desperately trying to redo them before the cut off at eight. She flicked a lock of her red hair out of her eyes as she glanced up to the clock. Seven O’clock, only an hour to go. Fortunately she had less than thirty minutes work to do. She promised herself a large Chinese for dinner. Followed by a long bath filled with soothing salts to calm her down. This was not the best way to begin the weekend. She was twenty one, and should be planning to go out partying. Not staring at a computer screen.

A noise behind her startled her, she jumped and looked around. Suddenly very nervous at being alone in the building. Carefully she pushed her chair back, rose and walked slowly to the office door. Her heart was beating fast in her chest as she gingerly opened it. She looked out, nothing there. Then she heard footsteps coming from round the corner. She reached down to grab something for protection, and ended up holding a large stapler. She stepped out into the corridor, took a deep breath to calm her nerves and walked towards the footsteps. She turned the corner, nearly colliding with Alfred, the security guard.

“Christ!” Stacey gasped staggering against the wall.

“Miss Sherwood, you startled me.” Alfred said to her.

“Not as much as you scared me Alfred.” Stacey said back with a smile. He was somewhere in his late fifties with balding grey hair and a slightly wrinkled face. He smiled back at her.

“Sorry, I was just doing my rounds.” Stacey blew out a breath and calmed herself down. “Are you nearly done. I’m supposed to lock everything up at eight.”

“I know, I’ll be done by then, don’t worry.” She patted him on the arm and headed back to the office. They all loved Alfred, he was so nice and polite to them all. Back in the office she set to finished as quickly as she could, her bath calling to her already. Fifteen minutes later she was nearly finished when she heard a louder noise. It sounded like something falling over. She ignored it, it was only Alfred. When she heard a second loud noise she realised she could not ignore it. Making sure she saved her work before she left her station, she headed back out into the corridor. It was silent, she could not hear a sound.

“Alfred is that you?” She called out softly, her voice seeming frighteningly loud. She grabbed the stapler again and stepped out into the corridor. Slowly she walked down to the corner. Her high heels clicking quietly on the tiles of the floor. She felt suddenly alone and exposed. Reaching the corner she looked round, nothing. She took a deep breath, it was just her imagination running riot. The crash that suddenly filled the silence made her jump. Fearfully she walked towards the noise.

“If that’s just Alfred being clumsy I’ll murder him.” She muttered to herself as she reached the next corner. She stepped round it slowly, and froze in horror. It had been Alfred, but only because he was now on the floor. His head covered in blood having been smashed open by someone. Stacey stepped backwards, her hand on her mouth. Then a man appeared from the room next to Alfred’s body. He spotted her and she felt his gaze burn into her. She was frozen to the spot, too terrified to move. He looked back into the room

“Hey guys, look what I’ve found.” He said in a tone that sent a shiver up Stacey’s back. Two other men appeared from the room. All of them looking at her with expressions of almost hunger on their faces. Their gazes flicking up and down her petite figure. From her long flame red hair, down to her slightly angular face. Then to the white blouse she was wearing, that she had undone the top few buttons to keep her cool. Then down to the tight pencil skirt that reach down to just above her knees. Finally down to her shapely calves and the pair of black heels she had worn that day.

“Umm, looks like we can have more fun than just smashing the place up.” The one guy said. They moved towards her as a group. That moving broke Stacey from her frozen state. With a scream of terror she turned and ran. Heard them as they charge after her. She dashed into her office, slamming the door, looking round for something to pin it with. Before she could she felt a heavy weight slam against it. She tried desperately to hold it closed. But the three of them easily forced the door open. Stacey staggered back, putting space between her and them. They entered the room, fanning out around her. Stacey backed up more looking around for some way of escape. One of them dived towards her, she shrieked and jumped away from him. Nearly into the arms of his mate who had tried to sneak up on her. She dashed past him, diving for the door. The man she had first seen stopped her. He body checked her, slamming her into one of the tables. Before she could recover he grabbed her hair. Yanking her back he flung her across the room. She staggered in her heels, hit a chair and fell face first into the floor.

She scrambled to her feet, only for one of them to grab her and throw her over the nearest desk. She grunted as she slammed into it, the impact knocking the breath out of her. She clawed at the desk, trying to draw in a breath. A fist to the side of her face slammed her to the floor. Hands grabbed her arms and she was dragged across the room towards another desk. One of them grabbed her legs, she was lifted into the air and slammed down onto the desk, scattering it’s contents to the floor with a loud clatter. Stacey struggled to get free, but she was too weak and they illegal bahis were way too strong.

“Please, let me go, don’t hurt me.” She begged them as they held her down.

“Oh we’re so going to hurt you bitch.” The one guy said.

“We’re going to fucking rape you hard whore.” The other man told her. Stacey began to sob softly in fear.

“No, oh god please don’t” She begged, they all laughed. The first man lent forwards and tore open her blouse. He reached down to paw at her breasts through her bra. Then ripped the bra away.

“Umm, very nice tits you have there slut.” He told her as he roughly pawed at them.

“Oh god, I’m not a slut, please don’t do this.” Stacey said.

“All women are sluts, they all just want to be fucked hard.” He hiss back at her.

“And we are happy to help you with that.” One of the other men said. Stacey screamed for help, sobbing hard as she felt the man’s hands kneading her breasts hard. The three of them laughed.

“There’s no one coming to help you, I killed the guard.” The first man said. “Now let’s have a look at your cunt bitch.” as he spoke he began to pull her skirt down. Stacey fought against him, struggling to break free. Twisting her feet against the grip of the man holding her. She managed to break on foot free, lashing out with it against him. He was forced back, almost releasing her other foot. Before she could pull herself fully free the man pulling her skirt down slammed his elbow into her stomach. The air blasted from her lungs with a whoosh.

“Don’t be stupid bitch, you’re our slut to fuck as we want.” He snarled at her, before returning to yanking her skirt down. Stacey desperately drew in breath, as she did he dragged her skirt and panties off her. She felt him forcing his finger between her legs. She struggled, twisting and turning on the desk. The two men holding her down shifted to be able to pin her better. The man waited until Stacey was held down again before pushing his fingers between her thighs.

“Please, please no.” Stacey begged as she felt him sliding his fingers along her pussy. He laughed at her pleas, before ramming two fingers deep into her. She screamed in terror as she felt his fingers pushing into her. Tears ran freely down her face as she began to sob loudly.

“What’s her cunt like then.” The man holding her arms down asked.

“Nice, tight, hot.” His friend said as he thrust his fingers in and out of her. Stacey sobbed, gasping each time he pushed his fingers into her. After a short while he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. “Yes, I’m going to enjoy fucking your cunt slut.” He told her in a callous tone. Stacey shook her head desperately.

“No, please god no.” She begged, again he laughed. He moved round to grab her legs. Pulling her hard towards him. Placing himself squarely between her thighs. She felt him fumbling at his trousers. Panic shot through her, this could not be happening to her. She squealed, twisted her arms hard, yanked them free. Reaching up she clawed at the man’s face, trying to make him back off. He easily blocked her attack, then slammed his fist into her face. She fell back onto the table, for a second blacking out. By the time she had recovered he had removed his trousers. She froze as she felt his cock rubbing against her. As he moved to push it into her she tried again to break free. He reached up and grabbed her by the throat. Slamming her back down onto the table hard. Stacey grunted at the impact, her head span. Then she felt him pushing into her.

Stacey screamed as he thrust up into her hard. Ramming his cock inside her body. Pain and horror flashed through her as he began to rape her. Thrusting up with rough, hard thrusts. His hand around her throat holding her down as he did. She screamed, sobbed with each hard thrust. It just seemed to egg him on to be rougher. He reached up to paw at her breast, twisting it hard with his hand. Keeping up the constant thrusts into her. In, out, ramming in hard and fast. She cried out, deep racking sobs of pain. She could hear his friends urging him on.

“Yeah, fuck that whore hard. Ram it in her cunt.” They shouted as the man continued to rape her. Stacey tried to push him off her. But she was too small, and he was too strong. He pinned her by her throat slamming in and out harder and faster. His breathing coming in short gasps.

“Oh fuck!” He grunted suddenly, Stacey felt him cum inside her. She closed her eyes tight, sobbing softly as he emptied himself into her. He pulled out almost as soon as he had finished cumming. Stepping back away from her. Before she could react one of the other men dragged her off the table. Pushing her to her knees in front of him. He grabbed a handful of hair, yanking her head back.

“Right whore, I’m gonna fuck your mouth for you.” He hissed to her, then slapped her hard across the face. “If I even feel a hint of teeth I’ll ram them down your throat bitch. You got that.” He snarled at her, holding his fist inches from her face. Stacey nodded after a second, certain that he meant what he said. “Good, now get your mouth round my cock.” He pushed her head forwards until it was pressed into his groin. His hard cock rubbed over her face. “Open up, swallow it bitch.” He ordered her, twisting her hair with his hands. Stacey gasped in pain, and he forced his cock between her lips.

With a single thrust he rammed his cock right down her throat. Stacey gagged, choking on him. He laughed as he held himself right down her throat.

“Come on bitch, swallow it all. That’s it, deep throat me like a good slut.” He said, laughing all the time. Just as Stacey was certain she was going to be sick he pulled back. She swallowed against the bile in her throat. illegal bahis siteleri Only to have him force his cock down her throat again. She wretched, feeling herself about to throw up. He pulled back suddenly, then slapped her across the face.

“Oh no bitch, no throwing up allowed. You puke on me and I’ll bust you up so hard.” He told her as she fought not to be sick. She was gagging, swallowing hard against the rising bile in her throat. He yanked her head back by her hair. “Come on slut, swallow it. No puking allowed.” He snapped, slapping her across the face. Stacey forced herself not to be sick. Pushing the urge down, terrified of being hurt any more. When she had managed to get control of herself he yanked her into his cock again.

“Open up, suck on me, swallow it bitch.” He snarled at her, pushing his cock into her mouth. Stacey breathed hard through her nose, fighting not to gag as he thrust his cock into her mouth again. Pushing it right down her throat. She dug her nails into her knees to take her mind of the need to throw up. He began to push in and out of her mouth. Each time forcing her to swallow all of him. His hand curled tightly in her hair, pushing her head forwards into him. Stacey gagged repeatedly, struggling not to be sick.

“That’s it slut, swallow that cock.” He kept saying, slapping her face each time he said it. Thrusting in and out of her mouth. “Suck on me, suck hard you whore.” He hissed to her after a while. Stacey was not sure she could, not while she was gagging on him. She saw him lifting his fist, forced herself to try. Somehow, she had no idea how, she managed it. Sucking on him as much as she could each time he thrust his cock into her mouth.

“Hell yeah slut, suck it like a whore. While I fuck your face.” He crowed as she sucked on him. His cock repeatedly pushed to the back of her throat. Stacey felt the tears running down her face, tears of pure humiliation as he forced her to swallow him. Forced her to suck on him as he fucked her face. Letting him ram his cock right into her mouth again and again.

Like the first man there was no warning when he came. Suddenly his cum was pumping into her mouth, with his cock pushed to the back of her throat. She choked, gagged as it filled her mouth. Desperately she forced herself to swallow. She felt some of his cum slipping out onto her chin. It dripped down onto her chest. Her tears grew stronger as he held himself fully in her mouth until he had empted himself fully. Once he had he pulled back, looking down at her to laugh.

“Oh look, the slut couldn’t manage all my cum.” He said to the other two, who joined in with his laughter. Stacey reached up to wipe her chin and chest dry. She began to reach down to wipe the cum off her hand on the carpet. The man quickly grabbed her hand to stop her.

“No, lick it clean. I want to see you swallow it all.” He ordered pushing her hand into her face. Stacey closed her eyes tight, licking her tongue over her hand to clean off the cum. She felt him watching her as she swallowed slowly. He laughed again, releasing her hand. She hung her head in shame as she waited, knowing the third guy was about to humiliate her some more.

She was grabbed, pushed forwards over a desk. Bent over with him behind her. She felt him pushing his cock against her. Then with a hard thrust he was in her. Stacey sobbed softly, grunting with each thrust as he rammed in and out. His thrusts pushing her into the desk. His hands grabbing her by the hair, pushing her face first into the wood surface. Unlike the other two he was not silent as he used her.

“Oh fuck take it you little slut.” He gasped as he rammed in and out. “Right in your cunt you whore.” He kept up a string of insults and comments as he raped her. Repeatedly telling her that she was a whore and a slut. That her cunt was so tight etc. Stacey lay still on the desk, not moving, not reacting. Only sobbing softly, tears still running down her face as he took her. His cock slamming into her hard making her grunt with each thrust.

She waited, knowing he was soon going to cum in her. Then they would, she hoped, be finished with her. She felt him thrusting harder, heard him gasping deeply. Knew what was about to happen. With a single cry he came, pumping his cum into her. Stacey shivered, sobbing a little harder. She wondered if she would get pregnant from this. She hoped not, she also hope none of them had any disease she might catch. She waited for the man to pull out of her. Then sank down to her knees, hugging herself softly. Unfortunately they were not finished with her. The first man yanked her back up. Pushing her back over the desk. Stacey sobbed softly as she felt him pressing his cock against her again. Then she gasped as he moved it up, not to her pussy but her ass.

“No, no god no.” She shouted, suddenly fighting hard against him. For a second she managed to push him away. Until he grabbed her hair, he smashed her face into the desk. She felt her nose splatter on the wood, as he pulled her back up she could see a bloody stain. Then he twisted her round to face him. His knee rammed into her stomach, bending her in two. He grabbed her again, slamming her back over the desk. She felt him moving against her. Tried to struggle, but was too stunned from his blows to properly fight. Then he was pressing against her ass.

“Please no, oh god no, noooooo!” The last word turned into a scream of pain as he thrust into her hard. His cock tearing into her ass. He grunted as he rammed in. Pinning her down he pulled back and rammed in again, then again. Screams were torn from her throat, harsh cries of pain. It felt like hot pokers were being pushed into her back. She reached back, clawing at canlı bahis siteleri him. One of the other men grabbed her arms. Forcing them above her head and pinning them down. The man raping her ass continued to thrust in and out. Harsh, forceful thrusts, ramming himself into her. The pain was worst that anything she had ever felt. Stacey had never let a man do anything to her ass before. This it was worst than she could ever imagine.

Each thrust shot pain through her. Her breath was blasted away, forcing her to gasp for air. She felt light head already from their brutal beating. Under the repeated thrusts into her she soon was on the edge of unconsciousness. Only the sharp pain from his thrusts kept her from blacking out. Her throat was hoarse from screaming. She felt something trickling down her thighs, realised it must be blood from her ass. She screamed louder at the realisation. Finally he came in her, the jet of cum only adding to her pain. She squealed as she felt him cumming in her. He held himself thrust up into her ass until he had fully cum. Only then did he pull back.

“Oh dear, I seem to have made her asshole bleed a little.” He told the others as he moved back. Their laugh was one of pure evil. Stacey gasped for breath round the stabbing pain still coming from her ass. She dare not move, her legs could not hold her up. It was only when she heard one of the men speaking that she tried to move.

“All the better for me, a bit of lube.” He said, Stacey pushed herself along the desk. Desperate to try and get away. Her efforts were in vain, he caught her at the end of the desk. Grabbing her and flipping her up on her back on the desk. The impact caused her head to slam against the opposite edge. Blackness flashed over her vision. She felt warm liquid seeping into her hair, knew that at some point they had cut open her head. She was very light headed, it was hard to think or act. Her body felt heavy as she tried to move. She felt the man bending her legs backwards, pressing himself against her ass.

“No, not again, please.” She said, her words slurring as she spoke. Then he slammed into her hard. The angle of his thrust seemingly adding to the pain. Her scream ripped out of her throat, she arched backwards. He thrust in and out, hard, rough. Ramming his cock into her, raping her ass. Stacey screamed loudly, the pain lancing through her like fire.

“Oh shut up whore.” The third man said as he forced his cock into her mouth. She gagged on him, choking as he forced his cock up her throat. He held her head still, ramming in and out of her hard. His cock catching at the back of her throat, it felt like he was ripping at her throat. She gagged repeatedly on him, trying to scream around him as the other man continued to rip into her ass. The two men repeatedly forced their cocks into her. Ramming into her ass and throat. Stacey was pulled between screaming and gagging. She could not breath properly, her nose bunged with blood. Her vision began to blur. On top of it all her hearing was going funny, she could hear what sounded like ringing or tearing metal.

Just as she was on the verge of falling unconscious the man fucking her mouth came. Pumping his cum into her mouth. Her throat was too sore to swallow, the angle to sharp. His cum pumped out into her mouth, sliding down over her face. Then she felt the man raping her ass cumming in her. She screamed at the pain, spitting the last of the cum up over herself as she bucked against the agony. He emptied his cum in her, pain flashing through her body. She dropped back on the desk as he pulled out. Unable to move, beyond gasping for breath and sobbing softly. She could not even fight when they grabbed her and pulled her to the edge of the desk again.

“Of course you little slut never thought we’d let you go did you?” She heard the first man say. Stacey lifted her head up to see him holding the broken leg off one of the chairs. The end jagged and torn from where he had ripped it off. That had been the tearing sound she had heard. She looked at him for a few seconds before the meaning of his words sunk in.

“No, no, I won’t tell anyone. Please god, don’t do it.” She began to beg, “oh god I don’t want to die.”

“That’s a pity bitch, cos that’s what’s going to happen.” The other two held her down as he positioned himself in front of her. Stacey fought for her life, but was too weak from their beatings to put up much of a struggle. Her head span too much, her limbs felt like lead and she could not breath properly. In horror she watched him position the jagged end of the leg between her thighs.

“No, you can’t, not like that please.” Stacey said in terror as it dawned on her what he was about to do.

“Oh but I can bitch. I told you at the start we could fuck you any way we wanted. And I want to do this.” With that he pushed the end into her. Stacey let out a screech as she felt the jagged edges of the metal rip into her pussy. It tore into her flesh, pain blasted through her. He pushed in, then dragged it out. The one man grabbed her hair, lifting her head up to make her watch. Stacey saw the end of the leg was red with her blood. The man pushed it back into her again, she screamed. He nodded and her head was released, yet she could not look away, had to watch. She watched in terrified fascination as the man wrapped both hands around the end. Be took a second to brace himself before he thrust the leg up into her with one hard movement. Stacey screamed as she felt the metal tear through her body. Her scream ending in a horrible gurgle as it ripped open her lungs. Blood filled them, blasting out from her mouth over her.

“Woohoo, way to go.” The one man said as he watched. Stacey never heard it, she died as the leg tore into her heart. The three men stood looking at her for a moment. Then they quickly redressed and left. Leaving her naked body on the desk to be found by her colleagues in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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