Virgin Party Girl Ch. 01

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I don’t know why I did it. I just got caught up in the moment I guess.

I had been dating Steve for almost six months and while we had fooled around we hadn’t gone all the way. I started out giving him hand jobs, and let him cum on my breasts, but soon began sucking him off. The first time I gave him a blow job he even came in my mouth. From then on, he really liked doing that. I wasn’t ready to swallow, so I always spit it out in a towel. He had rubbed my pussy a lot and even went down on me a couple of times. I really liked when he did that because he’d usually make me orgasm.

My birthday was fast approaching and I wanted it to be special. I had decided to give myself to Steve.

The afternoon before it was to happen, I had my blonde hair permed. I painted my finger- and toenails a bright red and got matching lipstick. I had decided to wear my white cotton panties, but no bra, and a short white dress.

On the night of my birthday, my parents were out of town for the weekend so we had a big party at my house. A lot of people showed up and couple of them had even brought kegs.

Before too long, Steve and I were really wasted. I lead him back to my bedroom and we lay on the bed making out. Soon, his finger was rubbing my clit and I had his cock in my hand. It all felt so good. We got undressed and, since I wasn’t on the pill, I rolled a condom onto his erection.

We continued making out, touching each other, but Steve seemed really out of it. He said he had to lay back for a minute. A moment later, he had passed out! I was so disappointed and still horny!

So I stretched out, shut my eyes, closed my legs a bit and slipped my fore- and middle- fingers between my legs. I began rubbing myself with fast but steady strokes. I wanted to cum so bad.

Then I heard a noise so opened my eyes slowly, looking toward the bedroom door. There was somebody standing in the doorway, I could see him lit by the antalya escort hall light. I thought it was kind of hot; not even Steve had watched me masturbate. I closed my eyes and continued.

As I moved my hand up and down over my clit, I could hear the door opening, then the sound of somebody moving around! This really turned me on. Whoever it was wanted a closer look!

But soon I felt a hand push my hair back behind my ear and a warm tongue was then slipping into my ear. A hand cupped one of my small breasts and I opened my eyes immediately to see it was Darnell, a really built football player from school who I was crushed on since like 9th grade! I couldn’t believe this was happening. Steve was great and all but Darnell was so hot. It got me wet just thinking about him — and me together. I caressed his face with my hands and we kissed.

Soon, I felt his hand against my pussy. It was his fingers now working my clit. He was telling me how hot I looked, how much it turned him on to watch me masturbate. How badly he wanted to fuck me. I looked down at his hard-on and so knew I was going to be fucked that night, but not by my boyfriend. Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact I was so crushed on Darnell or maybe I just got caught up in the moment. I don’t know.

I looked over at Steve, he was still out cold. I spread my legs and Darnell knew what to do. He climbed on top of me and slowly pushed his way into my virgin pussy. It hurt a little as he went in but he started with slow strokes and, soon, the pain gave way to pleasure.

I looked into his eyes as he fucked me, my hands clasped around his neck. I spread my legs as far as I could and rested my ankles on his ass. He began going a bit faster and it felt great. He told me how tight I was, how good it felt to be inside of me. I closed my eyes and begin to enjoy the moment.

Soon, I felt his hands grab first one of my arms and then the other. kemer escort He held my arms down, at the wrists, on the bed and continued to work his cock in and out of me at an increasingly faster rate.

After about ten minutes, I felt the bed move down on the side and opened my eyes to see another cock just inches from my face. I didn’t know who this boy was, but he was kneeling on the bed and jacking himself as he looked down at me. Darnell continued to fuck me and the other boy started saying, “I’m close, I’m close…” then shot his cum all over my face. The first shot hit my cheek and lips and I barely had enough time to turn my head and open my mouth before the next few shots hit my chin and landed in my mouth. I instinctively swallowed and thought how I had never swallowed Steve’s cum — much less let him cum on my face.

After cumming, the anonymous boy turned and looked behind Darnell and said, “Your turn.”

With Darnell still on top of me, I couldn’t see who he was talking to but soon found out when a third boy (no, I never saw him before either!) came around to the side of the bed. He got up on the bed and leaned over and put his cock in my face. He told me to open my mouth. I did. He was so huge I could barely fit it in my mouth, but he leaned over a bit more and began sliding his cock and out of my mouth and Darnell continued to pound away. This was all too much. Here I was being taken by three boys in turn with my boyfriend passed out just a couple of feet away.

The boy pulled out of my mouth after about five minutes and pointed his cock toward my breasts. He was jacking himself so fast. His eyes were closed and he was moaning a little. This was too hot. I closed my eyes and started moaning myself and had the strongest orgasm I had ever had. The boy next to me told Darnell to hold me down tighter, I was thrashing about so wildly. As soon as I stopped shaking, he came across konyaaltı escort my tits. This only sent me over the top again and I had another orgasm.

I heard Darnell say he couldn’t hold it anymore and I tried to tell him to pull out because I was unprotected but before I could get the words out, I felt the inside of my pussy getting sopping wet. He had cum inside me!

The three guys quickly got dressed and they all said what a “hot fuck” I had been. I was so proud. It had been my first time. I guess I was a natural or something.

After they left, I laid there and thought about what I had done. I felt bad about Steve and I’d have to make it up to him somehow. I wiped the cum off my face with my hands and rubbed it and the cum soaking my tits into my hard nipples then down to my stomach. I wiped my face down with the edge of the bed sheet, just to make sure I had got it all off.

I kept thinking about what had happened. It turned me on so much. I soon found myself rubbing my clit again. It didn’t take too long before I was about to come again but then I felt the bed moving and looked over to see Steve propped up on his side, watching me masturbate. He had his now hard cock in his hand. He still had the condom on.

“Do you still want me to..?”


He was totally clueless about what had just happened!

Steve mounted me. As he slowly slide in, he kept asking me if it hurt. I told him no, and soon he was fucking me so hard. I talked really dirty to him, telling him to fuck my pussy harder. He only last about three minutes then came, dropping down on top of me after he was done.

I was still pretty sticky and only hoped he’d think the stickiness between us was just sweat.

When he finally rolled over, I reached down and carefully pulled the condom off. I got on my knees, tilted my head back and showed Steve just how nasty I could really be – by holding the condom above my head and pushing his cum out so it dripped into my waiting mouth. Then I swallowed his cum too.

So the second time I had sex it wasn’t that great. But the first time rocked.

And, in the course of one night, I went from being a virgin to becoming a drunken slut.

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