Thong Fantasies

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Why is it whenever there’s sun, sea and sand present, a fourth ‘s’ – sex always seems to be at the forefront of our minds?! Maybe it’s because we’re usually at the beach whilst on holiday and so are therefore relaxed and in the mood for some fun. Or maybe it’s all the skimpy beachwear people adorn themselves in to help maximise the tans on their hot, glistening bodies. I can’t speak for anybody else, but for me the latter reason always helps get me in the mood.

I am a 35 year old bisexual male who loves nothing more than a looking at a hot woman or man in a skimpy bikini or Speedos. I adore the way that a small piece of fabric can accentuate and enhance all those curves and bumps, whilst also stimulating the mind about what it is hidden underneath. For me, it’s like the excitement of unwrapping a Christmas present. Its not just swimwear that turns me on, I love my partners to dress in sexy underwear and I lament the fact that more guys don’t wear thongs. Now don’t get me wrong, you’ve got to have the right body to look good in a thong (a firm, round ass is a must!), but why is there such a stigma attached to this item of clothing for men? I’m not talking about men wearing women’s thongs (although there is nothing wrong with that), I like my guys to be attired in underwear or beachwear that is specifically designed to make their assets look their best. I would like to think that my reasonably large collection of thongs and skimpy Speedos helps enhance what nature has provided me with. In my mind, the old adage ‘if you’ve got it – flaunt it’ should be encouraged at every opportunity!

As for me, I am 6ft tall, slim, have light brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. I have a 6 inch long, fairly thick, uncut cock – not the biggest on offer, but it suits me just fine! I am naturally not very hairy, but lend a helping hand by shaving my cock and balls. Depending on my mood, I sometimes just trim the pubes above my cock or at other times I will go for the completely smooth look. I look for the same in my partners (both guys and girls), as I think there is nothing sexier than the look and feel of a smooth cock or pussy – especially when they’re draped in some sexy underwear or beachwear!

Anyway this is all by of introduction to the following story which combines the aforementioned themes. Any feedback will be very much appreciated, as this is my first attempt at erotic fiction. It would also be great to hear from any likeminded people of both sexes. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I smiled to myself as I stepped off the plane into the bright, almost blinding sunshine and took a long, deep breath of the hot and humid air. Last night I was sat in a cold, dark airport in northern England watching the rain patter against the terminal windows and now here I was in the Caribbean waiting to sample all the delights of this tropical paradise. Modern air travel is a wonderful thing!

Five days earlier, after the sudden and surprising end (to me at least!) of a fairly long-term relationship, I was sat at home not really watching television, sipping a cold beer and generally feeling sorry for myself. At that moment an advert for next year’s summer holiday destinations flashed in front of me. I initially thought, “Is it that time of year already?”, but then I had a bit of an epiphany and suddenly thought, “Fuck it, I need to get away for a few days and forget about this shit!”. I went into work the next day and booked the following 2 weeks off work. Luckily, my boss was very understanding. That evening I went on the internet and booked a last-minute all-inclusive deal for 10 days at a 4-star resort in the Dominican Republic, with accommodation to be allocated on arrival.

All there remained izmir escort bayan for me to do was stock up on sun cream and pack my suitcase. As I was packing, I realised that my recently ended relationship had meant that some of my sexual preferences and desires had been put on the back burner for the last few months. “I’m going to have some quality ‘me-time’ now.” I thought as I rooted around in the back of the wardrobe, looking for the box containing my long-forgotten collection of skimpy underwear and beachwear. It was like being reunited with some old friends, as I sorted through the box and picked out some of my favourites to take on holiday with me. My cock started to grow and stiffen as I fingered the lustrous material of my most intimate apparel and reminisced about the good times I’d previously had whilst wearing them. I quickly stripped off and tried on a few pairs in order to make sure they still fit and were still serviceable. With every scanty thong I slowly and deliciously pulled up my legs, my stirring cock grew even more engorged until I was having a hard time squeezing myself into the miniscule scraps of material. I savoured the feeling of the thin strap of material as it nestled snugly between my firm cheeks, my growing bulge pulling it harder and harder against my sensitive hole. I checked myself out in the mirror and although I was pleased with the tightly constrained bulge on display, I realised that my pubic hair needed a bit of attention if I was to look my best in these skimpy outfits.

I quickly headed off to the bathroom and got together my shaving gear. I was still wearing one of my favourite swim thongs, an unlined black one, and I couldn’t resist stroking my throbbing cock through the thin material whilst I ran the bath. I experimentally splashed some of the running water over my lycra clad genitals and was once again delighted to see the thong become almost sheer. I relished the way the damp fabric clung to my engorged cock and the erotic sight made my straining member further stretch the diaphanous material. Despite anticipating the pleasure that I always get from shaving my cock and balls, it was with some reluctance that I finally stripped off the wet, clinging thong. It had been such a long time since I had felt the caress of such an erotic fabric against my hot flesh and I was hesitant to part with it again. It had also been a while since I had last trimmed my pubes, so I needed to use the scissors first in order to get the hairs short enough to use the razor. I slipped into the bath and luxuriated in the feeling of the hot water against my naked body. I soaked for a while and lazily played with my cock as the hot water opened my pores and softened the trimmed hairs.

The steamy atmosphere in the bathroom made it easy for me to imagine that I was already in the Caribbean and my mind started to race, thinking about all the potential for sexy fun that could be on offer. The thought of all those shimmering bodies covered in tiny scraps of material brought my throbbing member back to full glory and my hand unconsciously started to stroke a little faster.

……I started to imagine my probing fingers teasing and caressing a woman’s soft, plump outer lips through the gossamer thin fabric of her thong bikini as my other hand stroked her rapidly hardening nipples through the small triangles of material partially covering her luscious breasts. I thought about the wonderful, empowering sensation of licking and sucking a rock hard cock through the thin, stretched fabric of his tented Speedos, my saliva making the material more translucent with every stroke of my yearning tongue. I envisaged slowly undressing and caressing the soft curves of her sun-kissed body as his rough hands explored escort izmir my tight, willing thong-clad ass……

Before I got too carried away, I roused myself from my erotic fantasies and got back to the business at hand. I had already decided that, in order to be able to wear some of my skimpiest thongs, I’d have to completely remove all my pubes, so I liberally rubbed the shaving gel around my shaft and balls. The cool, menthol foam made my sensitive balls tingle and tighten as I made the first few tentative strokes with the razor. I pulled the soft skin of my scrotum tight as I drew the razor across the pink flesh, revelling in the sensation as the hair fell away. I made quick work of my balls and soon moved onto my shaft, which was still throbbing from all the delightful sensations and wicked thoughts. I’m still constantly surprised how much bigger my cock looks after I’ve shaved off my pubes and am amazed that more guys don’t do it. With a few more practised strokes of the razor I finished shaving around my engorged and twitching rod. I ran my hands over my groin to check for any stray hairs and, satisfied with my handiwork, I laid back in the bath and let my mind (and hands) wander again.

……I slowly, almost reverentially, peeled the soaked thong bikini down her fleshy thighs, revealing her smooth, hairless lips. I bent forward and planted light, feathery kisses on her silky inner thighs as my fingers started to explore her inner moistness. I gently parted her engorged outer lips and darted my tongue against her pulsating clitoris. As I savoured the ripeness of her smooth flesh in my mouth, I felt his presence behind me. His strong hands slowly started to knead and stroke my firm, rounded ass, which was enticingly presented towards him. He reached through my parted legs, cupping my tight, swollen balls through my thong and trailing his fingers over the silky material that was barely covering my straining shaft. He continued to caress my engorged appendage as he used the fingers of his other hand to hook the taut strap of my thong away from the crack of my ass. I felt his hot breath against my puckered hole and I shivered with anticipation at the pleasure to come…..

I slowly came back to awareness, detaching myself momentarily from my arousing visions, and realised that the water was starting to get cold. I quickly got out of the bath and towelled myself off, careful not to over-stimulate my still swollen cock. I picked up my discarded swim thong and headed back to the bedroom to admire my handiwork in the full-length mirror there. I was pleased with what I saw, my engorged member looked at least an inch longer and my soft, silky balls were practically screaming out to be caressed. Satisfied with my rediscovered smoothness, I once again turned my attention to sorting through my collection of skimpy garments with a renewed vigour.

I resumed the process of picking out and trying on some of my favourite items, revelling in the tactile sensations of the different materials against my freshly shaved genitals. I loved the way that some of the almost ethereal fabrics caressed and stroked my silken cock and balls. When I finished choosing my holiday outfits, I was almost in a frenzy of arousal after everything that had happened so far that evening. I picked out one of my favourite items of underwear, a skimpy red micro-fibre thong, and slipped it on to my eager body. I lay down on my bed and started to explore my yearning body.

I lightly trailed my hands down my smooth chest, my hardened nipples longing to be brushed by my searching fingers. My hands slowly continued their journey down, tracking across my sleek belly towards the centre of my pulsing desire. My swollen cock twitched as the back of my fingers izmir escort grazed across the tautly stretched fabric encasing it. I cupped my smooth, taut balls with one hand as my thumb luxuriously teased my inflamed cock head through the flimsy red material. I moaned with desire as my cock and balls convulsed at every tantalizing touch, causing the taut strap of the thong to be pulled even deeper into the crack of my writhing ass. My swollen purple glans started to ooze pre-cum and I revelled in the fact that this made the tented fabric of my thong even more transparent. Every pulsing vein on my thick, swollen shaft was now visible through the sheer, damp, clinging underwear. I continued to stroke my pulsating cock as I reached between my splayed legs with my other hand. I urgently pulled the strap of my thong to one side and started to circle my eager fingertips around my puckered hole. A moan once again escaped my lips as I revelled in the dual sensations on my cock and ass. My enlarged cock continued to strain against the delicate material of the thong as my fingers probed my willing ass. My hips started to thrust involuntarily with the almost overpowering sensations coursing through my heated body. I knew it was time to release my entrapped cock and I hurriedly pulled the moist thong down my twitching legs.

I started to pump my swollen shaft, enjoying the marble-like smoothness of the rock hard appendage. I pushed one and then 2 of my probing fingers into my yearning ass, stretching my eager hole wide open. I thrust my fingers in and out of hungry ass in time with the feverish pumping of my angry, engorged cock. As my hand plunged between my splayed thighs, my wrist rubbed against my swollen, silken balls causing me to gasp and writhe with pleasure. My aroused body twitched and shuddered on the tangled sheets as I teased myself closer to an explosive climax. I pumped my smooth cock faster and faster as I pushed my fingers deeper into my fervent hole. My excited mind eagerly rekindled my earlier fantasies as I pushed my super-stimulated body towards the brink.

……I inhaled her intoxicating scent as she crouched over my face, her smooth glistening pussy positioned only inches above me. I grabbed her shapely thighs and pulled her closer to me, my neck straining as I darted my tongue into her nectar filled haven. She moaned as my searching tongue flicked across her inflamed clitoris, her soft hands erratically pumping my straining cock as she shuddered with pleasure. I became aware of the heat of another body between my parted thighs and didn’t resist as my knees were forced up towards my heaving belly. My smooth, inviting ass was now exposed and I growled with desire as I felt his swollen glans nudging my willing hole. His rough hands grasped my raised ankles as he slowly pushed his throbbing meat deep into my hot ass. I let out a long groan as his monster cock stretched my tight, needy hole……

These ultra-erotic thoughts tipped me over the edge and my tight balls twitched as I felt the hot fluid course through my pumping cock. I let out a long, animalistic moan as the molten liquid sprayed over my convulsing body, my fingers still buried deep inside my plundered ass. I continued to pump my spurting shaft, milking every last drop of my delicious juices from my pulsating balls. I writhed and moaned on the sweat-soaked sheets as the last, almost painful drops of my desire pulsed out of my battered and enflamed glans. I swirled my fingers through the pearly droplets covering my smooth chest and savoured each luscious salty mouthful as I sucked my digits clean, my body still shuddering in a post orgasmic bliss. I sighed contentedly as I looked down at my cum spattered body and once again admired the silky smooth look of my freshly ravaged cock and still twitching balls. “I’m really looking forward to this holiday”, I thought to myself later that night as I contentedly drifted into a deep and fantasy filled slumber.

To be continued……

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