The Present

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Taking me to dinner had been a complete surprise, but wearing a sexy little nothing that had made it so I couldn’t bear to keep my hands off you, wasn’t. Climbing the stairs to my second floor hotel room you’d even stopped and pushed your luscious bottom back against me when I’d slipped my hands under your dress and onto your bare buns.Still, here we were, almost home, and the ‘Birthday Surprise’ you’d hinted about earlier hadn’t yet appeared.

My short, although summer long, assignment to Barbados I’d assumed was just going to be a long, lonely job away from home. But it had become anything but boring, or lonely, after just my first week. A short but flirtatious conversation with you at the bar late in the first week, followed by a few “dancing lessons” a couple of nights later, led to us dancing between the sheets just hours after that. Your “wukking,” a Bajan word for twerking, had seemed more like something that would have happened in a strip bar. It had certainly had a pleasurable effect on me, and later when we put it all together, a pleasurable effect on both of us. Since that time we’d been together virtually every night and weekend.

Week after week, hours on end of torrid sex and I knew I’d finally met my match – someone that loved sex as much as I did.

“Put this on” you told me, handing me the blindfold as we walked in the front door.

“Why?” I asked, leery of your intentions.

“Just do it. You’ll like it.”

I obeyed, tying it around my head and sliding the knot to the back. “Can you see?”

“Just a little, at the bottom,” I answered. Reaching up you moved it a bit until it was perfect.

I felt your hands unbuttoning my shirt. Reaching for you, my hands found your dress, pulling you a bit closer, sliding onto your breasts through the thin, sexy, little nothing of a dress. Your nipples were already hard, begging my fingers to concentrate on them, just as your bottom had been begging for my hands as I’d followed you up the stairs. Sliding the straps down over your shoulder to free your breasts, I heard your zipper followed by the sound of cloth slipping over skin and a slight “thump” as your dress landed on the floor. Reaching for you again, I found nothing but bare skin – just as you finished unbuttoning my shirt. I let you slide it off of my arms, feeling your mouth on my nipple as you did.

“Umm, that’s nice,” I said, but as I tried to bend to tongue your nipples you pushed me away.

“Not yet,” you said, your hands dropping to my belt and pants. Moments later those too were on their way to the floor, your arms going around me. Your breasts, your nipples hard little diamonds of sensitivity, pressed into my belly. My cock was fully upright, your body moving back and forth against it. I bent my face down and your lips found mine as I did. My hands went behind your back, sliding down to your bottom, finding you still had your thong on. I began to catch it with my fingers, but you stopped me, spinning out of my grasp and taking my hand. “Come on” you said, leading me just a few steps. I felt the large chair, you backed me up to it, and I sat. Your hands ran down my arms, and moving to one side, you relinquished one hand momentarily. I felt the rope being looped around my wrist.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing that you won’t like” you answered, moving over to the other side and repeating the process for my other hand. You couldn’t help yourself; as you dropped to your knees to also tie my ankles to the chair I felt your face move back and forth against my cock, your warm lips parting and inhaling my swollen cock head, your tongue swirling around it momentarily.

I groaned, followed moments later by an “Oh Fuck, Neilah,” as you pulled away, leaving me wanting more, but you dropped to your knees and I felt the ropes go around my ankles. I didn’t fight, just let you tie them. Seconds later I felt, as much as heard, the beat of the music start up. “Isn’t that the music…?” I started, just as the first words from “Girls Gone Wild” came through the speaker.

I felt your presence; first your hands on my knees and then suddenly your bottom was pressed back against my cock, pressing it back against my body. “Wuk it up,” I heard you say. I groaned, frustrated at trying to pull my hands up to force you harder against my cock, to work it into you. You teased and ground to the music, turning and forcing your thong covered pussy against me. I knew you still had your thong on, as wet as we both were and the way you were moving, you would have slid right onto me if you hadn’t had a that thin piece of cloth to prevent my entry. Turning again you forced your hard ass against me, rising, sliding my cock in your butt crack. If you’d been lubed, as rigid as I was, you might have actually slid me into your ass, but I just felt your cheeks gripping my cock as you squeezed yourself together. Finally, after agonizingly long minutes, the song came to an end and you pulled away and I realized you were turning the music off.

“Did you like that, hon?” you whispered in my ear as you knelt on the chair, your legs straddling ümraniye escort me. You really didn’t give me a chance to answer, moving your breast to my mouth where I hungrily sucked on the hard little nub, letting you know exactly how much I’d liked it. You pulled away – switching sides for equal treatment – and this time I tried to grip your nipple with my teeth.

“Naughty, naughty,” you giggled, your hand coming up to tap the top of my head – a love tap to match my love nibble of your nipple. I let your nipple go, and you moved lower, your bottom end moving off the chair as your mouth moved down my face, kissing my nose, my chin – and finally down to my nipple where you sucked and tongued first one, and then the other.

“Oh God, Neilah – you’re fucking driving me crazy”.

“Mmm” you moaned in return, ‘Don’t you love it?” With that, you dropped even further. I felt your breath exhaling against my cock, and suddenly your tongue, reaching out, contacting the base, slithered up the shaft to the head where once again you dropped your mouth over the top. The suction increased as you pulled back until suddenly I ‘popped’ out of your mouth.

“Slide forward a bit” you commanded. I moved my bottom forward into the chair, and this time I felt your breath still further down. Your tongue again contacted the base of my cock, but this time you went down, your mouth replacing your tongue, the suction of your mouth vacuuming my balls inside. I felt your hand reach up and grip me, the combined action again dragging a moan from me. “Oh fuck, Neilah,” I said. You released my balls from your mouth, your mouth sliding higher, and higher, turning sideways, your tongue assisting for wetness as you slid up my cock, once again sliding your lips over the head and into your mouth. Rising up, apparently resting your hands on the chair, you began to fuck me with your mouth – nothing touching me except your tongue and mouth as you bobbed up and down, your mouth going further with each bob, your tongue twirling around the head and shaft.

“Oh fuck, Neilah,” I repeated yet again, unable to think of anything except the pleasure of your lips on my skin, unable to think of anything except how you so expertly tantalized me every time. “Untie me – I want to touch you.” You giggled in response, an “uh-uh” – driving me still crazier with lust. Stopping, with just the head in your mouth, once again your hand gripped my shaft, this time squeezing and stroking as you continued to suck my cock into your mouth. “Oh god, Neilah, let me watch you! I love watching when you suck me.” I remembered so well those times you’d been between my legs – worshiping the cock that gave you such pleasure, your eyes locked on mine as you did.

Your mouth came off, your second hand coming over to grasp and fondle my balls again as your first hand continued to slowly stroke up and down my cock. “Maybe I’ll just give you a hand job?” you teased, knowing full well I wanted more than that. “Oh, baby, suck me. You know how I like that. Take my blindfold off first I want to see.”

“Uh, uh. Not this time.” You leaned forward, licked the head again, and slid your wet lips halfway over, teasing again even with almost taking me into your mouth. “Like that?” you giggled.

“Shit Neilah, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Then what do you want? Tell me, or you won’t get it.”

I pushed my hips up toward you, but you easily pulled away, completely away, not touching me at all. I heard you moving quietly around me, until suddenly your voice was practically in my ear where you’d come around behind the chair. “Tell me exactly what you want or I won’t do anything,” you whispered, your hands coming down across my shoulders, your fingers finding and tweaking my nipples. Your mouth dipped that last little bit and sucked my earlobe into your mouth. Your breathing echoed in my ear momentarily before your face moved away, a kiss reaching my forehead above the blindfold before leaning over even further, your lips finding mine, upside down. I tried to kiss you back but your lips insisted on my tongue. I pushed it into your mouth, inverted, as you sucked it from mine, the strange sensation just that much more arousing, until you pulled back and let my tongue slip out.

I tried to push my chest against your fingers but you moved your hands, your thumbs flicking my nipples once more as your hands explored my chest, moving to my arms and running up and down them. Your far hand trailed over my shoulder, the near hand across my chest, as once again you moved. “Hmmm?” you continued, wordlessly asking again.

“Oh God, Neilah, I want everything. I want to suck your nipples; I love them when they’re so long and hard. I want to get into your panties, and taste you and feel you wrapped around my cock…”

You pulled back again, not touching me at all, but I heard you doing something until suddenly I felt you climbing back on the chair with me. Leaning forward you slid your breast into my mouth, my tongue and lips hungrily pleasuring the jewel on the end. You pulled üsküdar escort away, switching sides, your nipples getting larger and harder with each suck. “Mmmm,” you purred, “that’s so nice.” Your hand rose up to my face, caressing the edge of the blindfold and my ear momentarily, but as you withdrew, you pulled your breast away from my mouth at the same time. Seconds later a brief hint of the smell of your pussy juices tingled my nose before you pressed two fingers to my mouth. Slippery with your juices you slid them across my bottom lip into my open mouth, my lips closing around them to suckle your nectar from your fingers. “You said you wanted to taste me,” you teased, pulling your fingers away from my mouth – only to return them seconds later, freshly coated and slippery.

“You tease!” I laughed, feeling the laughter in your own body as you did precisely as I’d asked. “I wanted to taste you directly, I wanted to rub my tongue on your clit and suck your juices from your pussy.”

“But that’s not what you said,” you answered, as I felt your hand drop something onto my cock, your hand wrapping around it, pressing whatever cloth it was against me. I didn’t click immediately as to what it was. “Just like you said that you wanted to get into my panties,” she said, even as I realized what it must be. “You won’t fit if you tried to wear them but your cock will fit.” I heard a noise, but my ears didn’t quite latch onto it, but somehow it didn’t seem to have come from you. “Shhh! Just be quiet,” you said.

“What?” I asked, not following what you meant.

I could feel your hand wrapping your thong around my cock and balls, taking one of the strings you wrapped it around and under my balls, the cloth of your crotch hanging over my erection. “You said you wanted to feel it wrapped around your cock,” you giggled.

I laughed at your play. “I said I wanted to feel you wrapped around my cock, not your panties.”

“But I am wrapped around your cock,” you answered, your hand gripping my cock through the panty cloth, stroking slowly. “You just need to be more specific.”

“Ok, you imp!” I laughed, now totally understanding your play. “You want specifics? Right now, I want you to take that panty off my cock and replace it with your mouth… I want you to suck my balls again, and take me in your mouth, but don’t make me cum… And then I want you to climb on this chair and put your pussy to my mouth. I want to stick my tongue in your pussy and I want to run it against your sweet clit and suck your juices from it! And after I make you cum I want you to slide down and put my cock in your pussy, and I want you to lean forward so I can suck and bite and lick your nipples while you’re riding my cock. I want you to cum with my tongue, and I want you to cum while we’re fucking but I don’t want to cum in your pussy. I want you to climb off after you’ve cum and lick your juices from my cock and suck me off, make me cum in your mouth. And then I want you to take these goddamn ties off and I want to lay you on the bed and suck on your clit and finger your pussy and finger your ass and make you cum again and again and again until you beg me to stop. Is that specific enough for you?”

“Oh fuck yes, that’s lots more specific,” was your only answer. You unwrapped the thong from around my cock and balls, replaced now by just your hand, slowly stroking, obviously so as not to get me off. “Is this the cock you want me to suck?” you teased. I could feel your breath against my skin, I could feel the heat of your face and mouth – you had to be right there – but yet, you held back.

“Oh God, Neilah! Fuck Yes! Put it in your mouth. Suck me now!” And you did. Just like that you took me in your mouth, sucking, licking, swirling your mouth and tongue around, and around, and around. You stroked me, expertly taking me to the brink – and then you pulled away, your hand slipping down and gripping my balls.

“No Neilah! Too much – I’m going to cum…” and your hand withdrew.

“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?” you giggled.

“Oh my god, Neilah – you almost went too far.”

“That wouldn’t have been so bad, would it?” you whispered, your face again up next to mine. You ducked down, licked and sucked a nipple, and then continued up my body, licking my neck, and chin, your lips momentarily touching mine before you pulled away and I felt you climbing higher, positioning yourself. I smelled the nearness of your arousal and stuck out my tongue, moved my head forward, but you pulled back as I did, keeping yourself just out of reach.

“Push forward,” I commanded, “I want to lick you; I want to lick your clit.” You leaned just that last little bit, and my tongue found your pussy. The angle wasn’t the best though, and although I found your pussy lips, managed to actually find your clit momentarily with my tongue, for the most part I was getting a lick of your mound and missing the center of your being. I felt your hand on the back of my head, trying to guide me, but the angle was just wrong.

“Just a minute you,” you anadolu yakası escort said, pulling away from my eager tongue. I felt you moving around, and what I thought was your arm going over my shoulder. Moments later the chair rocked, nearly going over, but I realized it was your legs that were now over my shoulders, your body wrapped around my neck like a bib. Your arms had to have been supporting you, resting backwards on the arms of the chair, but that was all it took and as you slid your body closer to me, your pussy matched perfectly with your lovers’ mouth; my mouth.

The position was perfect for me. Your pussy opened to my nose and tongue, tempting me with your oh-so-erotic aroma; your lips slick and coated with your juices. My tongue found your clit, my mouth sucked your pussy lips, I slithered my tongue out, sliding it into your depths as well as I could and then back to your clit, sucking with my lips and mouth while my tongue slithered back and forth – until suddenly your legs clamped around my neck, your body quivering in orgasm. Almost immediately you collapsed backward onto my lap, virtually upside down. “Oh baby, that was so good.”

“I could eat you all day,” I responded.

“Mmm, that would be so nice.”

“But not until after I’ve fucked you and you’ve sucked me off. You were the one that wanted specifics.”

“I did, didn’t I?” you giggled, your arm reaching between your back and me to grip my cock. “God I love your cock.”

“You just love cock.”

“Not just any cock, though. It has to be attached to someone that I like.”

“Yeah, but don’t you like anyone that gets his hands on you?”

“Maybe. But that’s why I don’t let just anyone touch me.” Rolling off the chair, practically doing a somersault to do it, I immediately felt you climbing back into the chair on top of me, knees straddling, your hand gripping my cock and guiding me into place. You slithered down onto my erection, for the first time this evening, burying me as far as you could in your silky warmth. Your hips wriggled and writhed, your pussy clasping and releasing my cock, but you weren’t yet fucking me. “God you feel so good.”

“You do too, baby. You do too. Remember, I want you to make yourself cum, but don’t make me cum yet. Masturbate yourself with my cock, do what you need to get off. Okay, baby?”

You did well, slithering yourself up and down, in and out. At one time you pulled out, rubbing my erection against your clit. You turned around and slid me in backward, your legs crouched under you, and ‘wukked’ me again, this time with my cock in your pussy. If there ever had been any doubt in my mind, there was no longer any that wukking was an outright fucking motion. I felt your passion growing, your arousal spilling over and although it didn’t quite follow my instructions, when you finally made yourself cum, your fingers buzzing insistently back and forth over your clit, my cock was buried as deeply in you as you could get it and your breast was pressed into my mouth, so your insolence was forgiven.

Your arms went around my neck; you made no effort to pull off after you’d cum the second time. “Did you like that?” I whispered, my lips finding your forehead, “I sure did.” I felt you rise and fall a bit on my cock, your pussy squeezing against the hardness of my cock.

“And what if I just fuck you right now? Make you cum in my pussy? Would you like that?”

“Would you?” I asked in return. God yes I’d like to cum in your pussy – but I also wanted to cum in your mouth.


“Next time then. The instructions were specific. You’re supposed to suck all your pussy juice from my cock and make me cum in your mouth.”

“I’m making sure there’s lots for me to suck off,” you answered, the imp returning to your voice. Your lips found mine, hungrily kissing me for an instant, tongues dueling before you pulled away and almost simultaneously, lifted yourself off my cock.

There was no doubt that this time your intentions were to finish me off, but your actions were also slow and deliberate. Your tongue lathed your secretions from my cock; your lips pursed, you teased the vein, sucked the soft spot, and when you finally, one last time, took my cock in your mouth you didn’t just tease and pull away but took me to the brink. “Do you want me to swallow?”

“Oh God, baby. Whatever you want, just make me cum!” My fingers were gripped into the arm of the chair; the only reason that I wasn’t gripping your head with my hands was that they were still tied to the chair. But instead of finishing me off as I so desperately wanted, you teased again, your tongue licking up the shaft.

“When you eat me on the bed after this, is it OK if I have your cock sucked again?”

“Anything baby,” I answered, without really realizing the wording of your question. “Just suck me off.”

“And when you’re licking my clit, you’re going to finger a pussy and finger an ass at the same time?” You said, repeating the fantasy that I’d confessed with you so many times in the past, our little game of mutual arousal. I’d make you tell me your wickedest fantasy while I was going down on you, and in return you’d make me tell you my ultimate fantasy as you sucked me off. Ah, I thought, so that’s how this is going, just as you dropped your mouth over my ultrasensitive head, my eyes glazing over with lust. If you’d just suck a little more, run your tongue around the edge once more….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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