Sussy Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I picked Sussy up in my little Honda motorcycle on Saturday and went to my studio apartment for dinner where we started discussing general boring topics that really did not interest either of us. She stood up and suggested that we drop the feigned and boring topics and talk about something that we were both excited to discuss. When I asked what that would be, she walked over to me and lifted her skirt that didn’t leave much to the imagination in the first place, showing me her smooth bare pussy that she clearly must have worked on for quite some time, It was that pretty and delicious looking. I reached out to touch it and bring her over to me but she said that we were talking and we should continue to do so, only this time to talk about our sexual fantasies.

I told Sussy sweetly that since I met her my sexual fantasies all revolved around her, particularly with her involved in a threesome while I filmed her or just watched. She was not upset or surprised.

Sussy shared with me that she had recently turned 19 and as a birthday treat she been fucked in the house of a neighbor that had the hots for her, she instigated the encounter that had led a few guys to fuck her, she had a good time, and would love to do it again. I got an instant hardon and begged her to continue the story in detail with my tongue hanging out like a puppy waiting for a treat. I listened to her and the way she described it was the sexiest story that I had ever heard. Of course, as she explained it, that was not a threesome as I had fantasized, she automatically assumed I would want a MFM encounter. This was more like a MMFMM. She asked me if that would put me off and I replied that it would be the more sexier and exciting. She was not worried about being fucked by multiple guys but thought that I would be bothered by it until I confessed that it was my fantasy on steroids, and found her promiscuous status quite exciting.

Continuing the story she related how Rick, the guy in her neighborhood, started talking about having sex and she told him she was quite open to the idea as she had long been playing with herself and reaching orgasms, she was actually wondering why he hadn’t tried before as she would often fantasize about him playing with her tits and pussy. Rick then mentioned how other guys in the neighborhood had started sharing with each other how pretty and sexy she had become, Sussy then shared how she was also quite open to having sex with them as well, but first she wanted him.

Since they still lived with their parents they had to wait for the right time, the next time his parents were out of town Sussy walked over to Rick’s house walked past him when he opened the door and went in the bathroom where she removed her panties after which she returned to the living room and sat on opposing couches. After a while when Rick would not take the hint that she was available for fucking in spite of the fact that she had flashed him with her bare and panty-less pussy half a dozen times from across the room, she got up from the couch hoping they would make better use of it, walked over to the opposing couch where he had parked himself, stood in front of him and started taking her top off. Rick was stupefied and frozen and Sussy started wondering if she was going to get fucked as she didn’t really want to walk Rick through every step of seduction. Sussy told him to take off her shoes in an authoritarian manner making him get down on his knees and walk the short distance to her feet, she certainly was not going to make his job easier, and she was sure that ankara moldovyalı escortlar he wouldn’t try anything negative and had classified him as being the submissive type. I learned later that Sussy’s judgement of people was always spot on.

Sussy sat back down as Rick took off each shoe and she told him to kiss her feet. He jumped at the suggestion, or rather slid his way on the floor, and complied not only kissing her feet but proceeding to Sussy’s next command of sucking each of her immaculately clean and made up toes, the night before, in advance of what may happen, she had gone through her body and completely shaved from neck to toes, exfoliated her body, douched her pussy and ass and gave herself a manicure and pedicure, Rick again complied like a puppy sucking each of her toes, with Sussy noticing that his cock was getting harder showing right through his shorts. Although it didn’t appear to be a very large cock, Sussy thought that it was pretty, at least pretty enough to suck and fuck it as she had been fantasizing.

Sussy raised the hem of her mini skirt to above her bikini panties and reached for Rick’s head bringing his nose right up against her pussy making him sniff her deeply. Sussy looked down on Rick and could tell that he was ready to cum right then and there but she reached for his hands bringing his arms around her ass cheeks where she loved to be touched, played with and licked, thus taking his hands away from his cock.

As Sussy had already removed her panties, Rick did everything Sussy commanded but would make no move on his own initiative unless he was told. She had slipped out of her top baring her bra-less tits and after commanding him to remove all his clothes, she mounted him putting all her weight on his cock without insertion. She was horny and needed a cock in her pussy, if she waited for him any longer she would reach a couple of orgasms without even touching herself. Rick’s cock turned out to be cut and prettier and smoother than she had initially thought without veins or perturbances, just a beautifully smooth, brown and delicious cock that she was about to devour with every part of her.

When she began feeling better about Rick not being as aggressive as she would like, as she was already on top, she reached for his cock, lifted herself up a few inches, placed his gorgeous dick at the entrance of her flower and brought herself down hard on his cock, opening her pussy with her fingers and feeling herself wrapping around his rod without foreplay or words, just feeling him further inside her that she thought possible given his size, but slamming herself down with more inpatience forcing his member deeper and deeper still. She immediately started reaching a series of sweet but intense orgasms, going into one of her orgasm chain reaction that had her further squeezing his cock with her inner muscles not letting it go even after he came and begged for release. She realized then that Rick would not do and she wanted all the neighborhood guys more than ever since it would be difficult for one guy to satisfy her, although she did not communicate it to Rick.

Slowly the idea of having sex with the other guys developed, over a period of a month or so, after fucking him every few days and thinking that he would go blind in the process as she knew for a fact that he would not have a single fuck like this in his entire life, she told Rick that she could satisfy all of the neighborhood guys in one sitting if they agreed to meet at his house the next day.

After sincan ukraynalı escortlar preparing herself as she always did when expecting to be fucked, she left her house early the following day and went down to Rick’s where four guys were already waiting. She asked if there would be any more boys coming and they looked at each other wondering if this would be possible and shook their heads. She continued to tell me they just sat around, and nothing was happening just like it happened with Rick, she did notice that they were all shaking with nervousness and fear, she realized she would have to take matters in her own and sat next to Rick grabbing him about his chest and torso kissing him feverishly in the process, eventually telling the others in no uncertain terms to start doing something or she would leave. They were very nervous so she took over telling each one what to do. She considered herself experienced having had sex a couple of dozen times with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel who she called Gabby, and a few times with other random older guys, as well as Rick during the prior month adding her own fantasies to what she had learned.

She took the initiative and walked over to each guy and felt their hardening dicks through their pants while having them stand against the wall with their arms in the air to make sure they would be as obedient as she wanted them to be. Again she could feel them shaking with nervousness as she reached down unbuttoning their shorts, pulling their zippers down one at the time mainly to evaluate their equipment, and letting their pants and underwear fall to the floor. They had done a good job cleaning themselves and scrubbing their dicks as she had instructed Rick to relay what she required, Sussy was glad they were obedient and clean. Sussy walked to each one assessing each dick, then getting down on her knees in front of the guy with the smallest cock licking her lips wanting to savor the largest cock last. To her delight, all the guys’ cocks were pretty with two of them being cut. The first and smallest cock was smooth like Rick’s and she started the play jerking him off but stopping short of allowing him to cum. Strangely enough Sussy rather enjoyed sucking a small cock as she didn’t have to force her jaw in the open and could suction both the smaller cock as well as his balls.

She moved from one shaved cock to the other, happy to have had them obey her instructions as to the smoothness of their cocks, edging each one with her hands before taking the first one into her waiting mouth calling each one in turn. And taking each deeper into her mouth for a couple of minutes until they were ready to pop. Finally, they started relaxing getting the idea that she wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted to fuck all four of them. They surrendered to the idea and even took the initiative calling their girl “SLUT” to suck their dicks and begging to letting them fuck her. She wasn’t about to object having gone this far and been looking so forward to getting fucked by four nice looking guys.

When she told the first one, the one with the smallest cock, to fuck her on the couch, they all took the remainder of their clothes off as she reached out for him with her outstretched arms guiding the smaller one inside her in a missionary position. To his credit he did fuck her hard and fast as she liked for a few minutes before cumming inside of her. She called the next one with a degree of urgency not having been able to reach her first orgasm. She didn’t move from the couch after the first guy elvankent minyon tipli escortlar and started getting her wave of orgasms when the second pushed his instrument efficiently and quickly inside of her and reaching further than the first one, he also came fast again inside of her, she yelled for the third but switched positions to her hands and knees and felt her third lover inside of her further still allowing her to reach several orgasms in the short time he pumped her from her rear. For the guy with the largest cock she made him lay down and jumped on him spreading her legs on either side of him putting all her weight down on his body as Sussy had done with Rick when they fucked. His nine or more inches slipped into her without issue and she jumped up and down screaming full of excitement with him reaching Sussy’s cervix on the bottom of the down stroke, riding her wave of orgasms coming from deep within her finally slowing down feeling completely fulfilled. Sussy whispered to him that he wanted to fuck him alone and gave him her phone number. He whispered that he would call the following day.

The four guys dressed quickly and left Rick’s house quickly as though they had committed a burglary or worst a sin that they had to run and atone for. Sussy called for Rick who had waited patiently wondering if he was ever going to be called for service. Sussy was still writhing with pleasure and told Rick to quickly take his clothes off and jump on her and fuck her HARD and FAST. He did as he was told and having fucked her the day before he felt more at ease taking his time cumming while Sussy continued her wave of orgasms and was able to conclude or at least not be so desperate when they were done. She had her pussy completely filled with five virile guys’ sticky cum that she loved so much. She was 19 at the time with lots of experience having been fucked at least 30 times that she was able to recreate when in bed wanting desperately the release that her hands could provide. The guys seem to be at least her age but with hardly any experience, now with their first experience with a real woman, they could brag about having fucked Sussy who now paused to consider that she had just fucked five guys in one sitting.

To crown her achievement she told Rick after he came inside her pussy, to suck her pussy clean, and being as obedient as she wanted him to be, he got on his hands and knees with his head between her legs and licked first the outside of her delicious pussy as well as the inside of her thighs before being told to lay on his back with his mouth up and Sussy squatted over his face pushing the rest of five guys’ cum onto his open mouth talking Rick into savoring the mixture with gusto and pride, promptly swallowing it in several mouthfuls.

I asked Sussy if she was worried about her reputation in the neighborhood and she replied that she considered it a badge of honor to be looked at as the promiscuous girl, or the slut of the neighborhood. On the contrary, she was happy that this would get more guys interested in her because she intended to have a lot more sex. I also asked her if she was worried about getting pregnant and she said that she had been on the pill since she she lost her virginity.

I was elated hearing the story that she had related and told her that as far as I was concerned, the more guys she fucked the happier I was, I meant every word of it. She knew that she was multi-orgasmic and proved it by achieving a few orgasms while relating this story with her hands. Her ex-boyfriend Gabby was a stick in the mud, threatened by her over-the-top sexual drive, but this time with me she was going to enjoy achieving as many orgasms as she could handle. I told her that Rick had been a lucky guy that time eating everyone’s cum, as I would have loved to eat her pussy. She was thrilled I was that sexually liberal and promiscuous as well.

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