The Dark Lord’s Ascension – Part 1

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The Dark Lord and his army swept across the land leaving death and despair in their wake. All who opposed him were swiftly killed and his power seemed to grow with each kingdom, city, town and village that fell under his control.

Nobody knew where he came from, as far as anyone knew he could have simply appeared out of nowhere one day. Nobody knew who he was, although that soon changed, and soon his name invoked terror in any sentient being who heard it.

Isobel was on the last year of her four year apprenticeship under a master alchemist and healer. She came from a small village and there was no one in her village who knew how to heal. Anyone in need of a healer was forced to seek help from the healer in the next village over, which was over an hours ride away.

Many an injured or sick person died from treatable ailments because help arrived too late. It was this that drove Isobel to leave her home and family and enter into an apprenticeship in a town a week’s travel away.

She missed her mother and younger sister dearly, the weekly letters they exchanged being a poor substitute to actually seeing them in person, but nevertheless she persevered, soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

At 19, Isobel was exceptionally beautiful. Her dark brown hair contrasted nicely with her flawlessly pale complexion. Her eyes were a grey blue, the color of a stormy sky.

She had a long slender neck, perky B-cup breasts and a narrow waist.

Today was market day and because Isobel would be manning the stall she wore her best dress. Her dress was a rich forest green, she had embroidered yellow flowers along her neckline and the bodice of the dress was laced up with yellow ribbons. The neckline was cut so as to accentuate chest without being immodest and while the bell shaped sleeves would be impractical for day to day work they didn’t get in the way when she was working the market stall.

The town fell quickly to the Dark Lord’s army once they arrived. In less than an hour the town’s guard, as well as anyone who had dared to fight back, had been slaughtered. Half the soldiers surrounded the town, preventing anyone from escaping, while the other half searched the town. Anything of value was confiscated and any people still alive were forced to the center of the town.

As soon as the search had been completed they forced the town’s inhabitants to stand in a line for easy inspection. One young man attempted to escape and the surviving residents were forced to watch in horror as a slash across his stomach downed him.

The young man’s death was slow and painful as he lay on the ground and made fruitless attempts to push his intestines back inside himself.

After that no one dared to try to escape.

They stood like that, shoulder to shoulder, for two hours until the commander arrived. The first indication that something was about to happen was the soldiers all standing at attention.

The commander was an imposing figure. He was tall and well-muscled and his dark hair was cut close to his head. His otherwise handsome face was bisected by a thick scar running across the bridge of his nose and separating his face into two halves.

His armor was blackened and he carried a sword that was almost as large as he was.

He walked slowly down to line of people, paying particularly close attention to the young woman he saw.

He stopped in front of Isobel. Her dress was torn and her face was smeared with dirt but it did nothing to detract from her beauty.

Isobel began to feel weak in the knees at the commander’s scrutiny and she almost collapsed when he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her out of line.

Two soldiers rushed forwards to take her off their commander’s hands and Isobel found herself forcibly escorted to an ominous looking carriage. There was a door in the back of the carriage and there were narrow slits towards the top to let in a small amount of light.

The soldiers restrained her as the man who had been waiting by the cart approached. She fought fruitlessly as a metal collar was locked around her neck and she had her wrists and ankles shackled together.

Isobel was shoved roughly into the carriage. The door was slammed shut and she heard a lock click into place.

There was just enough light for her to see that the floor was covered in old, filthy straw.

Isobel was sitting huddled in a corner, as far from the carriage door as she could possibly get when the door was thrown open and another figure was thrust inside.

In the dim light couldn’t make out many details of her new companion other than that she was female.

In a soft tremulous voice she asked, “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m not okay. Are you stupid or something? How could anyone possibly be okay in this situation?” The woman’s voice sounded especially harsh and loud to Isobel and she cringed at the sound of it.

She görükle escort took a deep breath and reminded herself that she shouldn’t take the woman’s rude reply personally; they were both in a terrible, stressful situation and it wasn’t her place to judge someone for reacting poorly.

“You’re right,” she said gently, “that wasn’t the smartest question I could have asked. My name is Isobel, what’s your name?”

For a moment Isobel thought the woman with her wasn’t going to answer but she finally said in a clipped tone, “My name is Carmella.”

Isobel thought for a moment, “Your father is the spice merchant, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Carmella’s tone was stiff and seemed designed to cut off any further conversation.

Isobel didn’t know Carmella personally, but her father was the wealthiest man in town and she had often seen Carmella when she was working on market day.

Carmella was a hard person to miss. Her dresses were always of the highest quality and tailored to flatter her figure, not that it needed much help in that respect.

Carmella was gorgeous. Her skin was a tawny gold and her hair fell in golden tresses to her waist. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue. She had a slightly upturned nose and full lips that she painted a deep red. Her breasts were a generous C-cup and her she had a pronounced hour glass figure.

The carriage suddenly jerked into motion causing both women to let out startled gasps.

They rode in silence for almost an hour before Isobel broke the silence, “What’s going to happen to us?”

“Use your imagination, these are the Dark Lords men, you’ve heard of the Dark Lord, right?” Carmella’s voice was condescending but Isobel nodded to indicate that she had.

“Well then, you know nothing good is going to happen. I don’t know any more than you do.”

Isobel huddled further into the corner as the carriage traveled on and the light in the carriage gradually faded to darkness.

Isobel was jolted awake by the carriage door opening. Two men grabbed Carmella, dragging here roughly from the carriage.

“Let me go, don’t you fucking touch me,” Carmella screamed as she thrashed in the men’s hold in a futile attempt to free herself. Her angry words were met with a hard slap across her face that split her lip, after which she went quiet, shoulders heaving as she cried.

Afraid of being hurt Isobel remained quiet when two additional men pulled her out. Leashes were attached to both girls’ collars and the shackles around their ankles were removed, the men telling them not to try anything stupid.

Both women were forced to follow the two men holding their leashes. They were lead into the Dark Lord’s strong hold.

Evil seemed to radiate from the very stones of the building and Isobel trembled uncontrollably in terror.

They were taken to an inner courtyard and in front of a dozen relaxing soldiers their clothes were torn from their bodies.

Both women struggled, and begged to no avail and they both soon stood completely exposed.

Stools were brought out and they were forced to sit on them. An old woman came up to them, she moved mechanically without emotion as though she were already dead and waiting for her body to figure it out as well.

Under the watchful eye of so many soldiers neither Isobel nor Carmella dared to move. The old woman set down a bucket full of water and using a wet rag proceeded to wipe the dirt and grime from their bodies. She brushed their hair out and then pulled out an unlabeled bottle from the pocket of her apron.

The woman dumped a little of the bottles contents onto her hands. The smell made Isobel’s eyes water and even with three years of training she was unable to identify a single ingredient that may be in it.

Isobel sat in numb shock as she felt her nobly, arthritic hands begin to rub the cream into her body. She was very thorough in covering every inch of skin and she received a sharp rebuke when she tried to bolt after feeling the old woman’s hands reach between her legs.

The cream created an unpleasant tingling sensation that only seemed to increase as time went on. By the time the old woman had finished rubbing the cream onto Carmella’s body the tingling had become an almost unbearable burning sensation and it came as a relief to have the woman wipe the cream off of her, leaving skin that was completely bare of any body hair behind.

They were both then led into an opulent looking throne room and it was there that Isobel got her first look at the Dark Lord.

He sat reclined on his throne and watched as his soldiers led two offerings into the room.

It was the job of his commanders to take the most beautiful women from every place they conquered, however the Dark Lord looked for something more than external beauty and as such not every woman brought to him met his needs. Those who didn’t were given as a gift for his men to görükle escort bayan use however the saw fit. Those women never lasted long.

He needed women who are as beautiful on the inside as they were on the out. Their souls shone out to him, like a candle in a dark room and the Dark Lord received his power from extinguishing that light.

Both women in front of him were exceptionally lovely but he could tell at a glance that the blonde haired one did not have the needed qualities. She was destined to be given to his men; they would have a lot of fun with this one.

He looked at the other woman, she looked promising. He approached her as she stood frozen to the spot in terror. He grabbed her chin in one firm hand and tilted her head so that he was looking into her stormy eyes. His instincts were correct, she was perfect.

“I’ll take this one, do what you want with the blonde, I have no use for her.” He spoke in a deep voice that dripped with authority.

The blonde screamed as she was pulled away by a group of eager soldier and it wasn’t long before the only other person in the throne room was the terrified dark haired woman.

He gave a tug to the leash pulling her back towards his throne.

He reclined in his throne and looked her up and down, she really was a marvelous creation and he couldn’t wait to destroy her.

“Tell me girl, what is your name?” He asked his question with a tone that didn’t allow for disobedience.

“My name is Isobel…..please don’t hurt me,” her voice was meek and she stared at the floor when she spoke.

The Dark Lords response was instantaneous, he back handed her across the face, knocking her to the floor. He placed a foot on her back to prevent her from rising.

“It’s time for your first lessons. First of all you don’t have the right to ask anything of me. You get no say in what happens to you. You will accept what you are given. Second you are to address me as my lord and third from this moment forward you have no name. Do you understand me girl?”

This was a lesson all the girls had to learn, which is why the first thing he always asked was their name. It never failed to give him the perfect excuse to teach it to them.

By this point Isobel was quietly sobbing and in a tremulous voice she said, “Yes.”

The Dark Lord dug his foot into her back and she quickly corrected herself, “Yes, my lord.”

“Very good, I like a quick learner,” the Dark Lord spoke condescendingly but Isobel breathed a sigh of relief as he removed his foot from her back and allowed her to sit up.

He kept Isobel kneeling at his feet for the rest of the day as he met with his commanders and planned out their next move.

Every once in a while he would hold a cup to her lips and allow her to swallow some water or hand feed her a morsel of food. None of this was done out of kindness, it was simply one way of training her to look to him for everything.

Other than one time when she spoke up to tentatively ask to be allowed to use the bathroom, she remained quiet, which pleased him greatly.

In reality he was simply killing time until the main event tonight. This new girl couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune moment.

Isobel was escorted to a cold stone room that oddly enough had a luxurious looking bed inside it. Chains hung from the ceiling and the walls were covered in a wide variety of whips, canes and paddles. There were already four girls present, standing with their arms chained above their heads.

Isobel vaguely registered then fact that there was a fair skinned red head, a dark skinned beauty with short cropped hair, a petite olive skinned woman with long raven hair and a tan woman with hair so blonde it was almost white. All the women were covered in scars both old and new and none of them even looked up when she was escorted into the room.

She was chained up beside the red head and two guards took up station behind the girls, each brandishing a bull whip.

The Dark Lord entered the room, already bare, his large cock hard with a drop of precum at the tip. He stopped behind Isobel and grabbing her shoulder with a bruising force whispered in her ear, “No matter what happens tonight, don’t look away.”

Isobel shuddered at his words and he moved his hand to give her breast a painful squeeze before moving to the bed.

When he was comfortably reclined on the bed a dusky skinned woman entered the room. She was thin and her skin was marred with a multitude of scars but her beauty was still easy to see.

Her name was once Esmerelda, it had taken a while to break her and she had been with him for almost a year.

Her family had been renowned for the quality of the silk they made and Esmerelda’s dusky skin had been smooth and supple, unmarked. The only part of her that was roughed by work were her hands as she was involved in her families bussiness. Her hair fell escort görükle down in dark shimmering waves and her bright jade eyes had been full of life.

Her eyes were dead now, none of the light that she once had in such abundance remained. She wouldn’t fight him, he could do anything to her, tell her to do anything and she would. She was well and truly his.

Sex with her now would be less enjoyable than it had been when she would try to fight back, when she would cry out in pain and cry at the depravity of it all. But just because it would be less enjoyable did not mean it would be unpleasant. Besides he wanted to give the new girl a taste of what was to come.

He stood slowly from his place on the bed and stalked towards Esmerelda with a predatory glint in his eyes.


Esmerelda didn’t hesitate for even a second to obey him and knowing what was expected of her next she opened his mouth for him.

His cock twitched at the site of her and he grabbed her on either side of her head thrusting forward, driving himself balls deep into her mouth in one stroke. She gagged but made no move to evade him.

Isobel stared wide eyed at the site of a cock being thrust mercilessly into the woman’s unresisting mouth. It was almost as though she wasn’t really there anymore. The Dark Lord’s warning was still fresh in her mind and she didn’t dare look away.

The Dark Lord suddenly grabbed Esmerelda by her throat and threw her face first onto the bed. She landed with her ass in the air and didn’t bother to move as the Dark Lord mounted her and thrust his cock, which was now glistening with saliva, into her ass.

Esmerelda’s lack of reaction may have been a bit of a disappointment for him but Isobel made up for it with her cry of horror and after a few vicious thrusts he shot his cum deep within her bowels.

“On your feet, girl.”

Esmerelda rose mechanically and stood before him her eyes gazing off into the distance, seeing around corners to her own impending death.

One of his soldiers approached and presented him with an ornate silver tray. There were two blades laid out, one small and delicate and the other large and serrated.

The Dark Lord picked the small blade from the tray and handed it to Esmerelda who numbly took it and looked up at her lord for the first time since entering the room.

“It is time, you know what to do next.”

Esmerelda nodded and with a detached efficiency she began to carve into her chests. None of the cuts were deep enough to cause serious damage as she methodically began to draw out a series of complex and detailed glyphs starting at her breasts and continuing down to her stomach.

The process was slow as she made sure each cut was placed in exact right place in order to ensure that her now damaged soul would continue to belong to him even after death.

By this point Isobel was quietly sobbing, twice she had turned her eyes away from the site in front of her and twice one of the soldiers had cracked the bull whip across her back.

Esmerelda simply dropped the knife onto the cold stone floor when she was finished and the Dark Lord removed the other knife from the tray.

He handed the gory looking blade to Esmerelda, “Do it now, you will never be free of me, not even in death.”

For a brief moment a look of heart rending, soul destroying sorrow filled her eyes but it vanished a quickly as it had appeared and she once more looked completely dead inside.

Holding the blade she stood with her legs apart and drove the blade into her cunt. She pushed the blade up to the hilt and began violently fuck herself with it.

The serrated edges of the knife were designed to cause the greatest amount of pain and inflict the maximum amount of damage. With each thrust the blade did irreparable damage to blood vessels and internal organs. The blade was long enough to pierce her womb and shred her intestines.

Blood gushed from between her legs when she pulled the blade completely from her body and she gradually collapsed to her knees as she lost the strength to remain standing.

The Dark Lord breathed in deeply as he watched her life’s blood spill away, reveling in the power he could feel flowing into him.

Isobel had looked away the moment Esmerelda plunged the blade inside of her, refusing to bear witness to the atrocity, and had continued to refuse. Her back was now covered in bloody welts as she was lashed with the whips over and over again.

When at last all traces of life had vanished from Esmerelda, the Dark Lord looked up. His cock was painfully hard again.

At a gesture from him the soldier halted his whipping and stood at attention awaiting further orders.

“Take the new girl and prepare her for me in my chambers. I think she needs to learn the consequences of her blatant disobedience. Stay with her until I join you. I have a few things to take care of here first.”

He turned his attention to the four helpless woman, licking his lips at the prospect of the fun to come.

To be continued…

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