Three’s Definitely Company

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“Thanks to Jenna for the inspiration and input in writing this story.”

Jenna and Kelly were having a blast. It was the third morning of their four day girls getaway to Las Vegas, and they had done so much already. As she showered in the huge shower in their room at the Trump, Jenna played back the last two days in her mind.

There had been shopping at the Fashion Mall and the Fourm Shops at Ceasar’s; dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill; a Cirque du Soleil show; and then dancing until 3:00 am at Tao last night. They had almost hooked up with a couple of cute guys, but that had fizzled when the guys got too drunk. She had even won $300.00 on the slots. She wondered what new adventures today would bring. She thought about their friend Laura who had to cancel out at the last minute and knew she would be jealous.

As she let the soothing spray splash over her body, she saw Kelly come barging in through the door into the bathroom. Typical Kelly, Jenna thought, as she watched her cross the room to the sink, naked as a jaybird, her big tits swaying. Kelly was the wild one of the two friends, always outgoing and looking for fun.

“Too bad about those guys,” she said as she fumbled for her toothbrush, “I was hoping we could fuck their brains out!”

Jenna laughed at the comment, thinking that she wasn’t so sure about fooling around on her husband, although she had to admit, she had been tempted last night. She knew Kelly wasn’t concerned about having a one night stand with her hubby hundreds of miles away. Kelly had reminded her several times, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Kelly was bound and determined to make the most of these four days.

“I saw you kissing that Todd guy while you were slow dancing,” Kelly said laughing, “His hands were all over that tight little ass of yours!”

Jenna laughed again, remembering, thinking of how horny she had gotten and how disappointed she was when too many tequila shooters took their toll on the guys.

“We’ll just have to find more mature men tonight,” she replied, “those two were probably 10 years younger than us.”

Kelly laughed again and went back to brushing her teeth. Jenna closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot spray, fantasizing about what could have been.

As she finished her shower and stepped out to towel herself off, she saw the reflection of her and Kelly in the mirror and said, “We are a couple of hot ladies, aren’t we?”

They both had great tits, although Kelly’s natural 36 DD’s made Jenna’s 34 D seem small. Kelly was taller and a bit curvier. Jenna’s long dark hair contrasted Kelly’s shorter and curlier blond locks.

Kelly turned and put her hands under her big breasts, pushing them upward as she blurted, “We’ve got the equipment, we just need a couple of hard cocks!”

Jenna blushed at the words and tied a towel around herself as she headed into the bedroom.

As they ate some yogurt and fruit, the two friends talked about the day and decided to spend the afternoon at the hotel pool. They needed some kick back time before tackling another night in sin city.

It was almost noon by the time they headed to the elevator to go down to the pool. Jenna had put on the new blue bikini from Brazil that she had bought yesterday at Molly Brown’s. Kelly had on a bright tropical print that looked hot on her curvy body.

The sun was warm as they settled into the lounges that the cute young pool attendent had directed them to. Jenna looked around as she applied some sunscreen and noticed that there weren’t too many people enjoying the pool on this beautiful day. Just as she was about to lay back she saw a tall good looking man entering the pool area and pointed him out to Kelly. He was probably 40 with a lean swimmers body and dark hair with a touch of grey at the temples.

“Where was he last night,” Kelly said as he walked past them to a lounge nearby.

Jenna glanced at him again and saw that he was checking her and Kelly out as he settled into his lounge.

The waitress came by and Kelly and Jenna ordered Margarita’s. When she came back with the drinks, the waitress said, “Compliments of the gentleman” and nodded to the man who they had noticed earlier.

That was all Kelly needed and being her outgoing self walked over and started talking to the fellow. In no time, she had invited him to come over and sit with them.

As he sat down, Jenna noticed his beautiful dark eyes which seemed to twinkle as he spoke. They found out he owned a small high tech company and had been in town for a trade show that had finished yesterday and now was taking a couple of days to unwind before heading home.

Kelly, as usual, was the chatty one of the two women, flirting openly with Aaron as they talked.

By the time they finished their second round of drinks, the desert wind had sprung up as it often did in the afternoon and the pool attendants were having trouble keeping the umbrellas upright.

Aaron suggested that they head up ankara escort to his suite and have another drink and of course Kelly was quick to say yes. Still in their swimwear they headed to the elevator to ride up to his one bedroom penthouse suite.

Jenna and Kelly were impressed as they entered Aaron’s suite, it had a living room with big sofas, a dining room, bar, a huge bedroom and the view was spectacular. Aaron went to the fridge and took out a chilled bottle of wine. As he poured them all a glass, he told them that he didn’t usually book a suite, but had done so this time so that he could entertain clients from the trade show.

He handed them each a glass and they sat down on the sofas, Kelly making sure to sit beside Aaron leaving Jenna with the other sofa all to herself. They sipped the wine and chatted, Kelly again flirting, however a bit more aggressive than she had down at the pool. Her one hand kept brushing Aaron’s leg and you could tell by the bulge in his swimsuit that he was getting aroused.

It didn’t take long before Kelly leaned over and gave him a kiss, and he didn’t pull back. As the kiss deepened, Jenna saw Kelly’s fingertips brush over the bulge. Aaron’s hand moved to cup one of Kelly’s full breasts.

Jenna stood up, and took a step toward the door, saying, “I guess I should leave you two alone.”

Aaron, looked over at her, smiled, reached out his hand and replied, “No stay, it will be fun.”

Jenna was torn, her brain told her she should leave, but something inside made her stop and move toward the couple on the sofa. She and Kelly had often talked about a threesome, but she never believed it would ever happen, and yet here they were.

As she slowly moved closer, her eyes widened as she watched Kelly take off her top, her big breast swaying as she slid down, kissing Aaron’s chest as her hands slid into the waist of his swimsuit and she slipped it off letting his rock hard cock spring free. Kelly quickly slipped down to her knees and her lips engulfed him.

Jenn’s head was spinning as her fingertips met Aaron’s and he pulled her closer, leaning forward and nuzzling his face between her own breasts. She couldn’t believe what was happening, glancing down and seeing her best friend sucking cock as Aaron undid her own bikini top and his lips found her tingling flesh.

She closed her eyes as she felt Aaron’s tongue swirl around each taut nipple, seeming to linger at each little bump on her areola. She was trembling with excitement as she felt Aaron’s hand slip into the back of her bikini bottom and begin to caress her ass. Her own fingers ran through his hair as a soft moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Then she heard Kelly’s voice, “Jenn, come share this beautiful cock with me!”

Jenna’s eyes opened as she heard her friend, she was still torn, still unsure and now it was decision time. She could leave, or she could participate, there was no other choice. She saw Aaron’s face, his eyes twinkling, his smile, and his nod of encouragement. She smiled back, she had passed the point of no return, and she kissed his lips and then began kissing down his body.

As Jenna joined her friend, she smiled at her and gave her a kiss and then swirled her tongue around the fat head of Aaron’s cock, which Kelly offered her. “It is like a porn movie,” Jenna thought, “two hot women pleasuring a stud with their lips and tongues.”

She suckled the head as Kelly’s fingertips moved slowly up and down the length of the shaft. “This was so hot,” she thought as her lips followed Kelly’s fingertips down the shaft and her mouth was filled with hard hot man meat.

They took turns, alternately sucking and licking his beautiful thick cock, sometimes both flicking their tongues along the shaft simultaneously. As they did, they could hear Aaron’s soft moans of pleasure.

Kelly, moved in, wrapping her big soft tits around the shaft and letting it slide up and down in her deep cleavage. Then it was Jenna’s turn and she titty fucked him for a bit, leaning forward to lick the head of his cock each time it slid up.

The women could tell from the quickening of his breathing and the louder moans of pleasure that Aaron was quickly passing the point of no return. They quickened their efforts, Kelly sucking him while Jenna stroked his shaft and massaged his heavy sac.

“I’m going to cum,” Aaron cried out.

As he did, Kelly pulled her lips from him and spurt of thick creamy cum shot from the tip of his cock and splashed on her breasts. Jenna kept stroking him and directed his spurts onto both her and Kelly’s chests. Then Kelly took him in her mouth again and started sucking and swallowing the last of his cum as she massaged the globs of cum into her breasts.

Jenna moved back and watched as Kelly expertly cleaned Aaron’s cock with her hot mouth. She looked at Aaron and saw him looking into her green eyes and then he was moving, guiding her back onto the carpet and bringing his lips again to her breasts, licking escort ankara the globs of cum from them. She moaned with pleasure at this new experience, and felt his hands slipping her bikini bottom from her.

Jenna’s head was spinning as Aaron’s lips began moving over her body. First her breasts, kissing, licking, sucking… then her belly, his tongue swirling around her navel… moving lower, his hot breath making her quiver as his tongue found her bare wet slit. She moaned and her body quivered as he licked slowly around the lips of her pussy, lingering here and there, as he explored her.

And then as Aaron ministered to her, she felt Kelly’s lips on her breast, suckling a very taut nipple as her fingertips rolled the other. The sensations were overwhelming and Jenna closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Aaron’s fingertips spread her and his tongue began teasing the sensitive swollen button of flesh. Jenna’s hips bucked as his tongue flicked against her. She cried out, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Kelly had moved up so that her big breasts swayed above Jenna’s face. Jenna instinctively took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard, making Kelly moan with pleasure.

And then, as Aaron’s lips suckled her pulsing clit, she felt two of his fingers slip into her, hooking up, seeking and finding her ‘G’. She thrashed wildly as the wave of sheer pleasure washed over her. She hadn’t cum like this for a long, long time.

Aaron’s lips and tongue continued to pleasure her, until she could take no more and she pushed his head away. As she opened her eyes, she saw Kelly above her, grinning like a Cheshire cat and giving her a wink.

The two women looked over at Aaron and smiled as they saw that his cock was hard again. Kelly got on all fours, looked back at Aaron and said, “Fuck me hard!”

Aaron moved quickly behind Kelly, gave her round ass a slap and slid his thick hard cock into her dripping pussy from behind. Kelly squealed with delight as he entered her, pushing back against his thrust.

Jenna lay beside them, eyes wide as she watched them fuck. Aaron was pumping Kelly with a slow steady rhythm, his hands sliding around to cup and squeeze her swaying dangling tits. Kelly, was vocal, saying, “Fuck me!”, “Fuck me hard!”, “Push that big cock deep!”

Jenna moved closer, in behind Aaron and ran her hand over his buttocks as he fucked her friend. She saw him smile at her and slipped her hand down between his legs to lightly massage his balls. She heard him moan at her touch and raked her nails across the ridges of his sac.

Jenna’s eyes caught their reflection in a mirror on the wall of the room. “We look like a porn movie.” she thought as she pressed her naked body into Aaron’s side and the sounds and scents of sex filled her senses.

Aaron guided her down, so her head was near his thigh, then he pulled his cock from Kelly’s hot pussy and brought it to Jenna’s lips. Eagerly she took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his thick shaft, tasting the taste of Kelly’s sex on his flesh. “This is so hot!” she thought.

Then he was fucking Kelly again and Jenna slid her hand beneath them and found Kelly’s clit, massaging it as Aaron’s cock pounded into her. Kelly was crying out in pleasure and Jenna could sense she was about to cum. Aaron kept pumping her hard as Kelly’s body spasmed and she cried out in pleasure.

Then Aaron pulled out of Kelly’s dripping pussy said, “Lie on your back, I want to fuck those big tithes of yours!”

Kelly smiled and quickly was on her back. Aaron straddled her and his cock slipped between her huge breasts. Kelly pushed them together around his shaft and he began fucking her deep cleavage.

Jenna moved in close behind Aaron, pressing her breasts into his back as she watched him fuck her friend’s tits. Her hand cupped his ass as it moved in a steady rhythm. Every so often, Aaron would push farther forward and Kelly would hungrily take the head of his thick cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it.

As Jenna felt Aaron’s rhythm increasing and heard soft moans of pleasure escaping his lips, she slid her hand down the crease of his bottom and pushed a fingertip into his asshole. She heard him call out and then she smiled as she saw his cock explode and a huge load of cum shot over Kelly’s face and then onto her big tits.

Aaron kept moving, and coated Kelly’s face, neck and chest with his hot seed. Kelly was obviously loving it as she was smiling and trying to pull globs of cum into her mouth with her tongue. “She loves being a slut.” Jenna thought.

Finally, Aaron was spent and moved off of Kelly and lay on his back beside her. Jenna, moved to lay on his other side, facing him as he pulled her close.

When they had caught their breath, Aaron suggested they all share a shower and get revived for maybe another round. Kelly, with her usual brashness said, “Fucking right we will have another round, I need more!”

Aaron led them to the huge marble shower ankara escort bayan in his suite and they had a playful time, soaping and exploring each other’s bodies. Aaron loved it when the two women rubbed their soapy breasts together. Jenna and Kelly took turns stroking Aaron’s cock first with their soapy hands and then with their tits. Kelly made a point of wiggling her round ass against Aaron’s semi hardness.

After they towelled off, Aaron opened a fresh bottle of wine and poured them each a glass as the three of them settled onto the huge bed. As she sipped her wine, Jenna looked out the window and saw that the afternoon had slipped away and that the sun was beginning to set.

Kelly put down her wine glass and moved closer to Aaron, bringing her lips to his and running her fingertips over his chest. As they kissed, Jenna moved closer and pressed her naked body against them both. She was surprised when Kelly moved her lips from Aaron’s to hers, and then said, “I think we should give Aaron a little show, just to heat him up again.”

The two friends held each other, breasts pressed together as they shared a long deep kiss. Kelly took control, her hands gliding over Jenna’s body, her lips moving over naked flesh. She slid her hand under Jenna’s breasts, pushing them upward as she brought her lips to one nipple. Her tongue swirled and her teeth playfully nipped as she teased her friend.

Jenna looked over at Aaron who was watching intently and smiling, obviously enjoying the sight of two hot women playing. She moaned softly as Kelly drew her nipple deep into her mouth, sucking it hard. Then Kelly was pushing her back, and her lips began moving downward, over Jenna’s belly and down to the bare mound of flesh between her legs.

Jenna spread her legs and ran her fingers through Kelly’s blonde hair as Kelly’s hot tongue began to play. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. When she looked again, Aaron had moved over to her and his revived cock was bobbing close to her lips. She took him in her mouth and began teasing his hot flesh with her tongue. Slowly she moved her lips down his thick shaft, feeling the head of his cock against the back of her throat.

She kept sucking him as Kelly’s talented tongue was sending sweet sensations through her body. Then she felt Aaron slowly pull his cock from her mouth and saw him move behind Kelly whose round ass was up in the air as she ministered to her friend.

Aaron ran his over Kelly’s ass and slid his fingertip up and down the crease. He moved quickly to a nightstand and took a tube of KY jelly from the drawer. “That asshole looks so inviting!” he exclaimed.

“Then fuck it!” Kelly responded.

He moved behind her again and lubed up his cock with the slick KY, then took more on his fingertip and slid it into Kelly’s tight asshole. She grinned as she felt his finger enter that most intimate of places. She had lifted up from Jenna’s pussy and now was totally focused on getting fucked by Aaron.

Jenna moved around beside them and watched as the fat head of Aaron’s cock pressed against Kelly’s dark star. She heard Kelly grunt and then moan as he pushed the head of his cock past her sphincter. Jenna moved close to Aaron, pressing against him and stroking his back as he slowly pushed his cock deep into Kelly’s bowels. Kelly was pushing back against him, crying out, “Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass!”.

Aaron obliged and began slowly fucking her, his cock pumping her ass. Jenna had slid her hand down between Aaron’s legs and was massaging his balls as he ass fucked her friend. She saw that Kelly had reached back and was playing with her clit as Aaron fucked her.

As Kelly’s body spasmed Aaron began to shiver and Jenna knew he was close to cumming. “Cum on me!” Jenna moaned. She lay down on the bed beside them and watched as Aaron pumped Kelly’s ass a bit more and then pulled his engorged cock from her and straddled Jenna. He only had to pump his cock a couple times with his hand before it erupted and showered her with glob after glob of hot cum.

Aaron slipped other his hand behind and found Jenna’s clit and began massaging it as he drained his seed onto her body. Being highly aroused, Jenna came almost immediately crying out as she did. Kelly had snuggled against them and was holding Jenna as she spasmed.

All three collapsed on the bed, happily spent and satisfied. They lay there for awhile, not saying anything, just savouring the moment and processing in their minds what had occurred.

Kelly was the first to move, heading to the shower. Jenna quickly followed and the two friends washed their bodies and enjoyed the hot spray as their bodies came down from the high of the past few hours.

When they came out from the shower, Aaron was still lying on the bed, smiling at them as they put their bathing suits back on and prepared to leave. He gave them his business card and told them to keep in touch, but they all knew this would never happen.

As the two friends left the suite and walked to the elevator to head back to their own room, Kelly exclaimed. “Well, that’s another check off the old bucket list, eh girlfriend!” They laughed together and wondered what their last night in sin city had in store.

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