The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 9: The Holy Liberation Army

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The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Nine: The Holy Liberation Army

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Sunday, June 12th, 2072 – Queenie Glassner – Ashland, OR

I woke up on the outside of the bed. Sleeping in the tent with three others was an interesting, and fun, experience. Rex, Reina, Sarah, and I were constantly squirming about. You never knew where you were going to end up at. My big boobs were pressed up against Reina’s naked, brown back. I nuzzled at her hair for a second before I felt something poking my butt.

I reached back and found the curious object Reina had found in an abandoned house in Ashland yesterday. Chasity called it a strap-on dildo. “They were all the rage,” Chasity giggled. “Every woman owned at least that sex toy so she could make love to her wives or girlfriends.”

Reina had taken to using it with gusto. She had strapped it on last night and fucked both Sarah and myself. Rex joined in. Having the hard dildo fucking my ass while Rex fucked my pussy was a wonderful experience.

My pussy grew wet. We weren’t supposed to fool around in the morning, but I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the pink dildo and the black, leather harness. I pulled it up my thighs, the dildo bobbing as I strapped it into place. I giggled, adjusting it so it pressed on my clit.

“I have a cock,” I purred, stroking the dildo like Rex jerked off his dick. I giggled at the wicked thought, my big tits jiggling.

Reina’s sexy ass faced me. She had a gorgeous butt. I shoved my hands between my thighs, fingering my dripping pussy. I rubbed my juices onto the hard shaft until it gleamed. It was slicked with my cream. I grinned in excitement.

I rolled over on my side, cuddling back up to Reina.

“Good morning,” she muttered sleepily.

I kissed her neck. “Yes, it is,” I purred as I pushed the tip of the dildo up her ass and the base pressed on my clit. “Such a wonderful morning.”

She was tight. I groaned, thrusting harder. The pressure on my clit was incredible. I shuddered as I pushed the dildo deeper and deeper. Reina shot awake with a loud gasp of pleasure. She squirmed in my arms as I bottomed out inside her.

“You saucy minx,” laughed Reina. “Fucking my ass while I’m sleeping.

“I knew you’d love it, wife of mine,” I giggled, hugging her tight.

Rex was awake, a boyish grin on his handsome face, his blue eyes shining as I humped away at our wife’s ass. Rex pushed aside the blanket, revealing his and Sarah’s naked bodies. Sarah was pressed up on his other side, her ivory body wrapped around Rex’s muscular, brown form.

My husband was a sexy man.

I pumped faster, loving the pressure on my clit. Reina let out another moan, her hips humping back into my thrusts. Sarah brushed back her brown hair and grinned. She was a horny girl. That Glassner blood seemed to make all their children horny as goats. Chase wondered if her father’s wish for sexual stamina hadn’t been passed on to his kids.

Being married to three Glassners could be so exhausting. But I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

“Fuck my ass,” panted Reina. “Work that dildo in and out of me.”

Rex grinned. “She loves it up the ass. She’s an ass slut.”

“Aren’t we all, husband of mine?” I moaned, sparks of pleasure shuddering through me. My own ass clenched every time I drove the strap-on into Reina’s ass.

Sarah purred in agreement.

“So you want to be fucked up the ass?” Rex grinned.

Sarah squealed as Rex seized her in his arms and rolled her over his body so they lay facing Reina. Both women held hands and kissed. Sarah shuddered as Rex drove his cock into her pussy for a few strokes.

“Need to be lubed to fuck my sweet sister-wife’s ass,” grinned Rex.

“So considerate,” Sarah moaned.

“We had to train him,” Reina panted. “He’d just want to stick it in without any.”

“Your pussies never need lube,” Rex shrugged.

“Because we’re horny sluts!” I gasped, fucking Reina’s ass harder. My orgasm swelled. I loved this toy. I hoped we could find another.

“Oh, yes!” gasped Reina. “Fuck me! Pound my ass! Make me cum before Sarah!”

“No fair!” Sarah moaned. She shuddered as Rex slammed into her ass. “You had a head start.”

“You have a real cock,” Reina countered. “I say that’s fair.”

Rex reached around Sarah, one hand squeezing her round breasts and dusky nipples, white milk beading her her nub, while his other hand diddled her clit. Sarah bucked in his arms, gasping for joy as Rex pounded her ass. Her face twisted with passion, her blue eyes flashing.

“Yes, yes! You’re such a stud, Rex! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!”

“Fuck me harder, Queenie!” Reina gasped. “And use your hands! Don’t let them beat us.”

“Right!” I groaned, reaching around my wife’s body. I pinched her nipple and rubbed her clit. My own breasts were smashed against her back, my nipples sliding up and down. The tingles rippled through my body, merging with the excitement brewing in my pussy.

“Take it!” I moaned. “Take my cock, wife of mine!”

“Yes, yes, yes! We’re gonna win!”

“No, you’re not!” gasped Sarah, her body writhing. “I’m so horny! Oh, yes! Watch me cum, Reina! See how beautiful I am!”

My hips slammed in and out of Reina’s ass. My fingers massaged my wife’s body. Reina trembled in my arms, her ass pushing back harder into my strokes. I was so close to cumming. I fought against it, but every thrust made my body come closer and closer to that wonderful, shuddering embrace.

“I’m cumming!” Sarah gasped.

“No you’re not!” Reina moaned. “You’re faking it!”

Sarah screamed and gasped, writhing and bucking in Rex’s arms. Rex groaned, fucking her harder. “She’s cumming!” he groaned. “Damn, that ass is amazing. Oh, baby! I’m going to cream your ass!”

“Dammit!” Reina gasped as she shuddered in my arms. “Too late! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!” Her juices flooded my fingers rubbing her clit as she came.

I slammed the dildo deep into her and let myself cum. I savored the bliss hammering through my body. I held onto my wife. I gasped and panted. The pleasure washed through me. I screamed out my delight for all to hear.

“Knock it off!” Chase shouted from outside. “We need to get going.”

“Almost there!” grunted Rex, still pumping away at Sarah’s ass.

“I’d say Rex lost our competition,” Reina declared as he grunted. Sarah smiled as her ass was flooded with cum.

“You lost,” Sarah accused. “I won. That was the game.”

“Nope. Rex lost. Right, Queenie?”

I nodded my head. “Yep. You lost, husband of mine.”

“No, I didn’t,” Rex smiled as he cuddled with Sarah. “I came in her ass. I never lose if I cum.”

Reina giggled. “You’re such a horny goat.”


Chase shook our tent. “Get your butts out of there. We need to get going!”

“Yes, mother,” Reina sassed.

“I’ll spank your pretty bottom if you call me mother again,” Chase said. “I look as young as you.”

“Promise?” Reina giggled.

Chase groaned. “Why did my father have to knock up every slut, whore, and cunt he came across?”


Sarah Glassner

We left behind the ruins of Ashland, Oregon. It had been destroyed years ago. Half the town was burnt rubble. The houses that did survive were on the outskirts. The road was cratered by explosions and moldy skeletons dotted the brush. A large cross had been erected in the center of the town that had read: “This town was cleansed by the Holy Liberation Army of Oregon, July 19th, 2059.”

Everyone who lived here worshiped my father and paid for it. I found a copy of the Glassnerian Bible görükle escort in one of the houses, wrapped in oil cloth. It had a black, leather cover and embossed with the simple phrase: “Love your fellow man.”

The Church claimed my father and his wife were evil. Even Chase must have believed that, because she killed them. But were they evil? They made a world of peace. Maybe everyone had been slaves, but there weren’t atrocities like what happened in Ashland.

When we took a short break, I pulled out the bible and opened it to the first passage and read from the Gospel of April: The Living Gods were born into the Flesh, sent to guide mankind. For years they grew apart, both yearning for the other. When their eyes met for the first time since their incarnation, both Living Gods knew each other and rejoiced to have been reunited. Finally, their great task—the reconditioning of mankind from hate to love—could begin.

Chase sat beside me, glancing at the bible. “That’s a dangerous book to possess.”

“I know,” I answered, closing it. “But it’s about father. I…”

“It’s not the truth,” Chase said. “It’s a version of the truth, like this book.” She pulled out a book from her pack. It was titled The History of the Tyrants’ Theocracy .

“So it’s lies?” I asked, looking down at the words.

“Not really. Most of it was written by followers of my parents. They believed they were Gods and wrote down events as they perceived them. But this.” She touched the passage. “April wrote this. Do you know who she was?”

I shook my head.

“She was one of the sluts.” Chase smiled. “She had curly, brown hair and glasses. She was quiet and always thinking. She married one of Dr. Willow’s nurses. When Hayfa died during the Demon Wars, April grew even quieter.”

There was such sadness in Chase’s words even as she kept smiling.

“And April’s dead now?” I asked.

Chase nodded her head. “She died when I killed our father.” A tear ran down Chase’s cheek. She shook her head. “Anyway, April wrote about my parents life right after they sold their souls to Lucifer and began their rise to power. Her version is the sanitized message. She hid all of my parent’s crimes. She blamed Lilith on Karen when in fact my parents summoned the demoness and inadvertently unleashed her on the world. And the Demon Wars were all my father’s fault. My mother was dying. To save her life, he had to free the Demons. My father didn’t even flinch.”

I swallowed. “I’ve heard of Lilith. She killed billions.”

“And another few billion died during the Demon wars,” Chase nodded. “Mankind went from seven to three billion people. Half of them died because of my parent’s actions. My parents deserved to die for a lot of reasons. But they also did a lot of good.”

“You aren’t sure you made the right decision?”

“I regret it every day.”

I swallowed. “The Church says you’re a hero. They canonized you as a saint.”

“They lie, too,” Chase whispered.

“Someone should tell the real version,” I said, closing the bible.

“No one knows it.”

“You do,” I smiled. “You should write it.”

Chase’s eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t know. We have our journey.”

“It’ll end eventually. You can write it then. I want to read it.”

“We should get going. I want to try and reach Medford by nightfall. I hope it still stands.” Chase glanced at the book. “You should really leave that behind.”

“I’ll keep it hidden,” I smiled.

“We’re in Christian lands. And not like the ones in California. You saw Ashland.”

I wrapped the oilcloth up. “I’m with Saint Chasity and a nun. We’ll be fine.”

We kept walking. In an hour, we reached a green sign with faded, white letters that read, “Medford 3 miles.”

Chase and Sister Stella walked ahead, leading Alison the pack mule. They often walked in front, talking and giggling, sharing their love. I understood. I liked the intimacy of walking with my spouses. Reina and Queenie were always talking, pointing out cute items while Rex pretended to be a tough guy. Having a family was such a wonderful thing.

“Look up at the ridge,” Queenie said. “That’s queer. I thought I saw something move.”

A ridge of trees rose to our right. I glanced up there. I didn’t see anything but pine trees and thick brush. The sun was hot, but there was a cool breeze blowing down the ruined cement highway of I-5. A puff of smoke burst in the brush, followed by a hissing sound.

Sister Stella cried out, “Incoming!”
A silvery dome appeared around her, Chase, and the pack mule.

The explosion that engulfed the silvery dome knocked me off my feet. And then the world erupted in ear splitting gunfire.


The Preacher

“You missed!” I hissed, staring at the impostor Chasity still standing when the black smoke drifted away.

The soldiers of the Holy Liberation Army fired their guns down at the highway. Small puffs of smoke and sparks burst, marking where the bullets slammed into the road and concrete barriers. The fake Chasity stared up at me, anger in her eyes.

“St. Chasity, watch over your servants as they do battle with the Adversary!” I prayed. “Defend these holy warriors as they take on the Beast in its pleasant guise! Give us the strength to defeat your enemy and—”

Shadows moved. A soldier screamed nearby. Blood spurted and half a torso landed at my feet.

My mouth moved. I clutched my wooden cross. The Shadows reached out with undulating tentacles and tore the head off another soldier.

“Demon!” I gibbered.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

The world flashed to gold as I teleported to the top of the ridge. I knocked an arrow to my bow as I appeared. Anger and fear burned inside me. Sister Stella still hid behind her shield as my siblings and Queenie scrambled for the safety of the concrete barrier on the far side of the road.

I appeared next to a soldier wearing a patched, blue coat, a wooden cross dangling around his neck. “The Lord is my shepherd,” he prayed as he aimed and shot at my family.

I fired my arrow. It caught him in the throat. He fell to the ground in a gurgle of blood, twitching hard.

“St. Chasity protect us!” a second soldier screamed, turning to fire at me. My arrow caught him in the chest.

My anger only grew. They were killing my family while praying to me. I drew a third arrow.

The bullet took me in the guts. A scared-faced, young man trembled as he clutched his gun, smoke curling from the barrel. I released my arrow as I staggered back, the shaft catching the frightened, young man in the shoulder. He stumbled back, crying out to his mother in pain.

I slumped to the ground. The pain in my belly was overwhelming. I clutched my gut as the blood pumped out. Golden light flared as my body slowly healed myself.

“The beast is over here!” the wounded soldier cried out. He worked the lever action on his rifle with one hand, chambering a round. He aimed at me and fired. The bullet grazed my forehead. “Help! The beast!”

Soldiers screamed behind him.

The wounded youth’s next shot caught me in the throat. I coughed, my lungs burning as I choked on my own blood. A small part of me hoped this was it, that this time I would finally die. The world spun about me.

A shadow appeared. My demon had arrived. His tentacles seized the wounded youth and ripped him to pieces. I slumped over and darkness fell on me.


Rex Glassner

There is a ravine on the other side of the highway. Get down there and run! my subconscious screamed in my mind.

I listened.

“Follow me,” I said görükle escort bayan as the gunfire peppered around us. I lifted Sarah to her feet and shoved her towards the far concrete barrier. “Get over and down the ravine.”

The bullets whizzed as they hissed past us from the top of the ridge. Sarah leaped over the concrete barrier into the brush on the far side followed by Reina. My twin ducked down against the concrete barrier.

“Run!” Reina screamed. “Hurry.”

Queenie gasped in pain, stumbling beside me. I seized her as she fell forward. I held my wife as she clutched at her leg and threw us both over the concrete barrier. We crashed into the brush on the far side. Twigs and branches tore at my face as we tumbled down the hill.

“Hurry and follow!” I shouted as I held Queenie. Dead leaves crunched beneath us as we slid down the slope. “Down into the ravine.”

“What about Chase?” Sarah called from above.

“She’ll be fine,” Reina shouted. “We need to go.”

Another explosion boomed behind us.

There was a creek at the bottom of the ravine, and my feet sank into the mud. Queenie gasped again, falling onto her backside and clutching her leg. Blood matted her thigh. Reina reached her, and ripped open her torn jeans. A ragged wound cut across the meat of Queenie’s right thigh. A bullet had passed clean through her. Queenie’s blood pumped out.

“We need a bandage!” Reina screamed, her voice hoarse with fear.

“I got one!” Sarah shouted, unslinging her backpack and digging around inside the pack.
“They went down the ravine!” a man shouted from above.

“We have to hurry,” I said.

Reina nodded, taking the bandage from Sarah. It was a bundle of cloth. She pressed it against Queenie’s leg. Queenie moaned, her face pale and flushed. I squeezed her hand and she gave me a soft smile for a moment.

“There!” Reina said as she tied the cloth against Queenie’s wound.

A gun fired. A bullet whizzed down at us.

“We need to keep going!” Reina shouted and pulled Sarah away. They ran down the creek, water splashing at their feet.

I picked up Queenie, holding her in my arms, and ran down the ravine after my wife. Guns cracked from above and men shouted. I was too scared to look if they were shooting at us or at Chase. My subconscious kept telling me to run.

Queenie sobbed in my arms.

The gunfire stopped and screams took their place. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t want to know. I just wanted to get my wives to safety.


The Preacher

“Saint Chasity, watch over your servant with your beatific gaze,” I prayed as I brandished the wooden cross.

The shadowy demon looked like a hoary beast with a thick hide, a pink tongue, and scores of tentacles writhing from its back. Those tentacles were butchering the Holy Liberation Army. God’s warriors were being slaughtered.

I would save them.

“Grant me the power to slay in your name, Saint Chasity, and the name of our Lord and Savior!”

Men screamed as the tentacles wrapped around their, ripping off limbs and heads and throwing bleeding husks to the ground. Guns fired, but the bullets bounced harmlessly off the demon’s flesh. It howled as the beast lunged and pinned Captain Adamson to the ground. Teeth flashed, and half of the holy warrior’s face was ripped apart.

“Guide my steps as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death!” I screamed, rushing forward. The tentacles lashed about me. None would touch me. Saint Chasity watched over me. “I shall fear no evil, for you are with me!” I raised up my wooden cross to smite the demon. “I am your holy warrior, oh Lord. I smite your enemies with your holy sign!”

I slammed the cross down on the demon’s hoary hide.

Wood splintered. My cross shattered. I gaped in astonishment at the broken end clutched in my hand.


The demon turned. Its jaws opened. I screamed out as pain exploded in my side. My flesh was torn. I fell to the ground.

“But…I…served you…faithfully…”

Chasity was near me, lying slumped against the tree. Her throat was bloody. She had been killed.

“No…” I groaned as the world grew dark about me. “No…you cannot die. Immortality is yours…and you…promised…it…to…”

I was falling, falling, falling into darkness.

I woke up on a grassy field. It was so green and soft on my cheeks. A warm sun shone on me. I had died and been carried up to paradise.

“Hallelujah,” I breathed, sitting up.

The angel was dressed differently than I expected. She was Black-skinned and dressed in a curious, blue uniform that left much of her bosom and legs indecently exposed. A necklace was tight about her throat, a plate inscribed with the number 51.

“Seize her,” the Angel declared.

Two more angels, equally dressed, rushed forward. These angels had ivory skin, one with hair of fire, the other of coal. They grasped my arms. Their faces were grim. They hauled my bulk up. I faced a mansion in a grassy plain. Other angels moved about, and some were naked.

“This isn’t what I thought Heaven would be like,” I whispered.

The Black-skinned angel laughed. “This is Hell, you stupid cunt. And you tried to kill their daughter.”

“But it can’t be. It’s so beautiful.”

“Not in the dungeons,” 51 laughed.

Two figures strode out of the mansion, their bearing tall. My eyes widened. I remembered those figures from my childhood. “No!” I screamed in fear, squirming in the arms. “Saint Chasity protect me from the Tyrants! Defend your servant.”

The Tyrants’ ferocious gaze fell upon me. “You dare say her name after you tried to kill her!” Mark spat. “Your soldiers tried to butcher my children.”

“What should we do with her?” the Black-skinned demon asked. I squirmed harder, but the bodyguard demons held me tight.

“Flay her and throw her in a cell, 51,” Mary hissed. “Let her suffer for a few centuries before she faces Annihilation.”

“Yes, ma’am,” 51 nodded. “And what would you like us to do with her skin?”

“Burn it,” Mark growled. “She’ll have no more need of it. Let her every moment be agony.”

I was dragged away. “You really pissed them off,” 51 laughed. “Your loss. Ten years ago, they would have just had your soul annihilated. But now, well, Hell has a way of twisting a person. Even them.”

Her smile was cruel as a knife appeared in her hand.

“Even me. I think I’ll enjoy flaying you.”

My howls were unending.


Reina Glassner

I need to skirt around Medford. The ravine should peter out, but the creek will lead north around the town. The brush is thick. I’ll be fine.

I listened to my subconscious as I marched down the ravine. The shooting had stopped, but I didn’t want to halt. Sarah moved beside me as we scrambled over debris washed down into the ravine. Rex was behind us, carrying the whimpering Queenie.

I wanted to curl into a ball and cry. I couldn’t believe that had happened. An army had attacked us. I don’t even understand how we got away. But that didn’t matter. We did. And we had to keep moving.

“I need a rest,” groaned Rex. His face was covered in sweat.

“I’m sorry,” Queenie whispered. “I think I can walk.”

“It’s fine,” Rex grunted. “Just let me get a breather.”

“What if the soldiers are following us?” I asked. “We need to keep moving.”

Rex set Queenie down. She put her weight on her right leg and winced. “I can walk. Okay.”

“Let her walk, Rex,” I told him. “Stop being a stubborn man.”

“Fine,” he groaned, still sucking in breath.

I moved to Queenie and slipped escort görükle my arm around her waist so I could help support her right side. She winced with every step, but we were walking again. The ravine opened up ahead onto a grassy meadow. Smoke rose to the northeast. That must be Medford.

“We can’t go in the city,” I said. “We should go around it.”

“No complaints,” Rex said. “That’s what my instincts are saying.”

“I’m fine with it,” Queenie said through gritted teeth.

“Okay,” Sarah nodded.

We kept moving, heading to the meadow. I gasped when a figure stepped out of the brush before us.

“Sister Stella!” Sarah shouted, racing forward. “Is Chase with you?”

The nun shook her head. “I hoped she was with you. She teleported away after the mortar hit.”
“We haven’t seen her. We just ran.”

“The soldiers are all dead,” Sister Stella reported. “Your sister killed them somehow.” Sister Stella frowned. “I don’t understand what happened up there. I do not like it.”

“We need to keep moving,” Rex said.

“We need to find Chase!” Sister Stella snapped. “We should go back.”

Keep going forward, whispered my subconscious. The battle was loud. It would have attracted notice. And armies keep track of their soldiers. They will search for those who killed their men.

“No!” I shouted at the same time as Rex.

“Chase can catch up,” Rex said. “She knows how to find us. We have to keep moving.”

“None of this matters without Chase!” Sister Stella snapped. “She’s too important to lose now.”
Sarah hugged her. “I know you’re scared for her, but they know Chase.”

“She’ll be fine,” I said. “She’s walked the whole world. Nothing can kill her. Her power protects her. She’ll find us. But we need to move.”

“You can come with us or go on your own,” Rex said to the nun. “But she’ll find us.”

“Fine,” Sister Stella snapped, throwing a worried glance over her shoulder.

We set off, moving as fast as Queenie could go.

Chasity “Chase” Glassner

A tongue licked at my breast, rough and hot, igniting my nipples. My body was caressed, touched by a dozen hands. I shuddered, the pleasure swelling inside me. I opened my eyes and saw the Shadow.

“You save me again,” I purred as he licked at my hard nipple. He stood over me, his tentacles caressing my body. His tongue licked up to my cheek, probing my mouth. I kissed him back, playing with his tongue as I reached up to cup his snout.

The kiss was full of passion. I savored it, closing my eyes and enjoying his caresses. The tentacles wrapped around my breasts, squeezing and kneading them while the tips played with my nipples. Other tentacles spread my legs apart. A thick one entered my wet pussy. I groaned, humping against its thrusts.

Shadow panted as he fucked me with his tentacles. “Mmm, that’s good. You know just how to touch me, huh.”

Shadow’s burning eyes looked down at me. I stroked his snout, gazing into those eyes. They burned with such passion for me. I leaned up, kissing his snout again. I savored his tongue as I held onto my demonic lover.

The tentacle slid in and out of my pussy faster. I was lifted off the ground, a slimmer tentacle probing at my ass. I shuddered as it brushed my sphincter, teasing me. I broke the kiss, and moaned, “Fuck my ass, Shadow. I love it!”

The tentacle wormed into my bowels. I shuddered, my body writhing as I was held up by his tentacles. I held onto his neck, humping my hips as the pair of tentacles worked in and out of my pussy and ass. I nuzzled at his leathery neck, planting kisses. My nipples brushed his flesh, I humped harder.

My pussy squeezed down on the tentacle inside me. I bucked, my orgasm swelling. “Yes!” I hissed. “Keep fucking me! Make me cum! You’re always so generous!”

Shadow growled his excitement, his thick, monstrous cock brushed my leg, smearing precum on me. I shuddered, eager to feel that beast inside me. My back arched as my pussy rippled about his tentacle. The burning in my ass mixed with the pleasure exploding in my pussy.

“Yes!” I screamed as I came. “Oh, yes! You wonderful beast!”

I shuddered in delight as the pleasure rippled through me. I kissed him again, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. His teeth were so sharp they could tear my face off. But he wouldn’t hurt me. I could tell. He loved me.

The tentacle in my pussy pulled out. His cock nudged at my vulva.

“Do it!” I moaned. “Make love to me, Shadow!”

I shuddered as his cock entered me. He speared in deep. My back arched. I held his body, humping my hips against him. He thrust deeper and deeper into me. I shuddered in ecstasy. He howled when he buried into my depths.

His hips thrust forward, fucking me. I gasped, my clit rubbing against his leathery hide. The pleasure swelled through me. I kissed him. I loved him. We worked together, our bodies undulating towards our climax.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Cum in me, Shadow!”

Every thrust of his thick cock ignited pleasure through my nerves. I shuddered as orgasms rippled through me. He fucked me harder than any man or woman could. He was a beast. He ravished me. My body took the pain. I savored it, mixing with the ecstasy.

His growls grew louder. His cock throbbed inside me. My pussy writhed about it as my orgasms kept sweeping through my body. Pleasure consumed me. I clung to Shadow. Our mouths met for another kiss as we shared our pleasure.

His cock erupted hard inside me. Cum squirted deep, overflowing my pussy as he slammed over and over into me. I bucked against him. A massive orgasm burst through me. The world spun about as the pleasure assaulted my mind. Stars danced before me.

I screamed out my pleasure for all to hear.

I was barely aware of his cock leaving my pussy. He sat me down on the grass. His tongue licked my face one last time. “Don’t go,” I purred, but he vanished back into the shadows.

The guilt hit me almost immediately. Sister Stella’s face reared in my mind. I hated cheating on my girlfriend with my demonic lover. The ecstasy faded and I forced myself to stand up and look around. I was in a clearing in the middle of the woods. My clothes had been ripped off by Shadow, but they were bloodstained anyways.

My backpack was nearby and I pulled out a fresh pair of clothes.

I teleported back to the road to find my family. There were no bodies of my family on the road. I sighed in relief. Alison grazed nearby. I seized her reins. “Come on, let’s find everyone.”

I found signs of their trail. We moved quickly. I easily tracked my family. I had spent many years in the brush hunting around our cabin. The sun began to sink and I kept walking. They were following the creek. When the sun set, I kept going.

Medford was to the east, its lights glowing over a ridge.

I ignored the exhaustion weighing down my limbs. I wasn’t going to stop walking until I found my family and Sister Stella.

I spotted a small fire. I moved quicker. I sighed in relief as I saw the twins, Sarah, and my girlfriend sitting around the fire. Sister Stella was the first to spot me. She stood up, raced towards me, and gave me a fierce hug. I held her, trying to forget about my passionate tryst with Shadow.

“I was so worried,” she whispered.

Her words twisted in my gut. You were worried and I was fucking.

“Is everyone all right?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I rushed to the fire. Queenie’s face was flushed and spotted with sweat. “What’s wrong with her?”

“She was shot,” Rex said, his face drawn. “The wound’s infected.”

I swallowed and nodded. “I have some powdered willow bark in my pack.” It wouldn’t be enough. We would need to find her doctor in the next town. Hopefully, he would have some antibiotics. “That’ll perk you up.”

To be continued…

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