Seven Deeds Ch. 04

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Seven Deeds Ch. 04: The Fourth Deed

It was now Thursday, the day of Deed , and the day for Tonya to meet the one woman who could fuck up her entire world. She had managed to have 3 of her classes changed so far, so her stress level was reduced some, but not entirely. She watched the clock nervously, tapping her pencil on her desk and becoming increasingly uptight as the hands moved quickly towards 12:15 pm ……. lunch time.

For the past couple of days, Tonya had looked forward to lunch, to her hour spent with David, but today was not one of those days.

“Mr. Ripken,” said a voice over the intercom.


“Would you please send Tonya down to the office,” said the voice.

“Of course, Tonya, gather up your books and I’ll see you tomorrow, please don’t forget you have a report due,” said Mr. Ripken.

Tonya nodded her head and quickly exited the classroom. Her stomach was doing somersaults as she made her way to the office.

“Tonya, I’d like you to meet Rebecca,” said David, standing in the main office with his arm around his wife.

The two ladies exchanged pleasantries and the trio excused themselves to David’s office.

Once inside, David wasted no time locking the door, pulling against it to make sure it was securely bolted shut, “Mmmm, my two favorite ladies in the same room,” he said, smiling and walking over to his desk.

Rebecca seemed very much at ease, while Tonya sat in the cold vinyl chair, nervously twirling her curly blonde hair and smacking her bubble gum.

“Tonya, baby, I’m gonna break it down for you, this will be your fourth deed, you are almost home free,” David said, sitting on the corner of his large oak desk, “Rebecca and I have been talking for the past hour and she has decided she wants to watch you give me head.”

Tonya almost swallowed her gum, “Excuse me?”

“You heard him,” Rebecca said, “I wanna watch you suck my husband’s cock.”

“And what will you be doing?” asked Tonya.

“Watching, of course,” said Rebecca, half laughing.

“Well let’s get this show on the road, shall we?” said David, going thru his normal routine of loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

“This is a joke, right?” asked Tonya, “I mean, what kind of wife wants to watch another woman suck her husband’s cock?”

“A wife like me,” answered Rebecca, standing and sliding her moist panties to her ankles, “You suck him off while I finger my cunt, it’s not difficult to understand.”

“Stop stalling, baby,” said David, “You only have an hour, remember?”

Tonya took a deep breath and stood up, also repeating her ritual of unbuttoning her tight blouse and unsnapping her bra, letting the garments fall to her feet. She looked over at Rebecca as she slid her skirt and panties off, much to Rebecca’s enjoyment.

“This what you wanted to see?” Tonya asked her.

“It’s part of it, antalya escort honey,” she answered, “Now get on your knees and suck my husband’s cock.”

Tonya watched Rebecca’s hand slither down between her thighs, her fingers already in place, ready to have a monstrous orgasm, it was all up to Tonya now. She quickly made her way over to David, which by now, had a raging hard on, no doubt making it even more difficult for Tonya to take his entire length in her throat.

She knelt before David, looking up into his dark eyes as he stared down at her, half lovingly and half sex crazed, “Do it, baby, take my huge cock in that slutty mouth of yours, show my wife your talents.”

Tonya bit her tongue, not wanting to rock the boat. She closed her eyes and felt David’s hands cup the sides of her head, gently moving her mouth to his cock, “Suck it, baby, suck it good, you know the drill,” he said.

Tonya brought her hands up and placed them on David’s naked hips, slowly drawing his cock to her mouth as her lips pursed around his engorged mushroom shaped cock tip. She wasted no time slurping his fat cock head into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head up and down, taking his cock down, inch by inch.

“Mmmm, that’s it, baby, suck that cock like you own it,” David hissed, slowly beginning to fuck Tonya’s young mouth.

Through her own moans and David’s dirty words, Tonya could hear Rebecca in the distance moaning and moving about on the couch that David had in the corner of his office, “Mmmm, good girl, Tonya, suck that cock like I do,” she said, as her fingers vigorously rubbed the swollen button between her legs.

David grabbed Tonya’s long blonde hair, twisting his large fingers thru the silky yellow strands, “Yeah, that’s it, baby, suck my cock like my wife does,” he groaned, steadily picking up the pace, almost to the point of fucking her skull.

Tonya could hear Rebecca’s moans and grunts getting louder as she watched her husband’s cock piston in and out of this young girl’s mouth.

David’s eyes went from Rebecca to Tonya, then back to Rebecca again. He couldn’t believe how hot this was, how hot it made him. It was almost like the 2 women were competing for the right to his cock.

David gripped Tonya’s hair tighter, causing her to moan and hum around his shaft, and since this felt so good, of course David continued using Tonya’s head as a plunger, “Ohhhh, fuuuuck, Tonya, baby don’t stop,” he screamed, throwing his head back.

Rebecca seemed to love the sound of her husband’s groans as he dove into the depths of extasy and lust, pounding his hips into Tonya’s face, forcing her mouth to take every last inch of his huge cock.

Just then, “Ooooohhhhhhhhh, God, David, I’m cumminnnnnnnnnnng,” she screamed out as Tonya continued deepthroating David’s thick rod.

David looked over and watched his wife’s body bounce up and down on the leather fethiye escort sofa, her eyes glazing over and her chest rising and falling, no doubt, it had been an earth shattering orgasm.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Tonya, mmmmmm you fucking slut, here it cums, fucking drink it!!!! Suck me until I’m dry, bitch,” he moaned, again emptying his balls into her young throat.

And, just as always, Tonya obediently sucked David’s cock like a pro, never letting one drop escape her mouth.

“Mmmm, damn girl, I do believe your mouth gets more more talented each time we do this,” said David breathlessly.

David and Rebecca pretty much came rather quickly, but this still left Tonya with an aching, sloppy wet cunt. Just then, she felt the heat from someone’s body baring down on her naked back and shoulders, “Rebecca?” said Tonya in a nervous tone.

Rebecca didn’t respond with words. And, almost like clockwork, David slid his cock from Tonya’s mouth and he took a seat on the leather sofa, cock in hand, to watch the series of events unfold.

Rebecca placed her hand in the small of Tonya’s back, gently easing her forward. Tonya’s stomach again began doing somersaults as she leaned forward and grabbed the corner of David’s desk, “Spread your legs a bit, honey,” Rebecca whispered.

Tonya looked over at David as he gave her a little wink, steadily stroking his cock.

Her young body began to shudder the moment she felt Rebecca’s warm, wet tongue teasing her puckered asshole.

“Mmmm, fuck,” David whispered.

Rebecca’s tongue slithered up and down Tonya’s moist, tender ass crack as her hands moved around, cupping Tonya’s heavy tits.

She could feel her knees becoming weak as Rebecca slid her tongue inside the tight, warm hole, teasing it mercilessly.

“Ohhhh, Godddd,” Tonya moaned, “Mmmmm, Rebecca.”

She began rubbing Tonya’s tits roughly, instantly bringing Tonya’s nipples to attention, “Mmmm, God, this is so fucking hot,” moaned David.

After a few minutes, Rebecca slid her tongue from Tonya’s asshole, only to quickly slide it inside the teen’s cunt, roughly jabbing her tongue in and out like a small cock, “Oooohhhhh, Ooooohhhhh,” moaned Tonya.

“Ride that tongue, baby,” David whispered, “Move those sexy hips and grind that pussy on it.”

Tonya did exactly as David told her to do, wasting no time in grinding her hips side to side, forcing Rebecca’s tongue inside her further.

Rebecca released Tonya’s tits and placed on hand on her hips, the other traced Tonya’s wet asshole.

“Mmmmm, fuuuuuuuck, Rebecca, honey, finger that asshole while you eat that hot, teen cunt, baby,” David instructed as he stroked his cock a bit faster now.

And Rebecca did just that, she didn’t hesitate for a moment to slip 2 fingers deep into Tonya’s asshole, instantly burying them knuckle deep, kaş escort almost sending the young girl into convulsions.

Rebecca continued fingering Tonya’s asshole vigorously as her tongue assaulted the teen’s pussy, both the fingers and the tongue were working in perfect rhythm, just the combination to send Tonya over the edge within minutes.

Finally, David could no longer take this. He quickly got up and walked over to the 2 women, wasting no time in dropping to his knees and slithering up behind his wife. He placed his hands on her hips and guided his cock into her sloppy fuckhole.

Rebecca responded by sliding another finger into Tonya’s asshole, stretching the young girl wide open.

“OOOhhhhhhh, God, mmmmmm, Rebecca, ohhhhhh fuuuuuck, make me cum,” she pleaded, her hips now wildly bucking.

David watched over Rebecca’s shoulders, seeing his wife’s fingers dipping in and out of this young girl’s ass was almost too much to handle.

Suddenly, Tonya’s body tensed up and the climax she had been desperately trying to achieve, had now arrived. She screamed and moaned in a high pitched slutty growl as Rebecca lapped up the honey sweet juices that were raining down on her tongue.

Tonya couldn’t stop cumming, she had never been eaten out like that before, not even by David, and her body had just been sent well past the XXX rated erotic zone.

As Rebecca was lapping up the last of Tonya’s hot teen treats, David began fucking her like a savage beast. He slapped his wife’s ass several times, causing her to howl like a wounded animal. He gripped her hair and yanked her head back, screaming, “I own you too, baby!”

Rebecca reached out and grabbed Tonya’s hips as David slammed her mature pussy, bottoming out with each thrust.

“Hoooooooly shit, baby, Mmmmmm, fuuuuuuuck, Rebecca, I’m gonna fill up your slut box now, bitch ………. FUCKING …… TAKE …… MY …… SEED, YOU WHORE!!!!!!!” he screamed, dumping his load into his wife’s gaping, sloppy wet fuckhole.

All 3 people sat there on their knees on the floor of David’s office, each trying to catch their breath and gain their composure enough to get up and get dressed.

Several minutes later, Tonya was the first to get up, having lost all feeling in her feet by now, she was unsteady, at best, trying to slip her panties and skirt back on.

Rebecca was next, although all she had to do was slip her panties back over her cunt and smooth out her long skirt.

And, finally, David was able to get up and partially get dressed, meaning he put on his boxers and sat in his chair at his desk.

Tonya was fastening the last button on her shirt, when David said, “Ok, baby, Deed has been completed, I will see you tomorrow for Deed .”

Tonya smiled and gave both Rebecca and David each a steamy goodbye kiss before she walked out the door. She could feel her panties getting wet with each step she took. She couldn’t help but giggle as she walked past Connie. I bet even your nastiest fantasies don’t reach the level I reached today, Tonya thought to herself as she left the main office, unsure of what tomorrow would bring ……….

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