Toy Store 69

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(co-written with Rob99202)

It had been a long, dry winter for Cindy and her toys now bored her. A visit to the adult toy store was in order.

She wandered the aisles, seeing a toy here and there that looked interesting, but not quite the right item to tickle her fancy.

“See anything that you like?”

The voice from behind startled her. She turned to look into the most beautiful green eyes.

“Well, not until just now,” she said coyly. She could see that he blushed, a little surprising, considering the setting.

“Well, um, we have some other items in the back that you can examine, perhaps you can find something there.”

She followed him to the back of the store through a set of curtains. She felt anticipation in her stomach, her pussy dampening, as she watched his tight arse bob in front of her. She was thinking how good it would feel to have his cock inside her and to dig her finger nails into his butt as he drove deeply inside her.

He used a key to unlock a door and they passed through into a dimly lit room. She took in the view quickly, seeing an assortment of sex machines, a sex chair, and a hot tub. She looked up at him, ready to be swept into his arms, yet he only said to her, “Feel free to try anything that you like, for as long as you like, all of the items can be purchased here at the store.” With that, he quickly disappeared.

Cindy took in the whole room, looking from one device to the next. She settled on a machine that she had read about on the web. The reviews for the machine had been incredible and she had been tempted to make a purchase, yet she was reluctant because it was a lot of money.

She imagined a lover watching her as she disrobed. His eyes upon her, taking in the shape and form of her figure. She imagined the bulge growing at the front of his pants.

Cindy slipped her feet from her high heels, stepping down onto the carpet. She caressed her thigh, letting her soft fingers tease at the skin, while she slid her hand under her skirt and beneath the waistband of her panties.

Then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her small, firm, perky breasts to the cool air of the room. Her nipples stiffened both from the air and her touch. She dropped her blouse to the floor.

She wiggled the waistband over her narrow hips, and let her skirt fall to the floor. She knew that her lover would be looking at her red bush, neatly trimmed and outlined by her long, slender legs.

The thought of his gaze upon her body was enough to moisten her even further.

The machine stood on the floor, with a dildo rising from the centre. Cindy straddled the machine and lowered her pussy over the dildo. The moisture that had formed between her legs illegal bahis and a little extra lubricant allowed her to slide easily down the dildo.

Cindy touched the remote, and the dildo began to turn slowly inside her. Up another notch, and the speed increased and the tip began bending and gyrating. The rotating dildo massaged the inside of her pussy and the base of the machine vibrated on her clit, nearly sending her through the ceiling. She cranked it up even higher and centred the dildo’s movements against the front of her vagina.

Cindy clenched her legs tightly against the machine, her body quivering as the pressure built low in her stomach and spread until her entire body tingled.

She cried out as she climaxed, moisture flowing from between her legs. Her body was wracked with wave after wave of orgasm, until she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Cindy wasn’t aware of how long she lay there. Though her climax had been intense, the most intense that she had felt in years; she was not sated.

Opening her eyes, her gaze alighted on the sex chair. She had read about them and seen pictures, but had never experienced one before. She walked over to the chair and slid into it.

The chair left her in an odd, vulnerable position (legs apart and pelvis tipping forward), but she rather liked it. Cindy lay back in the sex chair and noticed a screen and a VCR before her. To her right was a selection of pornographic videos, vibrators, and dildos. She selected a video and popped it into the player.

The opening credits showed a pair of younger, well-hung men, naked and facing the camera. She admired their young ample bodies, broad muscular shoulders, softer midsections, but most of all, the large appendage hanging between their legs. That would be a perfect treat to end her dry spell, she mused.

The tape began and showed a woman laying in a chair exactly the same as the one in which Cindy is lying. A door opened and the two young men, one blonde and one dark haired, walk over to the woman.

The blonde guy is tall and lean with a chiselled physique and a six-pack. The dark haired guy is tall but stocky, broad shouldered and muscular in a rounded shape. When he moves, his muscles ripple. The dark haired man has a large penis in girth rather than length. The blonde man has a long shaft hanging between his legs.

The blonde guy stood at the woman’s head and bent down to kiss her. Cradling the back of her head, he pulls her face to his, and kisses her sensuously.

The dark haired guy starts kissing and licking the woman’s feet. Cindy can imagine the cool traces from his tongue evaporating from her skin. She feels the moisture between her thighs begin to build again. She is surprised illegal bahis siteleri that a video can feel so real, then she realises that the sensation at her feet is not imagination; she is not watching a video, but rather closed circuit TV.

She feels his hot breath on her neck. Her nipples stiffen beneath his strong fingers. His hands roam over her breasts. His kisses are warm and moist, his touch tender but firm.

Her body quivers as the dark haired man’s tongue closes in on her inner thighs. His hands move over her skin, exploring in their own right. Her lips quiver, anticipating his touch, his warm breath, and she feels his rough tongue sliding over her nether regions.

She is restrained in the chair, a prisoner to the whims of the men. The blonde man teases her with his now erect penis. She turns her head when he presses it against her cheek, only to have him withdraw it at the last moment. The teasing made her yearn for more.

She arched her back, offering her pussy to the moist tongue on her legs, but he seemed to move in slow motion, leaving her wanting his touch. Pleasure will soon be hers, but on their time not hers. She is a slave, a willing slave, but to their power she must surrender.

Now she can feel a cock sliding up her leg, approaching her waiting pussy. The swollen head teases her pubic mound, rubbing pre-cum in her red bush, taunting her clit as it probes under the hood. Then slipping down between her lips.

At the same time the other guy is circling her mouth with his shaft, probing in-between her lips. Cindy opens her mouth and feels the cock inching its way into the void. She circles the head with her tongue, tasting his juice before sucking him deep into her.

With that, the dark-haired guy thrusts his prick between her fanny lips. Cindy gasps, and as she does the blonde guy pushes his cock to the back of her mouth. Both men thrust in and out of her simultaneously. It is not long before she bucks and shudders in orgasm. Cum is dripping from her mouth and seeping from her pussy as she sinks back in the chair exhausted.

The men leave the room and she is once again alone. She looks around and decides that the hot tub will be refreshing. Cindy moves gingerly from the chair over to the tub. Sliding in, the warm water engulfs her, relaxing every muscle in her body. She leans back and lets her mind drift, with the vision of the two young studs with whom she had just been.

Her trance is broken when she senses someone joining her in the hot tub. She opens her eyes and sees a voluptuous young blonde girl sinking under the water. “What is this, can they read my dreams here?” Cindy noticed her breasts first, as they float gently in the warm water.

The canlı bahis siteleri girl slid over to her, gently brushing up against her skin. Their tits rub together, producing a tingling sensation in her pussy. Leaning over, the blonde whispered in Cindy’s ear. Cindy blushed; it seemed as if the girl was reading her mind. Cindy complies anyway and plants her arse upon the edge of the pool. She spreads her legs and the blonde slid between them, nibbling and licking her inner thighs as she closed in on her fanny.

She leaned back against the padded wall behind her, noticing the camera and monitor in front of her. On the monitor was the clerk that had led her into the room. He was on his back, legs spread, his large cock hard and protruding from the junction at his legs. He smiled at her when she looked into the camera and she knew that he was watching her. She felt an extra rush of excitement course through her body.

The blonde’s tongue was dancing around Cindy’s lips, darting between them, and then circling the outside. Her hips moved in rhythm with the tongue as it explored her nether regions. The girl was expertly teasing her, coming ever so closely, and then moving away.

Cindy could see the clerk stroking his large cock. Cindy leaned back, opening herself a little wider. Then she shut her eyes tightly and felt the blonde girl’s tongue slice between her hot wet lips like a warm knife through butter. She became light headed as time after time the girl brought her to the edge, and held her there, for what seemed like an eternity. With each cycle, the sensations intensified, until the blonde brought her to a most incredible orgasm.

Cindy laid back on the pool deck, her body shuddering, her legs and arms like jelly, her pussy still in spasms. Cindy was not sure whether the buxom girl had been sent for her pleasure or to please the voyeuristic clerk. He was left with his own cum running down his chest onto his belly, but he obviously had liked what he saw, judging by the huge smile on his face.

The girl stroked Cindy’s hair and cooed her as she regained her strength. Totally spent, she eventually rose and the blonde patted her dry with a towel. She kissed Cindy on the lips, pulling her close and squeezing her buttocks before disappearing.

Cindy dressed and found her way out and smiled at the clerk as she was leaving. He stopped her and asked, “Would you like a memento of your visit?” while handing her video entitled ‘Cindy and the boys with toys’.

“Oh my, were you filming all the time?” Cindy blushed as she took the video. There was even a picture of her and the guys on the cover!

Cindy left, feeling tired yet younger than she had for months. She had missed a few items in the demo and knew that she would have to return; and of course there was the clerk!

Walking down the road, she smiled to herself as she noticed his business card protruding from the video box. On the back was a phone number written in pencil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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