The Corporate Ladder Pt. 02

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College Student

Sadly, the wording in this story failed to clarify that every person depicted is of legal age of consent (18 years of age or older) to some. Therefore, every person mentioned by name or referred to in this story in any way is over the age of twenty-one.

(All Rights Reserved)

Part Two–The Party

The instant the waiter leaves with their order, Xillia’s voice softens, and she asks, “OK, out with it, what’s bothering you?”

Celia continues spinning her fork without looking up. “I’m just tired, nothing to worry about.”

“Aren’t you sleeping well?”

Celia gives her head a sad shake. “My dreams kept waking me.” Celia took a sip. “Have you ever had a dream where you didn’t know you were dreaming?”

A smile spreads before Xillia asks, “You know what they say about dreams?”

“I don’t even know who they are, but why don’t you tell me what they say.”

Xillia pauses before saying, “Your dreams portray either your greatest desire or your biggest fear.”

Celia gives a sarcastic chuckle. “Maybe they’re more accurate than I thought.”

“Well, are you telling me about your nightmare or not?”

Celia shrugs, “It’s dark. I’m in a plush room riding this guy wearing a mask cowgirl style on a huge leather sofa.”

“Now we’re talking. Who’s this cowboy you’re riding?”

“How should I know? He’s wearing a mask. Now I think about it. Everybody’s wearing masks.”

“Everybody?” Xillia asks, leaning closer.

“This is where things get strange. He’s rocking my world as I’m riding him with my knees pressing into the back of this brown leather sofa.” Now hanging on Celia’s every word, Xillia nods her approval. Finally, Celia’s eyes roll up in concentration, “Another guy is standing beside us, and I’m giving him head.”

Xillia says, “definitely not a nightmare. What happened next?”

Celia diverts her eyes. “So then, just as it’s getting good, some jerk sticks his dick in my ass, and I wake up.” Xillia spits her drink, bursting into a fit of laughter.

Celia stomps her foot. “It’s not funny. I spent the rest of the night unable to dream this scene again.”

When her laughter subsides, Xillia asks, “You’re not having second thoughts, are you?”

Celia gives a sad smile. “No, I’m way past second thoughts. I’m into forty or fiftieth thoughts now.”

Xillia pats Celia’s hand. “In that case, why don’t we just hit the high points of what’s bothering you.”

Celia silently gathers her thoughts. Then, finally, she says, “This emotional roller coaster is killing me. One moment stimulating images of every man at the party fucking me senseless has my panties soaked. Then the next moment, I’m visualizing Bret’s leaving me for being a whore, and I’m brought to the verge of tears.”

“Is Bret expressing misgivings?”

Celia shakes her head. “No, he’s a normal man.”

“Meaning what?”

“He can’t stop thinking about being turned loose on a group of beautiful women.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Men have two minds. One when they have a hard-on, and the other afterward. The mindset after seeing me fucked senseless is the one concerning me.”

Xillia giggles. “You forgot the most prominent aspect of a man’s thought process.”

“Which is?” Celia asks in an unenthusiastic tone.

A sly smile spreads, and Xillia says, “A boy’s favorite toy is the one other boys want to play with.”

“We aren’t talking about boys or toys.”

Xillia bursts out laughing. “The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys. And my dear, you are an expensive toy.”

“Yeah, but most men don’t have toys craving other men playing with them.”

“Celia, having a high sex drive isn’t uncommon. The problem arises when we pretend we’re somebody else.”

Celia shook her head. “I don’t buy that. Most women enjoy sex. My only problem is Bret isn’t around as much as I need.”

Xillia smiles. “Most women don’t wake up masturbating every morning. Do you?” Celia lowered her head, avoiding Xillia’s stare. “Honey, you can either ignore your urges or face the fact you need sex more than some women.”

Celia faces her friend. “I’m a married woman. I have a husband to provide what I need.”

Xillia’s eyebrows form cathedrals, and she asks, “How’s that working for you?” Celia diverts her eyes.

“Baby girl, you crave sex. Anybody can fulfill those urges. But you also need love, and only Bret can fill those needs.” Celia doesn’t reply, and Xillia asks, “What’s really bothering you about attending this party?”

Celia takes a deep breath and says, “Bret would discover who I am.”

Xillia asks, “Have you discussed your concerns with Bret?”

“He says he loves me, and I have the final say whether we attend.”

“Then why not check out the party. If everything feels right, have fun. If not, you can leave with no hard feelings.”

Celia closes her eyes. “Because I’m afraid I’ll lose control and turn into some sex-starved nymph.”

“You have a point,” Xillia burst out laughing.

Celia ankara bayan escortlar gave a good-natured swat, “This isn’t funny. Well, maybe a little, but I’m serious. This scares the hell out of me.”

“Honey, what scares you is the fear of the unknown. You aren’t attending a gathering of sex-starved maniacs. Everybody is well behaved, and nobody will go any further than what you’re comfortable with.”

“Others losing control isn’t what bothers me.”

Before Celia replies, the waiter sets their lunch before them, saying, “Ladies, will there be anything else?” Xillia smiles and shakes her head. Celia bows her head to conceal her blush.

Xillia’s hand rests over Celia’s. “I could have a talk with Bret if you think it would help?”

“Thanks, but this one is on me. I need to put my big-girl pants on and handle this on my own.”


Bret wheels into Mark’s driveway, parking behind the black Jaguar. He opens his door with a glance toward Celia. When she continues staring at her purse instead of getting out, he takes a double-take and asks, “Are you coming?”

Without reaching for the door handle, she says, “I guess I won’t need my purse.”

Bret hesitates, “No, but you need to decide if we’re attending this thing or not?”

Celia stares out her window. “I need something from you first?”

“Name it.”

Celia set her jaw. “I need your assurance on this.”

Bret rolls his eyes. “Celia, attending this party was your idea. We’ve discussed it, and I agreed. So, now what’s the problem?”

Celia studies her husband before diverting her eyes. “You need to understand, if we attend this party, you will see a side of me I’ve never exposed. When this happens, my good-girl image will be gone forever.”

Bret takes Celia’s hand. “On the day we met, the innocent young lady blushing in response to my hungry stare is what first attracted my attention. But the wild minx in my bed won my heart.” Celia squeezes his hand, and Bret says, “If you want to go, we will. But if instead, if you want to explore what this party offers, then let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Celia’s voice has a sharp edge when she says, “I don’t want you saying one thing now and changing your tone afterward. Because if we walk through that door, I intend to partake in every urge striking my fancy. And if you cause a scene, my response won’t be pretty.”

Bret nods. “You realize this is a two-way street?”

Celia doesn’t reply. Instead, she silently opens her door and stands. Bret says, “Honey?” She stoops, glancing inside the car. “Leave your purse.”

A moment after ringing the doorbell, the large double oak door opens. A smile slowly spreads, and Helen says, “I was worrying. Please, come in. Everybody is dying to meet you two.”

With Celia on one arm and Bret on the other, Helen glides through the house until reaching three women chatting at the entry to the den. “Lady’s, meet Celia and Bret. The couple I mentioned.”

Bret stares spellbound at the four statuesque women chatting with his wife. Each is individually stunning with the commonality of graceful sophistication. Yet, one of the three he holds in captivating allure. Her auburn hair is swept back in a feathery bun, leaving her face and slender neck on display. From her dainty ears hang gold spikes with a gold ball dangling. He’s sure she headlined in one of his favorite movies, but for the life of him, he can’t remember which.

And those lush lips, so natural, they’re glowing, soft, and subtle. This woman is a work of art, from her aristocratic nose to the eyebrows bordering her emerald eyes. Those eyes, he could stare into them for hours, just like she’s staring at him.

“Bret!” A hand touches his arm. He faces his wife, and she says, “You’re staring.”

“I’m who?”

Laughter erupts. Celia says, “Honey, you’re making Aurora self-conscious.”

Bret’s head tilts. But before he can speak, the woman of his fascination slides an arm around his neck, kissing him and saying, “Aurora Thomas, at your service.”

“Sorry, I guess I got carried away.”

Aurora hugs him. “Don’t be. I’m flattered.”

Turning to Celia, Aurora says, “I seem to have found an admirer. Mind if I show hubby around while you’re meeting the boys.”

Celia shrugs. “Sure, we’re here to enjoy ourselves.” She kisses Bret’s cheek. “Can you make it without me for a few minutes?” Her tone carried more implications than the content of her question.

Bret study’s her a moment before saying, “Fine with me, have fun.”

Celia’s arms snake around his neck, her tongue plunges into his mouth in a tongue curling kiss. Their lips part and she says, “God, I love you.”

“And I love you, honey.”

Helen hooks arms with Celia, “Are you ready? Half a dozen guys are dying to meet you.” Celia takes a deep breath and nods.

Aurora leads Bret down the hallway as Helen, and the other ladies escort Celia into the den. She asks, “You two are so cute. Are you newlyweds?”

Bret shakes his head, “No, elvankent seksi escortlar we’ve been married for three years and together for five.”

Aurora smiles, “You must have been high school sweethearts and married as babies.” Then, she giggles, “what were you thinking?”

Bret chuckles, “The only thing all teenage boys have on their mind.”

Aurora’s hand hides her giggle. “This ailment lasts far past the teenage years.”

Bret smiles, “So I’ve been told.”

“And now you’re older and wiser?”

Bret nods, “Things become clearer with age and wisdom.”

“Enlighten me. What mysteries of the world have you deciphered?”

“The first step in enlightenment is self-evaluation.”

Aurora’s head tilts. “Interesting, tell me more.”

“A teenage version of me might believe an elegant woman like yourself would find an interest in him.” He faces her with a smile, “but as adults, we both know better, don’t we?”

Her carotid artery is pounding out a tune. Then, finally, a nervous chuckle, and she asks, “You had me going for a moment. Why would I possibly be with you if there was no attraction on my part?”

“Because you’re the designated decoy.”

“Now I’m baffled. What on earth are you rambling about?”

He gives a knowing smile. “Quite simple. I’m the threat accompanying the reason for us being here.”

A faint red hue rises over Aurora’s face. “It doesn’t take an Einstein to deduce a husband’s reaction is a concern. But your illusion of a sinister motive on my part is misguided.”

“Celia’s who you wanted attending this little gathering. I’m just excess baggage.”

“I’m still not following.”

“The prospect of a beautiful young woman joining your fuck fest garnered our invitation. But, unfortunately, her husband going berserk at seeing his wife fucked is a price too high.”

Aurora began stammering a response when Bret stopped her with a raised hand. “Don’t worry. Other than not caring to have my intelligence insulted, I’m good with this. Besides, Celia wants to be here as much as your husbands want her withering under them.”

“You realize they all want her and plan to have her before the party ends?”

Bret nods. “And you realize how captivating you are, don’t you?” Aurora nods with a smile. Bret’s fingertips swipe playfully at a wayward wisp of hair on her neck and says, “I can think of only one thing to increase your monumental allure.”

Her head tilts, “Which is?”

“Your translucent emerald eyes staring up at me with my balls resting on your chin.”

She laughs. Bret extends his arm. “Shall we end this charade and join the party?”

Aurora slides an arm in his with a giggle. “You realize what we will discover in the other room?”

Without a hint of a smile, he shakes his head. “You aren’t paying attention.”

“I thought you said…” His expression forces her words to trail off.

“I did, but now gamesmanship demands I see the expression on your husband’s face as I’m fucking you through your fifth orgasm.”

“You sound sure of yourself. In our gatherings, Bill’s the cock of the walk.” Aurora grins, “Maybe it’s you who the green-eyed monster will bite.”

Bret takes her hand, bringing it to his lips. A gentlemanly kiss, and he places her palm over his throbbing erection. Her eyes grow wide as a smile spreads. “We have a new cock in the walk, and I recall something about five orgasms.”

Bret’s eyebrows form bushy cathedrals. “You are obviously unaccustomed to mediocrity. So I imagine five will only be considered a good starting point.”

Bret and Aurora find the den empty. They follow the laughter flowing from another room and find the others in the elegant dining room. Around the oversized table ladened with a venerable feast congregate the other revelers. Six men and an equal number of sexy ladies frolic in varying stages of undress. Amongst them, Xillia flutters about adding to the debauchery.

Unnoticed by the others, Bret ushers Aurora to where Celia giggles on Bill Thomas’s lap. Bill glances up from toying with Celia’s exposed breast with surprise. “I expected you two would be busy getting acquainted. What happened?”

Aurora shrugs, and Bret says, “Celia and I arrived at this party expecting to explore sensual pleasures together. So, as enticing the prospect of savoring Aurora in private, doing so would inhibit my ability to view my wife in the throes of passion.”

Bill’s smile grows. “I can relate to the thrill of voyeurism with spouses.” His hand motions to an empty chair to his left. “But first, we must dispense with the party favors.”

Bill’s gaze turns to the entrance, “George, a moment, please.”

Clad in long-tailed coat and cummerbund, a grizzled-haired man shuffles to Bill’s side. “Yes, my lord,” he asks in heavy English drawl.

“Would you fetch the party favors for our guest, please?”

“As you wish,” George says as he toddles off in an agonizing slow gate. He returns moments later, lugging a shopping bag. He clears bayan etimesgut escort a spot on the table for the bag and asks, “Will there be anything else, sir?” Bill shakes his head, and George leaves.

One by one, Bill removes Tiffany’s gift boxes from the bag and calls a name. Soon the ladies are dawning new rings, bracelets, or earrings. Then producing an oblong blue gift box, he hands it to Celia. “Mark suggested what might strike your fancy. I hope he was right.”

Celia rips at the wrapping to reveal a stunning diamond choker. She stares in stun silence before raising her eyes to meet with his. “Bill, I can’t accept this. It’s too much.”

Bill chuckles. “You can and will. This trinket is but a small gesture of our appreciation for joining us.”

Xillia’s silky voice interrupts their conversation as she reaches over Cilia’s shoulder to take the choker. “Absolutely stunning. Let’s see how it looks around your neck.”

Celia turns her back. Xillia fastens the latch, and Celia turns to face her again. A lingering moment studying the glitzy accessory, and Xillia bends, kissing her cheek, saying, “Even more beautiful on you.”

Xillia hesitates with her lips at Celia’s ear. “We are about to start the party. Go at your own pace. If you’re comfortable joining the group down here, fine. If not, Bill will gladly escort you upstairs for more privacy.”

The china on the table clatters as the table jars. Some gasp, a few moans, and every eye around the table are on Mark as he bends Bridget over the table. He hikes the hem of her dress over her shapely ass and plows into her. She grips the table as her head bows, surrendering to the pleasure Mark’s providing.

Celia squirms in her seat until shooting a pleading stare at Bret. Finally, he nods his consent, and Celia mouths, I love you. Then, she focuses on Bill, taking his face in her hands. Finally, Celia brings her lips to his in a tender kiss. She backs away, studying his features. A nip of his lower lip, and her tongue is sloshing in his mouth.

Agonizing moments pass as Bret stares. Then, Celia’s hand finally lowers to Bill’s crotch, her body tenses before slowly sliding down to her knees. With trembling fingers, she lowers his zipper and fishes his dick free. She nuzzles his head against her cheek before taking him deep into her mouth.

A hand on his shoulder draws Bret’s mind from his wife. Aurora stands naked at his side. Silently she bends to kiss him, then taking his hand, she pulls him to his feet. She unbuttons his shirt and says, “Off.” Followed by his shoes, socks, and pants. Then, dropping to her knees, Aurora’s eyes don’t leave his. Even moments later, with her lips on his pubic bone and his balls on her chin, she maintained eye contact.

Not until Celia’s on the table with her legs draped over Bill’s shoulders did Aurora rise from her knees. Her arms encircle Bret’s neck, Aurora’s body smashes into his, and she says, “I can’t compete with your voyeuristic fascination in your wife being fucked. So, I’m going to the den and becoming some guy’s wet dream. If you want that to be you, let’s go.”

He leans forward for a kiss. Their lips part and he says, “Lead the way.”

Groans and sighs fill the den as Aurora and Bret find a spot on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Bret slowly traces his fingertips over her waxen skin. He hesitates at her breast before dipping over her abdomen and lingering at her labia.

So prim and proper, Aurora becomes a trembling fallen angel as wanton desire courses through and through. Her juices flowing over his fingers draws a smile as first one, then two of Bret’s fingers slide inside.

A foot on his chest, and she gives a push, propelling him onto his back. Aurora straddles his waist, lowering herself on his erection. A moment of grinding into his pelvic bone leads to squills of delight as she bounces.

To a chorus of moans and giggles, the aroma of sex floats throughout the room. Everything other than the two of them fades from their minds as they morph from one position to another. Then back where they started, with Aurora on top grinding into him, their orgasms overtake them.

Sometime later, Bret’s aware of somebody flopping down beside him. He’s on his back with Aurora sprawled over him and his flaccid cock still embedded. He opens his eyes as a hand strokes his chest. Celia is squatting beside him, naked. A sense of urgency contorting her face, she asks, “Are we good with what just happened?”

Blinking to clear his vision, “What just happened?”

“Don’t be coy. You’re aware I fucked Bill. Are you upset?”

Bret runs his fingers over her thighs, brushing them over her labia. Then, as he sinks a finger inside her overflowing pussy, he says, “You definitely fucked somebody.”

Celia kisses him, “Please don’t be mad.”

“Did you enjoy what you engaged in?”

Her eyes close, “God yes. Or I mean it was alright.”

“Celia, mind answering a serious question with an honest answer?” Celia braces for the worst and nods. Bret asks, “My cock’s still buried in Aurora. Did you really think I’d be mad?”

Her head tilts as she stares at Aurora. Then she scoots down to peer between their legs before laughing. “To be honest, I was so concerned over your reaction to me being fucked, I didn’t notice Aurora.”

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