The Group Ch. 01: The Loft

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This is a long story, foundation for a series titled “The Group.”


I opened my eyes and the sunlight through the window caused me to squint with the sting of a familiar hangover filling my head.

As I looked around, I realized I was in a familiar bed. I was in the loft, downtown. I had no idea how I’d gotten there, but I was used to that. As I sat up, head pounding and mouth parched, I noticed my pair of jeans and my shirt wadded up on the floor, next to a piece of unfamiliar clothing and a pair of women’s heels.

They seemed to be from some little thing that had followed me home last night. It was then I heard the refrigerator door slam shut, and the sound of a beer being twisted open. Then I heard at least two voices and although I couldn’t tell exactly how many, I could tell that at least one was female and at least one was male.

I wondered how many had made it back there that night.

One of my friends and I had begun renting The Loft years ago to save on hotels, UBERs, and to prevent DUI’s, so it could be him or one of many other people who had stayed over from time to time. I hadn’t gotten the chance to use it as much as John, but it had been worth every penny. The Loft was also a convenient place for us to throw some small parties for a few friends and locals after hours.

The downtown area was a happening place, but after 2am it was either dead or dangerous. The party often followed us back to the Loft. It had three bedrooms, a great penthouse view with the 15th floor balcony, and a private two car garage downstairs that made it easy to get in and out on the down-low.

The from door slammed and the conversation stopped. I heard footsteps come down the hall. A head poked through the doorway.

“Hey, sleepyhead. You gonna sleep all day?” she asked. She was far to chipper for my liking.

Her face was not familiar, but her type was. Typical College freshman, or sophomore, or whatever. She had reddish-blonde hair. She was wearing nothing but one of my big t-shirts that swallowed her petite figure. She was still wearing the makeup and fake eyelashes from the previous night, with her hair up in a hair-tie. Her vape was clenched in one hand, and a Bud-Light in the other.

“Hair of the dog?” I asked, giggling.

“What’s That? Hair of the What?” she asked. Her youthful naivety blatantly obvious.

“Never mind,” I said as I sat up and put my jeans on. “Will you grab me one of those?” I asked as I pointed to the beer she was hugging.

“Sure!” she said as she scurried back down the hall.

She was back in a flash. I peeked down at my watch and saw it was 10:39am. I made up a story to get rid of her.

“So, I’ve got to get to the office… big lunch meeting at 12:30. Can I get you an UBER?” I asked

I could see the disappointment on her face… “Well, I don’t have classes today, so I thought I’d just hang around here if it’s ok with you. Maybe you could come back after your meeting and we could talk more about what you said last night,” she said.

I had no idea what she was talking about. It was probably some clever line I used about being a modelling scout, or photographer, or a hundred other stories I’ve told these gullible college chicks to get them back to The Loft.

“No, that won’t work. Leave me your number and I’ll call you about it,” I said. “These things are delicate and take time and I have none of that today,” I said, trying to get her out of my hair as I had a hundred times before.

She paused, thinking before starting again “Oh… Um… ok… I just thought that you would want to…”

“I would what? Drop today’s schedule for you? That’s not how this works. Like I told you last night, I’m a very busy man, with a full schedule. I will have to try to work you into it slowly,” I said, just trying to get rid of her. Acting busy usually worked.

Then she said something that perked my interest. “Ok. I’ll tell the others that today isn’t a good time. I’m sure they’ll understand,” she said as she shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal to her.

All of a sudden, this routine shove-off had become something different, and I wasn’t used to it. I had questions but didn’t want to ask them.

“Can you leave me your number so I can get back with you later today?” I asked I pushed her a pad of paper and pencil from the nightstand. I tried to act normal.

“YES!” she exclaimed wide-eyed. “They are going to be so glad we met! And to think how RANDOM!” she said with a grin as she scribbled.

I paused for a moment, thinking how to respond and get information. “They?” I asked. I couldn’t stand not knowing a bit more.

“My Group, Silly. The one we talked about last night.” she said as she giggled and kept writing. “They are going to be so excited to see what you can do for us.”

I stood there trying to conceal my ignorance. I had no memory of last night whatsoever, except a brief memory of dancing at the Blue Sparrow in the District.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. Acting as if I remembered or had any inkling of a clue what she was talking about. “So, can I get you that UBER?” I asked. I beyoğlu escort picked up my phone to summon an UBER Driver nearby.

She nodded reluctantly as she dressed in the same outfit, she had worn last night. The UBER Showed up after 3 minutes, and just like that she was gone. I scrambled to gather my thoughts, trying to remember this girl’s name and how I met her.

I anxiously grabbed the pad of paper, hoping she had written her name with her number. She had. It said “Eve” with a heart drawn next to the phone number.

I texted John to find out what had happened last night assuming he was my partner in crime on my blackout nights.

“WTH Happened last night? Who was the girl that stayed?” I texted.

John’s response surprised me. “You must have gotten really fucked up last night, bro! I went home early last night. I left the Blue Sparrow before you.”

I immediately thought to myself “Then who was talking in the kitchen this morning?” I had assumed it was John.

I texted John back “K, thx. TTYL.”

I walked past John’s bedroom and glanced inside, seeing that his bed was undisturbed, I walked into the third bedroom and saw that the bed was made, but someone had obviously been in it the night before. There were beer bottles in the trashcan, several condom wrappers on the floor, and half-empty whisky glasses on both nightstands. The recliner in the corner had been repositioned at the foot of the bed instead of its regular place in the corner. In the bathroom were three used towels still wet, lying on the floor. I guess the mystery guests had helped themselves to showers before leaving. I assumed that these were the people I heard talking in the kitchen that morning.

After a cup of coffee, I grabbed my briefcase and headed out the door.

As I locked the door behind me, I headed to the elevator. As the doors closed, I heard, “Hold the elevator, please!” It was my neighbor, Eileen. I held the door for her. She scuttled through the threshold out of breath.

“What a night, eh?” she said with a wink.

“Tell me about it!” I said.

Eileen was twice divorced, and recently widowed. She was in her early 60s, but you would never have known it. She had plenty of work done, tits, lypo, tummytuck, botox, the works! She spent 5 days in the gym, and could easily pass for 50, or even late 40s. She often dated men younger than me, and there were many times she had been to our Loft for a party or just to hang out for a drink, and sometimes she came over just for a fuck. She was free as a bird. No man could really settle her down.

Eileen had never worked, always picking the richest men she could find to date and marry. She had done quite well in that business. Now she was the one with the money. Her Loft was next to mine, and it was paid for. She got her loft from her husband in their first divorce, and she says it caused her second one. Apparently, she had kept it a secret from her second husband, and she used it as a secret rendezvous location to have a string of affairs, or so the story goes. When he found out about it, they split, but she still got half of his money. Her third husband was in his eighties when they married. It was a marriage of convenience. He was lonely, rich, and she was a “young” gold digger who made him happy. He died less than a year after they married, and he left everything to Eileen. He had no other family or children. I only saw him once, which was just after John and I signed our lease on the Loft several years ago. To say this lady was a party animal and a freak would be an understatement. Because of his age, her last husband couldn’t keep up with her sexually, so he gave her permission to sleep around, which she would have done anyway. She would bring men home, sometimes two at a time, and Jack had no problems with it. He got off on it. There were many nights we could hear their festivities over OUR party!

Eileen traveled often. Europe, Bahamas, Greece. It seemed she had been everywhere. She talked often about the wild parties she had with her first husband, as well as the parties she had in her loft without her second one.

“You sure made a lot of racket last night? Kept me up until nearly sunrise,” She said with a grin. “I’d almost forgotten how late your parties could last!”

“I’m really sorry we kept you up. I don’t remember most of the night, must have been some really good weed, or something! Maybe I can make it up to you sometime? Like tonight, if you don’t have any plans,” I said smiling suggestively. She pulled me to her and kissed me, grabbing my ass.

“MMM,” she purred. “I wouldn’t miss it,” she whispered in my ear.

The elevator doors opened just as I realized I had left my cell phone upstairs.

I said “Fuck! I gotta go back up and get my fucking phone. See you about 8?” I pushed the 15th floor button as she stepped out of the elevator. She had begun walking through the lobby.

Still walking, she turned around and just before the doors closed, she said, “I’ll call Eve and make sure she and her friend can come along, too.”

I stood there, frozen bostancı escort with my mouth open, even more confused than before as the elevator jerked upwards.

When I got off the elevator, I rushed down the short hall past Eileen’s apartment and into mine.

I grabbed the phone, and texted Eve. “This is Steve. IDK how to say this, but I don’t remember much about last night. Can you clue me in to who came over?” I asked. I was fishing for some information that might jog my memory.

It wasn’t 10 seconds that I saw the dots indicating she was typing.

“My two friends from that bar, Sarah, her boyfriend Bobby, Eileen brought Jessica,” She responded.

“What bar? Blue Sparrow” I asked?

Dots… She was typing. “The Birdhouse,” She typed.

The Birdhouse was a hole-in-the-wall local bar in the village, walking distance from the University. It was originally a hangout for the 40-50-year-old crowd, but recently there had been, and continues to be, a large portion of college girls who want to experiment with the “older” man. So it had become somewhat of an underground place for these girls with daddy issues to get that fix. God Bless them! Many of the men who frequented the Birdhouse were married, which just turned these college sluts on even more. I had been there many times, myself, even when I was married. It was so easy to pick up one of these girls, I’ve never gone home empty handed. And I mean NEVER. The girls that frequented the place were so young and stupid, that it was a running joke amongst the regulars that we should check ID’s before taking one home. There were also some rumors of High School Girls that tried to blend in with the rest, so I, for one, stuck with the 19-year-old and up rule. And YES, I have checked ID’s. The regulars did their best to avoid the jailbait like the plague.

Her text jogged my memory, and it all started to come back to me. I remember ordering a beer and remember spotting Eve at a table with another young couple across the bar. She appeared to be the “third wheel,” and she was definitely one of the hottest girls in the place last night, and she was on the top of my list. She had that petite, innocent look. She looked like she had put on her big sister’s clothes, and spent too much time on her makeup, trying to look older. I remember sending over three shots of Tequila to her and her friends, and that got her to come over to me after we toasted from opposite ends of the bar. It was my basic conversation starter. It worked, once again.

I texted her “Gotcha. What are you doing tonight?”

“One sec,” She responded. I waited. 30 seconds later I read her text “That was Eileen texting me. She said you wanted to hang out again tonight. So, we’re coming to your place! Yeah!” Her response put so many thoughts in my head.

I Texted “Sounds like fun. See you about 8.” … (dots)…

“K,” she typed.

So, knowing what I know about Eileen, it was shaping up to be a memorable evening.

I hit the gym for a light workout, ran by the house to shower and get more clothes, and headed back to the Loft to tidy up.

The afternoon flew by and it was 7:00 before I knew it, and the doorbell rang.

Looking out the peephole I saw Eve and another couple. I opened the door, and she greeted me with a peck, hug, and said “Hey, baby! You remember Sarah and Bobby from last night. You ready to start this thing!” They all three filtered in past me as I closed the door behind them. I was puzzled but played along with it.

Sarah looked to be about the same age as Eve, and Bobby looked a bit younger. My guess is that they were all Freshmen or Sophomores at the University. Sarah could be Eve’s sister, long hair, but more blonde, petite figure, but with bigger tits. She was wearing a tight pink miniskirt, tight white halter top showing her pierced bellybutton, sneakers, and a silver ankle bracelet around her left ankle. Bobby was in skinny-jeans and t-shirt, black hair, and looked a little emo. Basic college-kid apparel. Eve was wearing a snug one-piece dress with sneakers and a thin black nylon choker. Neither girl was wearing a bra, and I could tell both had their nipples pierced by the way the barbells poked against their tight tops. Bobby looked a bit nervous, and somewhat out of place. These girls were out of his league.

“Mind if I grab us some beers?” asked Bobby.

“No go ahead. The kitchen is down the hall to the ri…” I started to say, but he was already walking towards it and he said, “Haha… I think I remember where the kitchen is!” Both girls giggled.

“He can’t forget where the kitchen is in one day, Silly!” Eve said as she laughed.

I realized that these were the two people who I had heard this morning talking to Eve as I woke. Wow, last night must have been a WHOPPER!

Sarah had a large bag with her, the size of a small suitcase. She walked towards the guest room to put it in there. I guess she assumed she was spending the night, again, apparently.

Eve came over to me and kissed me again as Bobby returned with Four Beers. Bobby plopped down büyükçekmece escort in one of the recliners, and Eve and I sat on the sofa. Eve pulled out a joint and lit it, took a deep toke, and passed it to me. I hit it and passed it over to Bobby.

I said, “So, look, guys, I really tied one on last night. I, uh, don’t really remember much of last night. Care to clue me in to what the hell we got into after The Birdhouse?”

Eve started telling me about the evening. “It was such a stroke of luck that we met! After the shots at The Birdhouse, you came over to our table and started telling us about your work and The Loft. And that’s when we told you about our Group. Do you remember that?”

“Uh, no, sorry. I don’t. What group?” I asked.

Sarah had made it back into the room and was following our conversation. Grabbing her beer from Bobby, she sat on his lap in the recliner. She took the joint from Bobby and took a hit. She chimed in by saying, “We talked about this last night, but since you got whisky-amnesia, we can tell you again. We have a group of, friends, you could call them, and we get together regularly for some, uh, fun, you might call it. The other two giggled, sipping their beers. Some of us are freakier than the others. Eve and I are really kind of the calm ones, but we are working up to becoming more adventurous, like some of the older members. Eve has only been with us a few months, and I have been with them quite a bit longer, actually. I was initiated the summer after I graduated High School.”

“What about you, Bobby? How long have you been with this Group?” I asked.

He cut his eyes to the other girls, nearly speechless. He stuttered, “Well, I, uh, haha… uh, I’m not a…”

“He’s not a member, of course,” said Sarah! Eve just smiled. “We only have women in our group.”

“Oh, like a Sorority?” I asked.

Both girls busted out in laughter. “I guess you could call it that!” Exclaimed Eve.

Just then, the doorbell rang again. Eve jumped up and ran over to answer it, and I let her. I could tell she was eager.

“Hey, Girl!” screamed Eve. As I expected, it was Eileen. She was dressed in the standard sexy librarian outfit. Medium length black skirt, white button-down Shirt, black stockings and black high heels. She was wearing her glasses, and her blonde hair was up in a tight bun. She had a great figure even for a woman half her age, and her breasts filled out her tight fitted shirt perfectly. You could see her black lace bra through her white shirt.

Eve threw her arms around Eileen and gave her a big hug. After a few seconds, she pulled away and Eileen planted a deep wet tongue kiss on Eve’s mouth that lasted longer than the hug.” I could feel my eyes bulge, as well as my pants. I tried to act normal.

“I think this place is perfect, Eileen! What do you think?” asked Sarah.

“That depends on Steve, really. This could be a great location, since mine will be sold soon. I just got a contract on it” Eileen replied as she walked in and took a seat on the edge of the sofa. Eve sat down and snuggled right back up to me on the sofa.

Both girls screamed with happiness. “That’s Great” said Eve “and perfect timing meeting Steve!”

“What are you drinking, Eileen?” I asked.

“Thanks for asking, Steve. I’ll take a glass of Cabernet if you don’t mind… Bobby, would you get it?” She nodded at Bobby. Sarah stood up off Bobby’s lap, and he jumped up and went to the kitchen to pour Eileen her glass of wine.

“So, would you like to let me in on your plans for my place?” I asked, puzzled. “Or do I even have a choice?” I asked jokingly.

Sarah and Eve looked at Eileen. Eileen said “The Group has been getting together at my place for a few years, and since I put it up for sale, we have been trying to find an alternative location. I hadn’t even thought about your place until the girls told called me over last night after you three had met at the Birdhouse and came back here. It’s perfect. I mean, it is right across the hall from their previous favorite meeting spot!”

So, in my mind, I knew that at least these three, Eileen and some girl named Jessica had been over for the party last night. My memory was faintly coming back. I remembered Eve had spent the night in my room and we fucked.

“And tell me about the members of this club,” I said.

“Well, Steve, it’s not a club, we call it The Group,” Sarah started. “It’s a group of women and girls who like to get together and talk about girl stuff and do ‘girl things’ you could call it.” Eve blushed, but Eileen smiled wickedly.

Bobby returned with a glass of red wine and four more beers. He handed Eileen her wine, kissed her cheek and passed Eve and I our beers. He then sat back down on the recliner, with Sarah finding her way back onto his lap.

Eileen took a sip and chimed in, “Yes, we do ‘girl things.’ Like tell dirty stories, play truth or dare, tie each other up, whips, chains, leather, boy-toys, strap-ons. You know, the usual girly things,” she explained. I could tell she wasn’t joking which aroused my interest. She continued, “It’s really educational for some of our girls. It’s a way for the young ones to find out what they like, sexually, and others to indulge in their enjoyment of their different tastes of decadence and debauchery. Isn’t that right Evie?” asked Eileen, who’s wicked smile grew wider and she bit her bottom lip. Eve’s cheeks blushed, but her glassy eyes told me she was getting aroused.

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