Tropical Truth Sex Pt. 04

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Geekbrain rewrites will annoy some and amuse others — hope these are OK.

It is our final night in Rarotonga before returning to reality. Much has changed but much has stayed the same in all of this. I was surprised at what ease the wife and I managed to come into this situation but how easy it was to just turn off the part of the brain where inhibitions come from and just revel in the debauchery.

It has been an emotional moment as I ponder what has happened and what will happen next. However, I also know that there is the small matter of Misty plotting revenge against me for the antics of the other day.

As we walk around the island, we saw one of the bars was having a poker tournament that night. Now I know the Misty and Tiff combined could not win this — but my memory was always going to help this situation out. So, we all agreed to have dinner, play in the tournament and then see where the night went.

My happiness/smugness at the situation went with plenty of teasing with everyone taking in turns to see how well they could make me blush.

Cocktails by the beach was a nice relief to everything as I was not sure if my face would ever de-redden from their merciless teasing. My drink was colourful with an umbrella in it while it was bought over by the magic man who had made me accept the fact, I was bi and everyone seemed to enjoy that fact all of the same.

He placed it down on the table and I was engrossed in the tablet when I noticed him. I sipped it almost uninterested in who was handing it to me. I did not have sex on my mind but considering this vacation, that seemed somewhat stupid.

I peered over the top of the tablet only to see the three most stunning women I could possibly imagine in bikinis looking at me strangely. I did not understand what was going on so I went back to reading. I think I might have been subconsciously waiting for them to bait me, but I just shrugged it off as weird.

Before I knew it I heard the sweetest American accent of all yell out at me “You still have geekbrain”.

I knew what geekbrain meant as that had been one of our original gags from when we first met, however, I did not understand it in that context. I had assumed (wrongly) she had killed that part of the brain off with the events that got us here.

Looking up puzzled I tilted my head with a furrowed brow as I genuinely had no darn idea what Misty was on about. I took a swig of this drink; I felt the alcoholic warmth flow to my face but still had no idea what on earth Misty was on about, so I went back to the book.

I finished the drink as I read on the tablet. Im so lucky I have such supportive people in my life. Because of my disability I cannot get in and out of pools or on the beach, so they let me read and I enjoy the view of them in bikinis and them enjoying themselves.

I think the wife enjoys having such close friends, as well as fuck friends as well.

Before I realised what was going on there was a nip of whiskey on the table next to me. As I turned my head to tell the waiter that is not what I was drinking I saw that it was him… the adonis of a male that had filled all my holes and unleashed my cravings for cock.

For some reason this stranger, who is name I did not know had a complete trance over me. I knew I was in a public pool area, and I knew that a few dozen people could see but somehow the part of my brain that cared just left me.

Before I knew it, I had his cock in my mouth like I had been doing this forever. I took his moans as encouragement, and I kept sucking him from top to bottom while teasing his balls as I went. I could hear me sucking him off and somehow, I liked the feeling of being in this position. I had fantasised about it, but somehow these three women and a perfect stranger ankara duşta veren escortlar on an island bought it out of me and told me it was OK.

I could feel him tensing up, his moans getting louder and more and more people averting their eyes to a random tourist giving a staff member a blowjob.

I could hear though the three women in my life almost chanting “suck him off” as if they were at the football or something which I wanted to giggle at the ludicrous nature of the situation but did not really care at this point.

I had almost a manic focus on the cock I was sucking and getting him to cum in my mouth. It would be the first time I did that from start to finish and I had a goal to accomplish. I went faster and faster as the chanting got more excitable. Then before I knew it, I had someone kissing my neck to try and distract me but I was not going to melt on the spot before he came.

Then before I knew it, I felt the spasm in his cock and spurt after spurt of his warm, creamy load shot down my throat. I was swallowing as fast as I was sucking to make sure I did not miss a drop. As he staggered backwards, he jerked his final spurt right across my face and on to my glasses.

I slumped back into the chair melting in the spot thanks to Misty knowing just where to kiss my neck to make my brain go blank.

Before I knew it, he was gone, and I was hard. Then I had Tiff dragging me towards the Villa with the other two in toe. Before I knew it, I was in the Villa and being pinned against the wall. Tiff was kissing me ferociously while I tried not to fall on my ass. Then everything became a horny blur before we were naked in the glass shower, with me pinning her against it as I pounded her with every bit of energy I had. I knew this was not going to last long but I did not care. I wanted to fuck her as aggressively as I could, and I did not care really what the consequences were at this stage.

The kisses were passionately, and the thrusting could not have seen me spend any more energy and before I knew it, we were both simultaneously cumming for each other. As I shot every drop of cum inside of her, I was so exhausted I fell back on my ass on the tiled floor and banged my head with her on top of me.

With a lot of post-coital kissing and cuddling there was also a check to make sure I had not busted my head on the way down.

We were certain that the two shitheads had videotaped that, but we did not care. Somehow all our previous hang ups about our bodies had gone by the wayside at the hands of two devilish women.

I was not real keen on getting up, but the time became an issue and we had to get to the poker tournament. Eventually I was on my feet and after some staggering, a dry cane and a couple paracetamol I was good to go again.

I sat in the background while the three of them tried to play Poker. Turns out Misty is just dreadful at it as she blushed with her albino white skin every time, she had a good hand. Tiff though were ruthless and got through the first round.

As they won there way through the rounds, they were exceeding my expectations as to their performances to date. Misty was talking to me and cheering them on like a good sport as we both sipped something colourful with umbrellas and fruit in them. There was lots of teasing, more ferocious attempts then normal to make me blush (which were successful) and her hand teasing and wandering where they were distracting to say the least.

Out of nowhere Tiff made it to the final round. Between kissing Misty and hands wandering between the us, it would have looked like the strangest threesome to the unassuming eye… even weirder if the onlookers knew that was my wife at the final four.

I was trying to focus on the darn table so she could win elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar this thing and give her signals as to when to hold and when to fold. We got the system going in good order and before everyone knew it, my amazing wife was on a hot streak of seven hands in a row. Misty thought it might be fun to distract me knowing it would frustrate Tiff in her competitive element and my desire to be helpful.

However, it turns out this is difficult with kisses in the right places, hands in the wrong ones and tongues in mouths for good measure.

Before I knew it, I had to rescue Tiff as she blew a few simple hands. No one else had worked out she was getting signals or what they meant thankfully. The men (and some women) were too busy gawking and the women either side of me while I was giving the signals.

Before I knew it, Tiff was in the final two. I had not seen Tiff look this serious in a very long time and within moments I was smacking Misty to get her to stop torturing me so I could focus on her. With both kissing both sides of my neck and earlobes this was absolute pleasure and hell all wrapped up into one situation.

Before I knew it, Tiff had metaphorically screwed this poor stranger into the final hand. This was suspenseful but Tiff was keeping her cool and a blank face (for once). This was unusual for her as between the three of them, none of them could lie out of a speeding ticket let alone much else….

Then before you know it, Tiff had one. Before she knew it she had a lae around her neck and a big novelty cheque. It turns out this was for money and Tiff had just won a sizeable amount of it on our last day of vacation.

Before she knew it, she was giving me lots of hugs and deep kisses that made everyone look (which suited me fine).

Then she was asking where we could go for a “good time” for our final night of vacation. She had completely forgotten about dinner by the sounds of it but this suited the other two so I went along.

Before the time she had gotten her sentence out, we were whisked down a corridor by two bikini wearing women where it was so dark, I couldn’t see where I was going and accidentally stabbed my cane into feet on more then one occasion.

I could tell Misty was whispering something to the women as she is not as loud as she thinks she is, but the darkness was distracting but I did not want Tiff to think I was a downer on the evening in my paranoia about where I was walking and where my cane was going.

Something did not feel right in all of this, but I hardly wanted to be the death of the good mood, so I shut my mouth.

However, next thing I knew why I felt bad. Suddenly were staggering down a set of stairs where there were bright lights, loud techno music and I had known idea where we were or what was going on, but I was panicking big time at this time.

Then it hit me what was going on…. As before I knew it, I had a blindfold on my eyes, my pants were off, and I was being whisked away somewhere. I did not know where the three women were, I did not know where I was, and I had lost the only sense that was working.

Then the next thing I realised, my feet were not on the ground. The terror was racing through me as my heart was beating out of my chest not knowing what the fuck was going on. All I knew is I was gripping on to the cane for grim death at this point.

Then next thing I heard was “welcome to your revenge, smile for the cameras” in the sweetest American accent. At that moment if I were not rooted in this position out of sheer terror I would have reacted. However, all I did was hug the cane even tighter like I was a child holding a teddy bear.

Put quite simply, I was terrified.

I do not think Misty realised it etimesgut iranlı escort at the time but then it dawned on me, she had got us into a sex club on a tropical island. Of course, Misty would be the only one to get us into a sex club in the middle of bloody nowhere.

Before I realised, I had someone I did not recognize giving me a blowjob and could feel cold lube filling my ass. Then I concluded, I am in one of those weird swing things that I had only ever heard of to this point. I assumed that the lube was for a stranger’s cock at this point however I simply could not quell the panic. The noise was blaring, the lights (I assume were moving) were going off and I was so disoriented I had no idea where it was.

She knew I had fears of control and I knew they were both in on this together but amazingly I had never felt so helpless in all my life. I do not think either of them realised how my ability to let go had been pushed too far.

I was panicking, shaking and fearing I would lose my shit….

I could not see anything as the noise bounced and the lights blinded me…

Then all of a sudden there were a set of kisses, one on each ear like it was an out of body experience. I think in a moment, it dawned on them what they had done.

They held my hands and told me to breathe and relax.

They both told me it would be OK and I would embrace….

Before I realised it, I was embracing it. It was OK. This was just another evolution on the discovery tour that Misty had plotted out from the moment she had come into our lives and in the moment, I was in bliss.

I was getting pounded, didn’t notice. I was sucking strangers, I didn’t care.

Before I knew it, it was like I had a cheer squad of two in the most rampant display of exhibitionism I had ever thought possible, and it had not even clicked to me.

I did not know how many I had taken, or how many I had sucked, and I wasn’t counting (turns out they were). But at some point, I shot so much cum it had landed all over my face and glasses like I was in the centre of some strange porno moment…. And then I blacked out.

When I came too (excuse the pun), I was a cummy, naked mess on the deck chair at the back of the villa when they decided to get me back to life again. I was groggy (not in the alcoholic way) and I started babbling about the questions and did I really have to get back there naked and cummy… couldn’t someone clean me the fuck up…

Turns out they thought it would be hilarious, Misty wanted payback and before I knew it, I was being dragged into the shower to be cleaned up.

Tiff went on ahead to dinner, Misty said she would get me there in one piece….

The dirty grin on her face should have given it away, it did to me, and I could not work out if Tiff cared or knew and wanted her to have some alone time with me.

As soon as that door clicked, Misty had her little legs around me and was kissing me so deeply and sensually it woke everything up in a matter of minutes. This was the thing Misty seemingly wanted more then anything….

I stumbled to turn to pin her to the wall as I slid inside of her for what I realised was the first time I was not blindfolded or tied up in some way….

I was not sure where the energy had come from, but I decided in that moment Misty was going to get it even if my legs were to fall off in the moment.

It was erotic, sensual and had more meaning as the culmination of everything Misty had wanted to teach after years, and years of teasing followed by what had happened in person. I was a better human for all of this, and my brain was not interested in anything else in the moment.

After numerous orgasms and being completely drained, we got ourselves together and joined Tiff at the dinner table.

I was staggering, Misty couldn’t keep her grin to herself….

As I was helped in the chair I got the deepest kiss from Tiff as she whispered “its OK, I knew what she would do”.

I sat down and Misty repeated it and simply whispered “I love payback and so do you’.

This will be the end of this series.

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