Tim’s Perfect Date

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After writing a couple of stories myself, Tim has decided to do one of his own. It involves him, me and another girl 🙂 hope you enjoy!

It was the second night out in a week, I was a bit tired but a few vodka red bulls and shots perked me right up. ‘I hope you don’t mind It just being us three…’ Rachel had said ‘But its been a while since me and Vicky have seen each other!’ Truth was, I didn’t mind in the slightest, Me and Rachel had been together a while and were starting to branch out when it came to sex. She was a petite girl, brunette with an amazing body, perky breasts and amazing legs, and I just couldn’t keep my hands off her! When she went out with her friend Vicky and the drinks started pouring, there would be an unspoken rule that things would get a little dirty.

So by 1.00 AM, we had got to this small, but busy nightclub called Whitehalls. It was the kind of place that I could go into and see lots of familiar faces, and always managed to have a dance or two, yeah granted there were the creeps and the drunks, pushing and groping but overall it was a good place to end the night. With the dance floor being so packed, you would always end up grinding up against strangers, sweaty bodies rubbing up against others to the heavy base of whatever the theme was that night, the smell of perfume and sex always in the air. By this point Rachel and Vicky had got a couple of drinks and headed on down and I knew it was only a matter of time before things got heated.

Rachel was always open to trying new things out, her and Vicky had a few drunken kisses on nights out, which I loved but it never went much further than that. I’d spent tonight dancing with Rachel, teasing her, kissing her neck and running my hands up her stomach and just brushing past her tits and I could feel her getting more and more aroused. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh , stopping just before I reached her thong, she would look at me and groan, aching to have her pussy teased and rubbed. When I went to get more drinks I could see her passing this energy on to Vicky, going from jokey, girly dancing to pulling her in close, running her hands through Vicky’s hair and brushing her lips past her… I could tell she was aching to get off and the more crowded the bar got, the harder it got for Rachel to hide it.

At this point I was stood at the bar, chatting to the girl pouring us a couple of shots. Rachel came up to me, putting one hand round my side and running the other one down to the front of my jeans, stroking one finger across the seam, enough to feel my cock and give away exactly what was on her mind. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to go somewhere else, and she wanted to bring Vicky along. I was dubious at first, worried she might get jealous if anything were to happen but I suddenly realised Vicky was stood the other side of me. Rachel grabbed her hand, and slowly brought it down, placing it over my jeans, where Rachel’s hand was just moments ago. I looked shocked for a second but her eyes were glinting, I tried to compose myself, and Vicky let out a small gasp, shocked to be suddenly cradling my slowly throbbing cock. Vicky looked at Rachel and immediately went in for a kiss, deep and clearly using tongues in front of me, both girls knew exactly how hot it was, as every man at that bar turned to look in awe, and boy was I smug!

We quickly finished the shots and went on our way, leaving the bar quickly and heading into the night. All I remember was a blur of streetlights and the girls giggling, chatting mindlessly to break the clear tension that came from us rushing back to my flat.

It took less than a minute for the girls to throw off their shoes, tights and rush into the bedroom, giggling like schoolgirls and illegal bahis throwing themselves on the bed, pillows and blankets going everywhere. I slowly followed, locking eyes with Rachel every so often, Vicky glancing at me also to be sure this was all OK. She was also a bit of a wild one, but tonight the girls and I had teased the idea of a threesome all night, and the anticipation was almost unbearable, a huge fantasy of mine about to unfold in my bed.

I climbed in next to them and Rachel immediately threw herself on me, kissing me deep and hard, the force of it would usually be too strong but the rougher it got, the more we got into it. She pulled away and whispered to me, ‘I cant wait to make her cum all over our bed’, Vicky heard this and came up behind Rachel, kneeling on the bed and pulling Rachel’s top up, and over her head. ‘I hope you love this’ Rachel said, as she turned around, in her bra, and embraced our third member, wrapping her hands up in her hair and kissing down her neck. Vicky was a tiny bit taller than Rachel but of the same build, also a brunette, in a low cut, short, tight dress, showing hints of cleavage and small but also perky beautiful breasts, amazing legs and a few tattoos down her back. She pulled Rachel in towards her in an embrace, running her hands up her bare sides and back down, cupping her ass and leaving faint scratch marks, the force of the kissing leaving me in awe, as I took in my woman about to try out her first girl on girl experience.

I sat back at this point just watching and taking it all in, I didn’t want to go in and spoil this moment just yet, two beautiful woman who couldn’t keep their hands off each other, slowly stripping themselves down to just bras and knickers, and Rachel throwing Vicky down on her back and leaning over her on all fours so I could see her perfect ass, her pussy clearly throbbing through her thong at the idea of another girl fingering her. They kissed for a while and I could hear moans and groans, both girls barely containing themselves.

As Rachel got more confident, I saw her arm come up and her hand rub down Vicky’s chest. Vicky was on her back and her arms were free, laid next to her, not fighting the girl running her fingers down her stomach, just missing her pussy and coming up past her thigh. I recognized what Rachel was doing, I would do the same when Rachel was aching to cum and i would just tease my fingers past her pussy, keeping her knickers on and running my fingers gently over her lips, just touching her clit over the cotton of her knickers. She would go mad and she was doing the same to Vicky, who was now groaning louder, almost unable to take the anticipation and nearly forcing my girlfriends hand down her knickers. Rachel wanted her to be ready to cum as soon as she touched her so she moved her hand back up, took Vicky’s bra off and, removing hers, went in for another deep kiss, their nipples rubbing together gently at first, going clearly hard and then pressing together firmly as they both could hardly take the teasing, pressing their bodies together, Rachel’s leg rubbing up the inside of Vicky’s, making her moan even louder.

At this point I was rock hard, in my boxers but still holding back, my stunning girlfriend and another woman locked together, both just in knickers and slowly grinding up on each other. I tried to lock that image away, never wanting to forget the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Vicky at this point had brought her hands up and I could see her grabbing Rachel’s ass, running a finger down between her cheeks and just teasing her pussy, Rachel let out a huge moan as Vicky teased her and her head came up, she was clearly so close but they were just holding each other on the brink of having a joint orgasm, a matter illegal bahis siteleri of barely touching each other and it building up, both so wet with anticipation.

Not being able to take anymore, Rachel took Vicky’s knickers down, and slowly brought her hands across her pussy, not touching anything yet but enough for her to know what was about to happen, holding herself above her with one arm and reaching down with the other. I watched from behind as Rachel used two fingers to spread Vicky’s pussy open, leaving it like that for a few seconds. Vicky’s slit was glinting and throbbing, she was taking in sharp breaths, shuddering in expectancy as Rachel brought her other fingers in, gliding herself across her clit… She immediately hit orgasm, loudly calling out and her chest came up, making Rachel giggle and gasp as she slid a finger inside Vicky’s warmth and also rubbing her clit slowly so that Vicky’s orgasm lasted longer. Vicky was moaning so loud and shaking, running her hands down Rachel’s back and leaving scratch marks. “Ooh that was quick!” whispered my girl, as she put another finger inside her. “I wonder if I could make you do it again…” Circling her finger with one hand round Vicky’s clit, slowly bringing her fingers of the other hand in and out of her. Vicky came again and again, Rachel getting faster and faster, licking Vicky’s very erect nipples and kissing her between orgasms, moaning together and writhing across the bed, I could barely hold myself together, my cock begging me to get involved.

Rachel sat back, looking down on a sweaty and exhausted Vicky who was still trying to hold herself together under the excitement of another girl fingering her. She then sits up, gently but firmly takes Rachel by the arms and pushes her down onto her back and the girls giggle, breasts freely bouncing and pressing against each other. Vicky turns around and looks at me, I give her a nod so she feels at ease and more relaxed, it was her first time as well after all, and she was nervous. She starts kissing down Rachel’s neck (a spot I know gets her going), down her breasts, slightly unsure, but confidence growing knowing what Rachel would want. She brings her tongue around and flicks Rachel’s nipple, making it stick up with the stimulation. She slowly kisses down her stomach and Rachel, knowing whats coming now, lets out a large groan and runs her hands through Vicky’s hair, coaxing her closer to her throbbing pussy.

Vicky, now down with her head between Rachel’s legs, slowly blows on her clit, and runs her tongue up and down her legs, intentionally missing out on Rachel’s pussy, making her go wild, thrusting around and grabbing thick locks of Vicky’s hair. I can tell she can’t take much more and would finish herself off soon if it went on any longer. Almost telepathically Vicky knew right when to go in, licking slowly but firmly up Rachel’s slit, just teasing her and sucking at the lips. Rachel was loudly telling us exactly how good it was without words, breathing out heavily and thrusting her hips up. Just as Rachel is about to cum Vicky stops, teases two fingers up inside Rachel’s tight pussy and clearly rubs her G-spot causing Rachel to cry out in surprised pleasure, Bursting into a strong orgasm, and then straight into a second, cumming over and over, legs shaking wildly and almost clamping together over Vicky’s head as she tries to keep them propped up, thrashing out with her hands and grabbing hold of the bed sheets, lost in complete ecstasy. She moans, Cumming again and again as Vicky licks all over, putting her whole mouth on her pussy, teasing her tongue inside her and sucking back out, switching between tongue and fingers.

Something else happened that we had only teased at before, Rachel, barely able to canlı bahis siteleri hold her head up while she was being pleasured over and over, looked down and tried to get a few words out, asking Vicky to pump harder with her fingers inside her and rub on her G-spot, Vicky looked up and giggled, but did as Rachel asked, pumping hard, Rachel screwing her face up. Then she suddenly shoves Vicky’s hand away and lets out a huge moan, her whole body convulsing in pleasure as liquid shoots out of her pussy, squirting a small amount at first but Vicky, amazed at what she is seeing and how obviously good it is, forces her to continue, using her thumb to circle her clit and rubbing her G-spot as small shots of Cum go all over the bed, down Vicky’s hand and on her legs.

Slowly Rachel recovers. “I’m so sorry, that’s not happened in so long! Usually it’s a bit of a struggle but it just came out!” Exhausted she falls back down. Vicky seemed very proud of herself, the first time shes with a girl and it was so amazing! Both girls panting almost, getting their breath back from cumming over and over, still throbbing as they lay back, spent. At this point I couldn’t take much more and I had my cock out, slowly rubbing it myself, Rachel looks over, “Good show was it? It’s unfair we finished each other but you didn’t get anything… Yet!”

I couldn’t believe my luck, I was now naked and my cock was rock hard and sticking right out. I got onto my knees and waited for the girls to come over, prowling like cats towards me. Jealousy was not an option anymore, they had shared everything so far and I was no exception.

I looked down as I saw Rachel grab me. Pre-cum was dripping, from being so turned on watching everything so far. Rachel grips the base of my cock, grabbing hard and pulling it up, sending tingles down my whole body. She then licks the tip and just taking me in gently, teasingly. Vicky comes over and cups my balls, Rachel smiling at her as she slowly starts running her hand up and down my shaft. She suddenly bends forward and takes all of me into her mouth in one go, almost choking me down and I feel the warmth of the inside of her mouth, teeth just brushing, sucking up and down my shaft. I shut my eyes to take all the feelings in, holding myself enough so that I can enjoy every second. She slowly gets faster, bobbing her head up and down. I tilt my head up, moaning loudly to signal how amazing it feels. I feel her mouth disengage, and feel her tongue run up the left side of my throbbing cock with her hand still around the shaft. Soon after, another tongue joins in and runs up and down the other side. I look down and both girls are licking every inch of me, mouths meeting at the top to kiss each other, using the tip of my cock as a meeting place while they make out around it, licking round the head and up and down the bottom of it, cupping my balls and even taking them into their mouths, jolting my body around. Then I feel the same wetness of a deepthroat, my whole cock taken in but it was slightly different from before… I look down and Vicky has taken it all, and Rachel’s looking up to me with a massive grin, asks me if I’m ready to cum. I didn’t even have a chance to reply before they started kissing around me again, stroking my cock as they did it faster and faster until i couldn’t take it anymore, gasping and shuddering, feeling my cock harden up I wrap my hands in their hair and gently pull them up to the tip of my cock and take it in turns to take each load, kissing all the while. Licking every last drop, Rachel taking the lead and Vicky just licking my balls as I shoot the last load inside Rachel’s mouth, feeling her swallowing the last bits and I collapse, spent, the girls laying down either side of me with smiles on our faces!

We all chatted, completely naked but comfortable together in bed for a while, discussing how amazing our time was with each other, a fantastic experience for all three of us. Eventually we fell asleep. Me drifting off last, but completely satisfied!

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