Wine for Two

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By C.P. Perry

The teenage boy could only imagine how much money the massive suburban home cost. Andrew arrived an hour after sunset, but there was no perfect night sky; the streetlights were blocking out the stars. That was the first thing Andrew had noticed when he had started making his visits here a year ago. He got out of his car and walked up the beautiful stone walkway to the large oak double doors of the house. To him, it was like a small mansion, but everyone here called it a townhouse. He always scoffed at that. Andrew knew he didn’t need to knock; the door was unlocked, and he was an expected guest.

Stepping inside, Andrew was immediately hit with the stillness of a dead house. “Sarah?” He called out for his girlfriend. Every time he called out he swore his voice echoed. The living room was huge, with beautiful lamented wood flooring and chestnut leather furniture. The biggest TV he ever saw hung mounted on the far wall with a wireless home stereo system set up across the room. He took his jacket and shoes off and made for the kitchen.

He rounded the corner and was met with a familiar sight. Ms. Colburn stood by the kitchen island, a glass of red wine in her hand. She wore a maroon sweater dress with a plunging neckline. Her long golden hair was tied up into a professional bun. She was a beautiful curvaceous woman with an hourglass figure.

“Hi, Andrew,” she smiled before raising the glass of wine to her lips.

Andrew hated seeing Sarah’s mom like this, “Hey, Ms. Colburn.”

The first day Sarah introduced Andrew to her mother, Andrew could tell that she had a problem. He couldn’t place a finger on it until about a month into dating Sarah. He caught Ms. Colburn in the kitchen on a night not too different from tonight’s. She stood at the kitchen window gazing out to the road with a glass in hand. She had been stood up by a date. “Men my age,” she once joked with alcoholic fueled humor, “are the worst.” Ever since then, when Ms. Colburn resided herself to a late night stay in the kitchen Andrew knew why.

“Sorry, did Sarah not text you?” Ms. Colburn said as she put her wine glass down. “She went to a friend’s tonight. I think she’s going to sleep over there.”

“Oh, no, she didn’t text me. She’s always bad about that kind of stuff,” Andrew joked.

Ms. Colburn smiled at the poke at her daughter. Andrew could see the pain behind her eyes, how the smile on her lips was an act to cheer herself up. He felt awful, like stones in his stomach the pity weighed heavy on him. He wished things were better for her, and he always guilted himself for not comforting her somehow. He always thought he could, but now that it was time for him to step up, he prayed it would simply end.

“W-well,” he stopped and tried to focus on talking. Embarrassment started to creep up on him; his cheeks started to burn. He was always bad about excusing himself.

“You can stay awhile, if you want. I know the drive back is a long one.”

Andrew nodded as he mentally kicked himself. She certainly knew just how awkward he was being. He took a seat on the stool at the island. He set his phone on the black marble top, its surface gleamed under the white kitchen light like all the other counter surfaces. The kitchen here was twice the size of the one in his home.

“You know,” Ms. Colburn said before she took a quick sip of her wine, “I could use some company. Just any, you know?”


“I’m glad it’s you, though. I’m glad you’re with my daughter. You’re good company and a good guy.”

Andrew eryaman genç escort thought he was blushing hard before, but now his entire body felt like it was on fire. How red was he? “Thanks. I try my best.” Great, he thought, another stupid comment. Ms. Colburn seemed to like it, though, as her smile grew bigger.

Ms. Colburn turned and grabbed a second wine glass from the glass rack on the counter behind her. She set it on the island’s top and poured in a sip or two of wine. “Here, try it. I think you’ll like it. Careful, it’s kind of strong.”

Andrew had never had wine before. He had only ever tried Blue Moon and a peach Johnny Bootlegger. Being eighteen, he couldn’t be choosy. He took the wine glass and examined the blood red wine. It looked good and smelled even better. He always heard wine was the best kind of alcohol, so, with zero hesitation he took a sip. The wine hit with a punch. He didn’t expect it to be that strong! Pungent yet rich, he tried his best not to make a face.

“You like it?” Ms. Colburn asked as she poured more wine for herself.

Andrew nodded. He took a second sip, the tautness not as powerful on the second sip. It was good, and he could see why Ms. Colburn drank it so often.

“Well, good. I’m glad I could share some wine with someone tonight. I bought this bottle just for that. Thought I wasn’t going to get a chance.”

“Err, why not share it with Sarah?”

Ms. Colburn chuckled, “I meant like for a date.”

Andrew immediately felt stupid. He took another sip of wine in an attempt to hide his sheepishness.

“I bought the wine to share with a handsome man. Though, I didn’t expect him to be so… young.”

Andrew didn’t miss the devilish smirk across Ms. Colburn’s face. How long had she been drinking? “Th-thanks.” He couldn’t make eye contact.

“Sarah is lucky to have you — so nice and handsome. She is always telling me all the sweet things you say and do for her, you know? Lord knows if anything happens you’ll be damn hard to replace. You set the bar too high. “

Andrew stared at the wine in his glass. His heart had dropped like a stone in his throat and beat twice as heard. He had about another sip left in his glass. He wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words to say it, nor could he look up and face his girlfriend’s mother. He felt like a little kid. She was just being nice, right? No need to be embarrassed, is there?

“Want some more wine?” Ms. Colburn was already grabbing the bottle before Andrew could answer. He moved his glass towards her and she poured a little more in, just enough for a couple more sips.

“Thanks,” he said in a shy voice, “And, uhm, thanks for the compliments. I, uh, I try my best to be the best boyfriend I can be, yuh know? I really like Sarah. That’s why we’ve been together for a year.” His smile faltered with anxiety.

“Yeah, you’ve been an amazing boyfriend. Sarah tells me so, and I can see it. Just the little things I see and hear every now and then. You’re much better than the men my age. This is going to sound stupid, but you’re much more mature than them.”

Andrew was stunned. “Oh, well, uhhh. Thanks. I-I’m sorry to hear that, though.” Andrew struggled to find the words to say. He realized he was in too deep to shy away now. He always wanted to help Ms. Colburn, to comfort her and support her. Now was the time. “You’re a good mom. And a really beautiful woman. I-I mean, like, you always look nice.”

Andrew nearly choked on the last comment. He didn’t know how she ankara escort bayan would take it and wished he could take it back. He felt ashamed he would even say such a thing. He didn’t want to admit it even to himself, but Ms. Colburn was an incredibly attractive woman. His eyes were always drawn to her curves; her large ample bust, her hourglass figure, and her plump well-defined bottom. Even now as he spoke to her he couldn’t help but glance at her chest, the plunging neckline made it hard to resist.

“You wouldn’t be the first guy to say that–“

“N-no doubt,” Andrew stuttered.

“–but it means a lot coming from you.”

Andrew’s heart beat even faster. He could feel it hammering against his chest, but not out of fear anymore. No, it was a pleasurable anxiousness. He no longer felt stupid. He was very aware of himself, but now he felt strong, confident. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

“Well, I only say it because it’s true,” he grinned. “I mean, I understand where Sarah gets her looks from.”

Ms. Colburn playfully feigned flattery, “Oh, you’re too sweet, Andrew. Sarah is much prettier and more youthful than her mother.”

Andrew went in for the rebound: “I don’t know about that. Truth be told, I think you’re hotter than her.”

And he fumbled. Andrew froze. He couldn’t believe he said that. All of his confidence blew up in the sky, crashing to the ground in a fiery blaze.

“Oh? You think so?” Ms. Colburn put her wine glass down. Her big brown eyes were locked on Andrew’s.

He stumbled for an answer: “I mean, uh, if I’m being honest… yeah.”

Andrew grit his teeth. He silently prayed to God to strike him down now. Anywhere was better than here, and if that meant dying so be it. He looked away from Ms. Colburn, but she kept her gaze on him. She said nothing, and the silence was too much to bear for the poor teen.

“What’s the matter? Embarrassed? You’re cute. I know the ways you’ve looked at me. I catch you almost every time.”

That can’t be true! Andrew didn’t feel like he leered at her all that often. He tried not to. After all, she was his girlfriend’s mother. God! He felt so ashamed, even worse now that she knows!

“I bet you wonder what they look like, right? Wanna see for yourself?”

Andrew snapped his head towards Ms. Colburn. Her right hand was absently rubbing the top of her cleavage. She gazed at him with lustful eyes and a devilish smirk. His body had grown impossibly hot, and he buzzed all over. He felt a stirring between his upper thighs. He wanted to say no. He wanted to tell her how wrong this was and how he should go. But when his mouth opened to speak nothing came out.

Ms. Colburn drew both hands up to her chest. She grabbed the neckline of her dress and slowly pulled it down. Inch by inch, more and more skin of her breasts was revealed to Andrew. His heart threatened to burst out of his chest. Then, she pulled the fabric down faster and her large supple breasts became fully exposed. Andrew nearly gasped. His member was fully erected now, and his cheeks burned fiercely hot. Nothing could have prepared him for this.

“You like them?” She cooed. Andrew nodded stupidly. “Come here then.”

Andrew stood up and stepped over to Ms. Colburn. “Touch them.” And so, he did. He reached out his hands and grabbed hold of her large, beautiful breasts. His member was throbbing, his heart pounding. Every nerve in his body was racked with excitement. They were amazing. They were a far cry to Sarah’s, to whom he sincan escort had completely forgotten about. His hands kneaded and groped as he explored every inch of them. Ms. Colburn simply smiled gleefully as the horny, mesmerized teen played with her breasts.

Ms. Colburn let go of her dress and pulled Andrew close to her. She moved in to do something she has always wanted to do. Her lips met Andrew’s, and together they shared a passionate, lustful kiss. Their lips and tongues found one another, playing together in a dance of lustful vigor. Ms. Colburn’s right hand traced down Andrew’s chest and stomach to his waistline where it worked free his pant’s belt before unbuckling them. She pulled away from the kiss and with her free hand pushed Andrew’s head into her cleavage where he delightfully sucked and licked on her supple tits. It had been so long since she had felt the loving, warm kisses of a lover on her breasts, and as Andrew worked his mouth and tongue along her breasts and nipples, she couldn’t help but softly moan.

She managed to get Andrew’s pants unbuttoned and unzipped. She reached in and found his hard cock and gently removed it from his pants. She stroked it delicately as Andrew continued to play with her breasts. But Ms. Colburn wanted more, she wanted to taste him.

With a gentle push she had Andrew stop sucking on her tits. He looked at her with the biggest eyes. Excited and anxious, the teen had no idea what to do or expect. He went to say something, but his nervousness stopped anything from coming out. He looked down at the hand which stroked his cock, the expert hand felt better than his own. Then, to his amazement, Ms. Colburn started to sink to her knees.

His hard cock was right in front of her face. Ms. Colburn took it and began run it along her cheeks and lips, rubbing it with lustful affection. She planted kisses along the head and shaft, making sure that the testicles were shown the same affection just as well. Andrew couldn’t believe what was happening.

Ms. Colburn pulled her head back and aligned the head of his cock with her lips. Slowly, she parted her lips and enveloped the head of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She slid further and further. She began to work his cock in ways he had never felt before. Her tongue worked the underside while the lips and mouth massaged the head and shaft. Andrew fought to suppress moans and gasps, but he quickly gave up. He let himself slip down into pure bliss. He no longer questioned anything, no longer analyzed every detail. He simply accepted that his girlfriend’s mother was sucking his cock.

With a gradual increase in speed, Ms. Colburn began to moan herself. Little purrs of affection and pleasure escaped from her. It made Andrew only hotter hearing her hum in delight as she orally pleasured him. He had no idea how good a blowjob could feel, nor did he know that a woman could love it so much. Ms. Colburn passionately bobbed her head up and down on his cock, bringing Andrew to the edge.

Before Andrew could react, his cock throbbed violently in the mouth of his girlfriend’s mother. She hummed with ecstasy as it twitched and throbbed, finally erupting with an explosive climax. Andrew groaned. He grabbed Ms. Colburn’s head and supported himself as wave after wave of pleasure shot through him, making him dizzy with each quake.

Andrew squeezed his eyes shut. He fought to regain himself. Never in his life had he felt something so powerful, not with himself and neither with Sarah. He opened his eyes, the world seemed to swirl.

He gazed down at the sight below him. Ms. Colburn, the mother of his girlfriend, took his cock out of her mouth with a wet pop. Her big brown eyes seemed to twinkle up at him — her skin seemingly glowing.

“Thanks for sharing the wine with me.”

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