Turn of Events

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After months of planning, their plan could finally be put into action. Jim was visiting her city, Las Vegas, on business. Only one snag…he wasn’t alone on this business trip. Three coworkers were with him visiting a remote office location. But, they were going out to see the nightlife of Vegas they’ve heard about. Bar hopping or strip clubs, wherever the cab brought them. Jim decided to stay at the hotel explaining to them that he wasn’t feeling well. What he actually had planned had him feeling quite well.

Teresa worked part time at this office. They struck up a long-distance friendship from the start. Talking on the phone, emails, text messages for a year. But they had never met. They had dreamed and planned what would happen if they ever managed to meet, but both knew the distance between them kept the plans as only dreams. Only dreams…until Jim was told to go to Las Vegas with his team.

As planned, he met her downstairs in the hotel lobby, after his friends told him goodnight.

They ordered some drinks at the bar and looked into each other’s eyes and found that they were soon thinking the same unspoken thoughts. So he bought an extra bottle of champagne, since this was a celebration after all, and they retired up to his room. He knew that his roommate and friends weren’t going to be coming back any time soon, so he made no effort to speed thru things. When he removed the extra drinking glasses from the wet bar sink, he filled both of their glasses. They made themselves comfortable on the rooms only sitting space, the bed. When they had enough to drink he set their empty glasses on the nightstand.

He reached under her chin and brought her face to his and looked deep into her brown eyes and kissed her. A very passionate kissed ensued and they couldn’t get enough of each other. They were each trying to consume the other thru their lips and mouths. Hands were quickly removing buttons and shortly after her bra went as well. He held the back of her neck as she arched her back, thrusting her chest towards his advances. He was kissing and suckling her tits, and with his other hand he was grabbing at her ass.

She enveloped him in her embrace and ran her fingers thru his hair, breathing in his cologne, marking his scent. He bought it with her in mind after he asked which was her favorite. She had worn a skirt and he found the release to remove it and was very satisfied to see that here was nothing underneath. He laid her back onto the bed and licked his way down past her stomach, stopping just above her pubic hair. She was playing with her nipples and squeezing her breasts when she felt him stop his licking. She pushed a pillow under her head and looked at him, she could see his eyes and nothing more. They were glistening. He laid very small kisses from the top of her pubes down the side of her thigh, being very careful not to touch the middle. All the while – he never averted his gaze from hers. He was looking deeply into her eyes as he then probed the soft cleft of skin illegal bahis hiding her clitoris. She shuddered. He licked again as a child would lick an ice cream. Excruciatingly slow, with the flat of his tongue gliding thru the folds of her moist pussy, so that on the tip of his tongue he could taste her juices. Sweet and tangy.

He saw a single tear roll down her face and a smile as well. He could tease her no more. She deserved all he was going to do for her. So then he splayed his fingers, isolating her clit and began to suck and flick with his tongue as he did. His other hand found her wet entrance and pushed two fingers deep inside. He heard her moan her approval, telling him to push deeper, he continued sucking her. His fingers were moving faster. Sliding in and out of her as she moaned louder.

“Fuck me, oh God please, fuck me! It feels so good,” she groaned over and over.

He could feel and taste her climax on his fingers and tongue. She was exquisite. He kept fingering her as she came. She was mewling like a kitten. Her face was glowing with passion.

He removed his fingers to give her time to recoup, and she reached for his hard cock and pulled him to her.

With a devilish grin, she purred, “That felt incredible! But now it’s your turn!”

She proceeded to lick his shaft and red throbbing head. She ran her tongue down the vein and lowered her head to lick at his balls as she rubbed her hand up and down. He groaned. She was doing this especially for him. She knew what it meant to him. So as she came back up to engulf the whole rod into her mouth to suck, she looked up to his eyes and saw that they were red and watery. He was overcome with emotions. He pushed her hair away from her face as she blew him. He just gazed at her. She rocked herself up and down, her nose being tickled by his hairs, as her lips went all the way down. Taking him as far into her mouth as possible. He closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations from her. As she sucked and jerked him off with her left hand her right hand pushed his leg away from her. Lifting his knee up as she did. Then her hand went down her front and into her wet cunt. She got her fingers very wet and brought them back up to reach under his hanging sac and play with his asshole. Something she once told him she was going to do when this day came.

She spread her gooey juices all around his ass, brought her fingers to her mouth where she coated them liberally with spit and slowed down as she penetrated him with her finger. He moaned louder and she sped up both hands as she sucked him. Faster and faster, anxious to bring him off, to taste him, to watch him, as he pumped his load all over her hands and tits. He told her he was going to shoot — and he groaned louder yet and exploded!

Teresa never stopped pumping her hands and he coated them with white spunk. He looked at her and smiled, catching his breath when he heard a commotion outside his door.

His roommate was back and he wasn’t alone. Both his friends illegal bahis siteleri from work had barged into the room, coming home earlier than expected, and all semi drunk. Teresa pulled the sheet to cover herself – but it was too late. They had seen what their “sick ” friend was up to. After the cat calls and the whistles, it was obvious that they weren’t leaving. They took seats around the room. Her mind was a blur; she didn’t know what to do.

She looked to Jim for support and he did the most unexpected thing. He drew her chin up to his face and kissed her. As deeply and passionately as he did when they were alone. The sheet slipped away as they were locked in their kiss. So engrossed by this unexpected kiss that she closed her eyes and tuned out the rest of the room. There was nothing else on her mind than Jim. She soon felt a pair of hands, that weren’t Jim’s, on her tits. She felt another hand on her ass and another on her pussy too. Since she was kneeling on the bed kissing her lover, his coworkers had decided that they wanted some of what he had. He broke the kiss and asked her if she was ok with what was going to happen.

She responded, “As long as your here with me I’ll be fine.”

She then shifted her weight to one side to spread her knees, giving whoever was behind her a little more access. She then felt the foreign fingers enter her from behind, rougher than Jim had before. The other fellow – Bob she was told later, was busily rubbing her crotch, getting her juices flowing again. Jim backed away from their embrace to see what would transpire. His friend Dan had moved in to step onto the bed, he had already removed his pants and was only in a T- shirt. So when he stood on the mattress, his stiffening dick was at her eye level. She looked back to Jim; He was smiling, but silently urging her to do what she wanted. She could say no and he would back her up. But that wasn’t the case here; she was still horny because they were interrupted before Jim could fuck her properly. She took this mans cock in her hands and stroked the shaft. It was growing in her hand, hardening, throbbing. He wasn’t as big as Jim. But he was plenty.

Taking him into her mouth, she began to suck him. Dan was in the front getting a blowjob, and Bob was behind feeling her up. As Bob was kneeling behind her groping her pussy with one hand and feeling her tit with the other, she could feel his dick getting hard from behind. It was slowly bumping against her ass as he touched her. Bob sat back down on the bed spitting in his hand as he did, to lube him up. He stopped Teresa and guided her down on his manhood. She was so wet that he entered her without a problem. He had a hand on each hip and was humping her up and down on his rigid cock. Dan stepped forward so she could continue the spectacular suck job she was giving him. She had so much saliva dripping from him that strands were dropping down to her chest, and he would rub this into her breasts and nipple area. She was bouncing up and down canlı bahis siteleri on one cock and sucking another. She felt like such a slut. She glanced at Jim to see him playing with his tool, getting it hard…a smile on his face as he looked at her face, into her eyes. Seeing how she was enjoying this unexpected twist.

She went back to her sucking. She didn’t see Jim get up and move to the other bed, but a few minutes later she heard him say, “OK — let her come here. You fuckers interrupted us and now I get what’s coming to me.”

She let go of the cock in front of her, and climbed off the dick inside of her. She knew what she wanted now, and knew Jim wanted it too. So she kissed him before climbing onto his lap facing away from him. He felt between her legs for some pussy juice, and rubbed some on her anus. She would spit some on her hand and rub his dickhead with it and with it shining wetly, she lowered her ass down to his awaiting hard cock. The head felt huge as she attempted to relax her ring muscle, but since it was well lubed, it popped in, and after a few seconds of her gliding up and down, and he was fully entered in her ass. Stretching it further than any plug did. She felt the spasms deep in her bowels, there was a little pain but the pleasure washed it away. He was fucking her strongly now in her ass. Dan came to her and laid her back on Jim. His dick was in hand as he aimed it towards her cunt. Jim slowed his pace so Dan could enter Teresa, so as he pushed himself in all 3 could feel the tightness of both cocks in both holes. It was intense!!

Teresa had turned her head so she could kiss Jim as he fucked her, their tongues inter-twining, he had a hand on each boob as he kneaded her mounds together. Pinching her nipples. Drawing gasps of pleasure from her. Bob didn’t want to be left out so he moved up close so she could stroke and maybe suck him as she was bucking back and forth on Jim’s chest. She took him into her hand and pulled him to her mouth. She was being filled in every hole now, and she felt so alive as orgasm after orgasm rippled thru her body. Moaning around the member in her mouth. She jacked him off as he fucked her face, holding the back of her head as he did.

It wasn’t much longer before Bob was tilting his head back, groaning loudly that he was going to cum. Then he did, he pulled out of her mouth and finished himself off spewing jazz all over her tummy. Dan was the next to go, as the rhythm was too much for him as well. He likewise pulled out of her and pumped his dick so that he added to the small pool of cum on her. Jim was the last, He kept rocking her up and down on his steel like rod, and she could feel the warm pool dripping down one side of her.

He pulled her head so he could whisper in her ear, “I love you”, and pulled out himself as she helped jerk his cock so she could see the cum erupt from him. She was covered now. From her tits to her gash. Dripping with milky cum.

His friends excused themselves and went to the other room, while he helped her to the shower to wipe off the remains of their sexual encounter. She could barely stand as the warm spray of the shower enveloped them. He was holding her close to him and telling her how wonderful she was. Fade to black…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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