Trish’s Eyes are Opened

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“Oh shit, this being single again is not all it’s cracked up to be.” Trish had a knack of summing up her life in one short, meaty sentence. We’d been pals since secondary school, shared most things, shoes, clothes and some pretty revealing details of boyfriends up to and including a blow by blow account of the first time we actually did ‘it’.

We’d both married our childhood sweethearts, and, guess what? Both our relationships had gone tits up within a year or so of each other, but not before our kids were ready to leave home. So here we were, mid forties, a couple of grown up children each and both on our own again. We’d never really discussed our husbands’ ‘skills’, shall we say, that seemed a bit wrong somehow but now we were a bit more open again.

Trish is a few inches shorter than me. I am considered tall at about 5’11”, she is somewhat shorter and has a slightly fuller figured, but she could never be thought of as dumpy, just curvy. She had looked after herself through two pregnancies and still had a pretty ‘school girl’ face framed in a black bob hairstyle. Gravity was starting to have its way with both our busts but hey, what do you expect at forty six: Bridget Bardot’s grand daughter?

“There are times when marriage had its good side.” She continued sipping the customary glass of wine that we enjoyed during our girly evenings. She never sat on my sofa, for some reason, choosing instead to sit on the floor, legs outstretched, leaning against it.

“Not very often!” I replied. “So what’s wrong now?”

“I know Terry was a bit of a shit, but he was a really good shag.”

“Oh Trish! Being kept a bit short are we?”

“You bet! It’s not easy starting again when you’re as out of practice as I am and besides, it gets far too complicated far too quickly. I just want a really good shag now and then, no hearts and flowers, just a good honest bonk.” We have always had open discussions about sex but the wine was definitely taking effect quicker than usual.

“Sounds like a girl who needs a ‘no strings attached’ orgasm, and not a battery powered one either!”

“Sounds like the impossible dream to me.”

“No, really not that difficult.” The first bottle of Merlot had virtually gone and my mouth was definitely working faster than my brain. I opened up even more readily than usual.

“Sounds intriguing. Tell me. Tell me!”

“Well just promise you won’t think me slutty and, guides honour, this is just between us? OK?”

“Sure. Sure, if you’ve got the answer, I’m all ears. Cross my sagging boobs and swear by Brown Owl’s petty coat.”

“Well,” I giggled hesitantly. This was a detail of my personal life I hadn’t shared with anyone, so far. “Well em, what do you know about libertines?”

“Basically, aren’t they just broadminded people?”

“Yes but particularly sexually.”

“Go on, go on!” Trish’s curiosity was burning into her patience and the Merlot was adding to the flames.

“Well there is a Libertine club not that far from here.”

“What? Somewhere you go for sex?”

“Don’t make it sound so much like a brothel and you promised not to judge!”

“Sorry. Go ahead. Enough with the interruptions. Spill the beans.”

“Well, when I find myself in need of a good shag, I go there. Job done.”

“So how does that work? You can hardly wander in with a sign round your neck saying ‘shag required’ can you?”

“It’s not that seedy, honestly.” I replied, opening our second bottle. I had been dying to tell someone about the other side of my life and if I couldn’t tell Trish, there was no one else I could possibly tell.

I had discovered the libertine club one night while surfing for some girl friendly porn and become quite intrigued. Would I actually dare to go? I hesitated for weeks as the idea took hold in my bran. Eventually I did, and I liked it, so I went again: and again.

“The whole thing is based on a sauna, jacuzzi, turkish bath theme. If you find someone who floats your boat, there are rooms where you can go to play.”

“But where do you start? I mean, what’s the procedure?”

“Right. So as it’s a sauna, being naked is not a big deal, everyone is naked or nearly so. I usually start by stripping off in the changing room, wrap a towel round my waist and head for the jacuzzi.”

“Woooah hang on there, round your waist? Boobs on display?”

“Of course. It’s libertine remember and the bottom line is I’m here to get shagged, so it pays to advertise and that’s my next move: advertising. I make my way to the jacuzzi, shed the towel and take illegal bahis a shower in the communal area.”

“Communal? So there are men there taking a shower too?”

“Yep. And it gives you a fleeting chance to ‘size’ up some of what might be on offer!”


“So showered and horny, I make my way to the jacuzzi. This is a giant affair with seats all around and water up to your neck, but there is a shallow end. It has some very wide, level, shelves in about a foot of water.

“I usually stop at the entry steps to suss out the talent and make a show of tying my hair up. This shows off my boobs to best advantage as my hands are up behind my head lifting everything, and I note who’s interested.”

“Let me get this straight. You are starkers, facing a jacuzzi full of people, tying your hair up with all your bits on show?”

“Trish, it pays to advertise: trust me! Besides the lighting is very dim and you can’t see a lot, just enough to raise interest. They know it’s all there but they can’t see the detail, boobs yes but pussy, not really.”

“But I’m no super model. I’m not sure I’d dare as it’s all a bit less than perfect between my neck and my knees.”

“There are no supermodels, we’ve all got our lumps, bumps and imperfections and it’s not a competition. So when I’ve had a good look around, unless there is something I really fancy, I go to the shallow part and lie down.

“The water’s perfect for advertising. I let my boobs float suggestively and make sure there is only a hint of water over my bush, just to make it interesting but not too blatant. Then I wait eyes closed as if in some sort of trance.”

“Wow, you’ve got some nerve!”

“This is just the start! Usually, sooner or later, some bloke will make a move. They edge closer and start chatting. It’s simply a question of ‘Do I want to shag him?'”

” What if you don’t?”

“Simple. Just say ‘No thanks’ and they move away, no hard feelings, if you’ll pardon the pun! Anyway there are always lots more fish in the jacuzzi. So let’s assume it was like last Friday. This bloke came over and started chatting. He had lots of dark curly hair, penetrating eyes and was a bit of a smooth operator, so I gave him a bit of a come on.

“After a few minutes chatting he started stroking my back, which I absolutely love. He didn’t do anything too overtly sexual but his hands went up and down my spine, over my bum and we started kissing.”

“In the Jacuzzi?”

“Sure. Libertine remember. All the other blokes, and some of the couples, are looking a bit sick that they missed their chance. Anyway the snogging continued and he was really hot. He got a bit more adventurous so I started to play with his package.”

“Shit! In public?”

“Sure, but it’s all underwater, or at least the interesting bits are, so everyone knows what’s going on but again, they can’t see the detail. It’s really quite hot. Some couples even shag in the jacuzzi but they’re not supposed to.

“By now I know I’ve pulled and I like to get my men really hard before we make a move. Horizontal is not an erection in my book, it has to be well above that, so I play with his balls, run my finger round his little bum hole to really wind him up.

“That time, I made the move and suggested a room. He didn’t hold back and as he stood up I saw his magnificently erect cock for the fist time. I couldn’t help feeling like the cat that got the cream as I led him upstairs. That has two effects, first it tells the audience, quite clearly, that I’m here for action and not just a jacuzzi, and second, it makes the others jealous as hell, which may be useful later.”

“What? Later?”

“I’ll come to that. Anyway we find a room and he locks the door.”

“But everyone will know!”

“That, dear Trish, is at least half the fun. Anyway, curly locks keeps up with the caresses, back bum, open palms on my nipples and eventually, clit. By now I’m on my way and as wet as a bank holiday weekend. I know that every unattached bloke is probably outside listening as I get more and more worked up. Some probably openly stroking their cocks.”

“No! Really?”

“Yes really, and that in itself is quite a turn on. Lots more cuddles and stroking, he was really into his stroking and that got me going. He blew me and I blew him, he slipped on a condom, pushed me on to my back, and slid that magnificent weapon where it does a girl the most good.”

“Shit! So you’re shagging a bloke you’ve only just met!”

“That’s what we were both here for so why waste time? Anyway, in illegal bahis siteleri it went strong, hard and deep. That first penetration is just so yummy. He was a fan of those long slow strokes that I love so much, from balls deep to almost out. Oh Trish, I can feel it now: bloody gorgeous!

“I put my hands on his bum and after a while I held him in when he got as deep as he could go, unfortunately this sent him over the edge and game over. I think we may have spent a bit too long on the blow jobs, probably because I just love sucking uncircumcised cock.”

“Sounds like more action than I’ve had in months. I’d settle for that. Better than Mr Rabbit!”

“To be fair, I know all the surveys say that a girl likes between two and seven minutes of actual bonking but I’m definitely not a two minute girl. Hey ho, but he was nice, generous with his tongue and his caresses, even if he did fill the condom a bit rapido. I suppose that’s a compliment really. So we clean up have a drink in the bar and go our separate ways.”

“What there’s more?”

“Why not? But first a good look round. Trish, you wouldn’t believe some of the facilities. Almost every taste is catered for. There’s a kink room with a leather sex swing on chains, a St Andrews cross and lots of mirrors.

“A room with a giant round central bed for people who enjoy parties. Glory holes for girls who love giving blow jobs. Even a room wth closed circuit TV so that, if you choose, you can have your session relayed to the TV in the bar.

“Most porn is pretty samey, but watching two people, that you have been chatting to, actually fucking and fucking because they want to not because they are getting paid to, is not to be missed. Have you ever actually watched two people, having real sex?”

“No, but I can see there’s a difference to commercial porn. Jeez they must have some confidence. I’m no shrinking violet but to have your shag shown on TV is wild.”

“It’s really weird when you think about it. It’s about the only thing we never watch other people doing. We learn to eat by watching, walk by watching, in fact we learn to do most things by watching but you have to learn to have sex on your own: slightly weird really. Anyway, there wasn’t much going on. But I did stop and watch two young couples sharing each other.”

“Oh my god! Watch? What on the TV?”

“No actually watching. There are some simple rules. Door locked means they want to be alone. If the door is open with a light chain across the opening it means spectators are welcome, and no chain usually means come in and watch, you may even get an invitation to join the party.”

“Bloody hell! I think I’ve been living in a convent.”

“Those two couples were probably about ten years younger than us and so open, totally unabashed. I took it that they were fucking each other’s partners and what a joyful scene!

“Dildoes, vibrators, blow jobs and of course fucking. It was a really hot general fuck fest and I don’t mind admitting that it made me so hot and bothered that my hand drifted involuntarily under my towel to allow me a little self pleasuring.”

“You masturbated in public?”

“Well there was quite a crowd watching and some of the blokes had their willies out openly stroking them so what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

“Anyway the hottest bit was yet to come. A young couple at the door were invited in. She seemed a bit reticent, even shy, and kept her towel wrapped tightly round her boobs but he encouraged her to sit on the bench.

“They started kissing and petting, the two couples did their thing while she got more and more turned on and I can’t tell you why it turned me on so much, but she just sat on the bench, let go of her towel and he entered her while he was still standing. It doesn’t sound much but it was so hot.

“It might have been her shyness, or the fact that they were a couple and there was no condom fumbling, he just slipped it in and started stroking it in and out. Hot, hot, hot.

“It didn’t take too long before he came and something about the sight of her flushed face, his softening dick and her shy wrapping herself in her towel sent me over the edge. Shit! I’d just seen a young couple make love to each other, in public, for their first time.

“So I’m now horny as hell and in need of a good shag myself. So, as I said, there are plenty of fish in the jacuzzi and I know that they know that I am definitely fishing. This time I’m looking for a serious bonking wth a maybe bit of spice.

“I settle in to the jacuzzi canlı bahis siteleri having already picked my target in one of the corners. Mr ‘Short Fair Hair’, with blue eyes and a neatly trimmed beard, you don’t know it yet but tonight your job is to make me come.

“Sadly, he wasn’t the first to make a move on me. So I politely turned number one down and waited. Jeepers, I thought, how much longer will it take you to realise that Mrs ‘Forty-something’ has desires on your rather athletic young body. I catch him stealing a glance at my floating boobs and flash him the hint of a smile.

“Obviously the hint of a smile was not enough for Mr ‘Short Fair Hair’ as he sat like a freeking patient in a doctor’s surgery. I caught him looking a few more times, so time for action. I went over, sat beside him, gave him a big smile and said, ‘You admiring my boobs then?’ That did the trick.

“Well he may not have been the first out of the starting gate but he was something of a long distance runner! We got chatting, then touching, and by now I’m in a bit of a state. He’s fondling my boobs, gently, just the way I like it and he’s certainly rising to the occasion with a little of my gentle hand work.

“This is where I like to tease, not so much him but the audience. I floated off the seat and turned to face him. I held his cock flat against his stomach, we don’t want that slipping in without a hat on! Then I straddled him, boobs in his face, kissing deeply and ground my pussy lips against his shaft.”

“Ever since school, you always were a bit of a show off, but this is a bit blatant, even for you.”

“I just love the audience reaction Trish. They think we are actually fucking and are trying not to look as if they are watching. All their hands are out of sight in the bubbling water. Careful, you’ll all go blind!

“When I judge Mr ‘Short Fair Hair’ will do just about anything I want, I suggest going for a room and ask him if he likes being watched. To my delight he suggests door open, chain on.

“Trish, if you’ve never done it with an audience you have no idea what you’ve missed. It’s better than any porn you’ve ever seen. All those blokes getting frantically turned on by my arousal is unbelievably hot. All those erections dreaming of burying themselves in my pussy! All that cum being squirted into those towels because of me having real, hot, sex is totally mind blowing.

“We chose a room and he put the chain across. It didn’t take long for the crowd to gather as we started with a bit of gentle oral. I don’t know if Terry, or any of your previous boyfriends, ever had a beard but that little coarse bit in the middle of their lower lip makes my clit sing. Anyway, not too much for him this time as I want him to stay the course.

“I blew hot air into his ear and told him to get a condom on pdq. A few months ago I would never have believed myself capable of such blatant behaviour but I bent over the bed while he entered me from behind, strong, deep and smack on the g spot. He was really energetic as he held me by the hips and took me ball deep.

“Then a touch of mish, giving me the chance to stare into those deep blue eyes with my best ‘fuck my brans out’ expression and he tried, he so tried. We followed that with a full on canter, cowgirl style.

“That really is my favourite, particularly with a new guy. I just love the control as I rock back and forth and how a guy’s cock works that magic when I grind down on him. He really was a stayer, and it was mega hot watching the spectators getting off while they watched me getting off! He had some stamina, we shagged in every position imaginable until I sensed he was about to cum.

“I rose quickly and whipped his condom off. I slid down his six pack and took him in my mouth and sucked like a hoover. The timing was perfect, a couple of moments later he emptied his balls into my mouth and it was obvious a number of spectators had shot their loads too, judging by the hurried adjustment of towels!”

“Ye gods.” Exclaimed Trish, “I haven’t had sex anything like that since my honeymoon.”

“Well, you can have it any time you like, you know. Just come with me on a Thursday.”

“I’m really not sure…., I don’t think…..”

“Brilliant! That’s a deal then. You said ‘not sure’ so you are obviously considering it.”

“But I don’t think I’ve got the guts to strip off let alone shag someone new.”

“Look Trish, just treat it like a topless beach, only bottomless as well and make yourself this simple rule. ‘I am just going to have a jacuzzi, and see what goes on, nothing more’. Then see if you stick to it. I personally have my doubts, I tried and I failed big time!”

As always, all suggestions and comments are most welcome, good, bad and indifferent. Go on, tell me what you think.

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