The Competition

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The contest began innocently enough, as I guess all such things usually do. Friendly competition between friends. Who’s fastest, who is smarter, and who is more skilled at some silly game. But the consequences of a challenge cannot be foreseen. And winning and losing is an illusion. Sometimes one wins by losing. Sometimes there are no losers.

Sarah and I (I’m Jonathan) had been married for 7 years. Our best friends were another couple, Brad and Veronica. We’d met them as members of a local runners’ club. We competed in half-marathons, and we guys were always conscious of who would finish first. It was usually Brad. The women, too, bragged about their best times. We were all motivated by the idea of not “losing” to the other. We began socializing with Brad and Veronica, and played games, such as bridge and Scrabble, one couple against the other. Harmless, friendly competition, although Sarah and I usually ended up in second place. We began calling them our “Renaissance” friends; they were so accomplished at everything. Slightly annoying, I have to admit.

One evening at our place, we all were sitting around, having drinks. Sure, we were light headed from the alcohol, but that’s not an excuse. I’ve drunk far more and never did such an outrageous thing. No, I think it was vain bragging, wanting to assert that we were best at something.

Brad was talking about how he and Veronica were planning on a romantic getaway for their wedding anniversary. “It’s always good to rekindle that romantic spark. Even something as wonderful as sex can become too predictable after years of marriage,” he said with a smile.

“I can’t say that I agree” I replied. “It’s all in technique. Not to brag on my wife, but Sarah is the best lover I’ve ever known. And before we married, I had a fair amount of experience. Our sex life keeps on getting better.”

Sarah swatted me on the shoulder, with a playful reproach. But I know she didn’t mind.

“Hey,” said Veronica, with a little indignation. “You guys are talking about me. I know my way around the bedroom.”

We all laughed, but a seed had been planted.

It was weeks later. A hot July evening. We were in their hot tub, lounging after a game of Strategy (we lost again.) Sarah asked Veronica about their romantic getaway.

“It was wonderful,” she said. “We went to that bed and breakfast next to the lake. So relaxing. We did nothing but eat, read, and bask outside in the sun like lizards.”

“Did it improve your sex life,” I asked. Very cheeky. Actually rude. I’m normally more discreet.

“There is nothing wrong with our sex life,” Veronica replied, with a flash of anger. I had hit a nerve.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything.”

Brad jumped in. “Hey guys, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have made that crack about sex becoming boring in marriage. Let’s drop this.”

Veronica was still annoyed. She turned to her husband. “I don’t know why you made that remark in the first place. You’ve never complained to me.”

“Veronica, baby, you’ve the best. I was just meaning things can always improve,” said Brad, trying to salvage the situation.

“One of the best,” I corrected him, as I casually stoked the fire. “Sarah wins in this competition. You have a graduate degree in oral sex, right?” I said to Sarah, trying to make a joke of it. But, with a touch of deviousness, I was keeping the subject alive. Again.

“Jonathan,” said Sarah, “you’re embarrassing me. All women know how to please their men. No one is better than the other.”

Now Brad got involved. “Well, there are differences. I mean, I don’t want to get graphic, but some women are attuned to their partner’s body, and some aren’t. I mean, you can’t just suck away like you’re drinking through a straw.”

Sarah was trying to head this off. “Every couple is different. Anyway, there’s no way to measure something erotik film izle like that. “

“I can think of a way,” I said (being helpful.)

Everyone looked at me, quizzically.

“I mean, I’m not suggesting this, but it can be measured. It’s how long the man can hold out before he comes. The woman who can bring the man to orgasm first has the best technique.”

There was dead silence. A lot of visualization going on. Finally, Veronica spoke.

“There is a flaw in that logic. The man is the variable. Not all men will climax the same.”

“You’re right,” I answered. “Unless the women are working on the same man. And to equalize the results, it would have to be on different days. It wouldn’t be fair for one woman to immediately follow the other. A man is less sensitive the second time in the same night. That’s how it could be done.”

Very analytical of me. More silence.

We didn’t speak of this further that evening. We returned to other chit chat. After they left, Sarah rebuked me.

“What in the world were you thinking of this evening? I wonder if they will ever speak with us again,” she said.

“I was just defending what a wonderful lover you are, that’s all,” I said defensively. “Anyway, it’s not a real thing. You’d never agree to suck off another man, right?”

“Of course not,” she said. Then, after a pause. “But it’s intriguing. I think I’m a good lover, but how does one ever know? Brad is a good-looking guy. If I didn’t have you, I’d be attracted to him. Would you let Veronica toss you off?”

Now that is not a fair question. Veronica is a pretty, shapely women with an athlete’s body and well-formed breasts. Guys would have sex with a broom if it had those breasts.

“I don’t know,” I lied.

We both were lying. I could see it in Sarah’s eyes that she was thinking about what it would be like with Brad.

We didn’t see our friends for two weeks. Everybody busy with stuff. But my suggestion was like a seed planted in soil, watered and fertilized, and slowly but steadily rising toward the sun.

When we did get together again on a Friday night, they brought it up.

“Jonathan,” begin Brad, “that crazy idea of yours, if folks wanted to do it, how would it work?”

I was ready. I had been thinking of the details for two weeks. “Each woman would have to bring her man to climax, using just her mouth and her hands. I think the woman should be nude, to add in the visual element. And no verbal coaching from the man although he’s allowed to moan. The next night, the women would switch partners. Whoever brought the same man to climate the fastest would win.”

Brad and Veronica looked at each other. After a few seconds, Veronica gave a slight nod.

“OK, we’re game,” said Brad.

I turned to Sarah. We had not discussed actually doing this, as the other couple clearly had. Her eyes were wide. She was torn between the excitement of this daring challenge and the obvious shock thinking that she’d be nude and engaged in sex before two other people. I knew she had never done anything before that would have her so exposed to outside eyes.

“Do you want to do it?” she asked me.

“Do you?” I asked back.

“Only if you want to,” she deferred.

I turned and said “We’re in too. We’ll start tomorrow night. First each wife will bring her husband to climax. The next night, we switch partners. May the best woman, or at least the sexiest, win.”

I don’t even remember what we did the rest of that night. And the next day, the anticipation of what was to transpire that evening was like electricity running through our bodies. We both bathed, and Sarah trimmed her pubic area, knowing she was going to be on display.

“You’re going to hold out coming with her as long as you can, right?” Sarah asked me.

“Of course. And looking at your beautiful face, I’ll probably climax film izle before you get my shorts off.”

We laughed, but I feared the opposite. I thought I might climax the instance Veronica’s hands touched my bare skin. She is very pretty, and there is that fascination of a new lover. Oh well, I’d do my best.

We met at their house that night. It wasn’t planned, but the ladies imbibed more than their usual amount of alcohol. Liquid courage. Finally, it was time.

Brad turned down the lights, and there were a few scented candles burning, for atmosphere. We moved the coffee table in the living room to the side, and laid out a heavy blanket on the floor. “I think we should begin,” I said. “Let’s flip a coin to see who goes first.”

I tossed a coin. Brad called heads. It was tails. We would go first.

Brad and Veronica sat together on the couch, watching us. Brad had the stop watch. Sarah and I stood by the blanket. We had agreed we’d each undress the other. I began to unbutton her blouse, while she rested her hands on my neck. I pulled the blouse off and reached behind her to unsnap the bra. Her well-shaped breasts sprung free. She was breathing heavily with the thrill of this public nakedness. I unbuttoned her shorts, and she stepped out of them. I pulled her panties down. Her trimmed black pubic hair and the shape of her vulva were on display. Once nude, she began to undress me. She pulled off my t-shirt and unfastened my trousers. I stood in my briefs. I already had a bulge in them from anticipation. She pulled the briefs down, and the penis freed itself, pointing outward, although not yet fully erect.

I lay down on my back on the blanket, and Sarah knelt astride me. I feasted on her nakedness, her breasts hanging down toward my chest. She began by rubbing my chest, working down to the testicles, then slowly stroking the penis, up and down. She lingered by the tip, that sensitive part, and circled it with her hands. I was fully erect. She lowered herself to enclose the penis in her mouth. She used her tongue and lips to suck from the bottom to the top, with her hands rubbing my thighs, caressing the testicles.

I wasn’t sure how I’d react knowing that Brad and Veronica were watching me, but I quickly forgot their presence. I was panting from the pleasure so expertly administered by Sarah, who knows me so well. One part of me wanted to linger with the waves of sensation, but I knew that she wanted me to come as soon as I could. This was a contest, after all. So I let myself go and I began to moan, a signal to Sarah that I was close. Keep doing what you’re doing. More. More. Then she released me and pressed the penis against my abdomen. I exploded and had my release.

Brad and Veronica clapped. I hadn’t expected that.

“Three minutes and 44 seconds,” Brad said. “Nicely done.”

I lay there for a while, while Sarah used a towel to clean us both up. Then it was their turn.

We sat on the couch, while Brad and Veronica stood over the blanket. They each began to strip off their clothes. I had never seen Veronica naked, and I could feel excitement in my groin. She had a lovely shy smile as her nakedness was revealed. She had beautiful breasts, firm with a wide areola. Her wide hips displayed a pubic area shaven clean. A round firm backside. I was smitten, but kept my lust from being obvious. Brad was muscular, trim, and a handsome specimen of a man. His penis, unlike mine, was not circumcised. I could tell Sarah appreciated his looks, perhaps thinking about how she would approach her task, tomorrow night.

Brad remained standing, legs apart, and Veronica knelt before his penis. She took it into her mouth, reaching around Brad to hold onto his buttocks. She began to suck on the penis, and the flaccid structure began to firm. She took the penis deep into her mouth as it enlarged. With her hands, she massaged his buttocks seks filmi izle and down the inside of his thighs. Then she moved her hand to the underside between his buttocks and penis, and stroked there, where the prostate gland is. She pressed upward against the gland and Brad cried out from the pressure and the pleasure. He ejaculated almost instantly. Two minutes and 15 seconds.

We applauded. Sarah had a look of concern on her face. This was tough competition. Educational too. I was already realizing what fine technique Veronica had. Maybe Sarah could learn a few things.

We moved to their hot tub and stayed for a little while longer, although after the events of the evening, a game of Scrabble would have been a poor sequel. So we went home.

“Veronica was really good,” Sarah said. “I wonder if Brad not being uncircumcised affects things. Maybe you’re not as sensitive because you’re circumcised. And how come you never talked to me about pressing on the prostate?”

I tried to reassure her. “Baby, what you do is wonderful.”

But I knew she was worried. Tomorrow she would need to bring Brad to a climax, and Veronica, me. My job would be to hold out as long as I could. A delightful assignment, to let the pleasure linger.

Sunday passed in a blur. We were both nervous and thrilled awaiting this second act. We would meet in the evening, to allow the men some time to recover. Sarah and Brad were first. Sarah took off her clothes and stood naked in front of the standing Brad, he dressed in his clothes, a t-shirt and shorts. She began rubbing his groin through the fabric, waiting for the penis to stiffen. When it did, she quickly unbuttoned his shorts and in one violent thrust, pulled them and his briefs down to his ankles. She wanted the sudden exposure and the cool air to heighten his arousal. She buried her head into his groin and licked the shaft of the penis. She swallowed the engorged organ into her mouth, and with her hand, reached underneath behind Brad. She gently pressed a finger into his anus, pressing forward. He jerked his body, both from the shock of this most intimate, intrusive action and the sensations it unleashed. Sarah pulled him forward with her mouth gripping his penis and used her tongue to rub the inside of the penis. He ejaculated moments afterwards. She allowed him to ejaculate into her mouth, then wiped it clean. She had never allowed me to ejaculate inside her mouth. One minute and 52 seconds.

Wow. I had never seen Sarah this aggressive, so assertive, so fierce. She had clearly thought about yesterday and that she had to change her approach in order to be competitive. Wow.

I was still a little stunned from this when Veronica motioned to me. My turn. We stripped off our clothes, and she knelt nude before me, as she had done with Brad. She followed the same technique she’d used with Brad. She rubbed, caressed, and swallowed me. I was waiting for the pressure against the prostate and when it came, I forced back the urge to come. I wanted Sarah to win, and I needed to keep the pleasure coming for 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Veronica began sucking on my penis with more effort. It was wonderful, but I was resolute. I savored the pleasure, but wanted to see the triumph on Sarah’s face. Veronica persisted. I resisted. Finally, when Sarah motioned to me that the critical time had passed, I allowed myself release. I whimpered as the pleasurable fluid flowed from me, and my body shuddered. Three minutes and 55 seconds.

Sarah had won. So had I. Sarah and our sex life going forward was so much more charged and free. Sarah attacked my body and I loved it. I reciprocated, and we were like two young lovers. And our relationship with Brad and Veronica blossomed. We had crossed a line, but we were all okay with it. We became a foursome, and wife swapping was routine and welcomed. I got to experience Veronica, that beauty, while still enjoying a wonderfully free and adventurous Sarah. Brad craved Sarah’s magic hands, and he satisfied her as well.

Technically, Veronica lost the competition. But it was a win-win in anyone’s book.

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