Traveling for Work

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Camryn was very good at her job as an analyst for her company. There were both pros and cons to that. The good part was that it provided good job security. The bad side meant that she had to travel every once in a while to make sure that new offices in their company were also operating as well as possible. One Friday afternoon, she got called into her boss’s office, and was told that the following week she would be going to Illinois for a week to help with a new office that had just opened. This time, travel was ok, as she would be able to take the following week off to visit family in Minnesota.

Her first couple days in Illinois were pretty uneventful. The job was going smoothly, and not overly stressful. She finished early on Wednesday, and started her drive back towards her hotel. As she was stopped at a light a few blocks from her hotel, she noticed a bar on the corner. The sign flickered in neon green “O’Callahan’s” with a shamrock under it. There were some sand volleyball courts along the side, and she thought to herself, “today I’m going to stop there.” She hadn’t really gone out since she arrived, and it was only 4:00, so she knew there could still be other options if she didn’t like it.

She made it back to the hotel to change, and stripped out of her work clothes. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror while she was naked. Her 34D tits fit well on her 5’7″ frame. Her nipples were really sensitive (to the point that she could cum just by playing with them in the right situations), and she gave them a quick pull on them before she reached down and slid her panties and short shorts up her strong legs from cycling. She went back to the suitcase to get her top. It was pretty warm so she opted for powder blue bra that gave her the perfect cleavage under a cream cami and nearly matching powder blue tank top. She finished her outfit with a few sprays of Victoria’s Secret body spray in just the right places, and a pair of strappy sandals. She looked back in the mirror, satisfied with her selections, and headed back out the door.

She drove back to O’Callahan’s, and walked into the bar. She got the blast of cold from the air conditioner. There were about 20 people in the bar, with sports on the tv’s. There was Irish music playing in the background. There were a couple dartboards and pool tables on the other side of the room. She made her way over to the bar, sat down, and ordered a Guinness.

As the bartender poured her drink, he said, “Hi. I’m Matt. I’ll be your friendly neighborhood bartender, at least for the next couple hours. So if you need anything, let me know,” he said with a smile.

“Well, thank you bartender Matt,” she said as she took her first sip of the Irish nectar. “I’m Camryn.. some call me Cami. I’ll be your patron for the next couple of hours.”

They both laughed, and he said “excuse me for a second” as he walked away to help another customer. She watched him as he moved down the bar… not bad. He was tall, about 6’4″, dark hair and brown eyes. A little on the thin side, but not too bad on the eyes, she thought.

After Matt had made a few more drinks, he started back towards where Camryn was sitting. He hadn’t seen her in there before. She was cute, and he had noticed her as soon as she stepped foot in the room. She must be about 5’7″ or 5’8″, and he loved the tight shorts and the sandals on the lower half, but he was even more mesmerized by her tight tank top covering her large chest. His mind started racing as he stole a glimpse of her cleavage, just getting a peek at her powder blue bra poking out from underneath. He was happy that she sat right in front of the glass washing station, so he’d have an excuse to be right in front of her for a while.

They got to talking back and forth with some of the basics, her telling him that she was in town just for the week and what she did, and Matt telling her that he had just finished getting his master’s degree, but was still bartending because it’s fun, and it allowed him to study for his state boards test before getting started with his career.

Matt set two shot glasses in front of her, asking, “what’ll you have?”

“Jaegermeister,” was her quick reply.

“Great choice,” he said as he grabbed the bottle from the cooler and poured a shot for each of them.

They raised their glasses and clinked them together as Matt said, “to new acquaintances.”

Camryn took the shot back and felt the cold liquid go down her throat. She licked her lips and said, “hey, let’s play a game.”

“OK, what would you like to play?” Matt asked.

“It’s called Preferences. I give you 2 or 3 choices and you pick the one you prefer, like ‘chicken or steak’. Then it’s your turn. We just go back and forth. I’ll start – chicken or steak?”

“Steak”, Matt replied. “Mountains or beach?”

“Beach”, was Camryn’s answer.

They went back and forth for a while with questions that were mostly tame, but getting a little flirty, with Camryn asking, “boxers or briefs”, bahis firmaları and Matt responded with “OK… thong, panty, or boyshort?” He nearly broke the glass he was washing when she said, “I guess panty, though I’d rather have the ‘none’ option.”

The game then seemed to take a turn as she motioned for him to lean a little closer and asked, “one night stand or friend with benefits?” Leaning closer to her, Matt got a quick smell of her perfume, which, combined with her question, sent a jolt of electricity all the way through him.

“Friend with benefits”, he replied. “One night stands just don’t really do it for me. I like having a little more of a connection.” That is when the game took on much more of a sexual tone, and he leaned in to close to her ear, “oral sex – giving or receiving?”

Camryn seemed to blush just a little, bit her bottom lip, and said, “Receiving, but I’ve been told I am pretty good at giving as well.”

Matt’s cock again started to stir, and he found it tough to keep up with the other customers in the bar as he just wanted to continue with their game to see where this would go. Their questions got more sexual in nature, top/bottom, dominant/submissive, shaved/trimmed, etc. They both were getting a little worked up with their game, and Matt loved any excuse that he could use to lean in to get another smell of her body spray or steal a glimpse down her top as she would lean towards him.

He went to serve a few more drinks at the other end of the bar when a couple came in and sat down right next to her. The man immediately looked at Camryn and said, “excuse me miss, is the bartender bothering you?”

Camryn smiled and said, “no, we are just chatting.”

At about that time, Matt came back and said “Hey you two! What are you doing here?” He then quickly backtracked and said “I’m sorry, Kevin and Steph, this is my new…” he paused and winked at Camryn, “friend, Camryn.”

“Camryn, this is the couple that I am staying with, Kevin and Steph.”

Matt poured them each a drink, and Kevin said, “so what have you guys been chatting about?”

“We’ve just been playing a game,” Camryn said.

“I like games,” Steph chimed.

Matt explained, “She calls it ‘preferences’. Where you pick 2 or more things and the other person has to pick their preference. It started out light, but had been getting pretty adult oriented just before you two came in.”

“Oooh. Sounds fun. We all should play.” Steph squealed.

Camryn said, “well, I’ve never played with more than one person, so how about this. One person comes up with the question, and we all answer our preference.”

This was quickly agreed to, and they re-started the game, starting with the simpler things, but quickly escalating to more adult themed choices, such as exhibitionist/voyeur; top/bottom; and several “position” questions.

Steph then raised the level higher when she asked, “OK, threesomes. MFF or MMF?”

Matt and Kevin both responded as they expected with MFF. Camryn though for a second, and said, “I think MMF, there is just something about being the center of attention that just gets me going.” Steph turned toward her in her seat and said, “I think I like that idea. Makes me tingly.”

They had all gotten a little carried away with their game, and Steph said that she and Kevin were going out to eat, and they had just stopped by to let Matt know that they wouldn’t be home for a while. Matt’s shift was also nearing its end, when Steph said, “well, Matt, are you going to go swimming with your new friend?”

Camryn looked confused for a second… “swimming?”

Steph replied. “Yeah, swimming. We have a pool at our house. You guys are more the welcome to use it if you’d like. If you need something to wear, I have a bunch of suits in the top drawer of the dresser across from Matt’s room… If you plan on wearing a suit…”

Camryn and Matt both blushed and laughed, looked at each other, and neither one could deny the underlying sexual tension that was building between them.

“Well, my shift is just finishing up, so if you are interested, I guess we could go swimming… of course, if YOU want to…” Matt stammered.

Camryn thought for a second and said, “I’d like to go swimming, but I will wear a suit… don’t want you to think I’m some cheap slut.” That brought Matt down a little bit, but he still was looking forward to seeing Camryn in a swimsuit… and wet…

Kevin and Steph said their goodbyes to Camryn, saying, “maybe we’ll see you later?” to which she responded, “maybe…”

Matt finished up his bar duties and handed things over to the night shift. As they walked out together, Matt said, “you can still back out if you want to. No pressure, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

Camryn said that she would be fine, and followed him in her rental car for just a few blocks to where Matt lived. Pulling into the driveway it looked like a typical one-story house with a tall fence in the backyard. kaçak iddaa She could see the top of a slide, to which she assumed went into the pool. They went through the garage and down the hallway into the house. It had an old German type feel with dark beams on white walls.

They turned the corner to the great room and kitchen, and Matt opened the refrigerator and grabbed 2 more Guinness beers and opened them. He brought one over to Camryn and said “welcome to my place, or, at least where I am staying for now.” They again clinked glasses, and she looked out at the back yard, saw the bright blue water of the pool, complete with slide and diving board.

“Wow, that’s a cool back yard. You guys probably never need to go out, have the party at home,” Camryn said.

Matt replied, “you have no idea how many times we have had intentions of going out, but just started with drinking here and playing in the pool. Somehow, we just don’t make it out.”

“Playing?” Camryn asked.

Matt laughed, “No, not that way, we have never done anything like that. As a matter of fact, today’s game was the most sexual that we have ever talked.”

Matt started down a different hallway, motioning for Camryn to follow. “Steph’s room is down here to get a swimsuit.” She went to the end of the hallway and turned into the bedroom on the right, as Matt split off to the left into his room.

Camryn opened the top drawer, and found several swimsuits with all sorts of different styles. She took several of them out, finally deciding on a pale orange string bikini with ties on the bottom sides and also on the on the top. The suit had ability to adjust both the top and the bottom, which was good, because Camryn’s 34D tits were bigger than what Steph’s appeared to be. As she tied the strings, she saw herself in the mirror. She spun herself around, looking at how the fabric stretched nicely across her ass, just below her small tattoo along the middle of her lower back. Her tits were spilling out of her top. She gave them a quick squeeze and bounce as she opened the door back up and walked down the hall. Matt was in the kitchen with a couple towels, and had also changed into swim trunks.

He let out a low whistle as he saw her come down the hallway. “Well you certainly are sexy,” he said. She smiled, stood up a little taller and pushed her chest out a little more, saying, “thank you. You aren’t so bad yourself.”

She started a few steps towards the patio door to go out to the pool when Matt stopped her, saying, “Wait. Let’s go this way.”

They went back down the hallway towards the garage, but instead of turning right into the garage, they turned left towards a door at the back of the house. He opened the door to an indoor pool that had another slide and a basketball hoop at the side. There was also a hot-tub built into the side of the pool.

“Holy shit! You guys have an outdoor AND an indoor pool? I’d never leave the damn house!!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” Matt said as he walked over to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of Jaeger. “And the bar here is just as good as most bars I have been in.”

He poured them both a shot, then he did a flip into the pool. She tested the temperature with her foot before she also jumped in. They splashed around a little before Matt said “let’s play horse” while reaching for the basketball.

Camryn was very competitive, and said, “you’re on!”

They started by each making 3 shots in a row. On the 4th, Camryn made a shot from the side of the basket, and rather than toss the ball over to Matt, she brought it over to him, then went behind him to take a drink of her beer. As he went to shoot, she turned towards him, making sure to brush her breasts along his back. This worked to distract him enough to miss the shot.

“You have ‘H'”, she squealed.

Matt turned to her and said, “Hey! You cheated. That’s not fair.”

“Never said I played fair…” Camryn replied with a smile. “I’m going to get another beer.”

She pulled herself up out of the water, the orange bikini straining to keep her tits in. Matt felt a little extra pull in his shorts as he watched the water cascade off her tits and ass. She seemed to have a little extra bounce in her step as she walked around the edge of the pool. Matt also jumped out, and caught her just as she was at the slide. His arms wrapped around her waist as he lustily said “I want you to put your hands on top of the slide. Leave them there, and don’t take them off until I say so. You cheated, now it’s my turn to get even.”

She could feel his cock press into her ass, and it instantly caused her pussy to tingle and get even wetter. She reached up and hooked her fingers over the top edge of the slide. Matt reached around her waist pulling her into him. He hungrily kissed the side of her neck and started to hold her a little tighter. She felt her pussy on fire with anticipation, and instinctively took one hand off the slide and brought it back behind Matt’s head to give kaçak bahis him further encouragement. He quickly took her arm and guided it firmly back up to the edge of the slide, then reached down to her ass and gave it a smack. “I said to keep your hands on top of the slide. We have been playing a game all night long, and I think we both want this.”

She held on a little tighter with her arms overhead, and wiggled her ass back into him, moaning in agreement. He brought his hands up to her tits and started to squeeze them, which caused her sharply inhale. Her nipples became hard as rocks, as his hands kneaded across her big tits.

“I have been wanting to feel your tits almost all night. I want to squeeze them. I want to lick them. I want to suck and bite on your nipples until you can’t stand it anymore. Would you like that?” he said between the kisses and light bites to her neck and ear.

“Oh fuck yeah. I love to have tits played with. I love to have my tits fucked,” Camryn gasped.

“So what if I want more than just fucking your tits. What if I want to fuck your mouth? Are you a good little cocksucker? What if I want to taste your pussy? Or put my fingers inside you? Or put my cock in you? Would you like that?” Matt hoarsely whispered.

With every question, Camryn could feel her pussy even more on fire, and she feverishly pushed her ass back into his rock hard cock. “Yes. Fuck yes. I want you to do all of those. I want you to make me your fuck slut. I am so fucking wet right now!”

Matt reached his hands down to her ass and squeezed. He then slid them up her lower back to the strings in the middle of her back. He tugged on them lightly as they broke free, falling to her sides, letting her tits bounce free. He again reached around to roughly squeeze her tits.

“Your tits feel so good. Do you like when I grab them rough?” Matt asked.

“Mmmm-hmmm. Do what you want to them. Do what you want to me. Make me your fuck slut!” she cried.

Matt pulled the top strings of the bikini so the top fell to the floor. He then moved around in front of Camryn and started to suck and lightly bite her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard as he sucked on one and rolled the other one through his fingers. He pulled lightly on them and let them go, watch her tits bounce. This just sent her into even more of a frenzy, pressing her tits forward to his mouth. He started getting more aggressive with his mouth, and she felt herself getting close to cumming, as her tits and nipples are so sensitive, and the foreplay and talk through the night had her on the verge for a while. She lost herself for just a second, and again brought her hand down behind Matt’s head, but he again spanked her on her ass and told her, “Hands on the slide.”

She reached her hands back up and let her orgasm flow over her. “Fuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!!” she cried as she felt her pussy explode. She loved the fact that she could cum simply from her tits and nipples being played with.

Matt continued his assault with his tongue on her tits as he reached his hands down her ribs towards the strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms. He pulled outward on the strings, and her bottoms quickly joined her top on the floor. “Spread your legs! And remember to keep your hands where they are.” Matt commanded.

Camryn spread her legs apart and could feel her juices slowly trickling down the insides of her thighs. She was so fucking wet and needed something in her pussy. Her body was on fire as she was standing fully naked in front of him. Matt worked his way down her stomach towards her shaved pussy. His hands reached to the top outside edge of her pussy and hips. He pulled up and out slightly, pulling her pussy open and exposing her clit. His mouth started to attack her clit, circling his tongue around it, then flicking over the top of it. Camryn started to rock her hips in rhythm with his tongue work. Matt’s fingers started tracing along edges of her pussy as Camryn started pleading, “Please, put them in my pussy. I need something in my pussy! I’m so fucking horny and wet! I need something in my pussy!”

Matt moved his hand slightly, and his finger easily went into her hot pussy. It seemed to grip his finger and pull it in further as he started to work one, then two, fingers inside her. His tongue still teasing her clit, but his fingers now slamming in and out of her pussy, hearing the sloshing sounds of her wetness. He curled his fingers a little, and brushed back and forth over her g-spot, again sending her over the brink to her second orgasm. His tongue replaced his fingers as he tasted her cum and tried to press his mouth as far into her as he could.

Matt worked his way back up to her tits, and brought his fingers to Camryn’s mouth. “Suck my fingers. I want you to taste your pussy juices. Suck my fingers like you are going to suck on my cock in just a little bit.”

Camryn took his two fingers in her mouth, rolling them around her tongue before sucking on them hungrily. His fingers were coated with her cum candy. She was so turned on and almost uncontrollable.

Matt pulled his trunks off and kick them to the side, his cock springing out, bouncing against her thigh. “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

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