Uncle Brian and Me

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It was dark but still light enough for me to see
as I ran to my uncles house. I had run away
from home because my parents were fighting
again. As I rang the doorbell my uncle, in only a
towel, answered saying ‘Hey what’s up.’
‘Nothing much. Can I stay here tonight?’ I said.
Without question he let me in and said I could
sleep on the couch but to stay quiet because he
had a hot one upstairs.
My uncle, whose name is Brian by the way, was
single and always had ‘a friend’ over. He’s not
built the best but he’s pretty hot. He’s got a
little extra fat but beautiful tattoos to cover it
up. I’m not sure how big his dick was at the
time but I would soon find out.
I not built the best either I’ve got fat but my
dick is big. It’s 9 inches of greatness. So says my
boyfriend. Yes I’m bisexual.
As I lay on the couch just barely awake I heard
the moans and bangs coming from upstairs.
I started to here nothing then I heard him and
his friend come down stairs so I acted like I was
sleeping. I kept my eyes open just enough
though to see this dick everyones been talking
about. When they walked by they were both
naked and still grabbing each other. That’s
when all of a sudden it popped up in my face.
He had come over to throw a blanket over me.
His dick was huge. At least 11 inches. Yes 11
inches. And I so badly wanted to touch it to see
if it was real. They sat on the couch and started
making out. Soon she was sucking his cock and
he was moaning sounds of greatness. Then they
started fucking and he was going hard and long.
Then I heard him go faster and faster then he
stopped and I knew he just went off.
*******THE NEXT DAY*******
The next morning I woke up just to see Brian
kissing his friend kocaeli escort goodbye. He was still naked
but his dick was soft. When he noticed I was
awake he said ‘ Good Morning sleep well?’
‘ Yeah,’I said’, but I know you probably didn’t. I
heard you going all night long.’
‘Oh sorry.’ he said
‘No prob just let me in on the action next time.’
‘Okay.’ he said as he sat down still naked and
turned on the tv.
The entire day he was naked whether he was
eating watching tv or setting up the nights next
That night I stayed there again. I crawled on the
couch to watch tv and heard my uncle come in
with his new friend who was oddly silent. I
didn’t see the person because they went up the
back staircase to Brians room. Brian came
around the corner to make sure I was alright. He
sat there and talked to me while the entire time
he was undressing. By the time we were done
talking he was completely naked.
‘Have fun with your friend.’ I yelled at him as he
climbed the stairs.
Soon I heard the shower running which meant a
make out session in the bathroom but soon I
heard different noises. Usually I here Brian
moan when he’s getting his cock sucked but
these moans were different. I decided to
I walked upstairs slowly and quietly and I
paused at his door. I slowly opened it only to
find something great.
I saw my uncle sucking the best looking man
around. He was built like a god with a dick to
match. At least 10 inches.
As I stood there Brian noticed me.
‘You wanna join?’
I stood there motionless.
‘You said to count you in next time.’
I cautiously nodded yes and undressed fast only
to find my uncle ready to suck my dick. I let him
because it felt so good. His mouth kocaeli escort bayan was warm
and yet he sucked cock like a pro.
I moved to the bed and started to suck the
other mans dick, whose name i found out is
Steve.He soon stopped me and we kissed for the
longest time while Brian was going down on me
fast and hard. Brian stopped and he moved and
we had a three-way kiss. The kiss was hot and
passionate. I stopped us all and said to Brian.
‘I thought you were straight?’
‘The girl last night was a man!’
When we continued I went down on Brian while
Steve sucked me. Steve mouth was warm while
Brian’s dick grew hard in my mouth. Right when
I was about to stop I felt a twinge in Brian’s dick
an that’s when his warm salty man juice filled
my mouth. I stopped us and said’ I wanna fuck
Brian agreed and so Steve layed on his back and
I stuck my cock in his ass with force and started
with slow motions but going faster.
I watched as Brian went behind me and told me
to bend over but keep going. As I did I felt the
tip of his cock going in and hard. I twinged but
he kept going as I wanted him to. Finally he put
all he had in me and it felt good. He started to
fuck me full force.I turned around and gave
Brian the best kiss I’ve ever had.
Steven got up and turned around so I could go
at him from behind. When I fucked him I went
at him hard but me and Brian were staying in
sync moving as one. Finally me and Brian both
went off at the same time. But it’s not over.
‘I want you to fuck me.’ Brian said.
I agreed and put him on his back so I could kiss
him and watch him jack off.
We kissed as my cock began to fill his asshole.
Soon I was fully in. I started going in an out
until I got izmit escort a rhythm. We kissed and kissed until
Steve came over and I sucked his dick. Steve
moved between me and Brian each of us sucking
him off. When Steve went off I went off so to
ending the night off with a bang.
We all lay there motionless in bed and we all
drifted into sleep soon I woke up to Steve on my
right and Brian on my left and us all still naked.
It was only an hour or so later so I grabbed
there dicks and jacked them off. I heard a moan
from Brian who soon woke up.
‘Sorry I just got horny again.’ I said.
‘All you had to do was ask.’ he said.
He leaned in and we kissed for like what seemed
all night. Steve soon woke up and joined. That’s
when we started the sucking circle. Each person
had there cock sucked while sucking cock. Soon
each of us came.
I hopped off the bed and headed for the
bathroom motioning for them to follow which
they did.
Brians bathroom has a huge jet tube easily able
to fit three to four people. We hopped in with
the water still filling up the tub. We all kissed
and kissed until we couldn’t any more. We
decided to bathe each other first so I bathed
Brian while he washed Steve and Steve washed
me. Everyone started at the head slowly working
the way down the body kissing every inch of it.
Making sure each part was clean.
When I got to Brians dick it was already hard. Of
course I had to suck it but I soon found go
inside of me as I was propped against the side
of the tub. I heard Steve go in Brian with full
force. Soon we were all moving as one.
When we were done we moved to bed to party
till dawn. And when it came Brian and I waved
steven goodbye while still naked.
Back inside the house I grabbed Brian and
escorted him to the couch where we stayed
naked all day and before long had his next
friend walking through the door.
**********THE END**********

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