Seeds of a Medical Fantasy

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Talk about laying the seeds for a medical fantasy

Five months ago I went to my doctor and she, yes I have a female doc, said.

“I need you to loose weight.”

OK, I did need to get some pounds off. So I started going back to the gym and hitting the weights and cardio hard like I use to. Fast-forward to yesterday; I have a follow up with her and she expects results, which I had improved well. What I did not expect was to be looked at more closely than weight check, BP, pulse and oxy-level like the prior follow up visits over the past eight months. She wants me to strip and go through a normal physical. This makes me nervous, why you ask, because I just got done shaving my cock, balls, and anus along with the surrounding areas. Well, I like to show off, but you never know how people will react, what will they assume etc., however, what choice did I have, so I strip down and wait for her to return sitting there in my paper gown.

She is a small woman, yet imposing in her position of “doctor” and in the way she carries herself, think of a green eyed in shape Hillary Duff mixed with African American, straight off blonde hair and a perfect golden completion. She has seen me naked and even semi aroused during exams but never shaved clean. She came back in and started asking how I felt while running, any pain etc. etc. Then came the hernia check, and she does not call for a chaperon. This has happened before; the office was so busy that she did not ask for a chaperon during this part of the exam. Ok, here goes, the paper gown closes in the back so I just pull one arm out, my right, and pull the gown over to the left letting it hang, displaying full frontal nudity; exposing my clean-shaven genitals. She is on her round stool and turns to face me. She froze for an instant, then just said,

“I see we like to shave. Why is this?”

I just stared down at her…and managed to stammer out,

“I like the feeling…of it…during…”

My cock twitched and started to swell. This could be really bad right here, a lecture on the hazards and risks etc. But instead, with a superior look in her eye, she looked me straight in the face and said.

“During sex is that it?”

I responded with.

“Yes I…”

She broke in and said.

“It is OK, do you ever shave your hole body or just here, your penis and scrotum?”

Now I am starting to sweat, my heart rate started going up I began to feel the blood pumping in my chest. She must have noticed because she said.

“Calm down it’s OK.”

I took a deep breath and managed to get out.

“I also shave my back area…so…that is it. I have never shaved my hole body.”

She pursed her lips and her eyes widened just a little and asked.

“You shave around your anus. Have you ever cut yourself? You know that could be dangerous, could lead to an infection.”

I said,

“No I have never cut myself anywhere down there, I erotik film izle am very carful.”

Her reply was quick.

“That’s good, if you like doing this just be carful and keep clean. Now why are you shaving around your anus?”

Really nervous now, my heart was going…I did not want to here a lecture about the hazards of anal and what goes with it. I managed to get out a few words while trying to control my growing erection.

“No real reason…I…I just like it”

She tilted her head to the left looked at me and asked.

“Do you do this because you like to be penetrated anally? Male anal stimulation is normal you just have to be carful and practice a few simple things.”

I said.

“Well yes, I like to be penetrated…it…ahh…but not what you may think…”

I looked away from her to the wall and lowered my head.

She again helped me finish my statement by asking a leading question.

“Do you self pleasure with fingers or do you use something or have a partner penetrate you? Knowing will help me look for certain things that could develop with these practices.”

I was scared now; she was asking if I was with a man in that question! She wanted to know what I liked, personal things…I couldn’t understand it, I was getting so aroused, I said.

“I don’t like men…I like women and like them to…to…”

My cock twitched again and I got that tingle in the tip but I finished by clearing my throat, making eye contact with her and getting out.

“…To penetrate me with their fingers and…and…you know, things like…”

Without skipping a beat she just looked at me and asked.

“You like women to use sex toys to penetrate you?”

I don’t know why I lost most of my composure and inhibitions at that point, maybe it was the sound of her voice saying those words, I don’t know, but I just blurted out.

“Yes, to use sex toys, life-like dildos, butt-plugs, their fingers, even tried their hand if it is small enough. I like it…I just like it.”

There was no pause and no change in the look on her face from the words I had used, she just countered with.

“I see; do you like large toys? This could lead to some problems if the toy, the dildo, is large or long; also you mentioned fingers and a hand, the fingers can have nails so be carful with those…now as for the hand, that can get large in diameter so you could develop a fissure, an anal fissure. Most anal fissures are caused by stretching of the anal mucosa beyond its capability, and can happen during repeated penetration in this way. How long have you been doing this? I have to inform you of the risks. Do you or have you ever had a problem or discomfort after a session?”

I was just about half erect, light headed, she must have known this, and just stared at me. The words rolling out off her tongue were so erotic to me, the matter of fact way she spoke those terms was intoxicating. film izle I figured what the hell and said.

“No not really, I have been…or had an aggressive…you know, an aggressive girl leave me sore for a day or two, with a little blood, not much, but it was good, a good feeling…I liked it…I went back…to her…I wanted more. I do like…big dildos, thick ones and long, and also plugs, some plugs I leave in for awhile I like that feeling the stimulation as I move around.”

She shot back with.

“These large dildos, they are life like, thick as you said, but how long are they, depth can be issue, you have to be carful and not go so deep you experience pain during the session…has this happened?

Wow, this was getting interesting. I was maintaining control up to this point but she was pushing my limit. I was fully turned on at this point. Shit I was horny. I said in response.

“No, as I said just some soreness the next day; as for the dildos I like the life like ones the length can vary. The longest one is ten point five inches insert-able with some flex to it.”

I had just realized I used the word “dildo” in my response, what would she think? I also realized that I was now closer to full erection, I tried to calm down. After a few seconds pause, she answered with her consistent erotic frankness.

“I see, well be carful you don’t push yourself too hard with this, you could develop the anal fissures I mentioned and you may develop hemorrhoids. Both of these can be treated, if you do develop either one just give yourself a few days, if they don’t go away by themselves come and see me, Ok?”

She smiled up at me, a wave of warmth washed over me and I began to look at her in a different light. She, up until now, was just my doctor, nothing else, but now she new something about me almost no one knows except those who have done this to me, and I felt I had her confidence. I liked this feeling very much I was maintaining my more than half-erect status now when she paused for a brief moment and then continued with.

“Now lets see if you have a hernia and then we will check your prostate, your blood work looks great so we don’t have to palpate your liver and abdomen in general.”

She reached out to the box of gloves on the wall and grabbed a pair, dame I wanted her to examine me bare handed so I could feel her skin. But she was snapping on the gloves and rolling on her stool closer to me. She acted like I did not have an erection and just placed her two fingers under my left nut and pushed up…

“Turn and cough please.”

I could feel her hot breath on my cock, making it twitch once again. I did as she told me and I then felt the repeat intrusion/pleasure under my right nut. I coughed again; she did not have to ask. She said.

“No hernia lets get to the prostate check. I need you to turn around and bend over the table then just relax.”

WOW, here we go, I could not seks filmi izle say anything, my breath caught in my throat, I looked down at her; she just looked at me stone faced and tilted her head sharply to the left, signaling me to turn. I would like to think she knew what I was thinking or what I wanted and that, at that moment, she could have done anything she wanted to do to me. But, she was a professional and I was her patient, nothing more I think. I turned and bent forward. I could feel her exhale, her hot breath, on my cheeks; I, out of instinct or reflex, spread my legs and arched my ass into the air for her. I heard a sharp intake of breath and it was not mine. Was she offended, was she surprised, did she like this from me? my heart pounding I started to wring my hands together and my breathing quickened. I felt her latex gloved hand on my left as cheek, and then her thumb was next to my hole. She pulled her thumb and closed done on her four fingers prying me open and fully exposing my hole. She said.

“A little cold feeling here get ready.”

And with that I felt her cold finger at my hole, she applied steady pressure, and easily slide through my gateway right to her last knuckle. I let out a low moan and pushed back to meet her. Her left hand gripped my cheek harder. I froze, she did not want me to move. She turned her finger from palm down to palm up and then curled her finger up to feel my prostate. She made one circle around it and then pulled out. I moaned again, almost a whimper of disappointment. Her left hand relaxed, and I came up on my elbows. She said.

“All feels normal, you can take a towel from the wall and clean yourself. Then put your cloths back on.”

I pulled the rest of the gowned off turned and faced her, stood there nude and now fully erect. She looked up, remained stone faced and rolled over to her computer sitting on the shelf attached to the wall. I was starting to reach for my underwear when I noticed her faces reflection in the dark monitor. She had a sly smile on her face, and one eyebrow cocked up. Then the monitor illuminated when she moved the mouse and I lost her image. So, I assume it was good for her as it was for me! I asked.

“Should I come back in three months and do this again or when should I?”

She turned noticing that I was still nude and hard; she blinked only once and was quick with her response.

“Six months or sooner if you have a problem, do you think you will have a problem?”

Keeping eye contact I slide one leg then the other though my underwear and pulled them up over my erection. She remained stoic. I replied.

“Who knows?”

I put a small smile on my face; she just stared back at me, then stood up, walked toward the door all the time keeping eye contact with me and said.

“You set up an appointment if you have a need, or in six months for a weight and BP check. Please take care”

And out the door she went. I was so turned on…so turned on. What a day I did not want it to end like this. Did she know she could have done anything to me she wanted? It was then that I noticed the pre-cum seeping through my shorts…she new, oh yeah she knew.

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