The Story of Tim to Jennifer Part 7

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Jennifer Part 7

The next day it was close to noon when I heard my bedroom door open and Mary walk in. “You had quite a night last night”, she said, “How are you feeling this morning?” I told her that I was little sore but other than that I felt pretty good. “OK you sweet thing, turn over so I can give you todays’ injection. Lift up that pretty nightie and turn over”, she said with a smile. I did as I was told and felt the familiar little pinch as the hormone dose, and who knows what else was in that syringe, was injected into my hip. Instead of the usual telling me to turn back over, I felt her soft hands rubbing and carresing my ass and hips. I must admit that her touch really felt good. After weeks and month of terrific but rough sex most of the time a gentle touch was most welcome. I then felt a gentle kiss on my ass and she said,”I just can’t get over how wonderful your body has turned out. Full firm hips, slender waist and a great pair of tits. Your long slender legs and just about everything about you is so hot and sexy. I am sure you will not mind but I want to taste every inch of you.” I felt her bury her face into my ass and her tongue flick my sensitive hole. She then told me to turn over and remove my nightie. My firm breasts stood at attention for her and my nipples were getting hard. with that she bent over and took first one nipple into her warm mouth and ran her tongue around it and then the other. I could not help but moan bursa escort softly since it felt so good.

She told me to lay back and she straddled my face. Her pussy just inches from my mouth. Taking the cue, I began slowly licking her pussy and pushing my tongue into her opening. As I continued she pushed herself down onto my hungry mouth and I began sucking her clit harder. She was so hot and wet that she started cumming within minutes. She let out a loud moan and then bent forward, taking my hard cock into her mouth and began sucking it hard and deep. I continued to suck on her clit when she suddenly released my cock, got up and positioned her push right over my cock, slowly lowering herself onto it. As soon as she had completely engulfed me she leaned forward and again began sucking on my nipples hard. I think she knew I was so close to cumming and she began to raise and lower and rotate her hips faster and faster until she bit down on my tit and I screamed. I could feel her cumming on my hard shaft as I my cock began to pulse and I started spurting my cum deep inside her. We both froze as the wonderful delicious feeling raced over and through us. She then collapsed on top of me and we lay there for several minutes. She held me inside of her as long as she could kissed me deeply and got up. She slapped my ass and told me I needed to get up. Bud was due home in a few hours and she knew he had something special for me. She picked up her dress, bursa escort bayan turned around and walked out of my room pulling the door shut. I got up, drew a hot bath with some of the finest fragrant bath oils I had and soaked for a long time in the soothing hot water.

Several hours later, while at the dinner table I heard the front door open. Getting up I ran to the door and Bud was standing there. He gave me the biggest smile an I ran up to him. He lifted me in his strong arms and kissed me deeply. His tongue pushing past my lips and exploring every inch of my mouth. He held me like this, off the floor for minutes while we hugged and we told each other how wonderful it was to be together again. Mary was standing to the side and she nodded to Bud. He nodded, smiled and asked me to come into the den with him. He asked Mary to bring us a couple of strong drinks and after she brought them she closed the door. We were sitting on the couch his arm around me and we kissed and hugged as we drank. When we finished our drinks Bud got up from the couch and turned to face me.

He got down on one knee, took my hand and began, “Jennifer, I want you to know that you have made me happier than I could have ever dreamed. You have done everything possible to make me happy and even allowed Mary to begin giving you the injections that turned you into even a more beautiful woman than either Mary or I could have imagined. I want you to know that Mary escort bursa and I care very much for each other and we have come to love you. I would like very much to ask for your hand in marriage. I believe that the three of us can be happier to gather than you could ever guess”. I looked at him dumbfounded. I could never have believed that Bud had this in mind. “I don’t know what to say”, I said, “I know I love you very much but can we? I mean how could we?” Bud just smiled and said, “Jen, you know that there is no one, except a few close friends we have shared your special fetters with, that think you are anything other than a beautiful sexy young lady. We have the paperwork, birth certificates and everything that shows you are indeed Jennifer and not someone who used to be called Tim. Mary also approves and would like for nothing better for you and I.” At that, I threw my arms around Bud and said, “Yes, my handsome sexy man. I will marry you.” With that he took my hand and slipped the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen on my finger. “I have a plane standing by”, Bud said. “The three of us are flying out to Las Vegas tonight. I have a wedding suite reserved and by morning we will be Mr. and Mrs. Bud Jameson. A car is waiting for us as we speak.

Bud Mary and I headed out to the car and within a short time were at a private airfield. The pilot quickly got us seated, Bud and I together with him holding me and Mary seated across from us. “Estimated time of arrival in Las Vegas will be 8:00 PM”, said the pilot. “Time in the air approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

What the heck is the ‘Mile High Club’?

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