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Editor’s Note: this submission contains transwomen sexual content.


Entransed recounted my meeting an elderly woman on a train and going home with her for prolonged lesbian enjoyment, followed by her overwhelming congress with Dulcinda, my longtime transwoman friend. The account of our threesome now continues.

The warm tingling in my nipples woke me. Dulcinda and Leonie, lying on either side of me, each had a nipple in her mouth. When the saw I was awake, Leonie stopped sucking and said, ‘Norma, you have lovely treats.’

‘They’re not bad for my age, are they?’ I said. ‘Bit floppier than they were.’

Dulcinda also stopped sucking. ‘They just ask to be handled.’

‘Well, yes, they do that. I’m glad you can hear them.’

‘Your stipples ask to be sucked, too, don’t they?’ Leonie asked.

‘They do. You were obviously listening to them.’

Dulcinda gave me a prolonged kiss and said, ‘Two of us have orgasmed to the seventh heaven, and now it’s your turn.’

‘You know,’ Leonie said, ‘I thought my tunc would burst when Dulcinda went in. Old ladies vagina walls tend to thin, so they aren’t so elastic as before, and I wondered whether she could make her way up.’

‘The tightness was amazing,’ Dulcinda said. ‘I felt my whole body was being gripped tight, and when I was all the way to the top…’

‘When she was all the way to the top,’ Leonie went on, ‘It felt as if she were driving into my cervixen.’

‘To me it felt as if you cervix, cervixen, was probing down into my urethra.’

‘When you spermated I felt it force up into my utterness.’

‘I felt as if your cervixen was sucking it out of me.’

They discussed their mating with such joy and satisfaction. I had to lift my head and look down their bodies, as if they would show signs of their titanic intersex.

Leonie’s doris was limp now, but her sparse puss-hair and upper thighs were splattered with drying semen. While Dulcinda’s conch lay half-flaccid and shiny with part-dried mixed sperm and vaginal essence. I fancied both genitalia looked used to the limit.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘If you’ve got a finger or tongue or two still working, I would be glad.’

‘Oh, no, Norma,’ Leonie said, ‘We had a little talk while you were asleep. We want to put Dulcinda into you. She says you know well she can harden many times and give her semenism, and I have not seen a conch go into a cranny for so many years, and last time it was my own. illegal bahis Of course I couldn’t see it with Dulcinda, and I may be too sore now for her to plunder me again.’

‘You want to watch Dulcinda plunger me? I would like that.’

‘And I will titillate your doris, and suckle your stipples.’

‘That, dear ladies, sounds a good plan. And I hope you will climax, too, Leonie.’

‘But first,’ Leonie continued, ‘I would like to mastermate Dulcinda onto your treats, Norma. I haven’t made a conch spray for so long, and I love to see that happen. It give me such a moving feeling of giving satisfaction, and it’s so exciting.’

Leonie and I watched with delighted admiration as Dulcinda’s cock began to stiffen. She said, ‘As you see, my darlings, I like that idea.’

She sat up, threw a leg across me and hoisted herself into position, her glorious bottage nestling onto my belly, her penis poised to point at my breasts. I held them together to receive her gift on both, if possible. Leonie knelt beside us on my left, Dulcinda’s right, to bring her right hand across her body and gently fold it round that gorgeous cock. She began with her left hand to caress Dulcinda’s curvaceous bum. I was able to bring my left hand to bear on Leonie’s cute, slender cheeks and fumble between them for her cranny.

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘It is sore. Can you do my doris?’

A little readjustment and I had a finger resting on that little spur, so that we were engaged for the three-way dance, as it were, and waiting for the music. And the music was Leonie’s gentle commentary. ‘I so much like to talk, you know, when making love. It makes me happy, makes it somehow more real, so it’s exciting. Dulcinda’s conch feels so hard, but the soft skin glides over the big bead and back, like this. Is that good, Dulcinda? I am doing it right? I want to give you the best easement I can.’

‘It’s perfect, Leonie, perfect. I can feel my spermage gathering in my balls. Shall I say when I’m coming?’

‘Yes, yes, I love it when the spermer talks, too.’

Dulcinda reached back and sought my doris. ‘Can you come, too, Norma?’

‘When your spume sprays I will surely come,’ I said.

‘And you, Leonie?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘Same for me,’ Leonie said, ‘As your conch hardens and you speak, my urgenism will happen as your spray your sweetness onto Norma’s stipples.’

A minute or so passed, and Leonie said, ‘Oh, look, this is beautiful. The conch and Norma’s illegal bahis siteleri treats are swelling. You’re both going over, aren’t you?’

‘Cumming,’ Dulcinda carolled, ‘Cumming, cumming!’ She rocked back and forth, her bottom opening and closing. And Leonie jammed her left hand into the cleft. The cheeks slammed shut on it and we all watched as the urethra opened and a thick gout of spermatozoa jetted onto my swollen breasts.

At the same time Leonie said quietly, ‘Mine is here, mine is here. So sweet.’

This was enough for me. My orgasm was already under way, as evidenced by my tits, and it now roared through my system like an autumn gale through the forest.

We all three shook and juddered as further dollops of thick semen flopped onto my nipples, watched intently until the last little dribble had oozed forth. Then we huddled close, Dulcinda moving her bottom down my stomach and onto my thighs, so she could pillow her face against my sticky bosom.

After a while we parted, got off the futon and went for a shared shower, before heading naked for the kitchen for refreshment. We were now cleansed outwardly and refuelled inwardly, so ready for further adventures, and over some lemon tea Leonie said, ‘Please, can I know see Dulcinda going into Norma? I love to see a conch glide into a tunc.’ Soon we were back on the futon, and now I was on my back, propped against some pillows, my thighs resting on Dulcinda’s as she faced towards me, her cock a few inches from my vulva.

‘Open it,’ Dulcinda commanded and Leonie, kneeling close by reached below my briar-patch to part both sets of lips. Dulcinda said, ‘Oh, yes, that does it.’ Leonie and I watched it slowly erect. ‘When I see an opening,’ Dulcinda continued, ‘I go hard.’

‘Are you slippery enough, Norma?’ Leonie asked. ‘After all that showering.’

‘I soon will be,’ I said. ‘Just send her in.’

Dulcinda slid her bottom forward, Leonie took hold of her cock and guided it to my vestibule, where the glans pushed in an inch. Leonie gazed in delight. ‘Look at it parting the lappets,’ she said. ‘Can you take it, Norma?’

‘Push,’ I said, ‘It’ll make its way.’

Still holding the penis in her right hand, Leonie sent her left one to rest across Dulcinda’s bottom chasm and pushed as Dulcinda thrust her hips forward. For a moment the cock-head was locked in place. Then the pushing crammed it slowly home. I was lubricating but still not fully slippery, so canlı bahis siteleri the entry was a little painful for us both. But that was part of the joy of it, for we knew she would drive all the way in. The resistance added to the friction, of course, so the stimulus was the greater, and as the tip nestled to my cervix I felt the cock swell, and said, ‘She’s coming.’

By this time Leonie had released Dulcinda and was tweaking my doris, and as Dulcinda spilled her seed within me I climaxed, too, and I felt my pulsations squeeze Dulcinda to increase her ecstasy. And Leonie said, ‘Again for me, oh, yes, it’s happening.’

After a minute to two, as I was relishing the filling of my cranny with Dulcinda’s conch, Dulcinda suddenly pulled out of me, releasing a flood of sperm, and reached for Leonie, who seemed to know at once what was to happen. For Dulcinda withdrew from under my thighs, gently manoeuvred Leonie onto her back and lifted her legs apart. I guessed what was under way and moved aside to allow them more space.

Dulcinda reared up and raised herself on her hands and knees to get between Leonie’s thighs and jab her still hard penis end into Leonie’s labia. There was something almost frightening about this rapid move, as if Dulcinda was roused to rape, but Leonie was pushing her bottom towards Dulcinda and saying, ‘Oh, please, yes, go in me, go in. Don’t stop. Oh, it’s so hard, so hard.’

‘Does it hurt, darling?’ Dulcinda asked, pausing a moment.

‘Yes, but it’s so good. Don’t stop. Fill me, fill me. Yes, that’s so good.’

I watched, fascinated, as Dulcinda forced her way in, pulling out a fraction and thrusting in again until she was clearly as far in as she could get. Leonie lifted her head to look down her body, for Dulcinda, on her elbows, was not belly-to-belly. Leonie said, ‘Soak me, soak me, splash your jetsam in me. Oh, yes, you’re swelling, you’re spilling your spermtoms in me. I’m drinking them with my cervixen. This is heaven, heaven.’

They lay locked together a long time, quivering slightly, caressing each other’s faces. Leonie said, ‘You knew I so much wanted you inside me. It was, it is, perfect. You could go in with the slip from your being in Norma.’

Dulcinda understood that this was the culmination for Leonie. Her chain of urgenisms with me and the earlier phases of our threesome had prepared her for the complete satisfaction from Dulcinda’s intromission and ejaculation. So, our revels now were ended,, and the next day Dulcinda drove us both to Leonie’s new headquarters and then Dulcinda and I went on to her abode. And as we went she solicited my participation in another, rather different, threesome, which I will recount in the next instalment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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