Three is Company Ch. 02

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Frank and Joe reached the boss’s beach house around 11 a.m. wondering what the big man had in mind. One could not turn down the invitation of the boss who was popular, generous and nice. Maybe, the boss would drink and play billiards with them, they thought as they approached the house.

A voluptuous woman in her early 30s wearing a blue bikini approached them. She smiled and shook hands with them and gestured to follow them. They went behind her, admiring her ass cheeks which were bulging against her tight bikini. She lay on a beach couch and asked the guys to sit near her and apply a lotion on her. Wondering where the boss was and what the hell was happening, Joe poured the lotion on his hand and began rubbing it on her arms and shoulders while Frank focused on her legs. She sighed and moaned and, asking the guys to be more adventurous, removed her bikini top revealing her big and stiff breasts. Joe gulped at the sight and began massaging her boobs as she lifted her hands above her head while Frank pulled down her bikini exposing her shaven cunt. She continued sighing and moaning as the guys teased her breasts and vaginal mound. After a few minutes they got up and stripped. It was her turn to gasp at their throbbing manhood. She sat up and took them in her mouth, attempting to accommodate both of them at the same time. Her tongue ran all over their balls and base and hood of the penises, only halting now and then to bite the middle portion which made them even more sturdy. The veins throbbed with the fresh flow of blood and they held her head as she went on performing a double fellatio. She got up and spread a blanket on the sand and asked them to lie facing each other so that their cocks came together.

“I wanna take both of you inside my horny pussy at the same time,” she said with an erotic throaty moan.

Though they had bathed together, their private parts had not touched but they were too aroused by the woman in heat that they were ready to carry out even her slightest whim. As they lay with their two erections united, she bunched them together and licked them hungrily. Her tongue ran all over the two cocks, lubricating them sufficiently. Then she rubbed some lubricant in her vaginal passage and, asking the guys to hold their cocks together, proceeded to sit on them and slowly slid the two penises inside her narrow, tight alley. Joe watched her pussy hole stretch as his and Frank’s dicks disappeared into her expanding orifice. Once she attained the desired penetration, she slid up and down on the two poles. While Joe massaged her bobbing boobs, Frank rimmed her asshole with his finger, opened it and tried to insert his finger. She quickened the pace of bouncing on them, prompting the two guys to raise their hips to wedge themselves deeper in her. She grunted and izmir escort bayan groaned as they rode her deeper and spread her wider, taking care to stay inside her.

“Oh fuck that,” she exclaimed as the double pleasure got her off, and her juices flowed freely which in turn brought them closer to their climax and they shot their entire collective load. Their lust juices flowed down on their penises and she waited for some time reveling in the feeling of their throbbing manhood and got down slowly, their semen flowing down her thighs.

“You can go, boys,” she said and abruptly went inside the house.

They watched her go in and wondered where the boss was and prepared to leave. Walking towards the gate, Joe said: “Frank, let’s peep in the window and see if the boss is there. There is something fishy. Let’s see what this is all about, come,” he said and led Frank to the nearest window and they peeped in. It was the bedroom and they saw the woman they had fucked lying on the bed with her thighs spread and their boss’s head between them. Their boss was licking her cunt clean of their semen! So that was his game, he loved eating cream buns. They watched his head move up and down as she held his head and moved her pubis against his face.

Unable to control their laughter, they fled the scene and reached home laughing all the way.

“I told you something is wrong with the boss. I don’t know whether he gets it up or gets high just eating her,” Joe said.

“Now we know why he is such a nice guy. He wants no one who has been there to reveal what goes on,” Frank said.

“But Frank, do you think anyone would have seen the boss doing his thing, I mean eating creamed cunt. Anyway, why should we tell anyone? We had sex with a voluptuous cunt, no complaints,” Joe said and brought out the whiskey.


Sunday morning, Lucy messaged and said she was coming to see them and soon arrived with packed lunch for all of them.

“Lucy, I wanna ask you something?” Joe said after lunch.

“Do you need my permission, you nerd! Go on,” she poked Joe in the ribs

“Have you been to the boss’ beach house,” he asked and Frank began coughing nervously, surprised at Joe popping such a question at Lucy.

“Yeah, once. why do you ask. Did you go there?” she asked suspiciously adjusting her spectacles which added to her sexiness.

“I asked you first, so you tell me,” Joe dodged cleverly.

“OK, when I went there, a women met me and she asked me to apply lotion on her body and I did. I was wearing a skirt and she was in a bikini. She lay on the couch and slowly stripped and I ended up smearing lotion over her breasts and cunt. She asked me to insert four fingers inside her pussy and I licked her and soon she came. She asked me to pull up escort izmir my skirt and she peeled off my panties and I lay on the couch. She fingered me roughly, gritting her teeth and calling me horny cunt all the while. She tongued pretty well, deliciously, and I squished my juice which she licked from my pussy and licked her fingers too. She asked me to leave, and that was it.”

“Wow. So you did not resist the woman at all and you thoroughly enjoyed lesbian sex? ” Joe was surprised.

“I love women too. What is your problem. And it was the boss who invited me and, of course, I did the right thing,” she explained.

“Didn’t you see the boss at all,” Frank asked aroused by her narration.

“No, I asked her but she said the boss was busy and would meet me some other time. I never thought of that much. Rich guys can be whimsical. Now tell me, did you go there?”

“Mmmm, yes both of us went there,” Frank said.

“Both,” she looked surprised.

“Yes, she took us both in her cunt… at the same time,” Joe said.

“Both together, she must have a well-trained cunt to take both of you, Shit. Did you meet the boss?” Lucy asked eagerly.

“Wait till you hear the full shit. After we unloaded our cum in her, we pretended to leave but went back and eavesdropped. We saw the boss licking her clean,” Joe said.

“Oh my god, what a creep freak he is and how nicely he behaves,” Lucy was truly taken aback.

Both the guys began laughing and Lucy too joined in much to their relief as they had feared she would be pissed off that they screwed that woman in the beach house.

“Oh, guys, I wanna sleep for some time. Let’s drink in the evening and have a ball or rather 2 pairs of balls,” she said and they laughed and went into the bedroom.

All three lay nude with Lucy in between them and slept till evening.

When they got up, Joe poured whiskey for them and wine for Lucy. After finishing their drink, Lucy led Frank to the table and asked him to lie on it. She removed her specs and climbed the table and bent down and sucked his already stiff erection and sat on it. She gestured Joe to stand by her side so that she could suck him. As Frank held her ass and heaved himself up into her, she bent down and mouthed Joe who held her head. Watching Frank fingering her asshole Joe said: “Baby I wanna ride your asshole.”

“No, your creep. I am too tight for your rod,” she said between sucks.

“I wanna force myself into your rear hole and I don’t need your permission, cunt baby,” he said playfully.

She looked up at Joe and said: “You try that and I will never see you guys again.”

“Come on sweet cunt, I am just having you on. It makes me hornier to talk like that,” he said sliding in and out of her mouth. Then she got down and izmir escort Frank sat on the table and raised his legs for Lucy to suck him while Joe poised himself behind a bent Lucy. Joe squatted and licked Lucy’s wet slot and got up and inserted his tool inside her. Holding her hips, he plunged into her and rocked and gyrated, forcing Lucy to take Frank deep into her throat almost choking her. When she pushed back, Joe rammed her faster driving Frank’s cock into her mouth. This almost brought tears to her eyes but the pleasure was too much for her. Joe held her thighs and raised her to ride her, moving her ass according to his needs, teasing all sides of her cunt walls which led her to an internal combustion. She wanted to cry out but only mumbles left her mouth as Frank was fully choking her. Joe was near his climax and screamed and let go, splashing her with semen and held himself inside her till his quaking cock subsided. Frank pulled out his cock and his cum sprayed her face in spurt after spurt which she greedily licked. After she licked Frank clean and Joe emptied his lust, they caught their breath and staggered their way to the couch.

Lucy went to wash her face and Joe began pouring another round of drinks. When she came back, she sat in between the guys and began sipping her drink.

“Guys, I love the taste of semen and wine mixing in my mouth. Splendid combination. You guys should try it some time. Drink each other’s semen,” she said and laughed as they winced at the thought.

“I think I will laugh when I see the boss next time,” Lucy guffawed, semen and wine having gone to her head.

“You better not. We remain silent, like many others who had gone to the beach house. That would be wise. After all he is nice, though he is kinky,” Frank said.

“Kinky my ass, he can’t get it up, I am sure. His dick is dead like the dodo,” she laughed and continued, “Joe, you try fucking my ass, I tell you I will shove a dildo up your ass. You want an asshole, try and use Frank’s,” she smirked.

“I was just kidding and you know that,” Joe said.

“I know that. Guys, you just have to wait and maybe soon I will take you both in my cunt and then in both my holes… mmm lovely that would be. I envy that bitch who took you both at the same time.

“Aren’t you pissed off that she fucked us both,?” Frank asked

“No, let’s say we are level on that. She and I made love and you too fucked her. That’s fine with me. Imagine! What if the boss had wanted to screw me, and you too. Can you say all of us went there without knowing fully well what was in store for us, and so… no regrets . Anyway, we three are not in love. We continue like this till we get tired or find better partners. No questions asked, no explanations given, no this, no that… no, no, no….” her voice trailed off and in the silent night.

For many Saturday nights what was heard was the sound of liquor splashing in the thimble and laughter, giggles and guffaws and the sound of lust, flesh thwacking flesh.


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