The Trouble With Jeans

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Cum Inmouth

I’ve been divorced now for just over five years and I don’t regret it at all. I love sex and now I can pick and choose who I want sex with and I pick and choose a lot.

So, I’m thirty-two, five foot six, C-cup boobs that still look pretty good braless, 37-27-38, ash blond hair, shoulder length, very nice legs, dark pink nipples that love to be sucked, a nice, shaved pussy that loves to be licked and fucked.

Needless to say that I get hit on lots and like to dress to attract men. Guys love to joke with me especially about sex and I’m not too inhibited in showing my body. I even did a strip at the end of a sales meeting for a few guys but, being work, I didn’t want it to become a “lets us all fuck Angie” session.

So, I like to enjoy myself and generally have one or two guys in hand for those horny moments when my pussy feels lonely.

I work in a small real estate office in North Dallas, not the kind selling homes to people, but more into small business and commercial real estate. Most of my fellow-workers are just that, fellows, except for Julie, who works part-time.

The little strip show I mentioned was for three of the guys I work with. One of them is a single guy, Charlie, who, after the little strip session, I took home and we fucked all night. We’ve done it a few times since, he’s pretty good in bed but not as great as I’d hoped, so I only fuck him when he’s handy and no one else is. I think the other two guys either know I’ve fucked Charlie or they suspect I have and they seem jealous or something at times. I know they’d like to get some of me but I try not to do much fucking around the office. I try to limit my ‘exposure’ at the office.

However, that changed dramatically one Saturday when I dropped by to finish up a few quick things and went in wearing jeans.

Now, I always wear a dress or skirt during the week. Ben, one of the guys I have stripped for but not fucked, immediately got on my case about it.

“Shit, Angie, what’s this with jeans? Hardly professional.”

“Ben, it’s Saturday, big deal.”

“It’s a day we’re open for business. We see clients here and you come in looking like the fucking cleaning lady.”

“Well, if you don’t like it, you can just take them off me, asshole.”

Well, I was a bit ticked and, yes, I was also in one of my frequent horny moods.

“Oh, you really mean that?”

“Yeah, if I have to be in the ikitelli escort office without them on, maybe I’ll remember better next time, huh?” and I walked over to his cubicle and pulled the hem of my pullover top up out of my jeans and said, “Well, you ready?”

So, he unbuttoned the top of my jeans, unzipped the fly and pulled them down along with my panties to my cowboy boots which I pushed off, then pulled the boots back on. I thought, ‘what the shit’ and pulled my top down which at least covered my butt, sat down, pulled my jeans and panties off and handed them to him.

“Here, Ben, you can hold on to them until you think I’ve been punished enough,” then turned and walked back out into the open area of the office looking, more or less, like I was wearing a short dress. At least that’s what I hoped.

I went into my cubicle and started up my computer. The one guy in the office that I’d had sex with a few times, Charlie, came over and wanted to play, it seemed.

“You look good with no jeans or panties. That top may cover you mostly but your pretty butt does show through. Want to flash me from behind your desk?”

“No, but maybe you could get the bastard, Ben, to put me over his knee and give me a spanking for coming in wearing jeans.”

“Really, you’re kidding.”

“Well, then I can hold it over him for being such a prick about my wearing jeans to the office.”

“Hmm, good idea,” and he walked away.

What I didn’t know is that he went to Ben and somehow convinced him to lock up the front entrance and get everyone in the conference room so Charlie could get me into the conference room for a spanking in front of the whole office.

So, when Charlie came and got me and led me to the conference room, I wasn’t completely sure what was to take place.

Charlie said, “We need to decide how Angie should be punished for wearing jeans to the office. Any ideas?”

Will, who had seen my striptease after the sales meeting, said, “Maybe a spanking. Or finger-fuck her. Or, maybe both.”

“Now, guys, wait up a sec. That’s a bit much for just wearing jeans.”

“Well, Angie, you do know better, right?”

“Yeah, I guess, go ahead, do whatever you think I need to be punished. Here, go ahead,” and I bent over the conference table and lay my head in my folded arms.

Nothing happened. The room was dead kadıköy escort quiet. I would be less than honest if I told you that I wasn’t turned-on by all this. Oh, I was, yes, I was. I was sure that my top was pulled up off my butt and that my pussy was showing between my thighs. ‘Let’em enjoy the view,’ I thought.

I raised up, turned and asked Ben if he wanted me to take off my shirt. When he nodded, I pulled it over my head and asked, “Bra?.”

Another nod and I was standing there in my cowboy boots. Aroused is not near strong enough to describe how I was feeling standing naked in front of a bunch of men except for my boots.

“Are you all ready?” I asked as I turned, leaned over the table and presented my ass to them.

Ben was the first, of course, and he started spanking me. I asked two of the guys to hold my arms so I couldn’t try to cover my ass with my hands. Ben wasn’t slapping my butt very hard but after a bit, yes, it did sting pretty bad. And, what I wasn’t expecting was that it had a direct effect on my pussy. I was wet, really wet. I could even feel my juices dribbling down my right leg.

“That’s really starting to hurt, Ben,” so he stopped spanking me and asked, “How do you think you should be punished?”

I probably shouldn’t have said as much as I did but I said, “That spanking really got me turned on. My pussy’s dripping. Maybe I should be punished for getting so turned-on, too. Maybe you guy’s should check out how wet I am so you can properly administer my punishment.”

I felt one guy’s finger touching my pussy, then his finger going in and out.

“How wet am I?”

“You are really wet, soaked. It’s running down both your legs, Angie.”

“I’m wetter, then, that I thought. So, I guess you should punish me for becoming so aroused. I guess whoever wants to make me wetter can put their cum inside me to punish me.”

Charlie asked, “Are you sure you want all five of us fucking you?”

It was nice of him to ask, I will repay him later for his thoughtfulness but I said, “Well, the guys need to punish me for wearing jeans and for getting so turned-on by the spanking. So, my pussy’s yours.”

The first up, of course, is Ben who has been wanting his cock in me for a long time. He slid his pants and boxers off, got up behind me and pushed in right up to the base of his cock and started fucking kartal escort me in and out. I hate to say it but it did feel good, really good. I was so horny, so turned-on, that I was ready for a good fucking.

I think he was pretty turned-on, too, as he shot his cum in about five minutes.

Next was Will, who had seen me strip after the sales meeting. I looked back and he had his pants and shorts off and was gripping his rather large cock in order to press it inside me. He got up to me, put it on my pussy and shoved inside. One more shove and he was buried inside me.

“Fuck her good, Will, give her a good fucking,” said Ben, off to the side, now stroking his cock.

Well, Will was giving me a good fucking. Very good, actually. I might just let him do me again some time.

He had slowed down and was going in and out in long, deliberate strokes, something that I love a lot. In fact I love it so much, that it was Will who tripped my orgasm switch.

“Ew, EW, EW, EW, OH, OH, OH, push in, Will, push deep, oh, yes, yes, yes, so good, that’s so good,” and I just relaxed all the tension that had taken over my body and lay there over the table as he continued in and out of me.

“Oh, OH, I’m cumming, mmm, Angie, ew, ew, yeah, mmm, uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, oh, that was great. Oh, Angie, you are so good. Oh, wow.”

I could feel cum dribbling down my legs by now. I was so wet anyway, two ejaculations just brought me over ‘flood stage.’

Will pulled out and Phil stepped up and pushed into me. Phil had also been in the room when I stripped after the sales meeting but he’d never been given the chance to fuck me. He’s hinted and joked around about it hundreds of times, I guess this is his big chance to drill me.

He fucked in and out of me until he spurt me full of cum, by now, whenever he would push in or out, my pussy would make a slushing sound as air and liquid was sucked in and out of me. He pulled out and I waited for the final two cocks.

Adam, a young guy who had only been with the company a few months said, “Um, I’ll pass,” and I remembered that he was just newly married and I guess didn’t want to rock the boat at home.

The last guy in the room was Charlie, we’ve fucked before, and he said, “I’ll pass, too.”

Hmm, wonder why? I did find out the next week that he didn’t want anything to be ever used over his head about this incident. So, I took him home after work and fucked him three times before he went home to his own apartment at two in the morning.

So, nowadays, I make sure I wear and skirt or dress to the office now, no matter what day it is. The guys still keep trying to catch me breaking the rules but I only do that selectively with the guys I want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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